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  1. Tyno


    SA imports a case from Victoria.
  2. Tyno


    Is this where we post the roxii/uncle fester pics? stikman/peter garrett? Tyno/brad pitt?
  3. Do you play elite sports? Nah, I play for the Sharks.
  4. Tyno


    Another Covid boat in WA. A good demonstration of why you can’t just open up to all and sundry in one hit. it’s all about risk management.
  5. You've been talking about your smart trainer a lot, you've been doing a lot of work on rollers too?
  6. Will vouch for Computer Alliance too. They’ve been around for ages at the same place.
  7. Wow, Turts. Just wow. How can you be so cruel?!
  8. It’s because he says it like it is.
  9. They would need to rollout an app update to take advantage of the new feature on the handsets. just like you get updates for most apps when a major iOS update happens. the NSW dept not being able to access data is most likely a different technology issue.
  10. We were at Kirra last weekend. The number of vehicles with border permits seemed pretty high. Even one on an old ladies mobility scooter thing. If the health emergency thing is now until mid August, as the Sunny Coast Mara cancellation says, I can’t see how we can open borders before then.
  11. Agree Peter, Sunny Coast marathon not going ahead surely casts bigger doubts on Sunny Coast Half IM 4 weeks after.
  12. Sunny Coast Marathon is gone. That’s mid August.
  13. I don’t pay. I’ll continue to not pay. When/if it becomes completely meaningless, I could just use Garmin Connect. Segments are interesting, like “Oh, I haven’t run that way in years” or “Segment PB 2012” kinda thing.
  14. Are other states making cafes/ pubs/ eateries take down identifying particulars for all patrons not doing takeaway? wouldn't that be a perfect example of what the app is supposed to be for?
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