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  1. Mank

    What training did you do today...

    Why is he breakdancing?
  2. Mank

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    Late entry because I saw Ayto was competing
  3. Mank

    The Mental Health thread

    That’s sad to hear, Roxii. Yurtie was a measured and quality poster when Trannies was at its most feral; seems a very good guy.
  4. Mank

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    I think all you haters missed the critical point in the article: The fitness competitor, who has her own training program, Success guaranteed when you have your own training program.
  5. Mank

    Time restricted diet

    My new career is paying quite well, yes. Surprised how many guys are into it. I suspect if it was just a choice between the two, you'd be right. But the core driver for me is counting macros, with a very high protein / low carb / low fat approach, rather than LCHF. And with building strength as a key objective, ie. body recomposition rather than losing weight per se. So that in the end, I've put on a fair bit of muscle while dropping that weight. The IF has definitely been a key component, but I think that's primarily because it helps me control my eating - ie. it's a lot harder to blow your daily plan if you only have two main meals to think about. And subjectively, I've found that not eating breakfast works really well for me on a bunch of levels, which probably reinforces that there's something in it.
  6. Mank

    Time restricted diet

    Do you mean time restricted as in specifically the Dr Panda circadian rythym bit, or intermittent fasting in general? I’ve had very good results from an overall change which included deleting breakfast - which gives you ~16-17 hours fast per day (depending when you eat dinner). But I’d put that as kind of ancillary - the core difference for me was switching off cardio onto gym and eating better. Went from what I thought was a reasonably healthy weight at 76.5, to a not-quite-happy-yet weight at 68.5. Whereas my lowest race weight ever was 74.5 for a HIM.
  7. Mank

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Correct. Also from an evolutionary perspective, in cave times you basically had a fight or flee response, so that for example if a lion attacked your tribe you could run away, or stand your ground and like bench press the yellow f&cker right out of there. Which didn’t have the same success rate on a lion-by-lion basis, but overall meant more chance of passing on your genes, because your existing kids wouldn’t get eaten while you were running off into the jungle, but also because the chicks who were coupled up with the running-off types would get the picture real fast. Same thing happens today - lot of unhappy thin guys around.
  8. Mank

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    I'm big on weights. When I was a superstar triathlete I used to train and race a lot, but had man boobies. Now I work out all the time and never do any cardio and am ripped. I would encourage people not to believe all the lies around cardio.
  9. Mank

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    Change sport. Unless you really have a genuine life-long boner for Triathlon, it does has a very poor ROI for just being fit and healthy.
  10. Mank

    Winterfish 2018

    My legacy is complete
  11. Mank

    The Mental Health thread

    Feel for you mate. It’s not a situation you deserve.
  12. Mank

    Ironcentury Update Thread

    Maybe the kid is sick of not getting much attention? Do they actually spend any time doing anything except exercising and sleeping I wonder.
  13. Mank

    Ironcentury Update Thread

    Why are they doing it? I assume I missed something fundamental in the back thread? Edit - nm, found it on the blog.
  14. Mank

    Transitions Run Visor

    Cranky I'm looking for one of the stubby coolers and a bike top. Is there an option to pay in bitcoin?
  15. What about if they threw in an entry to an Ironman with a truncated swim leg?