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  1. Has anyone used one of the EVA cases ie Polaris or the Torpedo 7? Are they any good or is a soft bag just as good?
  2. To get to Zupps from Cleveland way, is the Gateway Bridge the best option?
  3. Guessing this is the equivalent of the Colluzzi or Hell ride for Brisbane?
  4. Headed up to Brisbane for the weekend and am looking for a Sunday ride, about 110km. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a group? Or even just where to head for a good one by myself. Cheers
  5. hmpff

    Emma Snowsill

    They are a tension prevention measure, they stop her from clenching her fists!
  6. How does the Teschner TR rate as an off the shelf bike?
  7. hmpff

    Bike Brands

    Are there any decent brands that are designed in Australia?
  8. hmpff


    Wondering if it is too late to try and qualify for the long course in 30-34 bracket with only two races left and having missed the double points from Husky!! hmm
  9. Having just done the Geelong half was wondering how long you should do light sessions before getting back into normal training again. My training is aimed at Port Mac IM, with Geelong inserted in there with a weeks taper. Should I just continue on from where I left off a week ago or have a week of light sessions then back into it?
  10. hmpff

    Geelong 70.3

    Is Geelong 70.3 the old Frankston Half Ironman race?
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