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  1. Woops, sorry should have read AG ' 60-115'. I'm somewhere in that range! And I'm down at Port and already caught up with a few legends and there is a concrete path next to the river behind the tents, rather than the old grass bumpy track. See you down here. OO ROO Coffs Pete
  2. Full  Race no.  Trannie name Name AG  19106 IronmanFoz Andrew Foster M50 - 54 558 The New Guy Nick Hall  M35 - 39   245 Blobby Stephen White M50 - 54  14266 Dave T David Thornton M55 -59 1048 Rory-dognz Richard Houghton M50 - 54 286 Badger77 Staff Hurlston M50-54 694 Trickle Sean Dench M40-44 296 Tall Paul Paul Marshall M45 - 49 12332 noknees Chris Ernst M50 - 54 30-009 Paul Every M50 - 54 231 K3vski Kevin Siah M35-39 17-058 AP Allan Pitman M70-74 16-276 Coffs Pete Peter Wood M110-115
  3. Just having some troubles with the Giant MTB and had to perform CPR on it....just checking for breathing and heart beat. Fortunately, all OK and rode off towards the ocean.
  4. Gotta say Gizmo that this was the best vid of all Transitions Beer Miles ever. I actually joined Vimeo just so I could access this clip. A bit of a story about that Beer Mile....I had made contact with an insider in Qld Police as to why the police came to the 2 previous BMs held along the Esplanade and I was informed that there are security cameras all the way along recording everything and it is also an alcohol free zone. However, by moving the BM just a little further North and drinking on those small jetty outlooks, we were outside the view of the security people who had rung the Police in the past. Also, the wooden trophy that was awarded to Bevan Colliss was left behind in the hire car at Brisbane Airport, as it was too big to take back to Japan. Did you also like the tropical fruit and bananas at the start line?....All left over in the rubbish bins from the aid station the night before. As for Carrots, she hasn't been seen at a BM since, but her reputation and hair colouring (carrot red I think) will keep her in posterity for years to come. Also, her friend Bianca Fitzsimons (I think) looked after her on the day and is seen occasionally at IMs but not at BMs.. It was also great to see the very famous RatDog (now FatDog) there, as well as Stikman (now ThickMan) performing for the crowd again. And of course yourself with your Italian Mask that never ages. I think we should look at having a reunion of the original Trannies at Trannie Towers from Challenge Cairns from 2011 for another IM Cairns and Cairns BM. I think this year will be the 7 year itch, so maybe next year for the 8th anniversary. Greatest video of BM ever, thanks so much and look forward to seeing you again soon?
  5. Good on you Miss Jess and all the Transitions members. It's time for a change of Race director for Transitions Beer Mile and fortunately Miss Jess has put her hand up with beer entwined and is seeking the glory and panache of being the Transitions Beer Mile Race Director. After much consideration and discussion with the previous Beer Mile RDs over the years, including the instigator Peter Coulson from Melbourne, then Alex from Dubai(?), then RatDog from HillSong Tri Cub and then me from Coffs Harbour Tri Club we welcome Miss Jess into this very prestigious position. I will be continuing my IMs and will be there in May for the IM and Beer Mile. Thanks for taking this very worthy event on and I know everyone will support Miss Jess in her RD role and watch as Transitions Beer Mile goes to even greater heights. As Mike Reilley has said on several occasions "I can't believe that you get away with this, right under the Ironman banner and at the finish line. It could only happen in Australia!" Good on you Miss Jess! Oh, a word of warning, Miss Jess also comes from HillSong Tri Club and is friends with the PIS club too. See you in 9 weeks time at Miss Jess's First Transition Beer Mile and IMOz.
  6. Senior's discount but tonight it's the Pasta night alternative with our $30 Ironman voucher Oh that's right you only did the 70.3 No meal voucher for you Old Timer
  7. Thanks for all of you getting me home Esp iFoz who came out of the Finishers tent to run with me fora few Kms organising aid stations for drinks and salt Had me sucking on pretzels to get the salt from them Before that I had 2 other Trannies from Grafton viz Tex and the Grafton Kid run several laps with me to get me home Anyway the Transitions Greyman placing is safe for another year Come to Beer Mile at 3:30 near the finish line for more stories from Tranny members Oh about Foz his coming out of the Finishers Area and trying to get back in was likened to a Gay bloke coming out of the closet then changing his mind and waning to go back in Not much chance of getting back into recovery area See you at 3:30pm OO ROO PETE
  8. Just a reminder for the Very Famous Transitions Beer Mile will start along the Finish line at 3:30 pm Just after the Awards which finish at 3pm Then the main event of the whole weekend which is the Very Famous Transitions Beer Mile So far everyone who has entered on line will win a trophy Oh and there's some very interesting trophies again this year If you're not competing then please come along as we will need some intelligent Trannie members to assist in the running Thanks and see you out there tomorrow and hopefully on Monday OO ROO COFFSPETE
  9. Just a reminder for the Very Famous Transitions Beer Mile...... It is definitely on at 3:30 pm after the Awards which finish at 3pm Then the main event of the whole weekend....... The Very Famous Transitions Beer Mile will start along the Finish Line So far everyone who has entered on line will win a trophy See you then CoffsPete
  10. Would have loved to have seen good old Angus but I know that The Stig always gets the girls See you all there OO ROO PETE
  11. Well, just an update on Beer Mile. I was hoping to snare a FREE entry to Kona for the winner of the BM, but the 10 lottery slots have already been given out. So, I tried for a FREE entry for IMOz 2018....again no success! However, our very famous and very generous Secret Sponsor is in again. So the SS is supplying the beer (for Trannie Members), the trophies for both the BM and the Half BM, and also more souvenir IMOz 2017 Beer Mile Badges. That's a cash donation of over $600. Thanks again Transitions Beer Mile Secret Sponsor. Anyway, I have been advised that IM will donate some merchandise. So, if you have any special requests send them through.I'm hoping that we might get some collector items like T shirts where "Anthing is Possible"....that is correct spelling! Maybe some finisher towels and merchandise from previous races. I'll let you know. But I do need an idea of how many entrants are coming. So, if you could register your intention to attend this training event, then list yourselves on this post. Whether you're doing the Beer Mile or the Beer Half Mile. Special guests.......TBA! See you at Port and if you've registered come and see me for your souvenir 2017 IMOz Transitions Beer Mile badge. OO ROO Pete
  12. Lotto winnings? You live in Russell Lea....must be worth a fortune. I'm just a poor country cousin. Room is still available. I tried to send you a message from the beach. If you're interested, give me a call on 0418665656. OO ROO Pete
  13. If you haven't found any Accom at Port Mac yet, I have an apartment on the bike and run legs overlooking the river, ocean and beaches. There is a bedroom with 2 single beds with BIR, TV and the use of the rest of the apartment. There is a good sized kitchen, verandah, lounge room, washing machine, dryer and a lock-up garage. Located on Stewart Street corner, just opposite the drinks station and penalty box. It's booked for the week and will cost $350 for the room. I have had this apartment for the last 5 years and I have the double room. PM me if you're interested. Thanks Pete https://www.stayz.com.au/accommodation/nsw/north-coast/port-macquarie/115215
  14. Hey Hoover, I just put the post up an hour ago. Thanks for being on the ball. See you there.....CoffsPete
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