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  1. Who's gunna do the bike fit on a consumer direct buy?
  2. What a glamorous job/sport
  3. Tyno

    Melb CBD Swimming Pools

    Or, you know, the tram to MSAC.
  4. Any system that lets people self nominate is going to be a total CF. Then, so are the alternatives. Even if it is the FOTP folks going off in roll 1, you could still find yourself giving up a few seconds to that person you normally beat out of the water. You just introduce a different set of variables each second.
  5. My work would block it too. Data leakage worries.
  6. Or, just find yourself a 20 something laddie to play with and make a first hand judgement
  7. Geez Jimbo, get to the point mate
  8. Yay! If you're still together after the plane trips home, then you'll be fine
  9. Not a strong finish for the boys.
  10. Was it identified which came first?
  11. Ex, my mirror less was $600. It's not jeans pocket small with a lens on, but it is small. I'm obviously new, but I think it takes me out to take pictures more than my phone does. It's not a big step up for most situations, but even in a few weeks, I've got decent close ups with my camera that I wouldn't have with my phone. The not wanting to learn much thing might be your idea at the moment, but I found it the opposite. I want to understand more, now that I have more at my disposal. You can still grab good enough shots on Auto, if that's your thing. I spent 3 hours talking to a guy today about different things. The only pics we took were on his outdoor table to show different focus and depth of field examples. But 3 hours went by FAST.
  12. The Rolling Category Starts will be available from Monday 16 September and will list the order of the Rolling Starts. Start times will be released once category sizes are finalised. Category Information Elite Athlete – Athletes must have a current TA Elite Licence to enter this category. Will be first to start in a traditional wave start. Para Athlete - Will start within 10min of 1st start. Open Age Group - Will start within 20min of 1st start. Mates Premium - Will start within 20min of 1st start. Smiling for Smiddy - Will start within 20min of 1st start Legends Club - Legends who have opted to race in the Legends category will start within 60min of 1st start Charity Heroes - Will start within 100min of 1st start Age Group Athletes, Mates, Clydesdales, Athenas - Will start between 30min and 155min of 1st start Teams - Will start between 170min and 195min of 1st start. **All timings subject to change Originally from: https://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/multisports/noosa/athlete-info/2019-swim-starts.aspx#ixzz5zSWAuj8m I've read it a few times and I'm not sure how it's going to work. You'll still be waiting 2.5 hours for some AG to start and 3 hours for the teams. End result???
  13. This is a fairly regular thought, but general consensus is they can't shut down Kona 2 days in a row. And weren't you just complaining about them shoving more people into the men's race at Nice?
  14. *snigger* 🙈🙊🙉
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