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  1. Wife and kids love Amazing Race, I enjoy it but don't love it as much as them. That is more than I can say for most of the other reality crap she enjoys watching.
  2. Toolish


    Christian Bale is one to me that stands out as an actor who does not seem to have a set role.
  3. As per other thread, just purchased the bits to convert TT bike to 11 speed..Merry Christmas to me!
  4. I have a 2012ish Cannondale Slice. I am looking to convert to 11 speed as having a 10 speed TT bike and 11 speed roady with a Kickr is a pain in the arse. Trying to work out what I need to buy. Already have 11 speed wheelset sorted Just wondering if I need to replace the Front Derailleur or the chain rings? Staying with a 2 x setup at the front. Pretty sure I need shifters, Rear Derailleur and chain. Just not sure about up front! Any advice appreciated.
  5. I wonder if April will be a bit cold? There is also this on the traditional date? https://www.facebook.com/events/462238951065050/
  6. So is this thing back on next year? Sounds like some sort of rebirth is coming.
  7. I would love Shepp to return, it seemed like the town was very much behind it. Is there any news there as to what actually happened, I have not kept up with it but entries opened and the next day it was cancelled...all seemed a bit wierd.
  8. parkrun with the kids, 5km in 40 minutes but exactly the day I needed. @goughy starting training back with a bunch ride is a big call...I don't have the speed to stick with a bunch even when I am fit!
  9. What is the go with Challenge Melbourne. Website still says TBC April 2020?
  10. What is the URL of the blog. Flexibility and mobility are ongoing weaknesses for me!
  11. Just started week 2 of a real MAF focus. Can't swim due to a hand injury so just riding and running, trying to build volume so all low intensity. 66 minutes on Zwift....6.6km running. Not the most exciting training but what I need at the moment!
  12. Currently LSD, working on low heart rate training (MAF) and trying to get volume up so minimal intensity. How long is long in regards to needing nutrition? How do you determine how many carbs for Anaerobic sessions? I definitely need to get better at electrolytes!
  13. Nutrition Fitness Coach....wonder how that fits with PJ changing nutrition strategies every couple of years?
  14. I know that this is a massive rabbit hole and advice could go anywhere but I have a feeling I could do better with my nutrition during training. I feel I may be under fueling during sessions but then over compensating out of sessions. How do you all fuel during training? How long or hard before you look at fuel? Any pre-workout nutrition? Any post workout? Any thoughts or advice welcome.
  15. Toolish

    Next Big Thing in IM

    Does anyone other than Crowie wear Newtons any more?
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