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  1. Toolish

    HFLC ruined my life......

    You coud be talking about me. Love the idea of HFLC but can't find the will power to cut the carbs...and most of the carbs are sugary crap to be honest. I love the Diet Doctor meals but still end up snacking on suger later at night.
  2. Toolish

    Why make it harder?

    Agree overall, the problem can be if the lazy person has no accountability or does not care about the bigger picture. In that case they find the way to make their part easier while possible making someone else's harder!
  3. Toolish

    Garmin for training with a bad memory

    Not sure exactly how the Fenix shows it. I have a Garmin 500, it gives instruction at the start of an interval but that disappears after 10 seconds or so (may be a way to keep it there?) and personally when on the MTB there are times I won't look at the head unit for minutes at a time. What instructions are they, goal heart rates or power or something like that?
  4. Toolish

    Zwift National Championships

    For a basic trainer you need a speed sensor and a supported trainer. Depending on the rest of your set up you may need an ANT dongle too. http://zwift.com/hardware#ready That give Zpower which is an estimation. Good for having a go, not really for racing. I really got into Zwift once I got a smart trainer, totally changes the experience, but it is a big cash outlay.
  5. Toolish

    Zwift National Championships

    If using a 'dumb' trainer and zpower yes. If it is a smart trainer or a powermeter then no, but you can fudge the weight. At damn near 100kg and an FTP of 240 watts neither of these things affect me because I am no where near competitive!!
  6. Toolish

    What training did you do today...

    I ran 2.5km...third time this week. First time I have ran 3 times in a week for over a year! Long road back to fitness now though!
  7. Toolish

    Growing Olives

    This is what the big groves do. Sorry, I build those machines, but actually have no idea on how to know when to pick, or what to do for a single tree!
  8. Toolish

    Starting Again

    I have been out of the game for a while, have a PB of about 5:30 for a half ironman but that was 18 months ago and have not done a hell of a lot since. Some riding but pretty much no swimming or running. Running I am injury limited so following physio advice there. But what advice do people have for starting again swimming and riding. I know people will say just get out there and swim/ride but I need some structure or I don't get out the door. FTP was about 245watts 6 months ago, no real idea what it is now if that is relevant. Swimming wise could do a 50 in 50 secs or so but would be blowing after 200m. Goal is a Half Ironman in November.
  9. Toolish

    First the darts ... now F1!!!!

    So are you saying we should stop all models from working? And a lot of actors/actresses?
  10. Toolish

    The Mental Health thread

    I did a similar thing, although not to this extent by the sounds of it, just before Christmas. It is hard keeping secrets in a married relationship and it had been dragging me down because I was too scared to tell my wife my true thoughts. I am not sure what it was that you didn't want your wife to know, but hopefully, in the long term, she is better for knowing it. I had booked in to see a doctor about my mental health before my snap but afterwards I cancelled the appointment as I just felt a weight had been lifted. Hopefully you get to the same place. As far as not being able to keep up with everyone, follow me on Strava mate and you will have no issue having someone to compare too and feel ok . I am just a golfer who rides his bike occasionally at the moment!
  11. Toolish

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Jerseys are rotated hourly, so no you won't have it tomorrow! About 3 weeks ago I took the roadie off the trainer and went back to the TT bike, regretting it but can't be bothered changing cassettes again as the TT bike is 10 speed and the roadie is 11.
  12. Toolish

    The Mental Health thread

    4 months later and not a lot has changed, except my mother has now passed. I just seem like I am in a hole, and there are lights but nothing keeps me up for long. I have more bad days than good at work, and most nights I end up falling asleep on the couch because lying in bed gives me time to think. I have fallen in love with mountain biking because it forces me to be in the moment, road cycling and running allow too many thoughts to get into my head. I have not dealt well with my mum passing. I have never tried to be the tough guy that doesn't cry, but that is what happened. I ended up being the support for my sisters and dad who were all distraught after mums death. As the youngest sibling I read the eulogy because I was seen as the only one who could get through it. Two months later I ended up a ball of tears on the couch, the wife tried to talk to me but I can not put any of it into words, she tries to help but there is nothing she could do. And as I write this the tears are back! It has only been 3 and a half months but in some ways it seems like a life time and then at other times it seems like just yesterday. I am just starting to move into the anger side of grief I think! I have applied for other jobs as an attempt to reset, but I am not sure if that is the answer. I am wondering if I need to see someone but I would not know where to start. Sorry, bit of a vent...to make it somewhat relevant I tried to go for a run the other day and pulled my calf...that did not help the situation
  13. Toolish

    Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Can someone please explain to me why it matters? I have not looked into it at all, but legally aren't long term same sex relationships treated the same as a de-facto type opposite sex relationship? I am honestly not sure which way I would vote, I don't understand the implications well enough.
  14. Toolish

    RIP Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)

    Out of all of the celebrity deaths this is the one that has hit me the hardest. Robin Williams and Chris Cornell had an impact on me, but not like this. My favourite band and my 8 y.o daughters favourite band, can't even try to comprehend explaining to her what has happened. My wife and I went to a concert of theirs a week before we were married, 10 years ago, have every album. The last album to me seemed more positive and had more of a feel of having got through hard times, I guess I was wrong!
  15. Toolish

    The 10,000 step farce

    My mrs works as an office receptionist. Whole day at the desk answering phones. If she does not do any deliberate activity then 5000 is sort of standard on a work day. I am in an office too, but also sometimes walk the workshop floor, low day is around 8000. I really think that people who are always active (either through incidental movement, or deliberate exercise) don't actually realise how sedentary some people are.