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  1. I could ask a bloke at work tomorrow if you're still chasing someone.
  2. Tyno

    Roadie to TT sizing

    56.5 on what brand roadie?
  3. Tyno

    Mooloolaba Tri

    I thought Cranky had a pic of a champs medal? EDIT: My bad. M’ba medal, 2nd champ cap/bottle.
  4. Tyno

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Targeted testing, obviously suspicious of the run improvements since going to a new "advisor"
  5. IMWC Gundy has a nice ring to it.
  6. FFF was looking for some extra dosh, right? He might not look as good in the maids outfit tho.........
  7. Tyno

    Port 2019

    Gotta cross Roxii out and put Willie
  8. Because it isn’t taste and texture most vegans are opposed to.
  9. She's going to be aware of the fact she makes more than you. Its not likely you'll ever be 50/50 in all aspects of the relationship at all times, so don't sweat it. Have another chat and explain you're worried about not pulling your weight. Maybe she'll make you work it off somehow, if you're lucky Just be open and see how it goes, you might have to swallow a bit of pride and accept being a lesser monetary contributor.
  10. Tyno


    @willie can you confirm the very credible twitter rumour that Coach was responsible for the temporary outage today? An influx of new/returning members after seeing the return of the great man? Virtual DDOS attack as he tried to remember his password?
  11. I'm enjoying the latest round of Fake Melania 'news'
  12. That's kind of the point. Telling kids "Drugs are bad" hasn't stopped kids taking drugs. Acknowledging the fact that there is fairly common drug use and offering people a chance to not die because they take drugs isn't a bad thing IMO. It's not perfect, but it acknowledges we can do something different than just throw more sniffer dogs at the gates.
  13. You can get some stuff up around Waikoloa for a relatively decent rate, but you definitely need a rental car then. Race day as an out of town spectator is a looong day.
  14. Yes FP. Those folks.
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