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  1. nuked


    @clintred loves roos (or they love him )...... just saying !!!
  2. nuked

    It took a satirical newspaper to tell the truth

    I love their research method
  3. nuked

    WTB Ay-Ups

  4. nuked

    WTB Ay-Ups

    We have a winner !!!!!! 😂 Well done guys..... thanks for playing nicely 😂
  5. nuked

    WTB Ay-Ups

    Hey @Rog, no probs. Will see if @Tyno is happy to cough up the cashola (think he was first in line and wanna do the right thing) otherwise they’re yours.
  6. nuked

    WTB Ay-Ups

    Was unsure of what they are worth these days ..... paid over $400 for the full EPIC but with 1 set of lights and the wee small (not so love you long time) battery “lost” on a road side somewhere along with it being a couple of years old I thought I was being pretty realistic. Perhaps not but guess what ..... the price is now out there so someone will probably get a bargain.
  7. nuked

    WTB Ay-Ups

    The full box and dice Hard case 1 set of lights love you long time battery (Epic 13) car charger & normal charger (not in pic but included) head strap + long extension lead several sticky dots bike mount couple of helmet mounts Neoprene battery holders red rear light covers x2 instructions Everything is unused except for light and battery. About 4 years old - bought as the Full Epic package (but small battery and 1 set of lights have been misplaced) How does $120 sound?
  8. nuked

    WTB Ay-Ups

    I know you're sorted RBR but I have a set gathering dust.....
  9. nuked

    Trump is the President

    Not ALL nukes are bad !!!!!!
  10. nuked

    Port 2018 - Who’s racing?

    I'll be around all weekend, happy to take you up on the "shout" .....just look for the super hairy dude #beardsoftriathlon
  11. nuked

    1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    Guilty of smuggling the odd budgie ....... my advice ---put body glide on the seams works a treat. Funny thought though .... seems I choose a lot of hot races (HB100, HOTW, Honu70.3) ...hhhhmmmm
  12. nuked

    BCU Coffs Harbour this weekend

    Repair the wetsuit .... if HB100 can be a wetsuit swim in November, Coffs in March is gunna be wetsuit legal and you believed him
  13. nuked

    BCU Coffs Harbour this weekend

    Clint, not sure about you but I was gunna wait till the "sure thing" came home with the bacon before stamping his visa
  14. nuked

    Internet diagnosis

    Correct goughy.... "referral by a medical practitioner (excluding a specialist or consultant physician) for a scan of knee following acute knee trauma for a patient 16 years or older with: - inability to extend the knee suggesting the possibility of acute meniscal tear (R) (Contrast) (Anaes.); or - clinical findings suggesting acute anterior cruciate ligament tear. (R) (Contrast) (Anaes.)" GP writes the "correct" wording and it's compliant with Medicare. Knee MRI guideline for GP's Goodluck with getting it sorted FFF