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  1. Is there a brighter rear light than this?

    that cat eye is about twice the size of the fly6!
  2. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

  3. Haha that's awesome...open mouth is a bit of a beat up though.
  4. Hokas now at Podium Sports at DFO

    You could always call me... Like a lot on here have and do
  5. Meh, ironman isn't even hard anymore.
  6. This. I did Nice (one climb over 20kms). I was decent on the bike and could still struggled. I did a 100m(mile) TT 5 weeks before on same bike/setup at 90% and went 4.40. That was an undulating course in the UK... The TT course in UK was "Hillier" than any tri course I've done here. Ironman Nice "hills" were another level. If you want to do Austria make sure you spend a lot of time going up and down (build confidence) in the hills. Then spend even more time there. You can't be too prepared.
  7. SwimRun

    As far as I know that model doesn't come to Australia. Online will be your only option.
  8. Russia goneski

    Nah not everyone, but a lot.
  9. Russia goneski

    I think it will be Russian athletes that don't spend extended time inside of russia that will be ok. There were a few in this situation at the summer Olympics. I reckon a fair few will be able to compete no worries.
  10. Child barriers to participation

    $45 is still expensive for 1 race for kids. They can play soccer in my home town for $70 for the season... Club races are the way to go I reckon. When I was a member of Cronulla club races were at waratah park and were $5 including pancakes from memory. Same in Wagga, it was $6. But had bacon and eggs.
  11. Chasing fitness with Ego

    Mate I'm in the same boat as you now... A bit older and solid. I reckon you're on the right track taking it easy. For me I only do one hard session in each sport a week if I'm doing all three. Or two if I'm just running (one fartlek and one shortish tempo) no sessions anymore that destroy me because I need to train more than once a week. Don't worry about doing easier stuff. It's all runs on the board and the chances of you needing the top end in busso half are slim to none.
  12. Freight bike to Qld help pls?

    E-go are great until they **** shit up. Then it all goes pear shaped. I've stopped using them now because of a few things going missing for weeks and having to jump up and down to get an answer. Their parent company isn't much worse. They misplaced a whole pallet, 800kg not too long ago.
  13. beep Test - What level can you do?

    I did 15.2 as a kid Now 10.6
  14. Sore lower back on to bike...

    I fixed that for you mate. It shits me when autocorrect destroys my sentences