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  1. I had very similar thoughts for a long time (ie: thoughts about suicide but not acting) and I just thought it was "normal" Then one day after a really stressy day I found myself veering the car towards the edge of a bridge... Only after this did I go to the GP and was put on a mental health plan and referred to a psychologist. So I think the below advice is gold. I didn't gel with my first psychologist, but they were good enough to acknowledge that and referred me to someone else. I can't say the thoughts have gone away, however they are less often and I have coping strategies when they do occur. Take Care
  2. I'm in. I have a bad history with this race with a coupe of DNS's. I had hoped to do have a good race but for a variety of reason's I haven't put the training in. So my plan is to get to the start line then just get through each leg best I can, so probably around 7 hours for me. A start will be a good result, a finish will be a bonus!
  3. JeffS

    Geelong 70.3

    Now a rolling swim start. SWIM COURSE UPDATE 🏊 Due to a large number of sea urchins currently calling the calm waters of Geelong home, we have made a few changes to the swim course to ensure our athlete's safety... 1. The swim course will now be a rolling wave start for all athletes. 2. The entrance to the swim course (and into the water) will be a narrow lined entry route with rubber mats to ensure safe entry to the water The FAQS 👇 So what time do I start? ⌚ Your start wave remains the same, however, the rolling entrance will allow athletes to enter in a cleared path of water to the swim course. Will this affect my time? 🤔 No. Your start time will be measured from when you cross over the timing mats. Will this cause more crowding during the swim? 😬 Nope. If anything, this should stagger the swim entry and spread out the athletes on course. More questions? Head to the Q&A with your Race Director Jake at 12.30pm
  4. JeffS

    FulGaz online CYCLING

    When I had finger surgery and was stuck on wndtrainer for 12 weeks this was all I used. I found the courses more interesting than Zwift. I ended up on a beta they ran for AppleTV which helped sort out any glitches. I really enjoy it and no longer use Zwift. The control of my Kickr works well. Think it's definitely worth a trial.
  5. My partner nearly got taken out by a deer on the bike path between Kew Blvd and Warmer St Bridge about 6 months ago. It was 6am and dark and it just came bolting out of the scrub, luckily I had just convinced her to upgrade her commuter to a disc brake bike! Tonight on Kew Blvd I had 3 miner birds fly into my front wheel, 2 made it 1 not so lucky. Need to check my spokes!
  6. Nick I was going to ask the same as Turts and also suggest a CX, unless you are looking at doing some MTB on weekends? I use my CX for commuting and just updated my partner from a flat bar roadie to cx for her daily 25k commute, she's loving it.
  7. If you haven’t seen Rake you probably want to start at the first series. It was on Netflix so you could watch anytime!
  8. I can babysit it for you if needed. I won't run off as I'd need to get a plane home 😁 I can PM you my number if you want.
  9. I didn't try it, the tech info said it the adapter wouldn't fit on the K-edge TT Garmin mount so I just went the Barfly mount and replaced my K-edge one.
  10. I recently bought the barfly 4 one from Bikebug thats linked to above. I replaced my Kedge one with it as the Kedge adaptor didn't work with the TT mount. I've had it about 3 weeks and no issues with it, I use it with a Edge 520 and a Fly12CE.
  11. I found a forum or something like that about Foxtel now been available for AppleTV and it seems Foxtel's response was we made available to watch via airplay therefore it's available on Appletv. There were a lot of unhappy people with that response!
  12. Do they have an actual app? I've been using Foxtel Now but can only watch on AppleTV via Airplay?
  13. I travelled over from Vic every year from 2010-16 for the this race. We have friends in Perth and the Saturday race was perfect as they didn't have get back to Perth straight after the race for work the next day. Also meant they stayed a day longer and spent more money in the local community! There was only one windy day in those 6 years from memory.
  14. Hey Willie, I'm looking at these in the next couple of weeks, would happily spend my money with a trannie if you can do them and ship to Vic?
  15. Your'e right. Hadn't really thought about it just jumped on and started riding and all connected. But makes sense since I'm using trainer road on iPad so that will be using the bluetooth connection.
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