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  1. Is this true? Berlin Wall.

    The best bit of Berlin Wall saga was Charlize Theron performing lesbionics on both sides of the DMZ as it happened ...
  2. I’ve always hated Clif. More than any other product. ...
  3. Settled or Invaded

    26 January is the anniversary of the founding of what has become without doubt the best city in the world. Give me back my Sydney Day!
  4. Settled or Invaded


    And Lesbionics. ...
  6. What training did you do today?

    So, back from 10 day holiday in SE Queensland. About to do my first cycle session on the Kickr since Tuesday last week. whilst in Queensland I managed 5 runs on the beach (done as a run/swim/run etc etc) of between 3 and 5km running (interspersed with 1 to 1.5km ocean swimming) every second day and at least a km of ‘ins and outs’ surf swimming every other day - based at Mooloolaba and then Cylinder Beach on Nth Stradbroke, with one day off whilst in transit via a night in Vegas.
  7. Truce

    I reckon Frodo is using this as an ‘excuse’ to go the full Lionel Sanders and start training 100% of the time in the garage. Next it will be a near miss with a bull shark leading to the installation of an endless pool. Followed by a fear of drop bears in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and a new treadmill ...
  8. Your 1st race

    I’m in for the sprint. I presume you are doing the Standard distance race?
  9. Your 1st race

    Deakin Health Spa Triathlon - Canberra - January 1988. 1.2/30/8. Nowra Tri in 10 days time will be my 30th anniversary race!
  10. The Movie Quote Game

    Black Hawk Down?
  11. Gold Coast 1989

    The face of R-Jays full face helmets 1990-93 😂
  12. I actually thought the line very poignant...
  13. Gold Coast 1989

    My second ever long course race. I took no carbs with my on the bike, reliant on whatever they had in the aid stations. Unfortunetly they ran out of everything other than water by about the 70km mark. Bonked big time in the last 30km (it didn’t help that I’d never biked past 100km in my life before. Ended up gorging myself on cookies and bananas at the first run station (which I stopped my bike at to grab something from). Jogged the first 15km with Fred Knudsen but cam good and ran the last 15 in under 1:10hrs!
  14. The Movie Quote Game

    I cheated with Dr Google, so I won’t spoil it, save to save THAT is really obscure Turts ...
  15. The Movie Quote Game

    Nope and nope