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    the forums are probably being pruned to improve performance
  2. alex - thank you for the free samples trinube - good feedback, but the IT security issues would probably be better to be privately voiced once again, thanks for the free samples and good luck with getting a good product out
  3. was there something we missed? <3
  4. I did it in 2007 and it is a great race. The venue is nice, the race is well organized, and the festivities both before and after the race are incredible compared to North American festivities. Haven't done an oz race, except canberra half so I can't compare with here. I went through Endurance Sports Travel to organize flights, transfer, accommodation, and some of the food. It makes things easier. If you have some extra time you can check out some of the Amazon, Rio, or just chill in Florianopolis. The course is pretty flat on the bike, the run has one hill that gets a pretty good amount of walking, but its only on the first loop. The rest of the run is flat. The swim is in the ocean, but its protected and isn't bad unless you get some good wind. Good vibes. The city, the race crew, and the volunteers all let you know that they you are appreciated. btw - did I mention brazilian girls come from brazil
  5. Looking for a tri bike around the lower end - anything in the sub 3k range - around the Sydney area would be cool equinox 7/9 cervelo's felt s32/b16 giant trinity's don't care if it has some use, just that it rides well - if you have anything your sitting on and want to unload pm or post
  6. Some of the 12 and 24 hour adventure races are pretty sick too. I have volunteered at them and these kids run, bike, swim, and do all kinds of other weird crap while soaking wet, dirty, and hungry in the dark and in the sun for hours upon hours.
  7. A good half. Some chop on the swim due to the wind, a semi-hilly bike with some wind, and a flat run. The course is pretty scenic and well maintained. Longest swim exit I've ever seen, but no worries. The wind brought out some people on the bike who seem to think triathlon is a team sport, but they are at every race. Aid stations on the run were adequate and had good vibes. Ice cream and fruit salad at the finish was something I haven't seen before and it was bombtastic.
  8. darran

    Canberra Accommodation

    can always try single rooms in hostels - cheaper and they are normally pretty chill - the peeps seem to be open and less uptight too
  9. darran

    Canberra HIM

    I thought swimming wasn't allowed prior to the race - is it ok if i do a slight hijack and confirm that bike check in is on Saturday <3
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