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  1. I like the look of them but based on experience i'd never buy Cervelo again. Frames are shite and crack all the time. I know of 4 mates also who all are replacement frames, some on there third!!
  2. 6 from 6 for me. Port x2 Busso x2 Roth Switzerland Moved to middle east 4 months ago so not sure if I am done with IM or not. Huge tri scene here but haven't got going myself. Young family, number 2 on way in a few weeks, new job, new country, haven't the time at moment, plus I don't think I have the motivation & discipline to train at 2-3am like people do here. 4am starts are hard enough for a 3hr ride in the blistering heat. Might try get back for Worlds at sunshine coast next year, seems a more achievable goal.
  3. Trek speed concept 7 series..was the bike recommended to me after back op as it's very adjustable at front end. Other one was SHiv Pro. Basically I was told all top end bikes are a no no as I needed a traditional stem
  4. REBEL08

    Roth V Kona

    No instead people say just raced Roth now off to watch stages of the TDF...
  5. I had same op L4-5 in 2011 and still today get bouts of nerve pain. Usually it's just scar tissue. Small things can trigger it. Forget everything like massage, Osteo etc. Go see a doctor. Get him to do the leg raise test for nerve impingement and go from there. I tried everything - epidurals, Physio, Osteo, spent thousands and in hindsight should have just got an MRI and then worked with Physio. Reformer Pilates is the way to go on rehab if it is back related..
  6. Sounds like nerve type pain mate. I'd get your back looked at given your history. Muscle strain is nothing like what your describing.
  7. Has he moved to the Middle East Roxi?
  8. REBEL08

    Astana In Trouble

    Watch the BBC panorama documentary about Mo Farah coach. Great insight into drug taking and how easy it is to get away with it. stu o Grady is a piece of work.. No better than Lance in my opinion. A complete fraud
  9. Intel just bought the company out...and are playing to use there R &D centre to advance them
  10. 1hr swim, 3.30 run off the bike ain't too shabby!! 90% of people on this forum have probably never done them times in an ironman. Impressive first ironman I thought. Granted he has coaches, resources etc.. He still has to do the hard yards.. He's also bank rolling 13 pros who get more off him than they do WTC, challenge and any other sponsors... I bet they think differently about his involvement in triathlon. But I agree with one point you make, he probably does this shit to make himself feel good and couldn't give a rats about the health of the locals in Bahrain...
  11. Let's say for argument sake prince willy & Harry took up triathlon, did 10.05 at Cairns, would they also get this shit thrown at them? The Brits have after all have questionable human rights...aka Ask the Argies, Irish and others.. Seems like the Sheik is an easy target. Fair play to him I say. He could easily be fat and lazy like most rich dudes in the Middle East
  12. REBEL08

    Bahrain 70.3

    ****ing hell this is a triathlon forum. Ok we get it, one guy hates the Middle East, the otger doesn't and lives there. Ye both hate each other. Quit the bullshit posts and get back to discussing triathlon!
  13. REBEL08

    Run Training

    I'd advocate the opposite. Try run shorter more regularly. I've had similar issues and think you need to start the body from scratch again and re train the brain.. I'm trying it currently as I kept breaking down with 2-3 runs were week and trying to run longer
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