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  1. willie

    Official Parkrun thread.

    Or Willie
  2. willie

    Splitting a long run

    I reckon running there and back is a great idea. However, I do not recommend doing the longest part of the run after your swim. Go the most direct route home, it'll give you some motivation to run a little better. Plus a lot of runs after swimming go to shit...
  3. willie

    Focus Paralane 2017 Alloy Disc

    It fits like a 55cm or medium in a giant. Pretty nice bike. I'd buy it if I actually rode a bike every now and then.
  4. willie

    No more ASICS from Wiggle!

    We used to. AU prices haven't climbed in some time and this is because the brand's changed tact and realised we're not stupid. The rest of the world caught up price wise. You could probably speak to one of the little independent guys and they'd probably give you 20% of on any day just cause.
  5. willie

    Motivating Musicians- Who's yours?

    He's a Belieber
  6. willie

    Motivating People - Who's yours?

    Say what?
  7. willie

    Motivating People - Who's yours?

    This thread went this long with no mention of Corky. I'm impressed.
  8. willie

    Big Husky 2019

  9. willie

    Tribar Suggestions

    They know this happens but have fixed it with an upgraded part... Does that not annoy you just a little bit? They’re basically saying, yeah, we got it wrong but spend more money on our stuff and we’ll correct our faulty product for you.
  10. willie

    Kurnell Sprint this weekend - entry on the day

    They're all run by EE so assuming their operating costs have gone up substantially or they're seeing what people are willing to pay before leaving the triathlon market? I can't say I blame them... Triathlon is a hard market to be in now and the margins are pretty slim. There's bigger and easier events to run and I see they're starting to focus on them.
  11. willie

    I just thru up at Tim dons shiv

    Really really strange without the storage thingy.
  12. willie

    Sagan goes Alloy

    Story below. The welds took my interest and are pretty cool. https://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/article/peter-sagan-specialized-allez-sprint-53456/
  13. willie

    Vertical Oscillation - what's going on?!

    That same guy that has dropped to 16.05 runs his long stuff at around 5.30ish... never faster than 5.20. So yes, you’re running too fast
  14. willie

    Vertical Oscillation - what's going on?!

    They're both important. Cadence is this new buzz word for running faster and easier. It has long been known the faster you move your legs the faster you run and the fitter you get and the easier it starts to feel 😮 Efficiency isn't as important as economy. Economy is where it's at (commonly they get confused, I still mix em up as well). Go see someone in person. It can quite literally take minutes away from your 5km times and more as you go longer (everyone in my squad has dropped a minute or more in 2018, except me. I gained abiut 30secs and 6kgs). One guy went from 18.40 to 16.05 😮 he's got a 14.xx in him this year. I reckon most triathletes run too fast when they're running slow and too slow when they're running fast. They often do intervals that are too long and too many of them (a lot do more than my runners which is crazy).