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  1. Hahah already blocked
  2. willie

    Swimming World Champs

    I'd say second to this, WADA is still going after him so surely they've got something on him?
  3. willie

    Swimming World Champs

    Why go to such extreme lengths if you've done nothing wrong?
  4. willie

    Swimming World Champs

    Check who said former ASADA CEO is paid by now... Sun stinks of Lance Armstrong type of "I've never tested positive", but if you read further into it something doesn't seem right. It's not that he didn't cheat, he hasn't been caught yet The fact he went to great lengths to destroy samples says a lot in itself. I've never refused a test or taken that action. I never did anything dodgy and was all to happy to let whoever take the samples (I got tested about 7/8 times in sport and more in the Army). I've been around Australian teams both domestic and overseas and never seen anyone really kick up too much of a stink RE testing. It's part and parcel with competition.
  5. Will do this evening folks
  6. willie

    TA Memberships

    I know someone who did... Destroyed their foot exiting the swim I'm a race
  7. willie

    Wurf watch

    The Norminator! I wasnt even legally allowed to drink back then 😮 I don't think I knew what Kona was... Had I known the year after was the last at Forster I would've done it. I was up there to watch, but could've been just 18 and raced.
  8. willie

    Wurf watch

    What's the slowest run time of previous winners in the last 20 years? I reckon he could step off and run 3.15 and be in with a chance
  9. But it's Lance, it's about Lance I too, was referring to Porte. He couldn't win Kona, not when the current crop are doing what they do.
  10. He'd go ok in his age group. There's not enough supplements in this world for him to win it all.
  11. willie

    Website stuff.

    You're looking at websites. I reckon if it was apps it would be a very very different landscape with Facebook, then Insta, then Twitter daylight, then all the rest.
  12. Lucy Charles having a bad swim means she only beats half the men, not most of them if there is one weakness she doesn't have it's the swim. No one can match her. As for the bike, you never know. She's been getting stronger and I reckon it's when not if she starts to beat Ryf.
  13. I'll get you a Kickr snap at a good price flanny. Will ride as good as the jet black but is also a smart trainer so you can have a look at zwift and the like.
  14. Flanny give me a call tomorrow. It had the brass price in it when I gave it to you. It's probably inside the frame... I can get you the required coke can if needed. Also have a chat to you about the trainer (got your PM)
  15. willie

    Challenge Roth 2019

    Garmin 520 and Vivoactive
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