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  1. That sounds very definitive. He’s what? 29? Going through a divorce with a child involved. He might just be having a down year or 2. All things being equal I’d expect for him to come back stronger than ever later this year or next.
  2. I’m 176cm and a svelte 97kg ...
  3. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Impressive and balanced all round performance by Wurf. Sub 6minute mile run pace and cracked Don - one of the all time great triathlon runners - on the run. Whilst Cam’s run split was only 9th fastest he was within 70 seconds of the 3rd fastest split. Tyler Butterfield was impressive with a 55minute run - 5.30 minute miles all the way!
  4. Given the way Wurf tore up the IM Switzerland bike course last year I reckon sub 4:20 must be on the cards for port. He won’t be far behind out of the water either. I’m pretty sure he wants to nail a sub 2:50 run and I reckon Port is a perfect fit for him to do that. Are we looking at a sub 8hr race?
  5. Getting a gig at the Olympics killed Triathlon as a prize money sport that’s for sure. The only serious coin in prize money is Kona and some of the shorter races. That said, a select few are earning as good or better money than say the Big 4 or PNF etc were back in the day. There is just more emphasis on appearance money and sponsor bonuses. The $120K the winner collects as a purse in Kona probably only equates to 10% of the total earnings bump they get over the next 18 months from increased appearance money and sponsorship. Winning a gold medal at the olympics is probably worth double that. Sanders seems to be receiving some serious coin even though hes never won Kona and his ‘biggest’ wins to date are the third rate ITU Long Course WC and Challenge’s ‘the Champiuonship’ 70.3 races.
  6. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    I actually mistyped - I meant the Teams Pursuit.
  7. Biggest mosquitos I’ve ever seen live in the public toilets at Forster Keys. I reckon 30mm tip to tip.
  8. Hmmm. The run is a two lap affair. I’m not sure it has the same feel as doing the actual race course. I’m not so concerned about the two lap swim or the fairly minor course changes to the bike, but the “essence” of the course is compromised by the run. Otherwise, I’d be up for that event. i wonder if WTC are missing an opportunity here: run an early season Ironman over the same course in February (which is when the first 5 Ironman races were run as well). $100K prize money for a small pro field, plus 2000+ age groupers.
  9. World Cup Triathlon 1989 Course (3/130/30) Canberra Half - on the course that Nick set in 2001. Canberra Half - on the fast course Nick set in 2000 Sri Chinmoy Peace Triathlon Calalla Bay Half Royal National Park Tri Nepean Tri original course Nike Sprint Series ... okey okey, I’ve gone off piste.
  10. MMM Forster Hawaii - the original course Yeppoon
  11. That said, I think I might just aim to do it. OK - qualifiers ...
  12. The water temperature in Lake Taupo at the end of spring will be faaaaarking cold, as it only gets up to about 19 by the end of summer. I reckon 14-15 degrees. Enjoy.
  13. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Having watched that podcast now, I didn’t realise he claimed to switch whilst recovering from a rowing injury. Must have been a coincidence that this was the same period that the IOC scrapped the light weight rowing programme at the Olympics
  14. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    I’ll watch the interview shortly, but I’ve heard him interviewed before about that. It all seemed to come down to his personal fascination with road cycling, no initiative shown by the AIS, which is curious because I know for a fact that the AIS had a large adult talent identification program in the mid 2000s targeting athletes from one sport who might be better at another sport and I would have thought that a 23 year old Wurf would have been a prime target for our track pursuit cycling program.
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