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  1. The Politics Thread

    Someone put a fork in this government. It's cooked.
  2. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Margherita ... with pineapple! Nom nom!
  3. The Politics Thread

    How about both?
  4. The Politics Thread

    She has a NOM later today to ban the burka. I reckon that Dastyari should move an amendment making it compulsory for Pauline to wear it at all times whilst in public. ...
  5. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Hmmm Pineapple pizza!
  6. IM nutrition strategy - bottles/special needs

    If we are being honest - Isn't the real problem with SN that you loose contact with your peloton?
  7. The Politics Thread

    Tim Wilson - plucked from obscurity as a junior burger at the IPA to be George Brandis's 'Freedom Commissioner' on HREOC - at a nice little earner of $350K pa. His job was to help the government knock over s.18C and in that role was a Sky News regular. As is the way of the world Tim failed upwards and was 'rewarded' with a very safe Liberal seat. It must have come as some surprise to him that his former BFF on Sky gave him such short shrift ... lols
  8. The Politics Thread

    Check out poll bludger - they do break downs of this stuff ... Further - Dr Kevin Bonham posted this on his blog in July. http://kevinbonham.blogspot.com.au/2017/07/all-polling-on-plebiscite-has-problems.html Since then the most recent poll - conducted by one of the major pollsters (I can't recall which company, but I'll keep digging) indicating 59% support for a binding plebiscite dropping to only 9% for a non binding plebiscite followed by a vote in Parliament. Support for plebiscite cite has been steadily dropping, but always drops off a cliff when those polled are asked questions that factor in the cost and the fact that it will be non binding ...
  9. Mo Farrah, does the 10k/5k double

    I'm going to Adis Adaba in October for some sekrit training. Expect me to be a total rocket ship when I get back at Farkurnell Wold Championships on 11 November - world champ qualification here I come!
  10. The Politics Thread

    The coal-lition went to the last election on the assumption that they would piss it in. Hubris much? Collectively their pollies were as popular as a pork roll at Ramadan ... They also have a curious selectivity when it comes to 'honouring election promises'. The whole notion that a free vote in Parliament would be the worst broken promise is just bullshit. Next to nobody wants a non binding plebiscite. They didn't at the last election either ...
  11. The Politics Thread

    The difference being that the ALP settled its position at its last National Conference and the 'compromise' was to permit its members to exercise a free vote up until 2019. Edited to say - Labor WILL bind its members NOW to allow a Parliamentary vote to come on (but allowing its members a free vote on the substantive motion). On the other hand the LNP are binding its members now to ensure that no Parlaimentary vote comes on at all ... One last thing. My intel indicates that there is only about 2 Labor MHRs and 3-4 senators who would hold out against marriage equality in a free vote - that number has been falling consistently over the past 5 years or so. The ALP's approach of permitting a free vote for the remainder of this decade seems to be working without the 'big stick' - so there!
  12. The Politics Thread

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion, even conservative wood chucks like you Prince, but you are not entitled to your own facts. While it is true true that a majority of those surveyed in opinion polls support a BINDING plebiscite the percentage of who support a NON BINDING plebiscite followed by a vote in Parliament has only ever been in single digits or thereabouts. THAT is the important figure because what is being offered up - whether it is the compulsory plebiscite run by the AEC or the voluntary survey/plebiscite run by the ABS - neither is not binding (a few pages back I explained the constitional reasons for that) - a national YES vote is only the Green light for the LNP to permit there members a free vote in any subsequent bill to amend the Marriage Act. Moreover - and once again for the hard of thinking - those politicians ramming this dogs breakfast of an idea down everyubodies throats are the very one's who have made it clear that if the YES vote gets up they are going to ignore the result and vote no in Parliament anyway. Sigh! So, Shorten is correct - the (vast) majority of Australians don't want a plebiscite ... No, off with your lunar nut job ranting about 'Turnbull weak' 'Shorten bad' 'but labor' blah blah blah - paint your face blue and bay at the moon if that floats your boat! ... But you are still not entitled to your own facts
  13. Ironman in Victoria

    Best - perhaps only way to make a IM race viable is to run it as part of a series of events - either like the Coral Coast week, Noosa, or like Emo does with most of his races and at a minimum have it run on the Same day as a 70.3. I reckon there would be scope to add in an full distance IM at Geelong - and even if it only gets 500 to 1000 entries as part of a 70.3 (getting say 2000 participants) the economies of scale kick in to make it work. As Ive said before on this model there could be 70.3/full IM races at Geelong, Port, Cairns, Sunshine Coast and Busso. As for the volunteer thing - I totally agree that the active fee should be donated to community groups like Lions, Rotary, Youth off the streets etc or other charitable organisations to provide volunteers for the event. Better still allow (indeed eccourage and promote) these communities groups/charities to use their involvement in said event to raise further funds. Personally I think the whole 'I'm doing it for charity' is often very naff - it is a much better idea to allow participating organisations to leverage their involvement to raise further funds beyond the TWC 'active fee' donation. Cheers
  14. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Roger that. Coolangatta has more flights and better accomodation options. That said, it's an easy 75 minute drive from Brisbane airport via the motorway and still gas reasonable accomodation options. So, the point still holds ...