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  1. SJB

    Kona Bike leg

    Agree with Go Easy, think it is one where the wind can pick up over the day so the MOPs and BOPs can have a harder time of it on the way back. As has been said, this year had a brutal head wind and rain into Hawi, then a screaming tail wind until the Queen K, then a blustery annoying cross/headwind with was character building, and a lot more undulating than what it seems on TV On the run I enjoyed the energy lab but may have been something to do with the fact I could enjoy the sunset as I ran down the hill into it!
  2. SJB

    IM Legacy Program

    Can quibble about the details but the concept is great, giving people who have put in the time and money and commitment over a long period the opportunity to participate in the peak event
  3. Have done Busso 5 times and Melbourne twice by taking bike bag up to 23 kg limit and rest in carry on backpack, using both Virgin and Qantas
  4. SJB

    Kona eats trannies

    Second half of the bike was challenging with what seemed to be 50km of headwind. Was a legacy athlete with no 12 being IMWA last year and did 12.30 so not at pointy end, not sure if the wind picked up on the bike for us slower ones (will its a self serving theory!) but those long gradients into the wind were character building. Was starting to question my preparation but had my best run for a couple years which I attribute to sticking carefully to a nutrition plan and copious volumes of ice, under the sponges on my chest and carrying handfuls. Ran into energy lab as sun went down as well and really enjoyed it. Pleasing thing was I maintained constant pace on the run. Did use a lot more salt tablets than previously and I think that made a difference.
  5. Not sure if we are talking about the same course but I think it was the first 70.3 which went down to Shelly Beach, back up a decent climb to Pacific Dve and you then turned left and kept going uphill towards Lighthouse Rd. Seriously challenging.
  6. Updated AP 243 Mrs Flashman 270 Panadol 370 SJB 451 Charlesn 978 Wardy 1147 Nath 1329 KTJ 1490 Pippi 1494 Niseko ?
  7. SJB

    Flying with bikes

    Not a problem with both Qantas and Virgin, always been able to get within baggage limit with the bike and a backpack, wetsuit, helmet go in the bike box. If going with others should be easy
  8. 7%.....if only. The reference to 18% and 2.4km is a max grade, was mostly 15-17 though there was a few metres of 20%. There were 5 designated peaks but also an unofficial 6th where I hit 22%. As stated incredible scenery and lot of long descents, saw the outcome of one ugly fall on a downhill.
  9. So you did not think to ask your doctor?
  10. SJB

    Jetlag and racing

    Kona is 20 hours behind, i.e. only 4 hours difference, assume impact is minimal?
  11. SJB

    Port Kona roll down

    You should always read the whole post before quoting!!!!!!
  12. SJB

    Port Kona roll down

    Don't forget the exchange rate, well into 4 figures, but will be worth every cent!
  13. Key element is not what happens in Port but what falls in the catchment and when and then ends up in Port on race day
  14. SJB

    The Art of Tapering!

    Let it go, get out and mow the grass!
  15. SJB


    I was bemused by the TO on the run riding one of those MTB's with fat wheels wearing compression gear!!
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