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  1. some big changes to my team as i now have more idea on the rules. Just having the yellow jersey is a huge benefit in the scores
  2. I replaced him with someone who is getting me a point a stage.😭
  3. last nights stage was pretty damn exciting with a fair bit of "will or wont the breakaway make it to the end without being gobbled up". Watching the sprinters struggling throughout the climbs was lovely to watch also. Tonight may be a similar stage.
  4. ratdog

    That's gotta hurt

    its just a flesh wound
  5. bloody hell. I had M.Andersen for Dimension Data and he didnt even start the damn race arghhhhhh.
  6. Van Garderen out of Tour with fractured hand, first of many changes to my team
  7. ratdog

    Swimming to work!

    Back when i was in the navy we had to swim across the harbour under water looking up on a single breath while wearing overalls.
  8. Im in the top 6 and going to stay there by the looks of it with my awesome team. Thanks for setting this up
  9. iFoz i cant believe you were unable to compete in the race that stops the nation. Whats the real excuse? Is AP getting in your head???
  10. I did the double 4 times. What i found hard was to stay focused between the races on training and resting. I tossed up a few key sessions a week and rested a fair bit. The difference in temperatures and humidity was tough for me. The course itself isnt all that tough if the wind stays down.Port Mac is hands down the toughest IM Course on the Calendar in Australia.
  11. any videos of the event yet?
  12. ratdog

    Port - Race Day

    Paul Every does it again 15:10:35 Super awesome
  13. ratdog

    Port - Race Day

    Anthing is possible!!!!!!!! Oh man i miss being out there
  14. Looks like its shutdown? Where else are we tipping?
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