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    Transitions - What do you want?

    Sex tape?
  2. willie

    Transitions - What do you want?

    Morning all (including lurkers), If you’re not aware yet I’m in the process of taking over trannies from Roxii (he’ll still be around doing some media stuff etc). I’ve been a member for approximately half my life (pretty sure it was 2003 when I joined as a 15yr old) and decided to take the reins a few months back. We’re going to do some thing with transitions. I reckon it’s got the right stuff to do some good in the sport. My focus as with RunWith and other side projects is to make sport as a whole more accessible and upskill people in the process. Develop it, I feel it’s become extremely commercial of late (the sport, not the site). What do you want from transitions? Is there an awesome idea you have for what we could do? Maybe you could commit a bit of time and/or resource (we’ve got some good diversity amount us) or something else? Can reply here, shoot me a PM or email - willie@transitions.org.au with ideas. The recent stuff with Goughy, FFF and many others in the past is what it’s all about and has kind of peaked my interest in the sport again. Thanks you two loveable idiots I’ve got the “Transitions World Championships” race and a couple of running races already on the cards where I’m working/mentoring a few students to help them present a race for everyone (sprint distance - Sydney for tri, then a couple of trail events and hopefully a road event next year). I learnt a lot from the late Nick Munting, Graeham Hannan, Emo, Mooze and Matt K, Prachar Stegman and various I’ve crossed paths with and want to pass some of that on. It’ll be cheap (it will cost no more than $40 😮 what? 2002 prices?) Where going to turn the site into a shop selling all the shit you probably don’t need to do all three sports. A lot of this money will go back into supporting some younger guys and girls not just in triathlon, but each of the three individual sports. I’m not out to make millions from it as I was accused of a few days ago... in fact if I don’t have to put my hand in my pocket too far I’ll be stoked! So throw your ideas etc at me and we have some robust discussion and move forward with it TIA - Willie
  3. Did you race in the Beacons?
  4. willie

    Hoka Bondi 5

    10.5 - 2E Width... Told him he can keep the proceeds to help him get to busso.
  5. willie

    Hoka Bondi 5

    10.5 - 2E Width... Told him he can keep the proceeds to help him get to busso.
  6. willie

    Hoka Bondi 5

    10.5 - 2E Width... Told him he can keep the proceeds to help him get to busso.
  7. willie

    The New Cervelo S5 I think

    just look like a really aero roadie? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to dislike about the bike?
  8. willie

    Cutting corners during a race

    This was infamous back in the day...
  9. willie

    Operation Brownman accomplished!

    Facebook stalk. His name is Timoteo Tufuga
  10. willie

    Busso 2018

    I dont get the feeling it's going to be as many as other years... I could be wrong though.
  11. willie

    Transitions - What do you want?

    that's probably not a bad idea to be honest. Is there a way to set up a ride and maybe have some sprint primes or something to make it a bit more interesting?
  12. willie

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Just call his wife and ask if you can go round and pick them up There's nothing better than a free ride
  13. willie

    Hervey Bay 100

    I think that is part of Actives service now, you can pay to have your race advertised by them to other active users as long as you use active for regos etc. Active wins twice
  14. willie

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    I reckon a DQ for forgetting to serve penalty is stupid anyway... I reckon they should just add 15mins to your total time. It's going to hurt way more than getting a rest mid race.
  15. willie

    Long Course Weekend - Who's in?

    Me, I'm a heavyweight and like the sound of the long stuff. Wifey is doing her second "tri" and is doing the half distance. She doesnt know yet but she will when she's back from an army trip
  16. willie

    Busso 2018

    wicked, I should be ok on the bike then. I'll sit in and do all the "work" on the downhills... You know fat rolls downhill pretty fast!
  17. willie

    Busso 2018

    until we hit the first hill and I start riding backwards? I'm going to be on a roadie I decided, my legs get in the road of my gut space on the TT bike
  18. willie

    Chongqing 70.3 Cancelled Again

    Pretty sure you'll fall off a cliff if you try cut the bike course short... There's also zero grass on the run so you cant cut across that either. So yeah I get why WA wont want it
  19. willie

    SiS Gels on offer

    You're dead to me But I agree with you, go with what works. I'll send through shoe list in a little bit as well, I have it open as we speak (which is probably why I am on trannies haha)
  20. willie

    Busso 2018

    swim = 2hrs/week. I will most likely swim 75mins on the day, ultimately I'll probably only manage 2 swims a week. bike = almost none, I'm butthurt after my first one, the plan is to start cycling as much as possible Run = 40kms/week or so, easiest one and I do enough, I can run a marathon Strength = 2 times weekly, I'm turning into the hulk Beers = 3-4 times weekly, the IM isnt important, the beer mile is what people will remember
  21. willie

    Transitions - What do you want?

    I joined 15years ago... I didn't realise it had been too much longer than that
  22. willie

    Kona qualifiers 10+hours

    That really isn't the dumbest idea...
  23. willie


    People are trying to change this... Me being one of them.
  24. I accidentally bought a forum... pretty sure that means I win
  25. I was around well before I decided to do this crazy stuff. I only regret not having the balls to do it earlier...