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  1. Toolish

    Simply Kickr

    I have gone away from Zwift as I could not justify the cost. Have just been using the Wahoo iphone app in ERG mode. It is fine to use but you can't preprogram workouts so have to adjust as you go. Have heard good things about ERGVideo as a free option, but have not had a chance to try it yet.
  2. Feeling ya there, been about 4 years since I have been able to run pain free...finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel though!
  3. Fa Nice to see you on track...too fast for me today though!
  4. Hopefully the early detection does the job mate. Cancer sucks.
  5. Only ever swam with a sleeved one, based more so on water temps than anything else. Be a different story if i lived more north I reckon.
  6. Maybe I am naive, but I did every Shep from 2010-2016 and other than the course change I did not notice a massive difference when it went to Challenge other than the course (better) and the swag bag ( worse). I was looking to make a come back at Shep this year, might do Murray Man instead then look at Geelong.
  7. Toolish

    Kona 2018

    Great report! The thought of the snapshot is what it is all about. I have only done one IM and it wasn't Kona. But 6 years on there are still butterflies thinking about the top of the finish chute. Great time too, self coached or not!
  8. They put tomorrows cover on social media so we will all rush out and buy!
  9. How long would a jar like that last? I have heard a lot of good things about bone broth but never been able to find anything local.
  10. Toolish

    Time management

    This is fairly standard in manufacturing type industries. The car manufacturers all did it. In my current work place we shut from Xmas eve until middle of January. Previous job did public holidays only as it was our busiest time of the year. Personally I much prefer the shut down, gives me a good chance to spend some school holiday time with the kids. That is where I burn all of my annual leave anyway, we both work so come school holidays one of us has to take time off to look after the kids.
  11. I have always struggled with watching TV on the trainer and still getting quality in. I tend to just turn the legs over and struggle to monitor intensity.
  12. Great video...did you get lost at all. At times it looked like there was barely a trail!
  13. Toolish

    Time management

    Nah, working elsewhere now. Out Merbien way so my other thought was go a bit of a longer way home and run or ride a bit along the river if I can get time sorted. Love running and MTB beside the river.
  14. Toolish

    Time management

    Thanks everyone for the responses, I have read them all and there are some good points. I have taken some things on board and will have a chat to the wife tonight about her thoughts on how to fit it in a bit more with a few ideas. I have been considering this for a while, but it is really our designated family time. I would actually be better off skipping the meal time together if I am going to get an afternoon session in as generally that ends up being 30 minutes of waiting for kids to finish the meals as they are both slow eaters. A couple of times a week that may be doable. Goal is 70.3, it is the distance I enjoy most. Lunch time workouts aren't an option as I only get 30 minutes at most! Most of my riding is indoors due to safety concerns of the wife and myself so at least I have ticked that box! Thanks god for Zwift! No way I can be in bed at 9pm consistently, kids are still awake at that time some nights, if I went to bed then every night then I would literally have no time with my wife without the kids. That said, have you always been an early riser, if not how have you adapted to it, any tips. I think the morning plan has some merit but I have to get into the habit! So 5 weekday sessions then double sessions sat and sun makes 9, but I am sure you have said you always schedule a weekly rest day. Without giving away the secrets I would love to know a weekly structure that is one session per day, includes a rest day, and gets people to Kona. Re-reading that it sounds like I am being a smart arse, trying not to be, just trying to get my head around it. I do help with baths and showers, but there is probably a half hour window in there on days where there are no after school activities. Just need to be ready to go as stated. I have been thinking through the commute thing. I drive currently but I only like 7.5km from work so could ride in easy enough then run home a couple of times a week. Would still be home by 5:30 assuming I finish work on time. Yep, couples time seems very limited in some of these descriptions. Especially if the wife is not running or riding with you. I tried this for a while and found the weekend sessions a real battle. I reckon for maintaining that might work, but not building. You are possibly right about the quality time. I think I am still adapting out of the age when they were fully dependent. They are both fairly self sufficient but I still feel the need to be around just in case. Just mentally adjusting to the fact I am not required on a minute to minute basis. Go ME!!! Here is the second post!
  15. My young bloke ran 28:11 last time out, I had told him about some breathing techniques which helped. Ended up going down the path of explaining oxygen uptake in the muscles, carbohydrate and glycogen and lactate...now he wants to be a sports scientist! I want to get faster so I can pace him still!
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