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  1. iPhone X

    The facial recognition is amazing, even better than I expect and there is 0 downside to it. If you want you can still unlock it with your pin. If you need to login to a website and your password is saved on your keychain the facial recognition immediately kicks in, authenticates and populates user name and password for you. I really just works and you will soon forget what it’s like to type a password anywhere. The camera with portrait mode is very cool and produces some really amazing depth of field photos. Having said all of that it really is not worth the $1500+ I paid for it.
  2. The Expat Thread.

    Yeah just speaking to my mortgage manager the other day he was saying the lending has tightened quite a bit. The other day he had someone with a 3 million dollar house and no regular income, needed $600k and was knocked back. Makes sense really, no income, you can't service the loan, considered high risk by the bank.
  3. What a great memory to have, seriously put a smile on my face.
  4. What gets on my quince....

    Yes that is the best coffee in Waikiki, very close to Aussie style.
  5. 3T aerobar parts where in Aust?

    You can buy directly from their online store if you’re stuck. When I needed new 3T pads from memory Fastgear had them.
  6. The Last Jedi

    I thought it was freaking awesome and I’m no Star Wars fan.
  7. Housing Bubble thread.

    You did well sold at the peak. No chance you would get the same sort of coin today.

    Took my daughter (4yo) to watch Coco on the weekend. I wasn't expecting much but was really surprised at how good it was, and I think I may have actually enjoyed it more than she did.
  9. Housing Bubble thread.

    Seeing the same here in manly. Peaked around Easter really then plateaued and now down about 10%.
  10. What gets on my quince....

    Spineless politicians who wouldn’t speak their minds on marriage equality and now that it’s done and dusted are all claiming a piece of it as “making history”. Bunch of useless wankers!
  11. Tubulars for 70.3? (Iron pro was right)

    I think mine are the conti competition 25mm (I have a brand new of those) and also have a couple of 22mm same vintage but slightly used. Let me know if you’re stuck, just send me a pm. I’m in Canberra today as my wife is racing sprint tomorrrow but can confirm exactly what I have when I get home tomorrow evening if you need.
  12. Tubulars for 70.3? (Iron pro was right)

    Are you after tubulars or clinchers? If tubs I have a pair I can Express post to you,m and you just buy me replacements at whatever cheapest price you can find instead of getting stung by lbs in Perth.
  13. WS 70.3

    Non wetsuit swim apparently. I know some guys who will be extra sweaty tomorrow morning
  14. NBN Options

    @Tyno I’ve posted my Speedtest here. This is NBN HFC but before that I had telstra cable and download speeds were on pair with the upload capped at about 1mbps.
  15. Jackie Fairweather -Canberra

    will be interesting if the weather forecast eventuates...