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  1. Read between the lines i just got rid of the spouse. Was a win win really. New job won't allow me the structure to do tris so running it is.
  2. If it's that big a money maker Wanda would've taken it. I figure they would've already been a long way to getting permits etc for the race. If it is worth that much why wouldn't another company swoop in and run it instead?
  3. I didnt? I sure had to think for a long long time about it though...
  4. willie

    Garmin 935

    Not off the top of my head sorry!
  5. Wahoo actually include the spacer with all their units
  6. willie

    Garmin 935

    yeah mate, will do until the 935 gets here
  7. I will call tomorrow and find out for you That should mean they're not far away...
  8. you're naive sorry! I dont think any events wanda has bought have changed all that much apart from a little sparkle. UTA, MTB race and a few others... Queenstown Marathon is another I've seen.
  9. Successful doesn't mean money making though. There are some events that may not be sold because they're co-owned etc. It might take a while to sort a few things out. Anyone know what contract terms for City2Surf are? I get the feeling there will be a substantial management fee paid offshore now it's foreign owned and will become another very low taxed franchise so prices may not rise like we all fear.
  10. Ah I'm 32 and that was 12 years ago. Am I worried? Nope. All the testing I've done indicates I still have the ability. It all rests on my ability to not look like the above I'll start posting my weekly workouts etc and diarise a lot of it for everyone. Maybe once a week starting Sunday.
  11. I'm saying you're wrong. I know someone here in Sydney and they bought all the events and some are being wound up because they're not profitable. Someone that currently works for Fairfax Events will be working for me from July.
  12. Interesting to note that some of the smaller break even/loss making events have been shelved now that Wanda bought them out. Assuming Wanda didn't want them and told Fairfax they couldn't keep running sporting events as part of the deal.
  13. So they own most of Australia's big endurance sporting events now. How long till sponsors etc stop giving Wanda $$$? Edit: Story https://www.afr.com/business/media-and-marketing/nine-sells-marquee-sports-events-to-ironman-for-31m-20190520-p51pa8
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