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  1. We are in a similar situation with flights that haven’t officially been cancelled yet. The longer you can wait, the better I think. Individual legal fight? Dunno.
  2. Roxii is only 1 person. He may or may not represent the views of the community. If it was the Kurnell Town Council blockading the road, things might be handled differently than a lone rogue.
  3. Local directors The Event Crew have just sent out an email saying full refunds, minus transaction fee for any event of theirs that gets cancelled this season.
  4. Tyno


    It'll make the new number plate motto snappy. Victoria - The State of Disaster.
  5. And yet, during the Climate Protests cops were accused of being too soft? Each situation is different and should be policed as such. Consider in Qld that remote communities had/have different access rules and restrictions for COVID than Brisbane. People wanting to reduce the possibility of infection in their region is a good thing.
  6. Tyno


    I got reusable ones from Sister Works. They are 3 layer, pretty good. I found the buff terrible for fogging my glasses.
  7. Tyno

    Show us your Steeds!

    My current bike does not exist contemplating a Contend or Revolt. Will see what gets released this week and what I can get my hands on locally.
  8. Tyno


    This is an area where old thinking can get you in trouble. Understand the demographic and target messaging appropriately. I don’t watch pressers. But I see a lot of tweets about pressers. Put the marketing depts to work to find out the best message medium. If the younger generation gets the message via social media and they are known to pass on to their parents/relatives then target them. Especially now, you can’t just say we’ve tried the same thing for 6 months and we’ll keep doing it that way until it works.
  9. Tyno


    This is the best thing I’ve read from you.
  10. Jimbo, I’m noticing a pattern here. You enter event. Event cancelled.
  11. Tyno

    She's at it AGAIN...

    Oh, taking the easy option hey? 😂
  12. A few building brands on other socials: Frodo, Finlay/Lagerstrom, Crowley, Tim&Rinny kinda fit here Extra sponsor plugs: True, Reed, Jackson Trees and annoying Ash: Amberger A lot showing more day to day family stuff and going on each others podcasts
  13. Someone posted Taren's thoughts on refund requirements, which were disproved about 2 posts later
  14. I can’t believe Roxii used the forbidden name! 😂
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