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  1. The Mental Health thread

    4 months later and not a lot has changed, except my mother has now passed. I just seem like I am in a hole, and there are lights but nothing keeps me up for long. I have more bad days than good at work, and most nights I end up falling asleep on the couch because lying in bed gives me time to think. I have fallen in love with mountain biking because it forces me to be in the moment, road cycling and running allow too many thoughts to get into my head. I have not dealt well with my mum passing. I have never tried to be the tough guy that doesn't cry, but that is what happened. I ended up being the support for my sisters and dad who were all distraught after mums death. As the youngest sibling I read the eulogy because I was seen as the only one who could get through it. Two months later I ended up a ball of tears on the couch, the wife tried to talk to me but I can not put any of it into words, she tries to help but there is nothing she could do. And as I write this the tears are back! It has only been 3 and a half months but in some ways it seems like a life time and then at other times it seems like just yesterday. I am just starting to move into the anger side of grief I think! I have applied for other jobs as an attempt to reset, but I am not sure if that is the answer. I am wondering if I need to see someone but I would not know where to start. Sorry, bit of a vent...to make it somewhat relevant I tried to go for a run the other day and pulled my calf...that did not help the situation
  2. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Can someone please explain to me why it matters? I have not looked into it at all, but legally aren't long term same sex relationships treated the same as a de-facto type opposite sex relationship? I am honestly not sure which way I would vote, I don't understand the implications well enough.
  3. RIP Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)

    Out of all of the celebrity deaths this is the one that has hit me the hardest. Robin Williams and Chris Cornell had an impact on me, but not like this. My favourite band and my 8 y.o daughters favourite band, can't even try to comprehend explaining to her what has happened. My wife and I went to a concert of theirs a week before we were married, 10 years ago, have every album. The last album to me seemed more positive and had more of a feel of having got through hard times, I guess I was wrong!
  4. The 10,000 step farce

    My mrs works as an office receptionist. Whole day at the desk answering phones. If she does not do any deliberate activity then 5000 is sort of standard on a work day. I am in an office too, but also sometimes walk the workshop floor, low day is around 8000. I really think that people who are always active (either through incidental movement, or deliberate exercise) don't actually realise how sedentary some people are.
  5. Ultraman - Go IP

    Doesn't work for me? Awesome effort for all involved though....what a run split for a double marathon!
  6. The Mental Health thread

    Ayto, I feel for you mate, for any good parent kids are their life...unfortunately it seems for a lot of parents use their kids as weapons during or after a split and that is just bullshit. I really hope your kids see through it eventually mate!
  7. Tour de Cure

    Mick, I have just donated. Sorry it took so long, my mother just passed away and it reminded me that I had never followed through with this! Great job Regards Brendan
  8. The Mental Health thread

    I will start by saying I am in no way suicidal, but I agree with the stress thing and I have noticed it in myself a lot in the past 6 months. Work stress and deadlines combined with what I see as a lack of leadership at work and a terminally ill mother have all meant that life is a lot harder than I feel like it should be. I have lost a lot of motivation for parts of life. I no longer spring out of bed to go training, my work output is not what it should be, and at times I have found myself mid-conversation and realized I am not even listening to what is being said, that never used to happen to me! Luckily for me I have my kids that are the shining light of everything and the hug I get before I leave for work and the moment I walk through the door make everything a lot better. My wife is also there to support me, and our communication about this sort of thing is getting better all the time. Given we have been married 9 years I am proud of that. All of that said, I can understand how stress and depression can take hold, if I did not have those shining lights I might be head down that path!
  9. Mitch Anderson 12hr bike ride

    Any idea why he is on the road not a velodrome? Surely that is costing a lot of distance!
  10. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    I have been keen to try them but honestly would have no idea what model to go for. I have issues with my left foot going numb when running no matter what shoe I wear so hoping the extra cushioning may help that. The problem is locally there is no where to try them on and give it a whirl, might just have to pony up the cash on line and see how i go!
  11. How many laps is too many for a half IM

    Seriously how does that happen? Most people have a bike computer, even if you lose count surely you must look at the distance and go, 'Nup, still more to do!'
  12. Achilles Tendonitis

    6 weeks after the flare up and I had my first run a couple of days ago. 30 minutes on the treadmill going easy! Loved being able to run again! Achilles is probably better now than it has been for about a year, stupid me waited for a full flare up to do anything about it. Thanks everyone for the help, the following is what helped me. Early on, Ice, rest, a heel lift and taping with Rock Tape. Later on stretching and loading, heel lifts mainly. The last step, which made a big difference for me was rolling the arch of my foot on a food tin. I am wondering if it stemmed back to a tight plantar fascia. Either way, the morning stiffness in my Achilles that was just part of life seems to be on the way out.
  13. Whats TSS and what should be a goal number?

    I do bike 20min FTP tests...what is the best run test for threshold?
  14. How often do you ride your TT bike

    Through the off season it is all road bike, and recently mountain bike, then come about September it is on the TT bike most of the time to get ready for Shepparton which is always my first race of the season. I tend to be either one or the other, not splitting rides between them.