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  1. JeffS

    FOXTEL via appletv

    I found a forum or something like that about Foxtel now been available for AppleTV and it seems Foxtel's response was we made available to watch via airplay therefore it's available on Appletv. There were a lot of unhappy people with that response!
  2. JeffS

    FOXTEL via appletv

    Do they have an actual app? I've been using Foxtel Now but can only watch on AppleTV via Airplay?
  3. JeffS

    Busso Half.. and the women’s winner is?

    I travelled over from Vic every year from 2010-16 for the this race. We have friends in Perth and the Saturday race was perfect as they didn't have get back to Perth straight after the race for work the next day. Also meant they stayed a day longer and spent more money in the local community! There was only one windy day in those 6 years from memory.
  4. JeffS

    Hey roxii. Can you review the new fly6?

    Hey Willie, I'm looking at these in the next couple of weeks, would happily spend my money with a trannie if you can do them and ship to Vic?
  5. JeffS

    Garmin Edge and bluetooth sensors

    Your'e right. Hadn't really thought about it just jumped on and started riding and all connected. But makes sense since I'm using trainer road on iPad so that will be using the bluetooth connection.
  6. JeffS

    Garmin Edge and bluetooth sensors

    Yep my 510 connects to my Kickr, Wahoo cadence and heart rate as well as my iPhone via bluetooth.
  7. JeffS

    AFL 2018

    Got to meet the cup today 😊
  8. JeffS

    50% off everything Dare2Tri

    I ended up going with the Mach 4s. Ordered on Thursday and it arrived Friday, so can't complain about that.
  9. JeffS

    50% off everything Dare2Tri

    I have a sleeveless one and really like it. I have used Rocket Science and Blueseventy Helix before and find the Dare2Tri one just as good. Comfort wise I didn't feel any difference, and also had good customer support from Bill. I'm considering buying a sleeved one in this sale. Note: I'm not a great swimmer, and haven't done any comparison speed tests..
  10. JeffS

    Your best concert memorabilia........

    Not signed but a limited edition print (#45 of 250) from Tom Petty in Philadelphia on July 29 this year. (It was part of my ticket package)
  11. JeffS

    AFL 2018

    I still don't have a voice after been at both the prelim and Grand Final. It's been a long wait but Saturday was awesome!
  12. JeffS

    Vale Tom Petty

    It dosen't sound like he will last the day. I saw him live in Philadelphia on July 29th this year, it was an amazing show. Sounded as good as when I last saw him in Australia in 86.
  13. JeffS

    AFL 2018

    Just picked up my ticket for the GF GO TIGES!!
  14. JeffS

    Aussie Dollar slight gains

    I'm in the States at the moment, just deposit some cash in my account and I promise I'll bring it back as US dollars....
  15. JeffS

    Ironman in Victoria

    We went up as spectators and ended up directing people on the run course, as there was no one else around and no directions. I think it was coming out of Victoria Park(could be wrong) and runners were going in all different directions!