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  1. Fluid Medium (17”) Hardtail MTB 29er I mostly used it for commuting (I didn’t commute much either) I have two sets of wheels to go with it, one for commuting with slick tyres and one for off-road. Can have a near new Rudy Helmet if you want it. Came randomly as an extra with some sunnies and not needed. I will put pedals and a saddle on it before it gets picked up. Group set 10spd Deore (double front), road cassette on the commuter wheels. Wheelseet - Fulcrum Red Pwer for off road and WTB commuter with Thickslick and sealant in the tyres upgraded fork to Rock Shox TK Silver $700 for the lot
  2. $800 (it was over $2k new) Less than 10hrs on the motor, I already have one treadmill and this one was in the shop before it closed. I don’t need a second! Pro Form Performance 1850. MAx speed 20km/hr and 15% incline (actual 15%) http://www.treadmill-running-machine-review.co.uk/proform-performance-1850-treadmill-review.html Pick up only in Sydney (Russell Lea)
  3. Go the cervelo in a 56 from pushys. I ride the propel in a medium as well if your buying new. That is very good bang for your buck and waaaayyyy more adjustable then the trinity.
  4. willie

    Shifting issues?

    Knowing it's exposed new inner and outer cables should do the trick.
  5. willie

    Tacx Neo 2

    Short answer is no it's not in general. Some stuff is handled in AUS and sent from AUS.
  6. Not really, I could barely break 2hrs a few months back. Last November I barely beat 5hrs for a marathon after going through halfway in about 2.02 from memory. To be honest I couldn't run 32km last November. Let's see what happens in Queenstown in a couple of weeks.
  7. I'm not that fat anymore.... In fact I'm almost under 90kgs.
  8. willie

    Hoka One One

    Depends on the colour way and model. But normally up half a size, yes.
  9. I don't know about 5k. I haven't really had a good crack at one lately. I have a TT in two weeks and will know.after that. My guess, about 19.20ish
  10. Well I ran 1.31 so I'm not far off...
  11. Mate I dare say you'd rub off on people around you and motivate them... You might still be crap at what you do but I doubt that's their reasoning i figure I'm not exactly a couch potato and am quite driven, but I still look up to people like you and have since I was about 12/13 when we met.
  12. willie

    Hoka One One

    Different brand all together, not overly popular in AUS though. I tend to disagree with putting inserts in anything unless you're really messed up. They make a heavy shoe even heavier.
  13. I've only ever blocked/banned one person. That was tonight, I don't think that's the way to go nor the point of me putting my hand in my pocket to keep this alive. Not sure why everyone is all of a sudden at each other's throats all the time. Used to be an awesome supportive place, now it's all about the pitchforks. Maybe it's the facebook effect starting to spread here too?
  14. I love the internet and the bullies it brings out. Because of what's going on at the minute I'm turning new stuff off, sorry but it's getting out of control.
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