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  1. Mank

    The Mental Health thread

    Feel for you mate. It’s not a situation you deserve.
  2. Mank

    Ironcentury Update Thread

    Maybe the kid is sick of not getting much attention? Do they actually spend any time doing anything except exercising and sleeping I wonder.
  3. Mank

    Ironcentury Update Thread

    Why are they doing it? I assume I missed something fundamental in the back thread? Edit - nm, found it on the blog.
  4. Mank

    Transitions Run Visor

    Cranky I'm looking for one of the stubby coolers and a bike top. Is there an option to pay in bitcoin?
  5. What about if they threw in an entry to an Ironman with a truncated swim leg?
  6. Mank

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    Pretty much started at 77.0, still at 77.0. Ran a fair bit, ate a fair bit, rode a little bit. Feel pretty good, didn't achieve any weight loss but. Shrug.
  7. Mank

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    New shape is a contender against new improved BBQ Shapes as most horrific snack development of the past decade. FMD.
  8. Mank

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    Can we talk BMI just briefly... it's on the spreadsheet after all. According to BMI charts, the 'normal' range ends just shy of 25. I'm short (171cm) and a bit pudgy (started at 77kg). But I'm also quite solid for my height, eg. fairly thick quads, decent shoulders. Definitely not ripped at this time. This generated a BL starting BMI of 26.33, which I agree, seems overweight. But the reference points I have for potential weight loss are: 2011 - Half Ironman at Shepp, was in good shape, bottomed out at 74kg. Would've generated a BMI of 25.3, or... overweight. 1998 - Returned from ~10 weeks backpacking including a decent bout of giardia, have photos of me where you can see my ribs protruding from both front and back angle. Weighed in at 58.5kg, or a BMI of 20.0 Apparently this is only in the low range of normal, so perhaps I didn't go hard enough? All told, to actually be *underweight* on a BMI, I'd need to tip the scales at 53.5kg. That's a full 5kg under my backpacking-hiking-undernourished-bug-infested 1998 effort. That's beyond nonsensical, to the point where I'm wondering if I must be getting the maths wrong?
  9. Mank

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    3kg of raw muscle no doubt! I'm working off the same scales, but curiously I lost 500g overnight. Literally, shower, towel off, scales - 77.0 - sleep, shave, shower, towel off, 76.5. My stubble can't have weighed half a kilo, and I didn't sh:t in the bed... weird.
  10. Mank

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    What's the big deal? I like the eggs they make at the supermarket.
  11. Mank

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    What is a bantam egg anyhow?
  12. Mank

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    Geez you must wake up hungry to fit all that in! What does a typical day menu look like overall?
  13. Mank

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    You know you're on a weird Internet forum when the blokes are hassling women for photos with their clothes *on*...
  14. Mank

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    I have a crown? I'm at 77.5 which I think is a statistically insignificant reduction of 500g. Or increase. Need to check the spreadsheet.