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  1. Im 6 foot exactly with fairly long legs. Would probably suit someone between 5'10 and 6'2'.
  2. Beautiful bike used sparingly and therefore in good condition. Starting at $1950. Listed on EBAY from Wed nite 31/03/10. All DURA-ACE componentry. Item number on Ebay is 230456239653.
  3. Thanks everyone. Wheels are sold........
  4. HED wheels: all carbon tri spoke wheel set in good condition. Light weight and very fast wheel combination. Both front and rear wheels come with near new Continental Competition 22mm singles. Also comes with 10 speed durace cassette and light weight skewers. Located in Redhead, near Newcastle, NSW. Price: $675 plus postage. Ph:0421169732.
  5. Men's Comp Tri Suit. (1 piece) Size-medium. Small rear zip pocket. Black and white in colour. Front Zipper. $75 plus postage. Newcastle area.
  6. Brand New, black LAVA OS, alloy, 110mm stem. $30 plus postage. Newcastle area.
  7. Brand new, black, alloy, 110mm stem. $25 plus postage. Newcastle area.
  8. Seat is now sold, thanks........
  9. No, not the cut-out seat. Have a look at Profile-Design website.
  10. Seat is now sold, thanks for the enquiries.
  11. Arione WingFlex Tri 2 saddle. Black/Grey in colour. On most websites these seats sell for close to $300. I mean they are good seats but a bit over-priced!!! My price $80 plus postage. Newcastle area.
  12. Brand New. High performance bike seat. Black and silver colour. Elite saddle by Profile Design. Titanium rails. $40 plus postage. Newcastle area.
  13. Whats 3:1 compliance actually mean re: cycling??? I'm not quite sure sorry. The info you want may be found on Profile-Design website by clicking on the same product??
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