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  1. Sounds balanced to me! I find it amusing that from our perspective we see 7km as not much of a run (don't worry I get it), but for a lot of the population running a 5km is the goal. So what is next on the run plan? I need to get some run volume back, I was doing 50km weeks for a while but lucky to do 25 at the moment!
  2. Do you feel like your run fitness has improved much through the 30 days?
  3. That clip was posted a month ago. I wonder if any of them have changed their thoughts yet?
  4. I wonder if there is a warning system. I don't race much on Zwift but whenever I do I seem to be between C and D grade. Might keep entering D until I get pinged just to see what happens.
  5. So who is @nms? Are you affiliated with TA? Also, how long does the ride go for?
  6. It can be an advantage downhill as it feels like a lower gradient so you still have something to pedal against. But then that power you produce is applied to the actual gradient in game so you go faster. Going up hill it makes it easier to spin instead of grind, but you are right you still need to produce the power either way.
  7. Did nothing yesterday. First day off in 16 days. I needed it but it was difficult to listen to my body. In the past I have looked at any excuse to not train so it was an interesting mental shift.
  8. I did road to the sky as part of stage 4 of Tour for All and got the badge.
  9. Sort of tri related but not really. Is there an easy way to switch which device bluetooth headphones are paired to? I have a set of JBL Endurace Dives that I use when running. These are paired to my iphone for music or podcasts. When I run on the treadmill I want to be able to switch to the ipad. It seems the only way to do it is to turn bluetooth off on my phone otherwise I can't seem to get the headphones to search for another device. Is this the solution or am I missing something?
  10. I still have 34 to go and looking at the list there are some long trainer rides ahead. I am shocking at guessing how long the rides with elevation are going to take but a few there are going to be 4+ hours in the saddle which is a bit hard to fit in around work!
  11. I got the gloves....always the gloves it seems.
  12. Road to the Sky on Zwift as part of the tour for all. Took me about 90 minutes. Upon logging in I was awarded my unemployed badge for 14 days straight on Zwift. After the ride mrs asked how I went and I mentioned my legs felt crap and I need a day off. Check on Training Peaks and it is my second highest ever 90 minute power. I think posting good numbers (for me) and feeling crap is a sign fitness is coming....but I do need to back off for a couple of days I think.
  13. Doesn't matter, Durianrider has them all anyway! I have never paid for Strava, I use it to see what friends (and acquantances) are doing training wise and give encouragement and ask details of what they are training for etc. I train alone generally so I don't get a chance to catch up about this otherwise. I like the matched runs feature which is going, but that is not worth paying for. I pay for Training Peaks and at times I question that as I don't really use it to plan training, just to look back at what I have done.
  14. Toolish


    Monkie said above that it was happening and he lives there too doesn't he?
  15. First ride outside in about 7 weeks. One ride that has been on my bucket list since I got into cycling was to ride from my home to my childhood home which is 100km away. Ticked that one off this morning. Longest ride in a few years and was so nice to just ride for the sake of riding! Then did the Zwift 6 train route tonight.
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