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  1. I'm surprised they haven't already cancelled/postponed. It's obviously not going ahead and no events will until at least June is my understanding.
  2. willie

    Wanda Sports Group

    They refused to talk to the PTO because they couldn't care less about the PTO. The PTO didn't have the cash/backinf to even warrant having a useful conversation. PTO is useless because IM have Kona and all the pros want to win it. The Pro's couldn't walk away even if they wanted to because of Kona.
  3. All of them isn't it? Thats what's happened in the US anyway. Although I feel like the panic isn't anywhere near as crazy here as AUS.
  4. willie

    Wanda Sports Group

    If Ironman was to be sold I can guarantee they'd sell it to anyone that wasn't the PTO. Wanda has big enough pockets to keep stuff afloat.
  5. willie

    Roadies - Look, Time

    Was that a pro that lives up your way?
  6. willie

    Roadies - Look, Time

    I wouldn't touch another Look frame with your money. Time, well do they even still do bike stuff? There's better smaller brands out there these days IMO. Factor being one.
  7. Has iFoz managed to get a hold of that shit Yo2 is on?
  8. I'm over in the US and everything is getting cancelled, schools and universities are closing etc. The reason I've been told Boston is definitely on the out is the amount of foreigners it brings and the risk that brings with it. Crazy but I get it. They're not so much worried about people dying, but they're worried about the amount of strain it will place on health services etc if too many people go down at once.
  9. willie

    Saucony Gurus

    Grab some Peregrine. It's Saucony's best trail shoe for Australian conditions by far. I think the latest version went back to a rock plate too which is nice.
  10. No, they lead themselves to demise with poor management and a basically unsustainable model. You can't get sued that many times and survive.
  11. Official announcement to come but someone in the know just told me. I was supposed to be heading there for work and just got told to plan something else instead.
  12. https://triathlonmagazine.ca/news/in-debt-for-32-million-garneau-files-for-creditor-protection/ I reckon there will be a few more in the next couple of years now the sport has past its peak and we're spiralling towards a recession (not just in AUS)
  13. willie

    New hoka

    dumbest shoe I have seen in a long time. They said they're not safe for driving or walking down stairs... So the minute you have to go down some rocks etc or stairs mid race they're basically a hazard. Dexterity in these would be completely shit and I reckon you'd fall often if it wasn't a nice groomed trail free of tree roots, rocks etc.
  14. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-02-17/wanda-sports-is-said-to-mull-sale-of-ironman-triathlon-business
  15. It's elites only now and the 38,000 average Joe's are done. They're trying to get a hold of that virus and crossing their fingers that the Olympics can still go ahead. A girl I coach is devastated and pretty upset at the minute which is how I found out.
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