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  1. We caught a stage finish and a depart in 2011. The finish was crazy, I didn't even see Cadel as he rode past so I spent a lot of time thinking I managed to catch the stage where he lost the tour! It was a mountain stage, but not a summit finish, so dribs and drabs of riders coming past. Crammed onto the train post race with half of Europe it seemed. The depart the next day was much better for seeing riders. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  2. Tomo just gave her a wrap on the SBS broadcast.
  3. No. It will not. Because the teams who have riders in spots 4-10 or so will do the dirty work when the top 3 don't want to.
  4. Tyno

    Hamilton Wheelers

    And bricks will only slow you down. Leave them at home.
  5. Tyno

    Website stuff.

    Is that what your "research" is telling you?
  6. Tyno

    Website stuff.

    Look it up on yahoo
  7. The bat of god?
  8. Tyno


    But likely means he won't be suiting up for the Boomers.
  9. The good doc was probably the only one with any merit to take it on.
  10. 6 weeks was just too long. Poms had long enough to totally lose form and find it again just in time. Aussies long enough to lose form at the wrong time. I did love the close up shot of Williamson being told he was man of the series.
  11. You can keep that one K!
  12. Tyno

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Black socks is very Lance.
  13. Tyno


    Definitely don't just take a verbal no. Get an application in. If you don't agree with your application result, appeal it and it gets reviewed by a different body. It looks like it's a typical bureaucratic nightmare, but if you can tick the boxes, you should be able to get some help.
  14. Tyno


    Boogie to the Lake show for 1 year $3.5 million. I see a couple of people saying he can be an All Star again. I think he's going the other way. 20 min a night max unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  15. Tyno

    Team IM

    With the move to rolling starts and category starts, it would be easier to have teams go off last. But, who wants to pay ~$300 to be the swimmer? Or does the cyclist pay 1/2 the cost? Even then $200 plus gets you plenty of marathons where you don't start mid arvo.
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