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    I told you mate, $1/like on the socials. I'll send you the bill later
  2. Tyno

    Email hell

    There should be an option to select and export the contacts you need/want from your address book/contact list. Then you'll need to follow a similar process to import them into the account you wanna keep. Canceling will depend on wed based or ISP based email?
  3. Hunt's 2:11 in Japan 2010 is closest since then. http://athletics.com.au/Portals/56/Competition/Documents/ALLTIME 230218.pdf (P 17) Looking that up, Derek Clayton's 2:08.33 in 1969 is bloody impressive! His record stood until Deek got him.
  4. I've got 8-10 kg on you and haven't had an issue with my stock Giant 27.5 wheels, on or off road.
  5. Tyno


    Something around there would be fine. It will mostly be if we go somewhere for a walk or to watch an event.
  6. Tyno


    slightly straying, but related - if some gumby had a bit of spare cash, what's a good entry level type camera/lens combo at the moment?
  7. Tyno

    Ironman South Africa

    Shit, is that all? others have called him worse 🤣
  8. Tyno

    Commonwealth games chat.

    We love an underdog. Unless it’s the Poms
  9. Tyno

    Ironman South Africa

    Buckingham over Bergs.
  10. Tyno

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Jo Griggs dropping bombs after the closing ceremony. Funny AF.
  11. Tyno

    Ironman South Africa

    Charles about 1 minute slower than Bergs swim. That’s some kicking.
  12. Tyno

    Boston Marathon

    I’m disturbed by your lack of compression socks.
  13. Tyno

    The Mental Health thread

    I did a few sessions with a sports psych for similar stuff FFF. In very simple terms, the stress makes it next to impossible to make good conscious decisions, so you revert to unconscious actions. This can feed into a stress cycle. Being aware of it is one step. Try to slow down when you find yourself pulling in to KFC or grabbing those extra bags of chips. If you give yourself time, you can sometimes walk away. I remember when I was eating relatively well, I would do laps around the shop downstairs at work, talking myself through whether I really needed whatever “treat” I was reaching for at the time.
  14. Tyno

    Commonwealth games chat.

    I’ve always thought the mixed relay was a bit naff, but it’s been awesome watching it in person.
  15. Saw TriFun trot around yesterday, hair blowing in the breeze Tried to get a pic, but he hid behind a power pole. Last few baton beaters in Noosa are pretty handy.
  16. Tyno

    1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    My first one I did the full change. Went from bike gear to what I was regularly running in.
  17. From there, through South Bank to SE Freeway bike path out to Marshall Rd is pretty decent now, only 1 crossing at Buranda. Return to Milton then head out the Western Freeway as the Man of Pies suggests. Milton-> Marshall Rd->Milton->Jindalee->Milton might get you close. Or, Milton-> Roma Street Parkland-> North Brisbane Bikeway -> Kedron Brook Bikeway return With any of these, timings are important for traffic volumes.
  18. Tyno


    Saw some costs for lower area tickets. I won't be going.
  19. Tyno

    What training did you do today?

    I'll provide a full refund minus a $50 processing fee
  20. Tyno

    Hoka one one (teach me)

    Mocha one ohnay
  21. Tyno

    Tranny kit Ordering

    If you’re an XL and I’ve got 30 kg on you, then no stuff for me.
  22. Tyno

    Tranny kit Ordering

    Did any chunky brothers buy one? Or should I just keep pretending I'm gunna lose weight and order one "later"?
  23. Tyno


    From my first & best marathon so far (an hour or so slower than your plan) Rox says the 30 km mark, but I found 35 km, I was really on the limit. I could still keep up the pace, but calves and hammies were barking a bit. I was at Melbourne, so nothing like Boston big, but keeping aware of others was an issue at times. With sub 3 guys, there should be less of the random stop/change direction stuff, I'd assume. 40-42.2 km I was buzzing, cos I knew I was finishing in good time.
  24. Tyno

    Light headed

    If its true, won't we all forget anyway?
  25. Tyno

    Light headed

    You don't have to be fit. I get it as a side effect of my BP meds - they lower the BP and similar change from sit to stand or lie to stand can have the same result. Usually it's only a couple of seconds before normal function is resumed.