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  1. BHG6 Road bike

    I like that bike... what are you replacing it with?
  2. Garmin 935. Wow

    https://help.trainingpeaks.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005055028-TrainingPeaks-Daily-Workout-Garmin-Connect-IQ-app this is what you're after I think.
  3. Garmin 935. Wow

    yep. I can do it with the 735 too i think
  4. City Joggers are Rude

    don't pick on me
  5. Ironman in Victoria

    I tried and it. It was the ****ing pits. Literally. Bolton. Sucked. Bike course even had 1.3kms that was about 1m wide, no over taking and was unsealed because of road works on the course, they either failed to mention this or all the people around me didnt hear it at the race briefing either... IM france a few weeks before was ssooooo much better.
  6. CX v Gravel bike

    I always thought they were the same thing... but maybe a gravel bike is kinda like the gran fondo kinda CX bike, so you can have panniers etc. I'd go for the cross (race) bike personally, they're not bad to commute on with slick tyres (nor is a MTB I've come to realise)
  7. ATEC Expo Cancelled

    http://www.atecshow.com.au/ As per website. Shame, I thought it was just starting to gain traction.
  8. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    Hahaha, I struggled from about the 9km mark. I got it done in 67 something. I was 100.7kgs on the scale that morning, had spent 4 days out field on rats leading into the race. Was always going to be ugly. but I ticked off my number 1 goal for the race - beat the wife (If I don't lose some KGs she'll start beating me soon). Wife got it done in 68.57. Grudge match next year from the same start group. Only next year she'll have been running for more than 8 months. Yep, I'm scared.
  9. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    Wivey and I were there... hung around for a while and didn't recognise anyone. 3 beers and then out. I was out bush with army all week and was toast.
  10. WTB small (52cm) Road hike

    My house mate is selling her 11 speed 105 giant TCR if you're keen on something like that. It's a 'small' in giant sizing.
  11. Zwift or Bkool

    I reckon they're about 2 years late to the party. Assuming it's new (I've not heard of it till now) they'll find it tough to compete I think. I'm a zwift man personally.
  12. More race deaths. 70.3 Phillipines

    People die in all sports regardless of how tame they are... look at the dude who died in a body building comp.
  13. Help me pick a multi-tool

    Nah, she'd need two new threads for that.
  14. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    No, most people don't. You really don't need 'support' or cushioning of a Hoka if you can do all your racing in a Hyperspeed (one of my favourite shoes). Your body absorbs more shock than any shoe ever will and your muscles offer all the support most people need.
  15. Where to find hard-to-find Fuji D6 seatpost?

    Can't you just cut the seatpost down?