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  1. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    That swim start time has me out as well. I was already thinking about pulling the Lin because either have a broken big left toe (shit excuse but it's possibly the most annoying injury I've had)
  2. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    Nike Pegasus have deserved to be in the bin since about P22. Nike in general only have a few decent shoes...
  3. Another Beam Bike

    I thought this came up a while ago... do these companies not realise there is the total of about 7 people riding beam bikes? Seems to be a very small market... It's getting saturated.
  4. Swimrun Australia

    there's another company about to do something similar... just wont have the swimrun branding
  5. Pool near syd airport??

    Sorry yep. Victoria Park (I used to swim there a bit and always thought it was Sydney uni. Oops). Didn't realise there was a Sydney uni pool.....
  6. Pool near syd airport??

    it's probably only 6km or so to run to sydney uni pool as well. outdoor 50m.
  7. Pool near syd airport??

    This pool is not bad, just check what's on before you head down. Sometimes late arvo it can be 8 to a lane :S
  8. Lachie's New Bike

    Crack'n'fail as they used to be known... Weird that it looks like the steerer broke.
  9. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    TT bike definitely.
  10. Longest Training Ride before 180km

    Some of your posts lately are so far off the mark. Not sure that you've always been an elitist twat or whether I'm just noticing it more. This awesome bloke big Kev that used to be a pretty good coach. People love the sport because of Kev. Who gives a shit who ways weights what and what times they do? Your performance has zero to do with what you can do for another person. In fact I probably have more in common as an athlete with monkie than you do. Some of us are talking from what we've done from a similar position. In fact said person might not be looking to perform at the pointy end, they might just want to finish and say 'i did good'.
  11. Lachie's New Bike

    Well I pretty sure dimond won't recover from all that... Unless they have someone with deep pockets keeping it affloat
  12. Will Ryf beat all the aussies home ?

    She'll beat all the women but not the men. She's good, but not that good... But my top is she'll beat PJ, that is however if PJ makes the start line and makes it to the finish. I have serious doubts about the latter.
  13. Anyone riding a road frame as a TT bike.

    Learsport. They started the whole cheapish online model. Brings back memories.
  14. Anyone riding a road frame as a TT bike.

    you cant own a triathlon forum and not have a triathlon bike...
  15. Pick the Kona male winner & top aussie 2017

    You're going to get chicked burgs?