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  1. Dick Smith fair go.

    Yeah, he's as much for helping Little Aussie Battlers as Gerry Harvey.
  2. How fast is fast? Or... how Mo can you go?

    How long can I adopt his special training methods?
  3. My first new TT thread

    As your name is A2K - I think you should aim for an FTP of 2K
  4. Garmin 935. Wow

    Not a full multisport watch, but Amart sports have the 235 on special at the moment for $288
  5. You can vote if you become a citizen. Why don't you want to be one of us?
  6. Dick Smith fair go.

    He's a complete muppet.
  7. The Politics Thread

    Resistance is futile.
  8. The Politics Thread

    I saw tweets from Penny Wong and Bill Shorten praising Brandis. So, both sides CAN agree on something
  9. Wage Increases

    We apparently get 2.5% from Sept 1st.
  10. Ironman Hamburg 2017 Lachie a 9:02

    I know you don't like Melbourne, but it was an official IM
  11. Ironman Hamburg 2017 Lachie a 9:02

    First up what?
  12. Uber v Cabbies

    One of the other sections at my work has a company Uber account. All the team have it linked to their Uber app on the work phones. Much better/easier to manage than the old cab charge system.
  13. Orca Kaisel LS Wetsuit (Size 10)

    PM away!
  14. Orca Kaisel LS Wetsuit (Size 10)

    What are you thinking? I can't see what they went for back in the day. Looking postage to Brissie too if you're keen.
  15. Yes. But, I probably won't be returning any post thing I might get.