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  1. Tyno

    Monday Brisbane Run

    20 min I could do. 4 min km I can’t do.
  2. Tyno

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Crankster, get used to revving that diesel of yours. Those nice interval sessions on the trainer are about to seem tame
  3. How many rocking horses do you own Bored@?
  4. There will be no fish left for the sharks to feed on if Kezzas Insta is any indication.
  5. But we want to know the actual story....
  6. The party is OTT, but the succession planning stuff seems reasonable. Would also be fine for the PMs office to have declined at 8:30 Sat night
  7. Tyno


    4 post season triple doubles this year is pretty damn nice. Especially from a guy who was a shooting joke mid season. His price tag has certainly gone back up.
  8. Hot dog eating comp in the top pic?
  9. It doesn't matter if they have it, chances are Folau's people are gunna be asking for that and more
  10. I would assume, given the NRL have said they won’t take him, there would be a fair whack of future earnings compensation sought, plus some damages. If the ARU get out with 3-4 mill, or less, they’d be happy.
  11. Nice Roxii. If that wasn’t available, a 2x10 speed front shifter would have worked well enough.
  12. It’s not a bad idea, it just isn’t the answer to addressing systemic issues and disadvantages that many people face.
  13. Would Maria let him tweet that?
  14. Tyno

    Winter riding challenge

    You can if you have some money you’d like to flush down the crapper
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