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  1. Toolish


    Yep, can see regional getting stage 4 in the next week or so. I am not sure where my work sits as far as essential services. Is there a definitive list somewhere of what is considered essential under current stage 4?
  2. Toolish


    As a regional victorian my workplace is open, but I have to take the day off on Wednesday as the kids are home-schooling. I assume I have to use annual leave for that, does anyone know if that is correct?
  3. Toolish


    And people using the race card like that weakens the push for elimination of true racism. Black, white, green, yellow or purple they deserve every bit of bad press and whatever else that gets thrown at them...****ing idiots.
  4. Toolish


    This is a little bit self serving but why all of Victoria. We have not had a case in out LGA since April yet I can't drive 20 minutes to play golf at my usual course. I would think a better bet would be to have a border that is smaller and more focused on the hotspots. All of the LGAS I have marked in green below have 2 or less cases in the last 30 days. Surely manning a border that size would take a lot less resource than the whole state. I do agree that no one from Melbourne should be going anywhere....elsewhere in Victoria or interstate!
  5. Toolish


    And Maccas staff...or so I have been told 🙈
  6. Do you have a family? How did that routine fit in with the wife and kids? Any time I have tried fasting or low carb it has been very difficult to fit in with family life, I can only imagine carnivore would be even harder!
  7. Saturday - 90km in the rain, spent the first hour wondering if I should go home as lightning was approaching but that disappeared. Have been doing most of my riding on the trainer but had organised to catch up with a mate. He pulled the pin with the rain....should have stayed on the trainer. Sunday - 21.1km run, second fastest ever run of that length. 1:49:55. Need to drop some weight to go faster I reckon, half marathons at 91kg destroy the legs!
  8. Did a 1km pool TT last night. Pretty much back to pre-Covid pace (still slow), wonder how long until the pool shuts again!
  9. Garmins current issue could make this a bit harder to do!
  10. Toolish


    In the end this is what it comes back to...so many people blaming the government for this that and the other. If people self quarantined like they were asked to we wouldn't have needed the motels. If people had stayed in motels like asked we wouldn't have needed guards. If the guards had done what they were paid to do then the returned travellers wouldn't have gone anywhere. Same sort of issue with the hoarding of bog roll and the like. So many people complain about authorities not doing enough...and then complain when they do something. Sick of people being selfish but then not taking any responsibility for their actions.
  11. Toolish

    TV Shows

    I watched season 1 years ago and enjoyed it but never went back to it. Have always had it in mind to catch up on one day although I reckon I would need to start at the beginning again. Started watching season 1 of Drive to Survive last night...they have done a good job of balancing the appeal to people who know F1 and those who don't.
  12. I would rather the government just give a distance from home that you are allowed to go for exercise. People like to test the limits of these restrictions so a hard and fast number would work better. That said I do most of my riding on the trainer so it is less of a concern for me.
  13. My couple of crossings had been ok....that might all change now though!
  14. 10km - 46:06 PB for me for 2020 which was nice as I have lost a bit of Mojo lately. Really need to get back in the groove!
  15. Toolish


    My son saw the dancing monkey avatar yesterday while I was browsing and said 'That gets used a lot'?!
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