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  1. flathead

    Kurnell Sprint this weekend - entry on the day

    Kurnell sprint was a bit expensive.... $155 for on the day entry plus $10 for day license. Around $2 a minute for the pleasure of competing. Having said that, I really enjoyed myself. I am lucky to enter more that 2 races a year so happy to pay the price. To be in the same race as the legendary Mick Maroney makes it even better.
  2. flathead

    Kurnell Sprint this weekend - entry on the day

    I called the office. Elite Energy folks most helpful. Now I get to find out what 3 weeks of holidays with no swimming or riding does to slow me down.
  3. flathead

    Vertical Oscillation - what's going on?!

    You had better get a doctor to look into this excessive vertical oscillation otherwise I predict you will have a many more babies.
  4. Does anyone know how to work out if the Kurnell Sprint this Saturday has any entries available on the day? Online entries have closed and on the day entry is available but I don't want to turn up at 5:30am after a 1 hour drive to find out the event is full. Seems there is no love for the Kurnell Tri anymore, so I may take a punt and turn up.
  5. flathead

    Dodgy finish

    Ahh, don't you love it when a showboater comes unstuck....
  6. flathead

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    I did one of these but cannot remember the year. I think Spot Anderson won the year I was in it. I recall the swim across the harbour and the run back across the bridge. I am now working in North Syd and cannot for the life of me work out where the ride went other than around Balls Head.
  7. flathead

    Bait bikes

    Sweet messages of love and adulation I hope... Or maybe messages imploring you to get up at 3:45 and train harder.
  8. flathead

    I love Lionel Sanders but he's weird

    Running in lane 8 makes for 453 metre laps. Useless fact #27.
  9. flathead


    Stood on a sea urchin in Geelong just before the start of a Sri Chimnoy tri. Shoe was a bloody red by the end of the event. Foot was a beautiful plump looking lump.
  10. flathead

    Japan - expat life

    This is one etiquette rule I live my life by.
  11. flathead

    Indian Pacific Wheel Race CANCELLED

    I only hope I can show the kind of compassion Mike Hall's mum displayed should something terrible like that happen to my family. Her post brought me to tears.
  12. flathead

    Swimming pools near Coogee

    NSW Uni pool in Kensington. Or Des Renford Pool in Maroubra. There is Coogee Diggers which has a 25m indoor pool but I don't know what it takes to get in there.
  13. flathead

    Nike Zoom VapourFly do make you run faster

    With increasing niggles in calves/knees/hips I've always wanted to try Hokas but backed away because of the cost and the low heel to toe drop. These NB Beacons look pretty good but the soles appear minimal so I'm thinking they wouldn't last for many kms. May have to stop being an online tyre kicker and visit a store to have a proper look.
  14. flathead

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Look closely at the fly 6 footage and I think you will find it was Karl Stefanovic driving that car. Good stuff reporting the incident. 6 inches is nowhere the "metre matters" measurement; you would think the driver has to be pursued. At the very worst the car's license plate are on the record. How long did you have to spend at the police station?
  15. flathead

    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    The athlete tracker had him stopped at 135 km into the ride. I was thinking the worst. Great to hear he is still going strong.