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  1. willie

    Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Integration

    Yeah I thought that might be an issue if I went down this road, but on the flip side we've got a few moderators now and we should be able to hide threads we dont deem fits with our ethos (which in turn is dictated by those longer standing members). I mean I'm pretty bad for drumming up my own business around here so not one to speak (however I dont think I have many followers and that's not what it's about). I'm actively trying to avoid members going elsewhere by enabling some posts to be embedded here so we can have discussion on here. Not click a link for us to be taken to another site and forget about trannies. It's a double edged sword and we'll see which edge is sharper I guess. I'm working on the active contributions... I reckon I'm going for Lachie, Bergs to come back a bit more, Fitness Buddy, Nealo is going to do some stuff, I will post a few bits and bobs. A few others that'll I contact when I've got some spare minutes. It will take a bit of time but hopefully it'll turn into something great.
  2. willie

    Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Integration

    All forms of social media are a little different and that's why they can all co exist... Hopefully I can get it a little more integrated so we can have insta etc posts her from your favourite people. The aim is to be able to share updates etc from races without needing to cut and paste. Nothing in the forum itself will change.
  3. willie

    Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    I’d probably wait just sayin’
  4. There was a few left over but they found homes... maybe I’ll do another run of them (maybe in red red this time) if anyone is keen.
  5. willie

    Transitions - What do you want?

    Right so I'll do up a summary pretty soon and get to work on them... I reckon there was some pretty cracking ideas on here
  6. willie

    QLD Tri Series

    So did you clean up @AA7? Cranky was second I think
  7. willie

    Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Integration

    Folks, you may need a refresh pretty soon as well. I would explain but it appears you dont care as long as it works it will revert to https://www......... just in case you notice it's a little different
  8. willie

    Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Integration

    I should add, I dont think people will be able to see or access your account info, more that you'll be able to share stuff from there. I have set it so that you have to chose your screen name, not the name you have on said app etc. Any other questions or issues you can forsee let me know... I'm better than roxii with tech but not by much!
  9. It's underway... Figure it's time. If (when) it breaks, hopefully I'll be able to fix it. You'll soon be able to import posts etc with relative ease (you can link your accounts to share posts etc from these places). Thought it would be a fun tool for some people to keep updated about Ashley Horner, she should be more than half way through the 50 in 50 by now shouldn't she?
  10. willie

    Joint/muscle soreness

    I don’t remember ever seeing this. Some classics.
  11. willie

    Kona Accomodation.

    Nah I think you’re talking about TGL
  12. willie

    Kona Accomodation.

    every time i forget... **** sorry!