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  1. I voted because you asked Peter... It is so shiny...
  2. What!? Are they all just sore losers or something? I suppose they think Team Sky cheats too just because Chris Froome has the best W/kg since forever and is better than every drug cheat ever... Do they claim Fabian Cancellara juiced up after pulling out of the TDF early too? What would Lance know anyway. Just because a performance is so amazing that one of the few possible explanations is that PEDs were used doesn't mean they were... it could have been one of the other possible explanations.
  3. Are they still claiming malicious attacks are causing the ongoing problems? How embarrassing for IBM... Were's TenPints lately, I thought he was at IBM(?)...
  4. Absolutely, no attack from an individual would be considered serious. It would have to be thousands of separate, co-ordinated sources directed specifically at the Census site. ISPs and Telcos would be able to confirm that was happening and help in preventing it, tracking sites like the one XCOM posted would probably catch it also.
  5. "According to its most recent annual report, the ABS has 46 senior management personnel who were paid a total $11.08 million in 2015." Hahaha... and the only thing they know about the computer systems is what the guy earning 85K decides to tell them, the IBM side would be little different. For every person on the project that actually knows how the whole thing works there are 5 who don't have a clue but earn 5 times the money. That's IT for ya.
  6. Unless a botnet(thousands of computers controlled surreptitiously) is used a DDOS attack is nothing. My home router can block DDOS attacks from a single source with no impact to performance, an IBM data center wouldn't even bother logging it. Say I am a "hacker" and run a script that makes continuous requests to the Census website, thousands a minute. It takes a couple of seconds to be noticed by the router/server at the other end and my IP address is blocked and DDOS is stopped. But if you use 10 thousand computers from all across the net it will take ages to block all the IP addresses. That's is when you get an outage. When a botnet of that size activates it is noticed, there are sites that track it. There is no record of any activity toward ABS last night. Some tech stuffed up, blamed DDOS and 99% of management don't know shite anyway so just repeat it. Meh, happens all the time, it's IT.
  7. Worked fine for me, the interface was fast and smooth. They could have put more effort into pre-filling things from data already entered though.
  8. Yeah, enjoyed the first season, thanks for the tip.
  9. Probably checking is pedaling form. "yep, looking good..."
  10. The Kettering Incident is good if you can find it, it's a bit like Top of the Lake, which is also very good. It has probably already been mentioned but Rake the Australian one is pretty funny, season 4 finished last month.
  11. This isn't new though is it? The ABS would have been inputting the data into computers for years... right? At least some of those computers would be connected to the Internet. Once you connect from your web browser to the ABS the traffic is encrypted so here are the possibilities. 1. You are not really connected to the ABS site and have been hijacked to a site that looks like the ABS but isn't in order to steal your info. - This is your responsibility 2. You are connected to the ABS but your computer is compromised and key strokes and screen captures are being recorded. - This is your responsibility 3. The encryption(private key) used by the ABS has been compromised and any data captured traveling between the ABS and anyone is accessible to the people with this private key. - This is the ABS's responsibility 4. The data itself once collected is compromised and copied. - This is the ABS's responsibility There is a 5th option that the encryption has been broken with a super computer and a few months processor time but... no. One and two are the only ones you can do anything about. If you have up-to-date anti-virus/malware and open a new private browser to do the survey and don't have any enabled "search" tools or dodgy add-ons you will be good. Check the URL/Address is correct and is https and is green/ok. There should be no exclamation marks, you can click on the address bar and should see the certificate being certified against the ABS directly, this can only be done by a handful of reputable certificate authorities, You could check your valid certificate authorities in your browser options, but yeah to hard to explain... Three and four have always been there and always will, they involve humans at the ABS being tricked, coerced, malicious or just plain f'king up.
  12. Hypercolour... really, what is this 1985? I want paint that changes from blue to red as I ride faster... We shall call it Doppler paint.
  13. Is it this stuff for sale on ebay?
  14. While I would be happy for you TB... Duathlon is better.. right... bro?
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