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  1. tax_lord

    Knee MRI

    No not VMO, mainly glutes. My physio worked on a pro cycling team and was also head physio for an A League club so he's pretty good. The maltracking diagnosis was moreso from me than him, I just generalised it based on how the injury seemed to come about in the first place i.e. from fatigued / weak muscles. The current status was from racing on it too soon thereafter. The extended rest period was a combination of giving the injury a chance to heal but also from having 2 wisdom teeth out. Ended up needing 6 days off work and was on pain killers for over a week so training wasnt much of a priority regardless. Figured the extra rest could only be beneficial in the scheme of things.
  2. tax_lord

    Knee MRI

    Thanks for the input. I agree the issue does not require surgery. Having had a similar problem with my other knee previously I'm sure rest alone over a long enough period of time should take care of it. My concern was more around what to do in the interim given I had planned to do Port in May. I can either keep training as best I can (primarily swimming and cycling) but potentially risk prolonging a full recovery, or I could stop training altogether in a bid to speed up the process. Having had time to consider it further over the last few days I seem to think swimming and cycling in a sensible capacity should be ok provided it doesnt aggravate it...? I've kept it taped up again since the MRI last week and it feels a bit better. I'd lay off the running a bit longer though
  3. tax_lord

    Knee MRI

    So here's a brief background to set the scene. About 7 weeks ago I hurt my knee during a race (in the run) although to be honest it was not 100% going into it. Patellar maltracking caused the problem initially a few weeks prior (which I have dealt with several times before in the opposite knee) and although I had worked on strengthening the muscles to fix it clearly it needed longer because the discomfort went up to a whole new level during & subsequent to the race. Immediately afterward I iced it up and then gave it a good 3 weeks of total rest from both the bike and run in a bid to let it recover (along with maintaining the physiotherapy in the meantime). After an initial attempt to run it was apparent there was still a fair bit of pain there so in consultation with my OS decided to give it a cortisone injection as he had treated me for a very similar problem in my other knee about 12 months ago. After giving it another week of rest post-injection the pain returned within the first 2 mins of running so I then had an x-ray done to see if there were any obvious issues, which there weren't. At the same time my OS gave me a referral for an MRI which I had done this week and a copy of key images and report are attached. In summary the report on the MRI indicates fat pad impingement and patellar bursitis as well as oedema in various locations. As I am (read: was ) training for Port in May I am at a crossroads with what to do, that is whether to keep training in a limited capacity (i.e. swim and ride only) or stop altogether. I'm also uncertain on the treatment option(s) capable of rendering a speedy result given I've already had a failed cortisone injection. My problem however is that both my GP and OS are on holidays (the OS until 28 Jan... , the GP until the 8th I think) so I don't have anyone to discuss the results with, hence I thought I would see if anyone else has had a similar problem in the past or is adequately informed on knee injuries to offer an educated opinion?
  4. tax_lord

    2016 Port Mac IM and 70.3 to be on same day.

    Given the current 70.3 format is a 2 lap ride, I imagine this would change to be a 1 lap ride of the IM course instead? Having 2 different turnarounds might be confusing for those who haven't raced there before or bothered to do their homework on the course. Would also make the aid stations easier to manage I wonder how they will manage the swim though given the IM swim is currently 1 lap? Would the IM swim change to 2 laps or would there be a turnaround halfway along the 1 lap swim for the 70.3 field? Sending the 70.3 off first might be tricky because for this year there's a 45 min lag between the first 70.3 pro wave and the 70.3 teams wave (meaning the IM would start much later than usual). You could shorten that up by having fewer waves for the 70.3
  5. I recently ordered a couple of new gatorskins which arrived the other day but when I opened the box there was a 3rd item - namely a bottle of Dove body wash soap!? Given I didn't ordered said body wash from PBK (nor do they even sell it from what I can tell), I've been left a little puzzled as to how or why this bogey item made it's way across the world without any accompanying note from the sender to say hey, thought you might like some free scrub on the house?? Perhaps if they'd thrown in a couple of tyre levers or a tube I'd be less intrigued, but body wash?? Curious to know if anyone else has received more than they bargained for or if it was just me. I'm half expecting the feds to turn up with sniffer dogs or something
  6. tax_lord

    2013 Cervelo P2 + Zipp 606 Wheels

    Bump - $3,900
  7. tax_lord

    2013 Cervelo P2 + Zipp 606 Wheels

    Offered for sale is my 2013 Cervelo P2 complete with zipp 606 firecrest wheels. I'm also throwing in the stock Shimano R500 wheels as these are no longer required. Frame size is 54 cm, I'm 177cm tall. Bike was purchased new in Jan 2013 and used for 4 months until Ironman Australia. Has only left the garage once in the last 11 months thanks largely to work commitments with little likelihood of racing again in the near future hence the decision to move it on. Bike is a per factory spec for the Ultegra build and also comes with the Ultegra pedals and Xlab as shown with 2x cages and x-nut. The Zipp 606 Firecrest clincher wheels come with a matching Ultegra cassette and virtually brand new Conti GP4000s tyres. Wheels were purchased 2nd hand just prior to Ironman last year in virtually new condition and have been in my wardrobe ever since. Cassette & tyres were brand new and have only done c200km. Bike is located in Newcastle, NSW with inspections/ test rides welcome. Asking $4,200 for the package which includes the bike, pedals, xlab, tyres & tubes on both sets of wheels
  8. tax_lord

    TA Insurance -a case study

    Just with the medicare gap exclusion, this is because it is legislatively incapable of being insured - it is not because TNSW wont pony up for the policy premium. MRI's are usually different beast though - these are excluded simply because the cost of the policy would blow out if they were included. I would imagine the policy in place here is your conventional ground-up policy where the premium is based on claims history + the risk carried by the insurer that the claims will exceed their historical level. 10-15 days for a response isn't too bad although it's certainly not great given the relatively small membership capable of claiming against the policy and then the even smaller number of people who actually bother with a claim. Stopping the claim once you return to the sport seems a little odd though. It kind of makes sense in a way but simply because you return to the sport doesn't mean you return at the same level you were at pre-injury. You could have been smashing it and heading for a sub 9 IM but now because you can do a sprint distance in under 90 mins they cut you off? Would have thought a lot of injured people when returning to the sport would do so in a reduced capacity - that shouldn't mean continuing benefits should stop at that point if there is anything less than 100% completed treatment of the injury. Wouldn't mind betting the insurer would also argue their position has been compromised if you choose to return to the sport having not fully recovered from your injury
  9. tax_lord

    Riding in Hunter Valley - where?

    There's not a lot of good road out that way although it's been a while since I've been any further along Broke Rd than Tyrrell's Winery. For the most part the road surface is like riding on the moon and given the typical volume of tourists at this time of year I'd highly recommend avoiding the area on a bike. I'm not sure what the options are like in the northerly direction (I've never ridden up that way) but I know the options in and around the vineyards are ugly to say the least. I grew up in the area and have only ever ridden out there once in my entire life for the reasons noted above. Hexham to the Rock & return is definitely the best option but it's a bit of a trek to get to the start line. Riding SE on the New England Highway from up around Singleton, Hermitage Rd etc is ok but the road isn't exactly bike-friendly because the road surface is inconsistent (with road works in places) and often without a decent (or any) shoulder. Starting a bit further down the highway around Rutherford gives you a nice 40km each way to Newcastle with good shoulder and a few hills but there are a couple of flyovers that aren't the best (one sadly involving a rider fatality about 18 months ago) so in those 4 places you need to be on the ball. There are other options to the NW of Maitland but it starts to get a bit hilly out that way and if you don't know the area there's a risk you'd get lost. It's hard to map a decent ride (heading E / SE from the vineyards at least) that doesn't involve riding on a below average road surface or putting your safety at risk. I reckon your choices are limited to driving an hour to get to a decent starting point or suck it up on the trainer. PS, Broke is not the warmest place on earth in July so rug up
  10. I happened to be showing one of my mates the finishers certificate from this year's IM earlier today and he noticed nowhere on the certificate does it actually have your name? Is this the norm thesedays (noting the certificate from 2010 has your name plastered across the middle) or has someone from USM had a brain melt and forgot to include that data field as part of the information merge? Following on from that I've also noticed the placings on the IM website are different to the placings on the Multisport website where the certificate information is obtained. The times are the same (difference of 1 second) but my age group placing is out by 15 places ?? My overall placing is only different by 1 which confuses me more. Imagine the majority of people don't even look at the certificate but I like to print it and frame it with the medal.
  11. tax_lord

    Nutrition and Gels

    I read an article somewhere recently (think it could have been in the mini-version of Australian Triathlete that came in the Port IM race pack?) which had a nutritionist's assessment of the most popular gels on the market. It looked at the contents, texture, flavour, price, etc and also included an athlete study group's rating of each. Be worthwhile seeing if you could get a hold of that article and have a read. It won't help you in terms of taste / texture because there's no substitute for personal experimentation but I found it interesting reading in terms of my preferred gel v other options. Once you've found your gel of preference, it's simply a case of using google to find the cheapest place to purchase
  12. tax_lord

    Who are we racing

    I remember getting branded at Port IM in 2010 but not this year (I didn't race 2011 or 2012). Judging by the race pack and finishers shirt I just assumed the absence of calf marking was another cost cutting measure
  13. tax_lord

    Competitors guide for Port

    I was wondering the same thing as well. I've sent USM an email to see if they can confirm, will advise if I get a response...
  14. tax_lord

    saddle bags for TT bikes

    I've got a P2 and have an xlab off the seat post. I've got 2 of the small continental bags velcroed to the outer frame of the xlab which sit in nice and neat and dont dangle around. Can carry a tubes & levers in each and use the xnut for the c02 inflater and gas. Does the job and keeps your cages free for fluids
  15. tax_lord

    IM PORT - Course Changes

    Think the swim start is still going from the Sea Rescue headquarters?