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  1. willie

    Lance Armstrong ban lifted.

    I think what Roxii meant if he did actually race he would prefer it clean, either way I reckon we'd all get some enjoyment out of watching him race Kona regardless
  2. willie

    Boston Marathon

    RBR Queenstown is calling now... If I'm feeling nice I will let you beat me
  3. willie

    IM 70.3 Western Sydney (False Advertising??)

    Obvious typo. The elevation gains are in millimeters. Not meters. Ironman really can’t get their shit together can they Now I realise where the false advertising come from
  4. willie

    Latest update, Emoticons galore

    🙉 AP is frothing now he knows this.
  5. willie

    Ironman WC moving or a typo?

    If Kona is still around in 10 years I’ll be surprised. There seems to be more and more pushback from the people there lately.
  6. willie

    Boston Marathon

    A duathlon? What race was that. I’d go all the way back there for something like that
  7. willie

    New TT/TRI bike from Wilier

    @Roxii what I learnt from someone in the know is the brake lines etc are under far more stress under load then they ever will be in the air and because it's liquid much less likely to react with reduction in air pressure (air in shocks/tyres though is not good!)... no need to worry.
  8. willie

    Boston Marathon

    I'd just go with a long sleeved top to be honest, I used to run in weather like this often in the UK and found in a jacket I was just as wet as without and wasnt overly comfortable because they dont breathe very well. One of the Nike Therma tops it's just about perfect for that type of thing. Fit it as closely to your body as possible for racing (I'm a large but would wear a medium) with a pair of light weight gloves (maybe one of those dopey looking headband/ear cover things as well). Anything more would be too hot after about 20mins of running. I find that if I keep my torso, hands and ears warm I'm good to go in basically any temperature... This is me In Edinburgh, had started snowing and went from -5 to -8 on that run up the mountain (Arthurs seat for those at home).
  9. willie

    Garmin HR Monitor battery dying quick

    it's dead cranky... I have the wahoo in stock if you want a replacement Wait till tomorrow night and you'll be able to get it online From me that is.
  10. willie

    Commonwealth games chat.

    I reckon spread the olympics out to 3 weeks and mix it all in... Kills two birds with one stone. Doesn't really create that much of a headache either. Cull some events at the swimming if need be, I don't think cycling would need a cull, it's awesome watching the para's go around (how hard is sprinting on a tandem!) and other sports may need to adjust and adapt... Triathlon is already doing so, I feel they're getting it more right now with the sprint and teams race. However, I reckon you should be allowed to send out your athletes in an order you like (like the mixed 4 x 400m relay etc). Creates a lot more "what if's" and random outcomes that would happen other wise (aka good female somehow manages to hold onto the guys swim and hold a wheel in the bike and the like). I also dont think we need as many sports, some sports could care less about olympics or not (aka tennis, golf are two). They're big events are the majors. I kind of feel like equine events are kinda silly as well. A lot of time, effort and money goes into it and there is a very very small cross section of people that follow the sport (I'd say even less than triathlon).
  11. willie

    RunWith - Monday Madness

    yep as above, the website is still not 100% functional... not even close! It's still up and down a lot...
  12. willie

    Gomez v Bergs. Ironman Cairns

    haha, "veteran" category! That's moving... I reckon he could go a few minutes quicker if he wasn't swimming and biking as well
  13. willie

    DI2 on older bike?

    But I'd look funny without balls. This is the bad part about wifey knowing what things ACTUALLY cost now. She did just buy a kickr though, so I cant complain
  14. willie

    DI2 on older bike?

    I reckon just go with what you've got, use the cash for something else I'm riding 105 and mechanical these days... I'm a poor retail shop owner and such! Ok, ok my wife has Di2 because she actually uses her bike. Mine hangs on the wall and looks pretty.
  15. willie

    DI2 on older bike?

    I'm seriously surprised it took someone this long to write this... But if you're going to spend $2k on an old bike like that goughy, you might actually be better off going new. There are some pretty sweet deals out there if you look close enough