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  1. Yeah, enjoyed the first season, thanks for the tip.
  2. The Kettering Incident is good if you can find it, it's a bit like Top of the Lake, which is also very good. It has probably already been mentioned but Rake the Australian one is pretty funny, season 4 finished last month.
  3. "Stranger Things" on Netflix is quite good.
  4. We don't have th TV antenna connected at our house because the Internet.
  5. Obviously this is only the very beginning... A mature system would provide on-line training and testing to vote on a particular bill or policy. A party member is presented with certified, peer reviewed facts on a topic and then tested on comprehension before they vote. If the intent and outcomes of a policy cannot be conveyed to the average Australian so that they understand, it is fair to assume the people that created the policy do not understand it well enough themselves. Democracy is broken all over the world, except maybe Iceland... I encourage any genuine effort to improve it, e
  6. I think the public is becoming more discerning in their policies choices and the major parties are built for and have historically supported a less informed and educated audience. Which is why I think Voteflux is a sign of the future of modern politics. People don't want to hand the keys to a group of bickering, conniving back door dealers anymore. They want to support specific policy in areas they are concerned about.
  7. His lolz made me lolz even more... So many lolz.
  8. So the Liberals want to win the Pauline Hanson voters back... Maybe they could try a "Stop the votes going to Pauline" champaign... narp, to many words they will never get through to them. Maybe a two word slogan is what they need, what about "Stop baddies" or "Better good" or "Grow more"...
  9. I think parties like Flux are the future of democracy. Blockchain offers great potential for the future of so many things and could allow real democracy to take place, the trick will be the dissemination of facts rather than spin to allow people to make actual informed decisions. Perhaps some kind of on line training or certification before contributing. Either way, Flux is hard to be offended by and you technically aren't voting for a politician.
  10. I heard a Scottish lady on the news(may have been the Prime minister?) say that when they had the Referendum to leave the UK they said they would have another one should the situation change significantly, like say for example the Brexit. The Scottish want to be in the EU and may vote to leave Britain now if they can be sure they will be able to join the EU. I am not sure about they powers to veto the Brexit though. I can't find any solid tangible reasons for staying or leaving in the articles I have been reading, even the articles that claim to explain it don't have any real reasons. It r
  11. Is it just me or does the term "free trade agreement" seem kinda stupid? It's not free and equal trade at all and never will be, it is just an agreed upon adjustment in the more obvious tariffs and subsidies effecting two or more parties. It is a stupid and misleading term. I predict that the long term economic impact to the UK and the EU will be somewhere between little and none*. The people who make the deals and the money will continue to do so as will the people that pay the taxes. The idea that defense or peace in Europe will be compromised is ludicrous, NATO's next meeting is in Wa
  12. Years ago I remember seeing on the news some guy handing out how to vote cards with the two majors last and second last claiming it would force real political change and neuter the major parties completely to the point that there would be a major change... As I recall he got arrested for doing it or maybe something else. I wonder what would really happen if enough people did that...
  13. Abbott would be a dreadful choice for Defence Minister, he has no idea. Dutton is a dreadful choice for anything. Remember Duttons little joke about nations being effected by climate change at that meeting of Pacific leaders... Yeah, dumb and dumber right there. The fact that either Dutton or Abbott win support of the public at all it is a clear sign we need to spend more on education.
  14. What debate is that? If you mean Dutton canceling the visa of that Muslim preacher, there is no debate that I am aware of, the opposition seems to totally agree... My post was not related to that anyway, it was just that I keep reading Mt Cormanns name in the news. It was a joke poking fun at Dutton. I call him an idiot as he contradicts himself with stereotypically ignorant statements regarding "immigrants taking our jobs" and generally seems kind of simple. I wouldn't really expect him to revoke Mr Cormanns visa or citizenship but liked the irony of the situation. Either way a joke
  15. This term has been used before, I must admit I don't really understand it. "A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent" Didn't you advance that there is an migration queue that asylum seekers are jumping? But there actually isn't and I said it was sad that you think there is. According to a Professor of Immigration at the Sydney University, or maybe he is a "lefty" to you, so here is the Australian Government saying there
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