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  1. Making them and bringing them into the country (AUS) are very very different things
  2. I missed it in that thread. Sorry! Will shoot you a PM shortly.
  3. Yeah use and rate the assioma from Favero. I have one huge gripe, they read about 100 watts to low 100% of the time. I swear it's not me There's about 10 people off here that have bought them from me and touch wood, haven't had any back yet. 1 pair out of about 25 came back. More than half Vectors did come back so I stopped selling them. Only Bored@ is too cool for Assiomas. I'll see what I can do. But I'm a little fish so can't afford to lose on them like 99 bikes. Anyone else want some while I'm at it?
  4. Man 2012 seems like so long ago now. He hasn't even looked like a world champ since.
  5. They'll be on special at rebel real soon... I can do better than 20% of RRP if you're really wanting one. If not, wait for a week or two
  6. willie

    Wahoo Kickr BIKE

    You could buy a whole bike, and kickr, and climb, and fan and still have change. Their targeting the wrong market with this. They should've gone towards commercial with this product. Circa $5.5k Aussie for the bike. The peleton was too expensive and didn't sell. I don't get the price point. It is kinda cool though. I'll do you a deal on all the components including dedicated bike if you want shit I'll even throw in the P3 with kickr/fan and climb for $4.8k
  7. I just got a spot to the 70.3 in Arizona. It's 6 weeks away. I don't know how to swim. Or bike. Or run. But no sweat, I've got like 17hrs to finish a half or something?
  8. Does anyone want a kickr core? Comes with everything it would new. Mic (guy that works for me) just told me a lady didn't want it after he built it for her because it doesn't fold (when I say built, put 4 bolts in). I will include the box etc with it, just won't be in said box. Will come with warranty etc. $1000 and I will deliver it in Sydney
  9. Correct. It won't talk to the Garmin without it.
  10. 😮 I service mine every 6-8 weeks and rebuild it every year.
  11. the fact you don't need to get it serviced is worth it though Personally I'm too cheap to pay the premium for Di2 (they're generally $1500 more than the mechanically equivalent) and still use mechanical, I know how to build and service it though so makes it east.
  12. Lucky it's only 29.5kms then first time in a while I won't run it, someone said the other day it might be the last because of the amount of use the path is seeing now. Did anyone get the low down on that?
  13. I reckon, I've been seeing a lot of posts etc. I like the fact she quite real/honest and sometimes posts when she's not real happy or something hasn't gone to plan.
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