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  1. What about the ellipticals they are flogging at Decathlon? Any good? Also, Fitness Buddy - I would also be interested in having a read of your book.
  2. Andrew #1

    Busso 2019

    Yeah I remember that. Hamilton island in summer. Makes Kona look frigid. 😂 Seriously though, he’s done ok in the heat and humidity over the years in key races. He just needs a trucker’s hat for Kona and he’ll smash it out of the park. Eventually. He did way better this year than Macca on debut. I reckon both he and Gomez will win Kona before they retire.
  3. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Last year in Kona he was towards the front half of the main pack and only 2.5 minutes off the back of that front pack. This year he felt flat in the swim and bike - he puts it down to the travel after Italy, but it might just be from laying down a 7.46 Ironman 3 weeks out. Who knows. Anyways, he came out of the water towards the back of the main pack and 5 minutes behind the very small elite selection that hammered the swim. Big difference in terms of being able to quickly move through the main pack of swimmers in the opening miles of the bike and bridge up to the Frodo pack on the QueenK. So, this year - without that late Ironman and travel 3 weeks out he might have come out towards the front of the main pack of swimmers - and only 3 minutes behind Frodo etc. However, with ITU swim training over the next 6 months, it seems likely that his swim will be more consistent - always able to place him towards the front of the main pack: whether the head of the main pack gets out of the water 2 or 4 minutes behind the first - breakaway - pack depends on how much the likes of Josh, AB and Gomez are prepared to put the hammer down in the water. If they ‘take it easy’ then Cam might actually be able to ‘tag along’. This probably means that AB and Gomez will put the hammer down to get a gap out of the water and make Cam work harder on the bike to catch up ...
  4. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Towards the end of that podcast Cam discloses that he has had a meeting with the TA selectors and they have set him specific swimming goals/benchmarks to achieve in training before they select him for another World Cup race. So, it seems his Olympic canalising is still on at this stage. Edit: the clever bum comments below made do a double take - ‘canalising’ = campaign. Obviously. I must have hit the wrong key and didn’t pick up the autocorrect.
  5. Andrew #1


    Mick Fuller phoning it in for Nancy Reagan: https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/fuller-says-he-has-a-right-to-come-out-and-stand-by-policing-methods-20191122-p53d9e.html oh, well - its not his kids in the firing line. His get on the turps and drive home drunk. How good is that? I was working as a staffer for the newly elected NSW Labor government when 15 year old Anna Wood died of an (assumed you be) Eccy OD. Her authoritarian parents have led the ‘just say no’ and law and order approach charge ever since. At the time, and now I am certain that if they had given Anna my verboten ‘hot tips’ she’d likely still be alive. Almost certainly if there was a pill testing regime in place. Surely that’s what counts most - keeping our kids alive until they grow up. In saying that i am not oblivious to the dangers of addiction. Especially of amphetamines and derivatives such as MDMA. But dead Is dead. No coming back from that.
  6. Andrew #1


    That’s ok. Better keep it under the carpet. Scare them about the risk without giving them the info that might actually save their lives. Maybe cutting the break lines on a P plater’s car will scare them into slowing down as well. awesome.
  7. Andrew #1


    Hot tipS for your kids who may want to experiment, even if they deny it: 1. make sure someone else is the lab rat. Watch them take whatever it is that is going around and wait at least 20 minutes before you even think of taking it. 2. Whatever you do, don’t travel with it to a venue. preload. 3. designed sober companions are essential. 4. don’t be afraid to seek immediate help if it starts to go south; and 5. Make sure that they know that you will have their back and won’t be overly judgmental BUT that they can always call you in an emergency.
  8. Lol. That was my thinking as well. I reckon you need a fascia release. Bowen massage. It may leave you feeling a bit discombobulated for 3-4 days but like a million bucks after that.
  9. It’s over 16 minutes right now. Sigh. The rot set in in late May last year. I’d actually doe a 2km triathlon swim in 28 minutes in April and 13 minutes and change for 1km (Garmin measured) in Sydney Harbour just before that and had rolled out a lazy 14:40 in the pool as well. Then I got ‘golfers’ elbow and my 2km swim time dropped 10 minutes, just like that: 38+ for IM Cairns 70.3. 3 plasma injections and 18 months later I can now do about 5km per week in the pool without pain. Anyway, enough of my pity party. Can I comment on this thread Peter?
  10. This. No point doing drills or even trying to focus on technique unless you can visualise what you are doing wrong. I reckon I learned more over a period of two weeks than in 10 years of old school squad from a few simple technique session squads where the (very good) coach simply used my iPad to video me for 10-15 seconds a time for about 5 times from above the waterline over a period of about 10 minutes of a normal 90 minute squad session, then pulled me to one side of the pool and reviewed this with me and then put me in a seperate lane with specific drills to address said issues. She then did the same to others in the squad and had each of us swimming 5-10 per hundred faster within a fortnight.
  11. After your base phase, there are only three true key sessions each week for the Build and peak phases: long bike, long run and long swim. Suggest you do the bike and run for time and not distance BUT as a discipline to ensure that swimming is not neglected, aim for a 4km swim session at least once a week. That way you’ll never be fatigued coming out of the water and onto the bike. You seem to have enough time on your hands to manage the weekends, so if your body is young and strong enough to handle it then a 4km swim Friday, long (4-6hr) bike Saturday, with short run brick (30 minutes, building to an hour or more 6 weeks out from Ironman), then a 2 hr run Sunday morning (with the option of a 30-60 minute run in the evening to make it a double run day) - right there: that is 90% enough training for the build phase of an Ironman. Monday off. Quality intensity short sessions on Tuesday-Thursday and you are done.
  12. Doing a swim and then straight away a brick would kind of make it a ‘super brick’, wouldn’t it? Personally I like a ‘super brick’ as a time crunched training hack. I also like days off. Mark Allen always said, that you don’t improve from hard training, you improve from the rest you take after hard training. I reckon for time crunched workers who are training for an Ironman that two days off - Monday and Friday - are a good option. Use the rest on Friday to recover from the shorter - more ‘quality’ focused mid week sessions, before the long aerobic stuff you need to do on the weekend. Monday’s are to recover from that before stepping back into the shorter, more intense sessions mid week. I also reckon that once you get older (over 45), especially if you have a lot of miles already in the bank, that splitting up your long bike from your long run makes sense. For example - having Saturday as a down day before a long bike ride-short run brick on Sunday is a good option. Then Monday swim and yoga or something like that. Tuesday massage, no training intensity at all - just active recovery: maybe a commuter bike ride or an hour noodling in the small chain ring in the park or on a bike-way. Wednesday morning long run, then a recovery swim (maybe 25 minutes open water). 24 hours off until Thursday afternoon quality (intervals) bike, Friday quality (intervals) run & quality (4km squad) swim after work.
  13. Andrew #1


    Come back Master Wayne. Gotham needs you.
  14. PJ actually finished second to Shortis in the inaugural IMWA in 2004. L McKenzie was 3rd.
  15. So there you go. Both AB and Gomez are targeting an Olympic-Kona double tilt next year, as I speculated on the other AB thread. Taupo could be the after dinner mint #triplecrown.
  16. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    So, he swam 19:40ish. Hmmm. ... he has a lot of work to do ...
  17. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Maybe he was waiting for his soigneur to give him a push out of T1 ...
  18. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Yes. Exactly 2 minutes slower than everybody else. Curious
  19. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Good swim, surprised he didn’t bridge on the bike to the first pack. 36 minute 10Km isn’t a real surprise, although I thought a 33 might be doable for his first attempt.
  20. In NSW, all I can say is thank god for Emo.
  21. Same. Could someone PM me with the post. I’m sure a few of you copied it before it was deleted. thanks in advance. come back MMW!
  22. For the BONDI to Watson’s Bay Rough Water I swam 10 years ago the support boats had to wait outside Ben Buckler. I’d imagine the same rules would apply. That shouldn’t pose much of a problem.
  23. He ran back to back 33 minute 10km splits before easy up slight once he passed and gapped Dave. GOAT
  24. OK - were is the time he puts aside to make baby No. 2 with Rini? Also - how does he account for the additional calories he expends? Another shake? I’m calling bullshit.
  25. Andrew #1

    IM Malaysia 2015

    The pool of talent is much deeper now. The top 5 to 10 good short course guys from 1989 would still be good now, but today there are 50 guys of that calibre. Specialisation, because of draft legal racing also has an effect. However, look at Gomez’s results this year. He’s won 70.3 races, ITU draft legal races - he finished 3rd in the World Series and his currently ranked 9th by the ITU in the world (which ain’t shabby for someone who is 36 and has been at the top for 15 years already), but he also squeezed in a win at the would ITU long course race in May in the middle of his ITU season and then finished the season with a dominant, record breaking race at IM Malaysia (which was only 8 weeks after the ITU World Series Grand Final in Lausanne, FYI) Finishing 6th at both the ITU World Series Grand Final and 70.3 world championships a week apart shows his versatility. In fact at least three ‘draft legal, short course’ specialists backed up a week later and had top results (including the winner) on a bike course that was anything but easy. Even A Brownlee won the European ITU championship and then Ironman Cork 6 weeks later. So mixing up distances and formats and achieving top results across the board is still possible, 30 years after Allen won everything, over every distance back in 1989. Have a look at how the Olympics, Kona and Taupo are spaced apart next year. There is one day shy of 11 weeks between the men’s race at the Olympics and Kona. Another 7 to Taupo. I reckon Gomez is very tempted to the give the triple crown a crack. Clearly, going to the trouble of doing IM Malaysia (which is a hard day in the office in any body’s books) proves that. AB? Dunno for sure but I reckon he wants to do at least two legs of the triple crown next year.
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