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  1. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    I just finished reading a couple of pages on ST about it. For $5/month increase for them, there are some big tantrums going down. For an occasional user, it might tip some out. For a regular user it probably works out at ~$1/ride
  2. Comm Games Team

    Would be good to hear the discussion around skipping Royle, if there was any. Just finding his form now, would probably be cherry ripe come April.
  3. Tranny kit poll

    Plus the 50% off code & your CC details & PIN. Cheers!
  4. The Politics Thread

    Well, apparently the world is a harsh place. Reasons to come, but she's not allowed in.
  5. Completely anonymous in that you would need to combine data from up to 3 different tables......
  6. I was surprised at the number of Labor electorates with No votes
  7. iPhone X

    I like the new feature where you can smash the front and the back now.
  8. Tranny kit poll

    I can't believe we haven't gone for the canary yellow bibs!
  9. Women smashes 100 mile record

    cos we have plenty of time to read a good article or 2
  10. Noosa Tri 2017

    Nothing remotely close to that around the 3:00 mark.
  11. Ironcentury Update Thread

    i think you mean non-credible, in that it never happened. Or you have to put an * in there somewhere.....
  12. Bloody soft over there in WA.
  13. The Politics Thread

    This one just seems a bit OTT. I mean, as far as she knew, she had lost and then got a job. Would be harsh if she gets ruled out for that.
  14. The Politics Thread

    Surely the simple solution is to include an oath/document that stipulates that the (prospective) Senator or Member renounces any citizenship rights and allegiances to any other country where and if they exist? Sign that, S44 all taken care of. No?