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  1. Tyno

    Collins Cup

    Yeah, some interesting reading in there. Not just the Jan/James stuff either. A big us and them vibe in it.
  2. Tyno

    Collins Cup

    Jan Vs James Cunnama in twitter comments is quite interesting.
  3. I think this 100% going to happen, if it hasn't been already and just diagnosed as something else. If you count WWE wrestling - Chris Benoit is an example of the potential worst case. Similar to Hernandez, it's hard to know the extent of the impact his CTE/brain disease had.
  4. In this instance, the main crowd would have been totally satisfied. But in general, when UFC have a PPV every month at least, you would think the novelty of paying $65 a pop would wear off pretty quickly. I'm glad I kept my pre-fight thoughts to myself here.
  5. Is the theory that you'll soon be sacked and have heaps of time to train?
  6. Let's not forget Insurance is basically a massive cover bet, where the companies are calculating odds with the specific goal of making money.
  7. What about old mate who can’t get insurance because his house isn’t technically completed yet? Sink all their money into a self build, days away from sign off and potential insurance but it goes up in smoke? Insurance attempts to make a black and white situation out of many things that aren’t.
  8. Tyno

    Lucy Charles Watch

    It’s a very good watch. Accurate to the 2nd......
  9. So you're saying some good may come of it?
  10. Vince Vaughn getting dragged for having the absolute temerity to shake Trump's hand. That's some high level outrage right there.
  11. Did they have a volcano thingy too?
  12. This isn’t transitions.org.ph mate!
  13. Think Tony needs to keep a better eye on the hamster wheel.
  14. I assume the ebike is a super commuter and you're not off roading at 60 psi?
  15. I nearly had to pay attention to my family yesterday and do actual work today.
  16. Tyno


    How about we just agree that not everyone sees the Forrest donation the same way and move on? Cottoneyes posted a pic on Insta of the Hilltop Hotel in Omeo, saying how they have been helping operational staff and that people should support them if they can when it’s safe. That sort of stuff is achievable action for regular folks. One of my cousins around Albury is posting a lot on FB with the same #GoWithEmptyEskies tag Cottoneyes used.
  17. Bit of rain near the roundabout & u-turns at Robina tomorrow, probably drop another 5
  18. Tyno

    nick kyriois

    I agree with Prince. It's a regular cycle.
  19. My super low volume means that I'm super healthy, right?
  20. Tyno

    Lucy Charles Watch

    My Friday night maths was very bad!
  21. 110 was the default wisdom passed down to me when I first started riding. I generally do for 100 nowadays, but I have double your non bike weight and a bit.
  22. Tyno


    It means he’s virtue signalling. Making his fortune by contributing to climate change, the offering conditional support to appear benevolent.
  23. Tyno

    Lucy Charles Watch

    She's still young (26) in terms of Women's Endurance sports and Kona winners. In the last 30 years, Ryf at 28 is the youngest winners. LCB could win in 2020 and still be younger than Ryf was when she first won.
  24. I'm sure it was, like, at least the Prius of personal jets. Maybe even the Tesla of personal jets.
  25. I figured the "No Jellyfish" requirement ruled out the peninsula
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