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  1. Swazi

    Garmin 530/830

    One important one for me - low power mode would be helpful on the 520...
  2. Swazi

    Garmin 530/830

    Hello legends. Does anybody know product details and release dates for the edge 530 and 830? Garmin seem to be hiding this all very well so not been able to find much. Thanking you...
  3. In. Did it last year for first time. Back of Falls is a bitch.
  4. Swazi

    "Walking" a marathon

    Exactly. IMO Intent should be to run, but when it falls apart, finish any way you can.
  5. We just cancelled our booking so it is available for Husky LC weekend. Get on it. http://www.huskybythesea.com.au Close to the action, great place, we had both the Villa and the Cottage so ideal for a group. We had 4 couples and 2 singles in. Check it out
  6. I am looking for a blue seventy Helix (or similar) - Sleeveless/Long John. My current Helix is size MT. (180 cm, 80kg) Cheers
  7. Swazi


    Does the frameset include the seat tube and fork? What is the weight? Please send/post a pic - had issue seeing it on the link you sent.
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