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  1. nuked

    Port 2018 - Who’s racing?

    I'll be around all weekend, happy to take you up on the "shout" .....just look for the super hairy dude #beardsoftriathlon
  2. nuked

    1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    Guilty of smuggling the odd budgie ....... my advice ---put body glide on the seams works a treat. Funny thought though .... seems I choose a lot of hot races (HB100, HOTW, Honu70.3) ...hhhhmmmm
  3. nuked

    BCU Coffs Harbour this weekend

    Repair the wetsuit .... if HB100 can be a wetsuit swim in November, Coffs in March is gunna be wetsuit legal and you believed him
  4. nuked

    BCU Coffs Harbour this weekend

    Clint, not sure about you but I was gunna wait till the "sure thing" came home with the bacon before stamping his visa
  5. nuked

    Internet diagnosis

    Correct goughy.... "referral by a medical practitioner (excluding a specialist or consultant physician) for a scan of knee following acute knee trauma for a patient 16 years or older with: - inability to extend the knee suggesting the possibility of acute meniscal tear (R) (Contrast) (Anaes.); or - clinical findings suggesting acute anterior cruciate ligament tear. (R) (Contrast) (Anaes.)" GP writes the "correct" wording and it's compliant with Medicare. Knee MRI guideline for GP's Goodluck with getting it sorted FFF
  6. nuked

    Coffs Harbour riding

    Nuclear Medicine was a damn fine horse .....
  7. nuked

    Coffs Harbour riding

    Plenty of us riding "long" around this time of year. Message me closer to the time and I'm sure we can arrange something.
  8. nuked

    Trannies Strava Page

    Sorry, Roxii .... I haven't seen them
  9. Another year ticked off - same same, so how did everyone go? Me..... Swim - 154.3km (up) Bike - 6851km (down) Run - 1415km (down) Yoga - None (same) Raced - a few times 😏 Previous years 2016 - 2016 2015 - 2015 2014 - 2014 2012/13 - 2012 -2013
  10. Zell Am Zee was the deadset prettiest place like ever ..... but was the slowest half I have ever done. A fresh water lake swim that bests Lake Taupo easily, A ride that made grown men cry and if you didn't cry on the way up there were tears (and serious crashes - I saw several) on the way down - tell me which other event has 2 meter high padded mats on corners???. A pancake flat run around the lake which was like being in an oven on full bore. Just lucky that this place was as picturesque as it was otherwise this race would have sucked big time - funny because its one of the fondest race memories and would recommend it to anyone (just don't go there looking for a PB, its a destination experience race)
  11. nuked

    Amberger and Wilson's new venture

    I paid through PayPal - not sure if you can do a "guest" transaction with a CC through PayPal
  12. nuked

    Amberger and Wilson's new venture

    Just thought I would bump this ..... just placed another order and @hey_burgs has kindly left the tenfortranny discount code active. Thanks man .....
  13. nuked

    Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Thanks for the offer Roxii .... but I'm still covered from the last run. Tri suit - tick Jersey and bibs - tick (shame about THE brand as Trifun puts it) Hat - tick Stubbie Coolers - tick (geez these beers taste good ) Either work is slow or you have a short memory .... good luck
  14. nuked

    2017 Hawaii 70.3 race report

    What Wombat said - nuked's race report is almost identical. Same AG and I was in the 2nd group of 4 in the wave start (I must have been legit standing right behind you WT), cleanest swim ever.... didn't touch another person the whole swim except for the dude who tapped my toes for 3/4 of the swim. Somehow I missed the lead bunch and lead the 2nd bunch to T1 (I must have breathed left as you goes swim off on my right). WT, it was me in the budgys passing you early on as well, I think it was "solid swim dude" as I passed you ????? Anyway, wind was kind (ish) and not as hot as previous years, run was same same as every year - hot and hard. Gotta dig deep for this one. Well done Wombattri on a great result and a good race report. Will definitely be back - this race rocks.