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  1. Enjoy the ford or holden wins now, it won't be long before they won't be racing....
  2. to much to read, but how do 13 here justify themselves to say its ok
  3. I doubt many ride up it in the big chain right
  4. Good job Sunset, was our description close to the mark?
  5. What is a green jake the snake???
  6. Just did it myself on Monday and wouldn't call it a sharp climb, just fairly long. As SMB said though there are quite a few breaks and once through the first 5 kms it becomes easier. Great ride though, wish we had one of those on our doorstep
  7. Nice profile for a girl.

    You planning on breaking the 30 posts mark this year?

  8. CQTri

    Game On

    I wonder how they will work out who WON?
  9. CQTri

    Game On

    Can someone clarify for me how this competition will actually be 'judged' to find a winner?
  10. CQTri

    Game On

    U must be serious if your tapering
  11. CQTri

    Game On

    Are you racing on an E-114????
  12. CQTri

    Game On

    Sounds like your training is going real well
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