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  1. 2 lists is it? Ok, good movies: Once were Warriors Evil Dead 2 The Mission Paris Texas (arthouse, will put most to sleep) Kick Ass Sentimental favourites: Repo Man (for the soundtrack) Brother from another Planet Dumbo (cartoon version) Blue Velvet Flying High 1 The Big Blue
  2. Does that mean from tomorrow we will be seeing a whole heap of ads for Palmer resorts?
  3. Israel's post is saying that christians think that homosexuality is wrong and should be punished by being sent to hell. For a young gay boy, uncertain about his sexuality, this would weigh heavily on his thoughts. The negative impact would lead to further uncertainty, maybe suppression of feelings, maybe depression, or worse. Rugby Australia wants to grow the sport, and by targeting minorities that have been discriminated against for most of history, Israel is diminishing the sports appeal. All the other sins are adult hobbies (drunkenness, adultery, lying, fornicating, thievery, atheism, idolism); these guys can look after themselves and would know better than to believe a sport-star is a font of truth.
  4. Israel is employed by Rugby Australia. Rugby Australia's vision is “to inspire all Australians to enjoy our great global game”. And to deliver this vision key area number 1 is "Make Rugby a game for all – Our Community". The high profile of Israel means that he is the number 1 ambassador for Rugby Australia and his Insta post pretty well shits on RA's vision. So his employment with RA is not tenable and he has to be let go. The wording of his contract may mean he gets some form of payout but he cannot play for Australian Rugby again.
  5. Towards the end of a long run yesterday I had a bad feeling I was doing the Bill Shorten shuffle. Had to tell myself it was more like the terminator chasing the car in T2 to make me feel a bit better.
  6. I've not met you yet Willie. Are you Homer or Flanders...
  7. Sounds like something that happens in Monopoly. Now go directly to Mayfair...
  8. Last leg of Easter Challenge 70.3 run and done. 21.2km in 1:52:32. Caught the end of the Parramatta Park run and the show pony came out in me. My 5:20 - 5:25min/km pace dropped down to 5min/km as I passed the walkers and pram pushers in kms 18 to 20. Thanks for the challenge Peter. Turned a potentially lazy weekend into quite a healthy one (so far). ☺️
  9. A few beers and a bit of a snooze in T1. And the bike leg begins. Bike done in 3:45:42 including 1 water stop at caltex. Maybe should have picked a flatter course. Still, no drafting, no road rage, and beautiful smooth road out to West Head.
  10. I got to start in an early wave for the Easter Weekend Challenge. 1.9km swim done in 36:35 and I am into T1. Observations: 1) Crappy GPS running watch is not very good for measuring swim distances. 2) I was pretty slow in the Granville pool but passed the guy with the flippers doing dog-paddle at least 5 times.
  11. He has missed out. One Nation, Animal Justice Party and Labour picked up the last 3 seats. I'm wondering if Leynhelm would have been a better option? https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/one-nation-wins-two-upper-house-seats-in-the-nsw-parliament-20190415-p51e7i.html
  12. Today I have just started reading GOT, the book. It's a little bit daunting knowing I have another 6 books to read. Plus maybe 2 more books that are yet to be written, to catch up to the TV series. Though I think George RR Martin may die before he completes the books. And then after the books I might have a look at the show.
  13. We can't see if you're standing on your tippy toes.
  14. Spot Anderson and Steve Fitch disqualified for blocking (unsportsmanship) in the run leg. Sounds like a bit of niggle went on there.
  15. flathead

    Barkely Marathons

    How about marathon swimming? I get the perception that women are up there with the men at the pointy end of the race. Or is that just the Australian media slant on marathon swimming given we have had so many good long distance women swimmers.
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