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  1. Townsville Triathlon

    Could you please send me a copy of the competitor list ?
  2. RIP craig percival

    I only know of Craig from what I had heard and saw online. I think also tat he may have been a FOP’er in my age group. I normally wouldn’t add my condolences in situations like this but the cause of death and the recent posts means we all can serve each other more. Here’s my story. I went up to race in Woolgoolga a couple of months ago. During the race I unexpectedly hit a bump and got a huge jolt though the banus. We all know how that feels. I didn’t think anything off it, had a great race ( <2hrs) and spent some sedentary family time the rest of the day. A day for all time. ( own reasons) The day after proceeded to drive 8 plus hrs back to Sydney. Another sedentary day. Got back into training the week and developed the most painful nut & groin pain. I pushed through until the pain was so bad on my Saturday ride I turned around and spent the rest of the weekend in bed. I reluctantly went saw doct on Monday morn. Hey we all love dropping the dud to have someone look over the undercarriage hey.. Anyway he said , either nut infection or something else. I was stunned when he called the imaging pace and said I have an urgent request. More pants dropping , some gel and a poke with a rod revealed I had a clot in a varicose vein in the banus area!! Some commentary similar to the above – athletes are predisposed to this & once you had one we are at risk. My take always: We are not fricken super heroes Don’t be too sedentary in the days after you race Don’t ignore pain , flipping do something I really put myself at risk of further and more serious issues by acting in the foolhardy way I did. Don’t be as stupid as me should you find yourself in a similar situ. I was put on thinners for a month and have received the all clear thankfully. I find any death in our community very sobering. My thoughts are with Craig’s family and friends at this time.
  3. Roka Wetsuits onsale

    it was a wetsuit swim last year mate.... don't be like me and leave it at home , based on the bone head comment by another poster saying noosa will never be a wetsuit swim.
  4. Height ---- weight ---- for the diet gurus

    Al You would have to agree that genetics plays a major role in all this......... i do not follow any diet. never have. to me diet these days has too many negative connotations... currently ; i'm (cough) 47 , 173cm and 62kg. built with the shoulders of a racing snake. surely the optimal state for us all is aerobic efficiency, low drag profile and high power / weight ratio. if it was simply about weight no smallish female would ever finish in front of us. the top chicks are what; 50 plus kilos? and would smash 99% of us on here over any distance. my philosophy - eat sensibly ( in relation to work load), consider your genetics, never reward yourself with food nor punish yourself with exercise.
  5. Cervelo P6?

    well if it is a beam bike - it bloody well look cool. Zipp bike anyone ? and it it is ; our beaten up P5 will retain a lot more value, in that there will be a certain section of the community that will not ride beams. (for whatever the reason) cervelo have done dud models (IMHO only). ie the P4. I dont think that was the raging success they wanted... either way , i'm hanging to find out whats next.
  6. Cervelo P6?

    that not a Cervelo - but some weird ass Chinese mash up. i'm hoping the new P5 looses a few grams, optimizes the front brake cowlings and integrates electronic shifting ever further ( on the drops).
  7. Woolgoolga Tri – road or tri bike?

    Race is on October 9. http://www.woopitrifestival.org/
  8. Woolgoolga Tri – road or tri bike?

    Hi All I haven’t been to Woolgoolga for years and was wondering what the road surface and current course is like. Anyone familiar with the town have any suggestions if a roady would be more suitable ? From memory the bike course it was tight then, and seems still to be. (5 laps for 30k) It had decent little climb and was a pretty rough road.I.e. conditions pretty much negated time on the aerobars. I know it’s not the epicentre of Triathlon in Aust, but I’m going back to where it all started for me 25yrs ago. Cheers
  9. Strava Hunting?

    I don't have strava app , but can see segments via Garmin connect. I rarely look at them , but when I do it just confirms how shit I am and motivates me to push harder
  10. Kurnell- world Champs.. The continued decline , TA priority entries

    I think to sum up on where Kurnell ; as a sprint race is currently........ Its no longer the KWC. there isn't the competition or numbers to justify that any more. very sad. Regarding the numbers , i don't think its road closures that's drawing races away. that road is not that busy at that time of day. i think on Sunday , less than 5 cars would have passed me. Trust me i was looking. It has to be that guys like Bill want to see a small ROI and will focus on attaining IM / Long Course branded kit and 'bragging' rights. Added to that there is more choice of races these days, plus Bill doesn't want to miss a 120k ride and hanging round the cafe (hoping onlookers will admire his trim figure, IM top and super-bike) to do a pissy sprint.... It was a well run event, hoping it survives so the next generation can enjoy.
  11. Kurnell- world Champs.. The continued decline , TA priority entries

    Dwarf :: Geez you musta been in the shop for a while.................. Anyways, sad to say , I agree Kurnell is a shadow of its former self. Puk if I can come away with a win well that kinda shows the type of entrant this race now attracts. I know of another AG winner that dint even bother hanging around to grab the metal work. I have to say , I race for the competition, so for me I really am doubting about doing these anymore. Having an open wave is both a blessing and a curse . I mean its good that guys like crowie and mick aren't in my age group, but at the same time it can take away some of the other FOP guys. There was a real lack of vibe I guess cause there where less than 400 entrants. So we think its the cost that's the result of the numbers ?
  12. WTB - Oakley M Frame ( Sweep or Strike)

    Hi I'd like to buy some used Oakley M Frames either Sweep or Strike. I don't care what condition the lens are in , its the frame I am after. Perhaps you have a pair of these down the back of the drawer after you upgraded to XLJ or Radars, that are no longer being used in anger ??? If so I'd love to buy them or donate to your charity of choice in return for them !!
  13. Running from Syd airport

    If it was me ..... Leave your carry on luggage and valuables in a locker at the airport - take a smaller bag with run gear towel & shower gel Take cab to Novotel Brighton Le sands Have a run and a swim along the bike track round the bay Dip in the bay after Take a shower at one of the public ( cold ) showers or walk into the Novotel like you own the joint head to the pool area for a decent shower Eat at one of the many cafes Cab back to airport
  14. i have purchased a few off the shelf training programs through training peaks with reasonably good result. whilst its easy to apply a full program to start or finish on a date, i find it @@#$&* tiresome when you want to just apply a specific build or race period for a few weeks. in the past i have done the mental gymnastics to apply a past week to a future week ; a week at a time. is there a way wherein you can apply weeks 16 - 20 to end on a certain date ? thanks in advance
  15. 2015 Kona on 7Mate Sunday 8/11/15 1030-1200

    Flag it if it does come up on thier streaming channel . Spewing I missed it.