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  1. Apologies

    Bloody go easy he needs a calendar because the only training he does is racing! Roxii, give some of us younger crew a shout if you need help... Or ask one of your kids
  2. Hotshot for cramps. Anyone used it?

    Tell her that you know a distributor if they don't have one here in AUS
  3. Should Peter d0pe to win his bet with AP?

    what's your dam like when the weather gets a bit crazy?
  4. Apologies

    And Peter.the.brave
  5. Dob in a doper. This can't end well.

    Yeah there is one prominent endurance sports business owner I'd like to see tested... I know for a fact those trips to Portugal to "train" aren't legit. Before anyone says it, no it's not me... My results speak for themselves I think it's a good way for us that know someone is dodgy to help them target their testing a little more. I can't see anything wrong with that.
  6. Who's hi-jacked Bored@'s Account?

    not enough hash tags to be corky
  7. Race and event Calendar

    Yep I got it Roxii... I created an event for the 11th March, 2018 - RunWith: Mates
  8. until
    RunWith: Mates - Training Morning No.1 COST: Free, however we would encourage a gold coin donation to go towards our community project (breakfast is supplied free by Willie and the team at Runwith:) Guest speakers: Mark Rossiter from Fit Fast Active (Canberra) Mark Will present on what he thinks is a good quality "strength and conditioning" program for the average athlete. It will be 100% based around what we can achieve with things around the house in 15mins a couple of times a week (especially for those of us who are, ah hem, ageing slightly). I have been testing it for a few weeks now with good success (Willie is testing). Alyssa Wilson (RunWith Dietician) Alyssa Will present on why diet is important, but isn't worth getting obsessive or stressed about. I asked Alyssa to present something like this because I think too many people are getting caught up in fad diets and putting too much time and energy into it. Alyssa will outline simple steps we can all take to make better choices (especially when we do "take away). Schedule: 0730 - Start off with an easy run in a few groups ranging from 5.15/km through to 6.30/km for approx 45minutes. 0820 - all groups return for pancake breakfast with coffee 0845 - Alyssa Wilson "Stress free diet" with Q&A 0915 - Mark Rossitter "Strength at home" with Q&A 0945 - Final wrap up. 1000 - RunWith retail opens for shoe fitting and purchases I will update this page very soon with a link to register your interest. Thanks, Willie and the team @RunWith:
  9. Race and event Calendar

    do I have RD rights? Would like to add a couple of bits we spoke about I wouldn't say I'm of good standing, but I stand good Also, I think you need to make it a bit clearer how to access the forums bit of the site, people landing on the calendar page may not make it past that without some help (it took me a few seconds to work it out and I've been around a while and knew what I was looking for.
  10. Test dummies required...

    About $3.80 if you buy them per box... They're not a cheap product to make and they're shipped from the US which adds to the cost. I will hopefully be producing them locally before too long (we're working on license structure now) and then that will look more like $2.60-$2.80 per gel. If I could move double, that would drop the locally produced price to somewhere around 2.20-2.40. If the contract I'm working hard on now comes to light, then it's more than likely retail will be $3.20-$3.50 per single unit because I will have the numbers to produce them a lot cheaper than the current model. www.endurancehq.com.au (where all the products I distribute will live) That's me www.runwith.com.au (where my retail store lives) is also me, just retail v distribution... I was told by my accountant and solicitor to keep them seperate.
  11. Test dummies required...

    what was the other brand if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Test dummies required...

    Have a read of the book "Born to Run" and a bit more about the Tarahumara people. The gels are 100% natural and that slightly textured sensation is whole ground Chia Seeds. I know they experimented with whole chia seeds but couldn't work out a way to make it work, so they grind them. I had converted to using huma before I started distributing them and it was only through frustration with the old distributor not having my flavour in stock did I get to know the guys and realise we'd crossed paths before. Then they asked if I'd want to take it on and do something with it... Now here we are >>> www.endurancehq.com.au <<<
  13. Triathlon entry numbers baffling

    Why is that baffling?
  14. Internet diagnosis

    He's in it for the long haul... 70+ age group is easy to qualify in
  15. Bike Cleaning/Maintenance

    I reckon getting rid of all my shit was the best thing I ever did. I only have two bikes and one of those bikes is a cargo bike. My wife owns more bikes than me I'm hoping she gets stuck in and qualifies for Kona so I can go along for the ride... She's turning into a machine, if she wasn't built like a brick shit house she'd probably be even faster. And, my wife bought a kickr, so officially I have one but not.