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  1. Yeah, I really did. I only have myself to blame though
  2. Tyno

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    Does he realise Rego is on the Friday? Hate for him to turn up late.
  3. I realise others may have moved on, but, Customer, how can you defend this sort of thing?!!
  4. OK, whoever is advising the Greens, if anyone actually is, needs to resign in shame. I thought Larissa Waters was smarter than that.
  5. I’m not in that space, but I disagree.
  6. For him and his party to start to turn around sentiment in this area, they need to acknowledge that there is an issue and yes, it is linked to the drought, fires etc, not try to duck it because it isn't a convenient time/place for it to be discussed.
  7. Or, they'll just source their coal from elsewhere. Either way, not doing much solving of the climate problem.
  8. Mate! Are you in luck! I just happen to have a near mint condition 2011 Cervelo P3 with mismatched wheels and a thousand spacers that I can let you have for just $4499. You pay postage though.
  9. Tyno

    Wurf watch

    Looks like a recorded max of 33 yesterday.
  10. Tyno

    Wurf watch

    Was too subtle?
  11. Tyno

    Wurf watch

    He finished 15 minutes slower than the winner of the Women's race! How embarrassment. DFL out of the water. Appears to have been 2nd pack ride, which was 3 minutes slower than pack 1. Decent run time for an old long course bloke who isn't known for his run speed. Gotta find at least a minute, probably 2 in the swim, then he easily gains the 3 minutes difference from a Pack 1 ride. Then all he has to do is knock 6 minutes off his run time and he'll be a decent 2nd tier ITU athlete
  12. I had something similar happen at a race at Redcliffe. Genuinely JRA. Bike shop mechanic had seen that type of thing a bit, but was never sure when people told him the alleged circumstances. Once they fixed it, never had an issue again.
  13. Up a bit, but not bad for birthday week.
  14. Oh, mate, you've broken the top tube already!
  15. Got my tripod as a birthday pressie. My city-scape and attempted moon shots still suck, but I'm happy with this.
  16. This "We have a mandate" line is one of the biggest pieces of dodgy logic ever. Just because people couldn't elect Shortpants, doesn't mean they voted for everything that Scummo talked about. It may have clinched a seat or two in QLD, but I doubt it was the main issue in many other places.
  17. Check out some of the CheckPoint pictures from Blackall 100 a few weeks ago. The amount and variety of food supplied by volunteers for in race consumption totally eclipses anything I’ve seen for post race Tri event feeds.
  18. Tyno

    Noosa Tri 2019

    Yeah, you just have to wear the wrist band longer.
  19. Tyno


    Steph doing his hand has totally killed the Warriors' season, if there was still any life in it. Sixers/Wolves was pretty interesting. Simmons with the rear naked choke "peacemaker' move. Joel continuing the war against KAT on social media afterwards
  20. Tyno

    Noosa Tri 2019

    Is his home coffee machine in Noosa or not?
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