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    It! They forgot the Sh at the front Kids werent bad but the script was extremely predictable. Scary Movie has ruined this genre for teenagers. 2 mins in and my 15 year old is sledging the director.

    Watched Dunkirk on the plane, I three, found it to be excellent.

    picked up a bag of DVD's free on one of those FB buy swap sell things Death proof: for Tarantino fans, a must. This is really good. Really good. Michael moore's Sicko. horrible doco on American Health system. Confirms I will fight tooth and nail to protect socialised medicine in this country. Insurance companies (of any ilk) are devil's spawn
  4. Hawaii Missile alert

    yep they were in tears and kids struggling to come to terms with the thought of a h-bomb heading for you.

    agree re 3 Billboards. very very good, 5 stars All the money in the world. Sad and disturbing if true to life. 3 stars I am actually looking forward to i, Tonia.
  6. Christmas & New Year

    we escaped to Hawaii and spent Christmas on the southern side of Kauai. No-one dies of stress related disease there. Had a nice breakfast in our apartment, spent the arvo on the beach and snorkelling with tropical fish and turtles. Four of us wearing outlandish matching aloha shirts. Got a great pic on the beach with Hawaiian Santa and his uke-playing little helper. Then a beachside luau nearby. It was a great day.
  7. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    Roxii, try running with your mouth shut. Seriously. Breathe through your nose only and limit pace so you don't have to open your mouth. Read it in a 1 hour training session book and can't remember if it was Mark Newton or Scott Molina who wrote up this session but it was long intervals of nose breathing over a one hour run. Certainly slows you down, makes you think about your breathing. Won't be for everyone. ETA: equates well with AP's 3 foot strike breathing pattern I reckon.
  8. Hawaii Missile alert

    Friends cancelled a holiday in tokyo when test missiles started flying over, went to Hawaii instead. Got this text message while in resort room in Kona. They were shitting themselves, where do you hide from a nuclear missile in a single story beachside resort. Would have been horrible for the 45 minutes until they got onto Aussie consulate and confirmed a false alarm.
  9. iPhone X

    MIne go in a pelican or otter box so they could be made of wafer biscuit and I would never know.
  10. iPhone X

    just ordered an 8, couldn't justify the extra $$$$$ to be able to make monkey or turd faces talk or to get rid of a home button on the X. I have a proper camera to take photos with. Did get the 256gb so don't have to be tight with playlists on the thing. Reviews suggest the facial recog is a pain as you can't unlock the phone under a table and sneakily check the footy or cricket score, have to hold the thing up to your face and look at it instead.
  11. The Movie Quote Game

    confidently nope. Kingsmen?
  12. What gets on my quince....

    Sitting in Honolulu airport with a ripping headache. My prime time quince getting phenomenon is the general behavior of Americans on commercial air travel, domestic and international. 1. They lack the volume control of most Australians. They think the entire beach, hotel or departure lounge needs to hear them. I usually Reserve this quince for narcissistic wankers on their mobile but yanks don’t need this 2. They think checking in 25kg full size suitcases is optional and carry three massive things on board and then stand in the aisles like idiots wondering where it’ll fit. When it doesn’t they just shove it anywhere 3. Rude ****ing Australians. International aircraft travel should have a dress code. Not your bunnings trade T-shirt, not your oldest greasiest muscle shirt with side-moob. Not walking across seats to get out into the aisle. Not neglecting deodorant. Not coughing without covering your gaping mouth. Not affecting the most disheveled unkempt appearance you can muster. We have rules, we live in a society.
  13. What gets on my quince....

    last day of my holiday in Hawaii. One quince worthy question, what the hell do 'mericans think when they encounter a roundabout? I imagine the vast majority of drivers here right now are mainlanders in rentals, I've never seen an indicator used so irregularly. It's a free for all. Having said that, Kauai is the home of aloha. The locals here have the ****ing life. Drive a pickup with swim fins wedged in the back, a board, BBQ grill and esky in the back. Surf, snorkel, SUP or windsurf as much as possible. Cool down with shave ice and eat some of the finest takeaway, sit in your wet boardies or food truck fare I've ever had. Pull up at a beach at sunset to hang a hammock or sit in the back of your truck and have a beer and a joint and watch whales leap around when the sun sets. They will stop their car and wave pedestrians across in front of them, are liberal in throwing shakas and make you feel welcome.
  14. The Expat weather thread

    The human body isn't designed to operate at extremes either way. I've skied -32 in Tremblant and it was ****ing ridiculous. You could keep adding layers and still be good for one run and then come in unless you had heated boots. We were the only ones out as locals have the luxury of staying in until its warm at -10
  15. The Last Jedi

    Did you express racist and sexist tendencies about Star Trek in the 70's?