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  1. Andrew #1

    BIG Husky 2020

    Should be good to go for the Aquabike once you get some metal inserted.
  2. Bummer! How did you manage that injury?
  3. I didn’t say, “yep, lock it in Eddie”. Only “doable”. 10 weeks prep is all that guys with a base a mile deep need to go from ordinary to peak. In fact any longer than about 14 weeks specific prep and they’d likely go backwards.
  4. So, the Brownlees would have to be approaching peak form on the weekend of 15-18 August if they are serious about the Olympics next year. 10 weeks. Doable.
  5. Yep. When are the British team selection races scheduled? They will be the litmus test.
  6. Of course it is ...
  7. I reckon I’d be up for an “aquabike” version of the Kraken. Or an Emo style “classic” (1/60/10) by the end of July. But a 20k run is a bit beyond me at the moment. Sad but true.
  8. http://yeppoontriathlonfestival.com.au/ wow!
  9. Ummm. Cairns and Cairns 70.3? And tweed is NSW. What is Yeppoon Kracken? I thought the resort had closed down years ago ...
  10. Good luck all you racers. First time I’ve missed Cairns in the last 6 years. Sigh 😔
  11. This. If he’s not injured - either in his prep or on race day - he still wins.
  12. It’s a Regional Championship with a largish prize purse: there also seems to be a dozen or so confirmed pros for both M & F divisions. Anything less than 3 + 3 would be ridiculous.
  13. I’ll repeat what IMO I think ‘the system’ should be: 1. postpone Kona world champs by 1 month and make it a genuine end of year finale. 2. Pay down to 20th finisher (to encourage those pros on the verge of top 10 to turn up, instead of aiming for some pocketmoney at a third rate race elsewhere). $1 million minimum prize purse. 3. Top 10 finishers in Kona also win their spot for next year. 4. Top 5 finishers at regional champs qualify for Kona (6 regional champs; therefore another 30 slots). 5. Last 10 slots are picked by the old KPR system - so those athletes on the cusp will still race at 2nd tier races like Port, Busso, NZ etc. 6. Also use the points system to create a bonus prize pool to be paid out after Kona.
  14. Ha. I thought that ‘regional championships’ got 5 pro slots per gender! With the other IM races getting either 1 or 2 per gender. There you go. ... However, it does seem odd that the Asia Pacific Champs gets the same amount of pro slots as IMWA ...
  15. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    I’m pretty sure that’s a sketch diagram of Lance Armstrong’s undercarriage circa August 1996.
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