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  1. Tyno

    Good Brisbane Physio

    REST. Cranky. REST!
  2. Tyno

    Ironman WA (Busso) 2018

    I kinda lost track of all the girls he was kissing during the race, so you never know
  3. Tyno

    Cannondale Slice 5 (2014) for sale

    how tall is Cranky's mate?
  4. Tyno

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    110.7. Fatter, slower, weaker, softer.
  5. Tyno

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    I will remember tomorrow but it won’t be good. Beer and pizza Friday night. Recovery junk food Saturday. I reckon 111
  6. Tyno

    What's this Cervelo P2C worth?

    No one but old mate can answer that. As the Nerd sys, if the components need to go, you're almost doubling the price. BUT, if it fits pretty good and gets your mate on a bike, it could be a good gateway bike. Instead of starting with a $1200- $1500 alloy bike that he wants to upgrade in 6-12 months, he's starting with a $700 carbon bike he wants to upgrade
  7. Tyno

    What's this Cervelo P2C worth?

    Colour scheme it looks like a 2008 model. Your friend could likely do better.
  8. Tyno

    Shoes for crossfit

    Metcons or Nanos. Or whatever you have. Some focus on minimal drop to maintain flatter feet for lifting exercises
  9. Tyno

    Turned a corner,,,

    Manual was the guy from Fawlty Towers wasn't he?
  10. Tyno

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    109.2. Pretty much the same. Honcho has nearly caught me.
  11. Tyno

    Sagan goes Alloy

    He might have caught Caleb on a carbon frame....
  12. Tyno

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    forgot this morning. Will try to remember tomorrow.
  13. Tyno

    Good Brisbane Physio

    I used Queen St physio in the past, but its exxy.
  14. Tyno

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    Any of the QTS courses are really. Tough for organisers when you are lucky to get a 5 km loop allowed for the bike tho.
  15. Tyno

    What training did you do today...

    the pic on Insta was awesome.