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  1. I would be interested in that.
  2. Toolish


    I am a draftsman, although I work with mechanical projects not civil. Not sure what you want to know, but I may be able to help?
  3. Why not, I think it is a fair statement? 'Women want it when it suits them but still want to get on the life rafts first' The 50Q movement wants 50 women in Kona, same as the men...ok, but only 6 women showed up at Busso compared to 12 men. At the regional champs, 15 women and 31 men. If women are not racing in the same numbers at every race other than Kona why should they get the same number of spots? Chicken and the egg, maybe. Every time any age group male is near a female pro there is carry on about age groupers affecting the pro race and there needs to be more separation. In that case why can't the pro's all start together? There are issues there too apparently. Just seems like a lot of complaining but no real solutions. It happens in every age group of both genders too, races end up mixed, that is part of ironman. Overall I think ironman does a good job with gender equality giving logistical limitations. Maybe the women should do a 3/120/30 instead of a full ironman, like what happens in tennis? We have womens only tri's around the nation....great initiative, where are the men only tris? Same with women only gyms? As a guy there is still a public expectation that I will give up my seat for a woman and hold the door open etc, should that stop too? I won't get started on some of the statistics regarding pay rates, super-annuation, etc. I know this whole post makes me sound sexist, but I trully don't think I am. I have a daughter and a son, both love Transformers, Star Wars, Lego, dolls and craft. I treat them the same in regards to my expectations of them, and I treat women as my equal until proven otherwise....but that is the same with guys.
  4. Nice one, it sometimes gets lost in this audience but for the general public running a half marathon at all is a massive achievement and nearly breaking 2 hours is solid. The trip back to fitness is happening....where to from here?
  5. Toolish


    Yeah, that will be too hot for me...but happy to tag on for a while until I explode!
  6. Toolish


    I might be interested, what sort of pace and when?
  7. Because we live in the real world, short of having a totally separate race on a different day you can never guarantee that without 2 chute set ups. Again, not the guy in the races issue!
  8. If it was a mass start stay behind, rolling you have to go for it in case it costs you a slot. WTC created a problem by changing the way they did the start.
  9. I am finding that too, someone who seems to have no other commitments being committed to training and narcissistic enough to take a stack of photos does not motivate me at all, but it is a long way from my life so maybe that is it. 80% of my training is in the dark due to kids etc, and I barely have enough time to train let alone set up a photo session around it. No #fitspo here! Good on her, but definitely does not motivate me at all. Same as pros don't motivate me. High level AG's with family and full time jobs, that is where the motivation kicks in!
  10. Toolish


    I can finally answer my own question here....bunch ride. Hump Day Ride today had 250 people...very entertaining and a great way to get motivated to push on the trainer!
  11. Same here. Always been pretty much best price and delivery is always quick.
  12. Toolish

    Cairns swim.....

    The anxiety is an issue I agree. We do our local tri's in the Murray River, always flat (sometimes a little wind chop but that is all) but people have anxiety because they can't see. Technically it is a tiny step harder than the pool but the anxiety makes it an issue. On the other hand, personally I am a confident but slow swimmer and I think mentally I am pretty stable. My only ever ocean swim was Melbourne the year it was shortened. I would have rathered it go the whole distance but understood the shortening. For me conditions could get a fair bit worse before I was concerned for my safety, maybe that is just naivety showing through though!
  13. Toolish

    Cairns swim.....

    Sad news. If the swim was cancelled would have been a stack of keyboard warriors here saying how IM is soft now and it is barely a ripple, etc, etc. Doing a half should be a prerequisite for a full, no doubt. Should not have to be same brand though, i.e. a Challenge half is validation for an WTC full. Not sure what other way you can get people to prove their fitness to be honest.
  14. Watched Hawaii on WWOS growing up and thought those guys and girls were super heroes. Around 14-15 I decided to train for a triathlon even though I did not know how to even work out where one was (I now know one was 100km up the road!) but never followed through. Fast forward about 15 years (2009), I am 28, tipping 100kgs, can't run more than 500m without blowing up, haven't rode a bike in about 10 years and been the same since swimming a lap. Wife is pregnant with our first and I realized I wanted to be a dad who can play with his kids, not one stuck on the side lines. January and I started running and cleaned up my old down tube shifter bike and rode about 10km before my bum felt like it was bruised for life! Feb 14th that year I bought a new bike (Valentines day!)and the riding and running continued....no plans of tris, just riding and running for fitness. May that year my daughter was born, the day she was born I bought myself a heart rate monitor. August that year I realised there was a sprint tr in December and I tried swimming...25m and I was done!! December 2009 I did my first ever triathlon, a sprint distance race and I got the bug well and truelly. I have done that race every year except once since then. November 2010 I did Shep half and have done that race every year since March 2013 I did Melbourne Ironman....thinking Port Mac next year might be the next one. That first road bike I bought is now set up for the wife on the trainer and she did her first tri in December last year, super proud of her for that. Kids are now 7 and 5 and they are involved in the local cyclng club 'little critters' races and each month do a 2km run organised by the tri club. They don't know a life where mum and dad don't run, ride and swim, for them it is normal....that is the highlight of my tri career so far!
  15. Toolish

    Anyone ride on Zwift?

    Zwifter here, tend not to do workouts on there, just group rides.
  16. Toolish

    Park runs

    Nope, t shirts are for the once a year run, not the monthly run
  17. Toolish

    Park runs

    We started a monthly run using park run as a rough model, although we charge for it the general goal is participation and fun rather than overall results... One of the best things our club has ever done.
  18. In Adelaide for the weekend and was thinking of heading to a bike shop or two, any recommendations of what might be worth a look. Staying out Glenelg way if that matters. Cheers
  19. Put me down on the coke/pepsi max and chocolate crew. 2-3 cans of pepsi max a day and a family block of chocolate most nights, can't get off the train! Needless to say weight is not exactly where it should be!
  20. Will do Probably correct! Both
  21. For the last month or so I have had continually tight calves and Achilles. It is worst first thing in the morning when cold and gets better with movement. I was wondering if there are any self massage, stretching or strengthening ideas out there for me! Thanks in advance.
  22. Toolish

    Dear Ernie

    Yeah they set the par 3 course up to make hole in ones easy 'relatively speaking'. The real course, not so much!
  23. Nice numbers and report. The 8 minutes @ 400+ early would have had me out the back door after about 2 minutes!
  24. Mine comes form my favourite band being Tool, not really sure why I decided that should dictate my nickname!
  25. Zwift or sufferfest are you friend for the trainer....treadmill I can't help you with,,,they suck arse!
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