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  1. Andrew #1

    IM Malaysia 2015

    So this would be Gomez’s chance to lay down an early qualifier so that he can spend the first half of the year trying to make the Spanish Olympic team.
  2. Andrew #1

    taren in kona

    Taren’s highlights package is so much better than the confected fudge that Greg Welsh serves up on behalf of the official WTC package.
  3. Well he’s done it once already, so I don’t see that as too much of an obstacle going forward,
  4. Brownlee is certainly a front of the foot runner. Not very very efficient when running 5-6 minute kms, but I don’t think his twinkle toes style is THAT inefficient if he’s laying down 6 minute miles or better. Which he’s clearly capable of doing. Strength, nutrition and experience will allow him to execute that one day in Kona.
  5. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Before he was a domestique pro cyclist Wurf was an Olympic rower and ranked No. 1 in the world before injury ended his rowing career. THATS the important thing to remember: he has a VO2 max that would likely rival a Norwegian cross country skiing champion.
  6. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    What is that feckless nonesense from Starky. Going back the 1970s with the publication of James Fox’s The Complete Book of Running the orthodox position has been that someone taking up distance running for the first time needs 2 years of base before they can or should push there weekly run Mileage up to the 100km+ range necessary to have a serous crack at a marathon PB. Cam and his coaches have waited to THIS year, his third year in the sport, to push his running up to the situation where he can run 100km + per week, week in-week out. Given that, and the fact that Cam is an Olympian (and ranked No.1 in the world in the hardest VO2 Max sport in the summer Olympic program when recurring injuries curtailed his rowing career) an 11 minute improvement in his run split at Kona in the past year is not at all suspicious. Stop drinking a zillion coffees Starky before posting crap on social media FFS!
  7. He will win this race before he’s done
  8. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    I’d say he swims about 18:45 for 1500M on some pretty inconsistent training. Let’s see what the Tower 26 guys can get him down to on 35km swimming per week over the Northern winter.
  9. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    If running 3’20” kms (if lucky) is blitzing it, then sure, he’ll blitz it. Meanwhile the top 40 will be aiming for 3 minutes k pace, evens.
  10. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    There are a lot of end of season World Cup races where we send zero athletes to. Wurf has deep AIS connections, so I wouldn’t discount the possibility of TA sanctioning Cam an entry at a World Cup race that no other Aussie has entered (or less than the 5 permissible slots per race) IF he agreed to pay for his own travel and support team etc. I tend to agree that it was a joke ... but with Cam ... who knows.
  11. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Sounds like a piss take, but Cam did mention at the Press Conference that he’s down to race a ITU World Cup in 4 weeks time as part of a crack at making the Olympic Team. Is there any truth to that? Personally I think he has Buckley’s of learning how to run sub 3min kms for 10km aged 36, even with his huge aerobic engine. However, I can’t see the harm in his trying: learning to swim under 18minutes for 1500M and some specific speed training on the running track over the next 6 months can only help his cause of winning in Kona in 12 months time. Assuming he doesn’t get injured.
  12. Plus he’s an Olympian and World champion rower. And also spent 8 years on the Pro Tour. Just a shame Wurf didn’t initially focus on the track Team Pursuit program when he first made the switch from rowing. He’d have been a fair chance of making the Aussie team for the 2012 Olympics.
  13. Yep. There is probably something in this.
  14. Re: Lange. its equally plausible that his swim pb was due to him upping his game, even if he had a fever. His blackouts sound like micro gaps, which would be pretty common in someone who has a virus induced fever but is still pushing themselves physically. Like Macca’s mechanical in 2008, I suppose we’ll never know the truth. that said, I reckon Lange still has at least one more Kona title in him before he retires.
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