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  1. Yeah I'm a retailer and I can't even buy em at this price wholesale... garmin 935 $449 and 235 $249 at Rebel Sport now!
  2. willie

    Cervelo P3X

    https://www.cervelo.com/en/p3x From US$8,000
  3. Nah, the whole replace after 3yrs thing is complete and utter bullshit. A bit like the replace running shoes after 400kms thing... As long as they don't get knocked about, crashed and damaged, they'll be good for a long time. The materials in them don't break down like we are led to believe by the manufacturers.
  4. We already have two coaches lined up for exactly this. I think AP was approached in the past but it didn't come to anything (I could be wrong).
  5. You're assuming they haven't already knicked it
  6. Yeah same. If I don't trust you to look after it there is not way I'm lending you something. I kind of feel like you're trying to solve a problem that's not there ( in triathlon at least)
  7. Reckon I can do better...
  8. willie

    Weird nerve pain...

    Did physio say anything about piriformis? That's what gave me a niggle in the same spot... Easy way to test.ay on ground. Pull knee towards chest then towards opposite shoulder whilst still toward chest (that's off the top of my head at 1130pm).
  9. I reckon the extra $$$ spent for some Cadens would be well worth it.
  10. willie

    Cervelo P5 2019

    I thought the whole point of triathlon was buying expensive stuff so you look fast whilst pretending. disclaimer: I've been doing a bit of training and cycling lately
  11. willie

    Cervelo P5 2019

    There's not enough rich stupid people out there to make the P5X a success 😮 If they dropped the price of that, on par with the P5 they'd fly out the door.
  12. willie

    Cervelo P5 2019

    What I get from this video is development has really stalled on super bikes. He doesn't seem like he has a lot to talk about! I do like Cervelo but I'll stick to my P3 for now. It'll do!
  13. willie

    SRAM etap (again)

    Is that yours?
  14. willie

    Trannies Glossary

    If it's not white. It's not right.
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