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    The Politics Thread

    “Facts” hey, who needs them. Here are some actual, ascertainable, factoids: 1. The 49% rate is the sum of 1. The 45% rate plus the 2% Medicare levy (which the Libs tried to move up to 2.5% before backing down last budget) and the 2% budget pair levy which ... the liberals introduced in the 2014 budget and which they only scrapped for the current financial year. The point of difference between labor and the liberals is that labor opposed scrapping the liberals air levy until the budget is back in surplus; 2. Super tax (whether it be at 15% or 30% for high income earners) is already a concessional rate of tax from what would otherwise be paid as tax on income. At the moment the concessional rate of 30% applies to taxable incomes of over $300,000. Labor proposes reducing that threshold to $250,000 - not the $200,000 you state; 3. Labor is not “getting rid of” negative gearing. Existing arrangements are grandfathered. For future property investments, Negative gearing will still apply to the purchases of new builds; and 4. Death taxes “already mentioned”. Lols.
  2. Andrew #1

    Big Husky 2019

    Entered the 1.9/90/21.1 option but I’m way behind where I need to be. Will likely pike out and switch to the 1/60/10 option.
  3. Andrew #1

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    Down to 96.3kg this morning. So that’s over 2kg right there. 4.5 day sugar detox (meant to be 5, but went to lunch at Chiswick at the NSW Art Gallery yesterday and indulged on Verve, Pinot and then Dessert). Also started training again after 2 weeks down with that pesky summer cold. #smallsteps
  4. Andrew #1

    Straddie Salute 2019

    My sister owns a 3 bedroom unit right on cylinder beach. Sleeps 8. Could be an option if you can get a group together Cranky. It’s let through the local real estate agent or AirBNB.
  5. Andrew #1


    So, Siddle left out for Hazlewood for the first test. I wonder how that will work out? With two strike bowlers working from one end - both who can be wayward and provide an attacking batting line up - like the one NZ will sport - ample opportunities to score runs - Hazlewood better be up to bowling a tight line and length at the other end - something he wasnt capable of doing in England. For my money they should have gone with the workhorse Siddle ...
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    The fundamental problem is the fragmentation of the way the game is organised in Australia: Six Shield Games before xmas, but the test team is so obviously picked without regard to demonstrated current form in those shield games (witness the exclusion of Burns, Maxwell, Wade and Patterson in favour of players who - not only have failed in recent tests but have also had a dismal shield season; Then - no sheild games at all until the end of February, with the last four rounds played with the Dukes ball - which is totally irrelevant to Australian conditions, given we have never played test cricket in thei country (or any other country outside England and the West Indies) with the Dukes, and are not likely to in the near future; The ODI assembles for a week or 10 days at a time, sparodically throughout the year, only to be flogged in most games. By the time the team builds some cohesion and momentum that particular ODI series is over and the team dissolves for a few months before a ‘rinse and repeat’ episode; The big bash kicks off at a time when our genuine stars are unavailable due to the Boxing Day and New Years Tests. When they are over there is little enthusiasm for our test players to back up for most of the second half of the big bash. Then there are some joke ODIs and T20 internationals to wrap up the summer. Compare that to the way that the Indians organise their cricket calendar - starting with the timing of the Champions League and noting that that particular competition is the only T20 competition that the ICB permits their international players to participate in.
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    Taking the possibility out of a batsman’s mind that if he makes a mistake he could get bowled or out LBW certainly takes the pressure off said batsman - only has to concentrate on not nicking one ... batsmen who have patience to wait for a loose ball will be rewarded bigly if they don’t have to play defensively to preserve their wicket. As India have proven with their 5 centuries so far this series. Fun fact - the last time that no australian batsman scored a century in a home test series of 4 or more tests was ... 1883-4. ...
  8. Andrew #1

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    Given you did an Ironman only 4 weeks ago, I’d listen to your body and continue active recovery on the paddle board for up to a couple of extra weeks. You’ve earned it and the rest will help you reset for your base training. Patience padwan.
  9. Andrew #1

    Training Camp - 3h from Sydney

    North of Sydney - Forster - 3hr drive from Hornsby. south of Sydney - the shoalhaven region around Nowra - 2 hour drive from the southern suburbs of Sydney. My my preference would be to go south. Lots of riding options out of Nowra, including the back roads adjacent to 7 mile beach up to Gerroa; out past the naval airbase, various routes around Jervis bay; over the hill via Cambewarra into Kanagaroo valley and if you want some epic rides continue on into the southern highlands. Nowra has two Olympic pools options, plus lots of open water swimming around Jervis bay and also surf swimming north or south of the town. Lots of trail and road running options as well. Intrepid race director Emo is a local (and owns a LBS as well) - he’d be able to give you a few extra tips, I’m sure.
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    Take out smith and warner’s early year tons and the rest of our batting line up has only scored a hundred twice in the calendar year. The 4 in total (including Warner and smith’s efforts) for 2018 is the equal worst on record for the Australian test team (and the other equally poor effort was when Australia only played five tests for the year, as opposed to the 10 tests we played in 2018. Our batting stocks are nearly empty. Largely in my view because the ACB have not been able to properly calibrate T20 cricket into the domestic season and the longer form of the game, especially Shield Cricket has suffered. That said, there are obvious better options than persisting with either Finch or M Marsh (at least as a mainstay of the team). Joe Burns did struggle as a test opener against quality bowling line ups two years ago, but the fact remains that his record and current form is light years ahead of every other available opening batting option. He averages 37 in tests, 41 in first class cricket and is averaging about 50 in the Sheffield Shield this season. It verges in criminal that he isn’t the first opener selected. Young NSW No.3 Patterson should be picked to partner Head in the lower middle order. Again, this is a no brainer. Marnus L’s selection makes zero sense unless the selectors think the SCG pitch will be a real turner and they are prepared to rest Hazelwood and keep M Marsh as a spare pace option while Lyon with Marnus’s Leg breaks as a foil do most of the heavy lifting with the ball. Otherwise the section is a joke. Murnus is neither a first class bat or bowler and not a genuine all rounder prospect.
  11. Andrew #1

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    97.2kg this morning. There! I’m winning already 😂
  12. Andrew #1

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    98.5kg last night. Frack. Me!
  13. Andrew #1

    2019 Goal - What are they?

    In my case I stopped doing triathlon about the time I met my wife aged 25 who feed me well. Once I hit 108kg and my relationship had become established I pulled my finger out and got back into triathlon at aged 28. Did my first comeback race at 99kg (John Holt’s EZ4U series at Heffron Park - 300M pool swim, 11km bike and 3km run) and gradually worked my way up to club distance (1km/30km/8km) and down to 85kg by the NSW Club Championships at Port Stephens 6 months later (where I met Roxii for the first time as we we both members of the now defunct SIAC triathlon club). Over the next 8 years my weight ossilated between about 79kg and about 87kg, depending largely on whether I was training for an ironman triathlon. Then I had a major back injury (disc extrusion at L5-S1, right on top of a preexisting spondiolysis) and could hardly move for the next two years (at a time when my practice as a barrister was becoming very work intense). I was depressed and eat a lot. I also developed insulin resistance. By the time I could exercise again (only Physio based core exercises and swimming) three years later, my weight was over 100kg again. Over the following three years I got that down to about 90kg and have oscillated between 89 and my current lummox of 97kg since. I’ve really struggled in my 40s to drop the weight. Exercise alone doesn’t do it like it did when I was in my 20s or 30s and frankly I’ve been weak and feeble minded to stick out a proper diet plan. Six months ago on the eve of Cairns 70.3 I developed what has turned out to be tendinitis in my right elbow, right shoulder and also around my left ankle. I’ve also changed jobs, going back to the private bar, working my arse off - between Cairns 70.3 and November I was rarely out of court, running over 8 trials to verdict and working most days on the weekends (I also had to buy into a new set of chambers and set up my office). Probably no surprises, but every time I ramped up the training I got sick - including last weekend: my first 12km run since Cairns and the next day - xmas eve - sick again. Thankfully I still have a whole month off before going back to work (ok, I’ve got to do a couple of days per week to get my ducks in a row from next week, but that’s a comparitive luxury compared to my work load over the last half year. Anyway, I’m starting a 5 day sugar cleansing diet later this week. My summer cold has progressed to the point where I can start training again tomorrow and I have four weeks to get into a good routine before the work madness starts up again. I had a plasma injection into my elbow tendon just before xmas and another scheduled for mid January. Goals? I dont really have those right now. So much is dependant on my health and continuing to reestablish my practice. A change of State Government seems very possible and that wold likely entail another career change shortly thereafter. I also have the builders coming in in February to complete a large, long delayed renovation - I will be living in the converted garage-granny flat out of suitcases for about 3 months when that happens. So, more disruption. Given all that, what are my hopes and aspirations (not goals) triathlon wise for 2019: 1. Ive entered the Husky Ultimate. If I can get a wriggle on I should get down to 90kg and be able to do that. Otherwise, ill just concentrate on the bike leg and do the “Aqua Bike version instead of the full triathlon. 2. I hope I can swim 5km per week. My sub 15 minute per km days will not happen again until the tendinitis subsides sufficiently so I can swim fast again. Until then I am self limiting my speed to no faster than 1:40 per 100M in training. At the moment I’m swimming 17 minutes for a km. If I can do 5km per week slowly I reckon I can swim 1:35 min per 100M pace in a race with a little pain. 3. If my health continues to recover I want to do Cairns again - either the 70.3 in under 6hrs or the full in under 13:30 hours 4. I’d like to do once, probably last, Ironman at the end of the year at IMWA - under 13hours and hopefully around the 12:30 mark. 3 & 4 above are predicated on me getting below 85kg and being able to run up to 40km per week consistently in training - which is about all my 50 year old body can handle.Originally I didn’t think I’d be able to do either Cairns or IMWA next year as I looked to have personal commmitments at the same time as the races. As it turns out those commitments are both on the weekend after the respective Ironman races. So, they are feasible in that regard. Lomger term, I dont think I’ll ever do Kona, unless something like that Ventum deal they had this year falls into my lap in the next 18 months. I think my body is just about done for long course triathlon. If I can get over my elbow tendinitis I want to do the Rottnest channel and Gibraltar channel ocean swims in a few years. Triathlonwise, post ironman I’d like to do sprint and Olympic distance races until I’m about 55-56 and perhaps aim at an overseas World Championships as a triathlon tourist type experience to finish off triathlons for good. I’m also getting back into surfing after a 30 year break - that will develop to be my main sporting activity over the next two years. Happy New Years everybody.
  14. Andrew #1

    Modifying a triathlon

    I actually think this is the future. Especially in cities. It’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with a triathlon where you swim In an endless pool with your progress monitored and logged online, and do the bike & run on Zwift or equivalent. in between traditional triathlons and the 100% Zwift online version I have outlined, I reckon that doing the middle leg on Zwift will soon be a thing with city based triathlon clubs who otherwise can’t run local club races. For example, in the inner city and inner west of Sydney you could run a triathlon at Dolls Point - 750M in the Bay, 20km on watopia and then a 5km run towards Brighton Le Sands and back. The organisers would need a fairly big power supply so competitors could hook up their wahoo Kickrs in transition, but other than that, the logistics of running the event would be pretty straight forward and probably very cost effective.
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    Official Parkrun thread.

  16. Andrew #1

    Cronulla Sharks

    Shark cull now! From Sydney Park to the Victorian border is Dragon country. sharkies? Pah! Splitters. Nobody likes a splitter.
  17. Andrew #1


    Drop in pitch. However. At least it wasn’t a road. Nearly 1,000 runs and 40 wickets in 4.2 days is ok. Far from the worst wicket I’ve seen
  18. Andrew #1

    Garmin 735 training effect

    No matter how hard I go with my 935 I never get into an anaerobic TE. I do have unusually low HR thresholds though. Maybe I should adjust them manually
  19. Andrew #1

    The Politics Thread

    Putting sex offenders and drug kingpins in prison actually.
  20. Andrew #1

    The Politics Thread

    Thankfully I don’t give a flying frack what you think. You are not for turning. Your myopic hypocracy is risible. I’m partisan. No doubt about that. But i dont think Labor is perfect. I dont know what I was thinking, seeking to engage after a couple fo year’s break. You cant stay on topic when snookered, or defend your position with integrity. It’s a shame actually. More honesty on your part could lead to an actual worthwhile debate rather than the recycling of dross and LNP-SkyNoos talking points.
  21. Andrew #1

    The Politics Thread

    You do a good job of rebutting yourself through pig headedness.
  22. Andrew #1

    The Politics Thread

    Actually, Jimbo’s “bait and switch” effort is even more stupid upon re-reading. Neither the NDIS or Gonski are “tax expenditures”. If you are going to troll, do better!
  23. Andrew #1

    The Politics Thread

    Bait and switch. A low speed, low flier. Piss poor effort mate. Others will have noticed your con - I was rebutting Prince’s shot about GFC handouts. Stop being gormless (hah, I know - a bit like complaining about the tide coming in, of course you’ll be gormless).
  24. Andrew #1

    The Politics Thread

    Could have done yourself a favour and stopped posting at that point ...
  25. Andrew #1

    The Politics Thread

    Because it’s actually is, you nong. “One off” verses “recurrent” ...