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  1. Nice work. I have about 8km to finish the TT bike section and then the whole MTB to do. Not sure I want to do the mid ride bike switch and I have not tried steering yet, so might head to the single track and do some loops.
  2. Ticked off the Greatest London Loop tonight. Shortest Route left to do in London is Triple Loops so going to have to start committing to longer rides to get London rides done. Still plenty left to do in some other worlds though!
  3. I am sure @gplama said a number needed to break the hour during one of his live streams, from memory I think it was 3.2 or 3.3 w/kg
  4. Tour for All Stage 3 short ride done, ticked off road to ruins. 9th day straight on Zwift. Felt like I was struggling. Best 1 minute power for the year, second best 5 and 20 minute power for the year and third best 10 minute power for the year.
  5. Greater London Loop and Duchy Estate ticked off tonight. Set best 10 min power (263 Watts) of the year up Box Hill. To the people using Training Peaks what sort of CTL do you run for Half Ironman training?
  6. As soon as we had the internet speed to support it we got Netflix. Have never even thought about Foxtel, especially now Kayo is an option.
  7. He looks vaguely familiar. I am Zwifting on an Ipad as the kids have taken over my Zwift machine for home schooling. Once I get that back I will give this a run!
  8. I would just love a lap and lap average power function on Zwift. Over the weekend I tried to hold be power for 1 hour and I had to use my Garmin to be able to see the average power so far. I know the average comes up during FTP tests but not sure how else to bring it up.
  9. Toolish


    Yep, everywhere except Victoria seems to be doing well. Hopefully we can get it under control down here too!
  10. Nice one! I felt like crap yesterday, super heavy legs, so just a really easy spin to tick off the Greater London Flat loop. That unlocked my 7 days straight 'Addicted' badge.
  11. Has anyone had issues with a Tickr not connecting to an Ipad for Zwift? Strap lights come on, it connects to my old Garmin 500 but not to Zwift. Wondering if the ant part is working but not Bluetooth for some reason, not sure how to test that.
  12. Did the stage 1 group ride a few days ago. Thinking about the group ride at 8 tonight.
  13. 10km run for VR6. 30 min ride around Yorkshire on Zwift to keep Zwift streak alive. 3km Run with my 8 y.o. to finish off VR6. 60 min around Yorkshire to tick off the Royal Pump Room 8 course...and in the process hit my best 1 min power for the year!
  14. Reckon it is more a weight thing. I am on a Kickr, but I am also fat, on downhills I go away from the group I am with.
  15. Even if you lose internet connection you should not lose power readings to Zwift. It is something to do with the connection between your trainer/PM and the device running Zwift. What equipment are you using?
  16. Yeah, a group of kids did it from Coomealla I think. My mother passed away 3 years ago from cancer after getting pretty average medical attention in Mildura where she kept getting told to go home when she should have been admitted. My dad ended up driving her direct to the Alfred where she was admitted directly and put on a drip and told that within a day or two she would have died due to low magnesium and other issues. I would like to ride from the hospital here to the Alfred essentially via the route they took (through Bendigo) to symbolize the issues associated with medical care in regional areas and also raise some money for the Alfred.
  17. At this stage solo, unsupported. That plan may change once I realise how silly that idea is!
  18. Toolish


    The national guideline, will be interesting to see the difference in each states implementation.
  19. Nearesy Audax clubs seem to be about 300km away, a few of the local crew do centuries reasonably frequently but not much longer than that. Have been looking at some of the long Zwift rides people do and it blows me away. I find it hard to go easy enough for my fitness on the trainer, always end up smashing myself! Yeah, saw that article when I started researching the idea. Looks like a good experience overall.
  20. Toolish


    Make that 3 powerful owls!
  21. Mighty Metropolitan ticked off tonight. Trying for the unemployed badge too but only 3 days in. CTL is the highest it has been in years and I am not even training for anything, wish I could say the same about FTP!
  22. Toolish


    I see people on here and in other social media asking the government to open businesses up and let them start trading. Obviously I am naive but other than gyms and eat in restaurants what businesses are actually closed by restrictions (in Victoria if that matters)?
  23. I am not sure if this belongs here or in the Sandbox so feel free to move it. The whole Covid isolation thing has helped me realize how much fear has stopped me doing a lot of things in the past and now I want to actually do them. One thing I have thought of doing is riding from Mildura to Melbourne non-stop (about 550km) but I honestly have no idea on the logistics of doing this. Is it as simple as take some food, water and a credit card and start riding? Anything I need to consider outside of fitness. Thinking about making it a fund raising thing too, if that changes anything.
  24. Toolish


    Pretty sure Goughy is talking about a still employed casual worker choosing to go to work and get paid instead of going to the doctor and then having to self isolate until results come back, or isolate longer if positive even if they are not showing many symptoms.
  25. Clicked off 3 courses on Richmond tonight...heaps to go!
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