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  1. Andrew #1

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    Disagree. If you are fair dinkum then the shorter the distance the harder it hurts.
  2. Andrew #1

    Can carfrea win kona again?

    Can Carfrae get down to her goal marathon time of 2:49 in Kona? Possibly. can Carfrae do that off a slightly better swim and bike combo than this year? Possibly. would that be enough to see her on the podium? Yes. would she still be 15 minutes behind Ryf on Daniela’s average day in the office? Yes. would she be 5-10 minutes behind Charles on Lucy’s average day? Yes. Can Miranda take her swim-bike combo to another level to be in company or at least proximity with Daniela and Lucy out of T2 to make her legendary run level count? No. Ultimate question - could Carfrae still win Kona? Yes, but only if she gets her run back and both Daniela and Lucy have terrible days out, DNF or DNS. She probably only has 2-3 years for those particular stars to align in her favour. ...
  3. Andrew #1

    The Politics Thread

    You smell that? Do you smell that? Leadershit, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of Leadershit in the morning. You know, one time we held a party room meeeting, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked in. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' moderate. The smell, you know that Leadershit smell, the whole hill. Smelled like . . . victory. Someday this Leadershit’s gonna end.
  4. https://www.smh.com.au/national/fears-held-for-australian-refugee-footballer-detained-in-thailand-20181203-p50jyy.html
  5. Andrew #1

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    First tri I did was as a team - I ran the 14km hilly and hot run leg at Nepean Tri in 1987. Backed up the following weekend with the Xmas Opera House biathlon. First full triathlon was the Deakin Health Spa Triathlon in January 1988, so I’ve been doing triathlon on and off for over 30 years this year. Since getting started I’ve done: 6 x IM races (plus one DNF with hypothermia at Forster in 2003); Over 30 long course races ranging from 2/60/15km up to 3/130/30km; over 100 other triathlons of varying distances; about 100 other multiple races (beach biathlons, swim-run biathlons, aquathons and duathlons); about 100 ocean swims and surf races; and about 100 fun runs, half marathons and park runs. Ive had two big breaks - between 1993 and 1996 and again, when I suffered a debilitating back injury in 2005: it took me more than 2 years before I could even swim any distance and another 2 before I could do a triathlon again. i only one or two ironman races left in me and I want to make them count. after that I want to do a sprint distance world championships and swim the Gibraltar Straght. Thereafter I’m taking up surfing full time lol 😂
  6. Andrew #1

    Busso 2018

    Well done. I especially like the matching outfit and medal ribbon combo!
  7. Andrew #1

    Busso 2018

    So is that 7 bike course records from 7 ironman distance races for Wurf this year? I think his IM race palmeres this year was something like this: IM South Africa - fastest bike of the day, but I’m not sure about whether he got the course record. Challenge Venice - bike course record. IM Nice - bike course record. Roth - bike course record. IM Switzerland - bike course record. Challenge Alermeer - bike course record. Kona - bike course record. IMWA - bike course record.
  8. Andrew #1

    Busso 2018

    Because it’s unlikely he’ll want to race another Ironman before Kona next year ... 😂
  9. Andrew #1

    Busso 2018

    Yep. Any predictions for where the pass will be made. I’m predicting at the 34km mark.
  10. Andrew #1

    Busso 2018

    Wurf has taken out the run faster than Bazzone - 3:37min/km pace through 1.4km. That won’t last, surely
  11. Andrew #1

    Kona pro points being scrapped...

    Points 4 should happen. WTC have been very blinkered in its attitude to Challenge since the split. Such a move would be in the interests of both organisations (especially if Kona was pushed back to November - see point 6, as this would allow athletes a real opportunity to peak for both Roth (or a northern hemisphere WRC Regional Championship) AND Kona. It would be great for the sport, which in turn would be great for both WTC and Challenge brands.
  12. Andrew #1

    Kona pro points being scrapped...

    Back in the day when dinosaurs ruled the earth there were only 5 qualifying “Ironman” branded ironman distance races for Kona outside Kona (plus a bunch of shorter qualifying races which has now been thankfully scrapped: NZ (Auckland), Australia (Forster), Japan (Lake Biwa), Europe (Roth) and Canada (Penticton). Each race (this was established in 1988) had to guarantee a minimum of US$50,000 in prize money. Some pros qualified at other races (or by winning Kona) - ie. Scott and Allen etc, but because of the limited selection of full distance races the above races were often stacked with pro talent. Over time with the proliferation of IM races the talent pool tended to shrink (and the prize money didn’t increase much if at all). My 2 cents worth as to how to best maintain a diversity of top quality professional ironman races through gathering year and make it fair on the pros trying to qualify would be a system something like the following: 1. Win Kona - get 5 year exemption from qualifying if you validate (current system); 2. Finish top 10 at Kona (no roll downs) - qualify for the following year, subject to validation; 3. Prize money for the 6 regional qualifiers increases to a minimum of UD$200K. Finish top 5 - qualify for Kona that year (with roll downs to accomodate those who have already qualify or who pass on Kona). Regional qualifiers conducted Feb-June (Southern Hemisphere) and May-July (Northern Hemisphere); 4. Winners of Roth invited to compete at Kona (providated they validate at one WTC IM or 2 x WTC 70.3 races that year. 5. Final 10 or so slots determined by the old KPR system as at 8 weeks before Kona. 6. Kona pushed back to November to encourage athletes to race at their full potential at Regional Champiionship races during the year and prepare adequately for Kona; 7. Pay prize money down to 25th finisher to encourage all pros rot keep racing to the end, even if they are out of the top 10; and 8. Have a US$500,000 bonus pool based on accumated KPR points at the conclusion of Kona for the previous 12 months.
  13. Andrew #1

    If you've done a 13 hour Ironman tell me why.

    OK - so that personal commitment I thought I had on the June long weeeknd next year is actually ... on the following weekend. Which should rule IM Cairns back into the picture BUT the Minister for War and Finance’s initial reaction is, and I quote: “there is no f#*king way we are going back to Cairns next year”. ... I guess there will be a lot of negotiation and massaging in Chez Andrew over summer ... #Anthingispossible 😂
  14. Andrew #1

    Wurf Sub 4 Bike Busso

    Pretty strange jury to entertain that possibility. He only put 2 minutes into the Dreitz train on the way back into town (and only 3 minutes into Ryf) and ran steady for the whole marathon to snag a top 10 (including a deep dig to re-pass Gomez at the end). On any rational view his main goal was to contest to the win and finish top 10. If he was after the bike record and was pretty content to roll around for a say 4hr+ marathon split he’d have biked 3:57 on that course in those conditions.
  15. Andrew #1

    I love Lionel Sanders but he's weird

    Ive seen videos where he seems to be in the aero position for long periods. Maybe he’s on the hoods for shorter, harder VO2 max efforts and recovery work - all his ‘sweet spot’ and long interval work seems to be on the aeros. Maybe I’m missing something though.