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  1. Freak

    Another doping AGer

    Dirty cheat.
  2. Freak

    Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Nope, I haven't raced a Triathlon in 4 years and I've saved enough coin to buy a ferrari* I have zero interest in rolling around to finish 50th, already got my medal. *Almost.
  3. Freak

    Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    1281 on the aussie team. That's a bloody joke, it's the world champs not a participation race. Triathlon has gone soft. I guess everyone will go home with a medal....
  4. Freak

    Do yourself a favour. Cameron wurf

    Doesn't everyone?
  5. Freak

    70.3 World Championship Update

    But then people would have to learn to swim!!!
  6. Freak

    Plantar fasciitis and a boot

    Im currently wearing a boot during the day for the same issue to avoid light duties at work. It seems to be helping but my PF has been hanging around for 8 weeks. Have an appointment on Friday to see what the damage is
  7. Freak

    IM Malaysia 2015

    I'm off to the airport tonight. Pre Race Excuses: Fat, not fit, stress reaction in left foot, knee reco 12 mths ago. Apart from that I did shave my legs for the first time in months, so there is 3 seconds I've saved.
  8. Freak

    Sunny Garcia attacks Macca

    Macca posted that he just finished 2nd in a bike race behind Nick Gates. Doesn't look worried.
  9. Freak

    Sunny Garcia attacks Macca

    Because posting grievances on facestalk always ends well.
  10. Freak

    IM Melb canned??? WTF???!!! Really???!!!

    Lol greatest thread ever, IM Melb and drafting!
  11. Freak

    TV Shows

    He's not dead RS.....
  12. Freak

    TRS hating macca

    I'm going to cry now. Then start a podcast and slag off Niseko.
  13. Freak

    TRS hating macca

    I still don't know what's happening!
  14. Freak

    IM Malaysia 2015

    Wednesday of race week