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  1. The photos are hosted on Flikr, but I am not going to put all the info and prices on there as well. Why is there no mention on pictures in the Forum Rules?
  2. Trying to post some items for sale but getting limited by the forums max number of pictures. Pictures are hosted on Flickr.
  3. afie

    Due Date

    I thought it was good. Not as good as the hangover, but there are some pretty funny lines/scenes of "college humor".
  4. afie

    training mates

    Hills Tri Club might be a good place to start.
  5. No, I have been thinking about this for a while. It was only after the last years use of the Wattage forum on Google Groups did I work out an easy and cheap way to implement it. If you notice, I said "forum" not "thread". This thread has been helpful, but there is no forum where messages like this can be posted.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. There is no good resource for finding training partners or groups (even on this forum). So I set one up specifically to do that: Training Partners
  7. This would be the perfect location - only 1km away, but I was told there are no squads there. Is there an informal (or formal) meeting?
  8. I am looking for a swim squad that has people easily swimming most of their main sets at a pace below 1.30/100m. About 4.5km in 90mins? Preferably in the inner west, but considering the trouble I have had so far, I am willing to travel. I have tried Drummoyne, Cabarita, Leichardt with no luck - I am even willing to swim in a 25m pool
  9. What the difference between your 100km TT pace and 90km HIM pace?
  10. Unfortunately, my experience is that only legal action can change the way people think. I didn't sue even though I was in the right and since then those that were in the wrong have done nothing to change their behaviour. Sue each of the papers that published the story. Sue the woman that caused the accident (I assume there were damages). Escalate the proceedings against the guy that is being aggressive.
  11. Byron Bay tri was $145-165 plus $10 license that covers insurance or $240-270 for a team. 780 individuals and 117 teams is around $150,000 in entry fees for a race in a free ocean and riding on roads that were not closed. The run roads were closed most of the time but how much does it cost for a council to do this considering how much money the race brings into the community? How much does it cost to hire bike racks, cones and portaloos? What extra costs are there? How come Ballina tri club can host a race in similar conditions for $20 a person?
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