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  1. Training Peaks it is by the sounds of it!
  2. Had her calendar in the bedroom way back when....how things change!
  3. Thinking of going premium with one. Have been using Training Peaks but wondering how Strava compares.
  4. I have a heel insert from the phyio however she recommended stretching due to the tightness in my calves. The pain has mostly gone away now, so looking to start a strengthening program, not sure really what that would involve. Physio recommended calf raises and that was about it. I am wondering about straight leg or standard dead lifts, lunges, squats? No running for a while yet!
  5. I will admit it was an attention grab....sorry to disappoint guys!
  6. Went to a physio. Confirmed tendonitis but said it was not too bad. Rest, stretching, tape and ice were recommended. Said the strength was there but I have shockingly tight calves which is probably the root cause.
  7. Soft strap only at this stage.
  8. Booked in to see the physio first thing tomorrow. Thanks all for the advice. I had planned to focus more on my golf game this year, seems now I might not have a choice
  9. Mr google tells me I have Achilles tendonitis. There is a lump at the base of my Achilles, very stiff and sore in the morning. Ice helps. etc, etc. It hurts to walk or run, riding is ok pain wise, but I am not sure if I should stop that too. Does anyone have any experience with it?
  10. Mrs has her eye on the Fenix 5 for this reason. I was hoping to find a cheaper option!! Not sure I can convince her to go the 3, will try though!
  11. My wife has massive issue with heart rate strap chaffing. Mine chafes a bit on my chest, but hers is way worse. We both use body glide to try to help, for me that solves the problem, but it does not work for her. Any ideas welcome!
  12. I run a team of about 25 guys, and often if my kids are sick then they come to work with me for an hour or two so I can get the guys sorted for the day and then we go home. I would happily stay home and look after the kids, but the distraction they cause at work is less of a long term hindrance than them being in my office with a colouring book for a couple of hours while I do my thing. If we had open plan offices I can see the issue and I have had to warn one staff member because he was bringing his kid in all the time and it was disruptive. So, horses for courses. I agree if it is holidays then plan better. If they are sick it is the same as me being sick, if needed go in for a while and sort stuff, otherwise stay home.
  13. Toolish

    Road rage

    I bought a kickr for this reason. Set the wattage and zone out on a TV show. Forces you to do the work. I still do my long ride on the road, but that is it. Everything else is trainer time! I have never had that level of aggression towards me but I have the feeling it is when, not if!
  14. Toolish

    RIP craig percival

    Not that it really matters, but what was the Op for? Never met him, but heard him interviewed on a couple of podcasts in relation to the 8/8/8 and seemed very humble about what he was doing and a genuinely good guy. Hard to understand loss like this.
  15. Toolish


    One day looks good...thanks for the suggestions all
  16. Toolish


    Not sure if this belongs here or in the sand box.... My mother has just been diagnosed with Cancer and I am toying with the idea of some fundraising for some of the organisations she is dealing with. I have seen the epic stuff...but I am not in a position to take that much time out. I am thinking maybe a self supported ironman or something like that....but I would like to do something a bit different. Unfortunately I am not creative enough to think of other options. Any ideas welcome.
  17. I have the wheel already sorted. Replaced the free body so I can technically convert power tap wheel back and forth from 10 speed to 11 speed but not something I want to do long term. Put that wheel into my 11 speed roady last night and all seemed ok, except might have to do some tuning on the rear derailleur. Won't do brakes at this stage. Trying to get a kickr accross the line after buying a MTB 3 months ago...I am definitely at S-1. That is tempting...need to do the sums on the price difference. When you say much better what do you mean...I barely change front gears either way...always in the granny ring!
  18. So no issue with a 11 speed chain with a 10 speed FD and crank set...awesome, makes things cheaper again!
  19. My TT bike is due for a birthday, needs cables replaced, bartape, etc, etc and I am toying with the idea of converting to 11 speed mainly because my roadie is 11 speed and I use a powertap wheel so want to make it easier to swap across. Runs Shimano 10 speed at the moment, what do I need to buy to convert it? Rear Derailleur? Front Derailleur? Shifters? Chain? Crankset? Any help greatly appreciated!
  20. Don't worry mate, I agree 100%. Just trying to think why!
  21. I was talking to the mrs about this on the drive home. The course since it has been a Challenge event is miles better than when it was an Ironman event. The actual event is better with where transitions sit, not having to go to the other side of the lake, the expo area having a lot more room, etc, etc. As a spectator it is a better experience too, not sitting in back yards nearly, can see a lot of the run course. Yet, numbers are dropping. Maybe it all comes down to the brand, I don't understand it but maybe that is it. Would be good to know the real figures this year as a few would have pulled the pin in the week leading up to or on the day with the weather and forecast.
  22. Toolish

    Challenge Shep

    Not sure if you were there but this year was a bit special wind wise. More the direction and the gusts than the actual wind speed. The cool weather was great with me, but saw a few people really struggling with being too cold. Not sure if it was a clothing thing or what. Personally I had a good day out, need to learn how to hurt on the run a bit more though I think!
  23. Toolish

    Challenge Shep

    Just under 2 weeks until race day....who is going to be there?
  24. Garmin household here. I have a 920, Mrs has a vivo-active. Both have IPhones, but the deciding reason for a smart watch was fitness capabilities, the notifications etc are just a bonus.
  25. Agreed, thought he was a twat based on the Gomez incident, but in the IMtalk interview he seemed like a pretty good block...white line fever maybe?
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