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  1. What training did you do today?

    I'll provide a full refund minus a $50 processing fee
  2. Hoka one one (teach me)

    Mocha one ohnay
  3. Tranny kit Ordering

    If you’re an XL and I’ve got 30 kg on you, then no stuff for me.
  4. Tranny kit Ordering

    Did any chunky brothers buy one? Or should I just keep pretending I'm gunna lose weight and order one "later"?
  5. Marathons

    From my first & best marathon so far (an hour or so slower than your plan) Rox says the 30 km mark, but I found 35 km, I was really on the limit. I could still keep up the pace, but calves and hammies were barking a bit. I was at Melbourne, so nothing like Boston big, but keeping aware of others was an issue at times. With sub 3 guys, there should be less of the random stop/change direction stuff, I'd assume. 40-42.2 km I was buzzing, cos I knew I was finishing in good time.
  6. Light headed

    If its true, won't we all forget anyway?
  7. Light headed

    You don't have to be fit. I get it as a side effect of my BP meds - they lower the BP and similar change from sit to stand or lie to stand can have the same result. Usually it's only a couple of seconds before normal function is resumed.
  8. Who is in the wrong?

    Both partly. Old mate pedestrian ducking between cars doesn't seem to check once he begins his trot from the middle. Old mate cyclists is probably going a bit quick in a lane splitting situation like that. Neither really seems to be fully aware of their surroundings and possibilities.
  9. Mool meetup

    All I see are excuses FFF!
  10. Mool meetup

    Someone schedule a wind trainer session for @Cranky so she can catch up!
  11. Clearly I am dumb (ex is too)

    Bored@ has taken that idea to the next level
  12. Hotshot for cramps. Anyone used it?

    Crowie got Tim onto it, didn't he?
  13. Clive Palmer rebuilding the Titanic

    Given what I've read about the resort at Coolum, it is every chance to sink though.
  14. Apologies

    Trichat being a sub forum of Trichat is too meta for my brain to handle.
  15. Ok so who shutdown the main forum?

    @roxii probably tried to "fix" something