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  1. So no issue with a 11 speed chain with a 10 speed FD and crank set...awesome, makes things cheaper again!
  2. My TT bike is due for a birthday, needs cables replaced, bartape, etc, etc and I am toying with the idea of converting to 11 speed mainly because my roadie is 11 speed and I use a powertap wheel so want to make it easier to swap across. Runs Shimano 10 speed at the moment, what do I need to buy to convert it? Rear Derailleur? Front Derailleur? Shifters? Chain? Crankset? Any help greatly appreciated!
  3. Don't worry mate, I agree 100%. Just trying to think why!
  4. I was talking to the mrs about this on the drive home. The course since it has been a Challenge event is miles better than when it was an Ironman event. The actual event is better with where transitions sit, not having to go to the other side of the lake, the expo area having a lot more room, etc, etc. As a spectator it is a better experience too, not sitting in back yards nearly, can see a lot of the run course. Yet, numbers are dropping. Maybe it all comes down to the brand, I don't understand it but maybe that is it. Would be good to know the real figures this year as a few would have pulled the pin in the week leading up to or on the day with the weather and forecast.
  5. Toolish

    Challenge Shep

    Not sure if you were there but this year was a bit special wind wise. More the direction and the gusts than the actual wind speed. The cool weather was great with me, but saw a few people really struggling with being too cold. Not sure if it was a clothing thing or what. Personally I had a good day out, need to learn how to hurt on the run a bit more though I think!
  6. Toolish

    Challenge Shep

    Just under 2 weeks until race day....who is going to be there?
  7. Garmin household here. I have a 920, Mrs has a vivo-active. Both have IPhones, but the deciding reason for a smart watch was fitness capabilities, the notifications etc are just a bonus.
  8. Agreed, thought he was a twat based on the Gomez incident, but in the IMtalk interview he seemed like a pretty good block...white line fever maybe?
  9. Setup looks very similar to mine except I have a small saddle bag instead of the bag on the top tube. Garmin, BTA bottle facing backwards etc, all the same except I have an extra bottle on the frame and that gets me through a half. What else are you adding in for doing a half? And is this sprint race local?
  10. I have caught the MTB bug pretty badly. I was riding yesterday with a guy who has done a lot of MTB riding and I could not believe how much time he put into me in really slow twisty corners. Does anyone have any advice for improving technical skills, other than just ride technical stuff lots?
  11. Toolish

    TV Shows

    Was it Tomorrow: When the War Began? If so the books are great, or at least were to me as a teenager reading them. Movie I agree with your review, watchable, but not a touch on the books. There are 6 books in the series, was sort of hoping the movies might have followed along.
  12. Went with the flats...had a blast. Bike on order!
  13. Toolish

    Garmin Vector

    I am currently running a 10 speed powertap as my power meter. It does the job but has some limitations. I am thinking about changing to a Vector set-up, mainly for the ease and flexibility of swapping power meters between bikes. Also I would like to upgrade to a nicer wheel set. Just wondering how reliable the Garmin set up is and also how to know which size to use.
  14. Looks like toe clips are the answer! Thanks all!
  15. Our club is doing an off road duathlon this weekend. I have not ridden a MTB in years but have borrowed one from a mate for the day. I am not going to be very quick, but I was wondering if I should run flat pedals or put road pedals on? Is a 2/15/2 duathlon. Thoughts?
  16. You are talking about MAF training. If you listen to Phil Maffetone then the HR should be the same for both disciplines. That said personal experience tells me that may not be the case unless you train to make it so.
  17. Toolish


    I was there for the first 5 laps...that is about all I am good for!
  18. Toolish


    I did the first 55 minutes, was good fun It can be like that some times, HDR is pretty good though I reckon. If you are off the back at all it is like that, the draft effect seems massive. Actually really important to ride position. I am on a dumb trainer, every time it goes up hill I go out the back!
  19. Toolish


    Same, until I get spat out the back somewhere on the 3rd lap!
  20. If it is your first time on the bike in 6 months most of those numbers mean nothing to be honest. Get some basic bike fitness back, then do an FTP test and enter the results. Then the intensity and training load will be somewhat accurate. How good is Zwift though!!
  21. Have not tested it on a ride, but set it up and that looks like the answer, cheers! Gotta love when functionality gets removed in later models!
  22. Just wondering if anyone uses their Garmin to give alerts for power workouts. e.g. I want to do 10 minutes @ 200 watts. I tried setting a lower limit @ 190 and an upper @ 210 but because of the variability of power it just beeps at me the whole time! I would rather it alert based on the average to that point in the interval or a 30 second average or something for some smoothing but it seems to rely on instant or 3 second power? Any suggestions or set-ups welcome.
  23. I would be interested in that.
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