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  1. I'm 65. I was always an MOP runner. Managed 5:30 minute ks in recent Sutho to Surf. Am "planning" to do IM OZ #8 next year after 5 year break but not 100% yet. I feel I can still do the run distance but that is yet to be tested. I had a knee meniscus tear tidied up 10 years ago which encouraged me to change my style to more midfoot. I think it worked and my style improved a lot. My joints feel OK. I have always performed some weight training including deadlifts and calf strengthening but should be more disciplined. I am prone to calf niggles but when that happens I seem to be able to relate it to improper warm up and/or residual fatigue. Warm up seems to be very important to my success and I do not run consecutive days and do not do any real speedwork. I just push it sometimes. To be honest I'm feeling pretty good 😁
  2. Goodcatch

    IMOZ 2020

    We're on Pacific Drive Thurs to Tues near the Hill street corner. OS trip mucks up Nepean and WS for me but aiming to do Husky Ultra again as my lead up race. I have a few demons to bury from 2015 but hope to do the full 😲.
  3. Goodcatch

    IMOZ 2020

    Hey Flannie, My accommodation is booked at Rocky Beach so we will be neighbours.
  4. Hey Flanny, I was doing Wollongong until some ahole clipped the back of my car hit and run - it was $880 to repair. I've raced a few times over recent months and kinda decided I'd spent enough. Pity though, the gong is a good one. Cheers.
  5. I turn 65 this June. Ran my first marathon in 85 and have done a total of 18 but last one some years ago. My first IM in 2002 being a 13:15, my best being a 12:54 in 2006 - IM Oz. I've done 7. I still have goals of getting to 20 marathons but I think I may be done for IM because of commitment and cost. I am still doing pretty much the same routine I always have. Plan is run 2-3 times per week, Ride 2-3 times, swim 1 or 2 and some strength training. Usually fail a couple of times though but I believe recovery is more Important than it used to be so that doesn't worry me. Did Husky Ultra recently and finished pretty close to a PB I did at Canberra Half in 2006 although rumour has it the ride was short and the swim was long. Main thing for me was that I felt strong on the run. I agree with AP that mixing it with younger people in the Tri Club and like minded individuals generally is key. I do run with Billies Bushies which boasts some tough older guys (than me) though including the great Bob Telfer. They keep me in my place. I am very grateful I can still run as it is my favourite discipline. My joints seem to be ok although it takes me much longer to warm up or I risk calf injuries in particular. My run is slower these days. I have a pretty good diet and manage to keep weight down (68-70kgs). I enjoy a beer a little too much but training and racing has been my saviour in that area. I hate to think what my life could have been like without endurance sport!
  6. That looked brutal. Loved the no road closures.
  7. I recently purchased a helmet and it was personally delivered.
  8. Goodcatch

    Nepean 2018

    I flatted as well about 800mts up Castlereagh 1st Lap. Put me off a bit but still happy with my effort. Destroyed my placing though. Great race as usual by the organisers. Numbers were way down. Why?
  9. I ordered a helmet + smoke lens 😁
  10. Goodcatch

    Nepean 2018

    I'm in for about my 15th? First one in '88 The entrants list is not a list. It is a lookup and I can't even find me?
  11. Goodcatch

    I Believe

    I think AP is a wise man
  12. Didn't mean to hijack this thread but to be fair I've just this minute been contacted by Sutho Police Stn and advised of event number and that they will be passing on to relevant LAC. The Constable advised me he would contact me in a couple of weeks to advise/update me on outcome. Fingers crossed.
  13. Sutherland - the closest to the incident. I also went there twice - first time on Monday and the officer kinda suggested I go away and think about it (but my option) but did say he was more than happy to have me come back and second time on the Wednesday when I made a statement. Both times about an hour.
  14. I was compelled to report an incident to the police that happened last Sunday 8:45am. Heading North along Princess Hwy Heathcote approx. 400mt before shopping strip. Our small group of three was in formation in the breakdown lane when we safely and legally changed lanes to avoid a parked vehicle. We chose to stay there because the upcoming shopping strip was stacked with parked vehicles also. No problem for a while and one vehicle safely overtook us and moved to the right lane. (3 lane hwy). I have a Fly 6 rear facing camera which also showed a vehicle in our lane (centre) looming in the distance behind us. The camera clearly shows he made no attempt to change lanes (zero traffic in the 3rd lane) and then avoided me at the very last second with an aggressive blast of his horn and no indicator. IMO he intentionally did what he did with menace and broke several rules. I estimate he passed me within 4 - 6". The outcome could so easily have been tragic. I have reported the incident but two problems emerged. One was two different officers pointed out we did not return to the breakdown lane after the first parked car. We argued our actions were considered appropriate because changing lanes is a hazardous operation and the circumstances justified staying there for what might have been 200-300mts and we probably would have changed lanes again in front of the same motorist. Also the vehicle was registered outside the LAC area (Shire) and therefore required significant effort to follow up. We were advised they would have to pass it on to the relevant LAC and they may/may not deem it a priority. This motorist needs to be held to account but I am not expecting anything.
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