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  1. At least there won't be any groping allegations to deal with.
  2. Go Cat Lady! I love running on trails. How did your old shoes trip you up? I am a pretty regular tripper, if that is what you call it. A couple of weeks ago I managed 2 trips within one 5km run along great north walk. I attributed it to being tired from a long run the day before. FP (somewhere in this thread probably) was trying to blame his tripping on shoes with a big stack height but I am not sure. My current shoes are NB 1080s, big stack height and road grip only, definitely not made for trails but I have never had a problem with grip. That is probably because I never push the l
  3. Those km splits are crap. Go back and do it again but faster. Looks like you got an awesome day to be there. Fantastic photos!
  4. It really didn't look like he hit the ball that hard but if youre not expecting the ball and it hits you in the throat it is sure gonna hurt.
  5. flathead

    Maths Quiz

    --FAIL-- AJ, I am not sure you read the question: "You have the numbers 6,7,8,9". Please see me after school...
  6. 2 stroke reminds me too much of lawn mowing. I can't boast, my only motorbike was a Honda 90 step-through.
  7. I still toast with "up ya bum" because of this movie.
  8. flathead


    That's a 2:31 per km for those that don't run in imperial. Ow, that is superhuman fast.
  9. Frankston water temperature is 12 degrees. I think you have no choice but to swim fast or freeze.
  10. So I'm looking for a new gps watch and I had pretty well settled on getting a Forerunner 245. I was happy to wait a month or 2 for a good price then this offer comes along. Forerunner 245 Music for AUD399 I don't even want music with my watch but this price is heaps better than the non-music version. Why are they screwing with my head by offering me something I don't want at such an appealing price?
  11. 341 times for 9209 metres. everesting.cc
  12. flathead

    Port Mac

    Looks like something I saw on American Pie. 😑
  13. I would certainly give it to you but there are rules. "Kinetic gain", blah blah, "single climb", ... So many rules... Big ride there PW. 👍
  14. No training today! If it is not on Strava it didn't happen. Garmin has shut down it sites due to a ransomware hack. No-one can upload any data. link
  15. Now all you need is a race to ride your new steed in.
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