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  1. Tyno

    Trannies Strava Page

    Cranky blocks everyone who might beat her. POT is next
  2. To extend your question a bit, I wonder what constitutes a viable field at this time?
  3. All items earmarked for new homes.
  4. If there's some separation of bike/run courses, you could probably start ~4 hours between 2 races.
  5. Tyno

    Dash cam advice

    7 posts for a Cranky question and we have a result already? The world is gone crazy!
  6. Gee, it’s rough out by the Bay if you’re getting heckled at under 90 kegs!
  7. Tyno

    Fishing today

    I think kieran has you covered this week
  8. Tyno


    Saw this on the Twitter. I know at some level prioritisation has to be done, but this is quite something:
  9. I was losing small amounts of weight consistently from Jan through April. I’ve put it all back on in the last 2 months. I was just running, but I was less consistent in May and stopped in June.
  10. Tyno


    No newts is good newts, I suppose.
  11. My first run in over a month. 30 min run/walk.
  12. Given you currently opt in to sharing your covid safe info to the tracers, I'm not sure how big a difference it makes. An extra step to consolidate data maybe.
  13. What is the NSW Labor dude involved in to get on ASIO’s radar? Oh, alleged commie stooge. Gladys will be premier for life at this rate.
  14. Tyno

    Cancel culture

    They’ve gone into witless protection, so they can’t tell people where they’re from 😂
  15. I am completely baffled how you and stikman can read that simple sentence in my post and come up with your interpretations. Reducing un-necessary incarceration isn’t giving a sexual predator a lesser sentence. Things like not sending a person to jail for unpaid parking fines, but giving them community service instead are what I’m talking about. Note any person. Those people who are disproportionately represented in imprisonment rates for minor things will benefit most. If stikman’s stats hold up, there’s no real benefit for indigenous people, but that’s to be seen. The greater societal issues for indigenous communities haven’t been solved by “European” based interventions anywhere and I don’t know how you solve that. It’s painfully evident we haven’t come close so far.
  16. So, reduce the imprisonment rate. This is one area that can have positive results. Like the move away from imprisoning people for unpaid fines. If the argument is to address the linkages between substance abuse, dv, sexual assault, incarcerations etc then that’s positive too. but not the message I was getting from more’s posts.
  17. Yes, I can, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do something about deaths in custody.
  18. I’ll take that as a No.
  19. Tyno

    Cancel culture

    You’re either being looks-ist or anti-crab, so you are cancelled. No protest for you.
  20. Can you see how deflecting attention from one issue because you think other issues are more important could result in nothing getting done about either issue?
  21. No. I'm not claiming expert status on anything.
  22. I understand what you're saying, but it's classic behaviour for people attempting to drag the focus off an issue, which usually leads to a circle of inactivity on any issue.
  23. There is no easy solution, but discussions about the role of sentencing and incarceration for minor offenses is a start. Acknowledging there is an issue to be addressed, which is something we haven't even agreed on here.
  24. Tyno


    It's the perfect opportunity to see what works, right? Victoria can go for herd immunity. The rest of us bubble up. Short term we just lose a few Victorians, right? I mean, there must be solid evidence that we've achieved herd immunity against something like Covid-19 for people to be advocating for it? There must be heaps of other similar viruses we have defeated through mass infection alone, right?
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