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  1. I need the collective experience of Trannies to help me please. I have a Garmin 920XT and also a Garmin Edge and I have the HRM strap. I have used it without trouble up to this point. Now it has stopped working. So here is what I have already tried: 1. Changing the battery in the strap (twice in case the battery was faulty) 2. Washing the strap as per care instructions 3. Re-pairing the strap with both Garmin 4. Powering down and restarting both of my Garmin I can see that both Garmin are picking up that I have the monitor on as the little heart icon is beating and it flashes up a message saying HRM connected BUT there is no data. There are just some dotted lines where the HR would normally be. It is exactly the same on both my 920XT and my Edge so I know the problem is with the strap. I know the strap is working because both Garmin are picking it up, but it won't give me any output. Ideas anyone??
  2. I think you mean small factory in their shop...the Koblenz outlet is a huge building with a coffee shop, a wall of prototypes, examples of all current bikes, their major event winning bikes (Jan's Kona bike, Quintano's pink Giro bike etc), 4 bike fitting bays, complete clothing store and more. It's a great way to fill in a few hours at a really nice city although it would appear that you still order and configure your bike via their work stations, and then collect and get fitted at a later date (unless its in stock "out the back"). It's a little hard to find (particularly if on foot) so feel free to PM me if you want further details.
  3. I'm really hoping to find an option to ship our bikes home from Rotterdam after the World Champs. We are tagging on some extra travel afterwards and 1). Don't want to drag the bikes around and 2). Only have 35kg luggage allowance including the bikes. Considering we will need warm clothes we are hoping to travel over with the bare minimum and then purchase some warm stuff when we arrive. If we can ship the bikes home it means we will have such extra luggage space to bring the warm clothes back home on our luggage! So far I have a quote from Bike Flights for $1270 and have emailed Jetta for a quote. Any other ideas??
  4. Some interesting comments. Mooloolaba actually had about 500 more entries this year than last year, so definitely not dying off. Of course no race is ever perfect for every person. Take the opportunity to give feedback if there are things you didn't like. There were actually drink bottles that were being given out in the recovery area where the water was being given out. Youngy, it was a qualifier for Rotterdam. Canada is the Aquathlon, Long Distance and Duathlon I think. Rotterdam is Standard and Sprint. I had a late wave, so a hot, tough day but I really enjoy Mooloolaba...and this was the National Championships so how lucky are we??!! And for people who weren't there, the ITU athletes actually did a full Olympic Distance this year. There are certainly things I will give feedback on, but I still enjoy it each and every year and would love to hear people spread the positivity about our sport..
  5. I've just started off road Mtb and trail running in the last 12 months. I've just done another trail run in the Queensland Run series. It has been so much fun. Two of the runs were at Wild Horse Mountain (between Sunny Coast and Brisbane) with one of them being a night run. I was nervous to enter having not run at night a lot but this was SO MUCH FUN!!!! Just my Ayups and the bush and I had a blast!!! Last weekend I did the last of the series at Rainbow Beach. Again a lot of fun .... even running across a huge sand blow! Really glad a friend introduced me to trail running! I have loved it so far!!
  6. I have a friend who was prescribed a testosterone gel as she was going through menopause. She actually is a podium finisher in her AG and was so worried about using something that could have her labelled a "drug cheat" and she refused to have it. She takes other natural supplements that are approved. It's kind of a shame because this was for a medical reason and would have been used in good faith. This person has a strong moral compass and would NEVER EVER cheat....it's just not her. So I am kind of torn. Some people really do need to take something for a medical reason. The trouble is working out who is honest and has a kosher reason and who is playing the system. I guess once again it comes down to an individual's integrity.
  7. I'm riding Specialized Taho (I think that's what they are). They are super comfy but you couldn't do an off road tri in them unless you wanted to spend 10 minutes in transition doing up the laces!! They have laces and then one velcro strap and they are super cushioned. Very comfy but looking for a pair I can do a tri in so will follow your thread.
  8. I'm pretty much a beginner on the MTB. Have been riding a roadie for around 20 years and like you am way slower on my MTB.It is heavier than my road bike so I work much harder when I am riding on the road with it. On a single trail I can only average around 12 kph .... and I feel exhausted after an hour or 2!! I can't wait until I feel confident and stop feeling so fearful of bloody rock gardens!!!
  9. Hahahaha!! Off to a great start Rory-dognz!!!! Thanks for the advice Kamal. I think I am worried that in a multi-loop race, riders will need to pass me. I was going to try one this week-end but chickened out after reading this post.It's too daunting to think of people needing to pass me. I am the kind of person who would be desperate to get out of their way for fear of ruining their race and in doing so would either crash or end up having to walk . I've mastered the move over thing on a single track but would panic if there was a rock garden. I am going to continue building my skills and confidence and have try later ..... or alternatively get back on my road bike!
  10. I did the same thing a few weeks ago Diamonds. We (MR CC + me) had 2 hours and it was really, really good. He even did things like showing me the appropriate etiquette when out on a trail. I am a true beginner and it has been the best money I have spent so far!
  11. I have just read this post with great interest. I am a MB newbie after having ridden road bikes for the last 20 years. I have even had a lesson with a MB coach to learn some technique and some track etiquette. I have only been riding a couple of months and still shake to the core on most tracks....especially when rock gardens are involved. I really want to enter an off-road tri but the thought of other riders zooming up behind me to pass fills me with fear. If its just regular single track I am perfectly happy to move out of everyone's way (for my own sake and for their's) but at the moment I wouldn't be able to pull over on a rocky section without getting off and walking the rest of that section....I just don't have the skill level. Therefore (without meaning to) I would be blocking (or at least slowing) competent riders because of my lack of skill and confidence. So I ask those who have been racing for a while in off road or MB races ..... how does a newbie start without getting in the way of experienced competitors?? i don't want to ruin the chances of another person maybe getting a podium spot, but if I don't start somewhere how will I ever gain confidence?? Do I just keep riding trails until I feel really confident?? I am finding this SO SO different to regular triathlons!!
  12. Port is just pretty relentless. There is a flat bit in the middle (about 10 k's) before Lake Cathie and there is a flat bit at the far end near the turn around. Apart from that, it's lots of hills, there is one very sharp one on Matthew Flinders Drive and another very short but sharp one closer in town near South Pacific Apartments. The rest are long, steady climbs....not steep, but relentless and suck the life blood out of your legs!! Riding through Bonnie Hills there are a couple of decent headlands. Once again, not steep, just continuous. Its not like you are are riding through the Alps or anything, just sapping on your legs because its so constant.
  13. Cupcake

    IMWA Busso 2015

    Ummm....Bored at Work is actually entitled to voice whatever opinion he wants to about Busso without getting personally attacked. I used to frequent Transitions a lot in my early years of triathlon (amd particularly my early years of IM) and made lots of great friends on here, but over the past couple of years, just haven't bothered because of the personal attacks and denigrating of other peoples thoughts and ideas. At one stage some members were even saying you weren't worthy of being called an IM unless you could do sub (I can't even remember what they said now) hours, on their ridiculous high horse. As a matter of fact several of those people have come and gone from this group really quickly after their one or two IMraces. As for complaining about being asked to stop talking while awards are being presented....that's common manners. It's a presentation evening. At the opening ceremony I gave the group behind me a serve for yelling out to friends on the other side of the tent during the Welcome to Country. We are just triathletes, nothing special and we should show the same level of respect to others that we would expect. That includes allowing member (like Bored at Work) to have a differing opinion without attacking them personally. There have been some really high class triathletes and highly qualified coaches who used to post on here who disappeared after ridiculous personal attacks. I'm checking out yet again. Clearly not a lot has changed since I have been away. PS I love Bored at Works Tripadvisor analogy. Having now done lots of different races in Australia and around world, everywhere has somethingdifferentand special to offer, and different places suit different people at different stages of their lives. I truly hope Transtions can go back to being a supportive, openamdfriendly community that supports one another. I remember wearing my Trannie cap proudly and even carrying the Torch of Doom as the last Trannie on course at an IM. They were great times and I wish it could somehow go back to that.
  14. 39EU (but my Mortons Neuromas are pretty sensitive to poorly fitting shoes) Thanks Cupcake
  15. Not in Sydney, but Stephanie Lowe ( http://www.thenaturalnutritionist.com.au/ ) does Skype consultations. She is a triathlete herself. You can go to her website and have a look to see if that is the kind of thing you are after. She is certainly of the LCHF school of thinking.
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