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  1. willie

    New Fenix 5

    Exactly why they’re having sales. 735xt might be in the out as well
  2. willie

    Training solo

    Dude it’s not the 80s anymore. The worlds moved on... you’ve had you’re say on this over and over and all it’s doing is hurting your credibility. We get it, you don’t like this stuff and that’s ok. Each to their own. They are very good tools for a lot of people and if it’s what makes them train better then it’s great. It’s an individual thing and each to their own. People do things differently, where all wired differently and technology is what some people need to get the job done. Maybe you need to be more accepting of this way of thinking and doing things? I know I’ve had to learn and adapt my way of thinking in the last 12 years coaching I’ve even embraced a lot of tech because it definitely aids better performance
  3. willie

    Active fees

    Nah they're saying they take none of the registration fees. Note the registration fee is different to the extra fee active charges on top of this. Active still makes their extra 8% or whatever, they just don't take any of the registration.
  4. willie

    New Fenix 5

    but all the marketing tells me i dont need to train, I just need to buy more gadets and they'll make up for it. you're so old school ex
  5. willie

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    you should probably share that story as well
  6. willie

    Ironman IVs

    over here you cant, but when I raced in Asia and Europe that was pretty much the go, there would've been a hundred or so of us in the tent and IM Nice
  7. willie

    Data and Running Shoes

    I stock em, you just need to give me a bell and I'll get you sorted
  8. willie

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    you cant say that and not tell the story. sooooo.......
  9. willie

    $50 shoes

    They’re all brand new mate.
  10. willie

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Rego is only $65 or something I think. More of a token gesture than anything else...
  11. willie

    New Fenix 5

    Extra $150 on top of what they were already... Everything tech is getting ridiculous these days. They're testing the market to see what our upper limit is... Something is only "worth" what we're willing to pay for it.
  12. willie

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    If you weren't such a short ass I'd lend you a TT to ride (Bored@ is taking stateside for me soon)
  13. willie

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    RCD 4 Gang power on the floor because you hate having to go outside to replace fuse wire??
  14. willie

    I Believe

    Me too, but I mean the extremely low levels that we experience on the day to day our bodies are more than capable of handling.
  15. willie

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    position of sock height is incorrect. Yo2 is in the fatal position in the corner crying and mumbling something about "if it's not white, it's not right"...