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  1. willie

    New Kickr Stuff

    Surprised no one has mentioned this yet! I dont have any relationship apart from riding a kickr... I'm a little perplexed as to why you'd need the kickr fan... But whatever floats ya boat (and just when you thought getting all the devices paired was hard enough) Willie can also get Wahoo/Kickr etc for the masses if the need be RRP New Kickr - $1599 RRP Kickr Core - $1199 RRP Kickr Climb - $799 RRP Kickr Headwind - $399
  2. willie

    $50 shoes

    Have a few pairs of shoes to clear at $50. Women’s Saucony fastwitch Fluro yellow women’s US9.5 (men’s 7.5) men’s New balance zante V3 bright orange. Men’s US7 and US12 new balance1080 blue red grey mens US7 New balance 860 V8 New York edition (2E wide) Men’s US9 US10 and US11 all $50 and post $8 if you need it. Sizes and model numbers in pics if you need em.
  3. willie

    Electric bikes

    Awe cute, 250cc 😚
  4. willie

    TrainerRoad and Planned TSS

    if RBR drowns on sunday morning you'll know who did it
  5. willie

    TrainerRoad and Planned TSS

    I know, I was trying to be funny...
  6. willie

    Retirement sale.

    I have some vision that should work. I’ll dig em out later on
  7. willie

    Fenix 2 - Free to good home

    Hit the button with a touch of WD40. That’s what I used on mine... then run it under some water
  8. willie

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    Pete Murray has a message for you mate... We have a few more bits to come too Many thanks go to the transitions community from @RunBrettRun and me for all your help. What started as quick conversation turned into something really special.
  9. willie

    Retirement sale.

    I do if roxette doesn’t... anything specific you’re after?
  10. willie

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    It’s more expensive then Ironman 😮
  11. willie

    Gold Coast team for Major League Triathlon

    Are they competing with Maccas super league or whatever they call it? I can see athletes getting a little thin on the ground like IM etc
  12. willie

    New Kickr Stuff

    if you cant replicate the humidity it's kind of pointless
  13. willie

    Busso 2018

    Just FYI, RBR plans on going 8.50 to get the better of me...
  14. willie

    Challenge Roth

    That's kinda personal goughy!
  15. willie

    Froomey banned from tour

    Sadly, -b- is more believable.
  16. willie

    Challenge Roth

    E. All of the above?
  17. willie

    Sore deltoids...

    Who is it? I reckon the arms are because you’re putting force on the water incorrectly. When I was swimming a shit ton, the minute I learnt how to use my back/lats and hips as “one” was the day I woke up and realised I might actually be able to swim good one day. I went from barely swimming 50m to respectable 1500m time in about 18months.
  18. willie

    Tour de France Tipping Competition

  19. willie

    Froomey banned from tour

    Exactly this. The fact that others have been done for exactly the same thing and he walks away just screams Lance Pharmstrong treatment by the UCI.
  20. willie

    Tour de France Tipping Competition

    I’m not redeeming anything. I normally suck at these tipping comps because I don’t really follow cycling. I just chucked a heap of names in there I knew of that weren’t Froome
  21. willie

    Insurance for Kona WC

    Most policies that cover you for extreme sports will cover racing. (quite often MTB, Skiing, sky diving etc is not covered but you can add it as an extra on some policies)
  22. willie

    New road wheel manufacturer....

    I'd agree mostly with this, but is it a compromise or just laziness from the big brands in not engineering better solutions? I personally think the latter.