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  1. Has any Aussie broken 2:10 since Lee Troop ran a 2:09.49 at Lake Biwa in 2003?
  2. Andrew #1

    Ironman South Africa

    He didn’t just leave Trannies. He flamed out in a ‘handbags at 10 paces’ bun fight with Ruley. ...
  3. Andrew #1

    Commonwealth games chat.

    This. The organisers and host broadcaster ‘got it wrong’ but their mistakes were made in good faith. Channel 7 are duplicitous c#*ts. They could have used their experience to ‘read’ their audiences likely reaction and assist the organises and host broadcasters accordingly. Instead they went with MKR. Typical that they went from ‘host-partner’ to ‘victim-client’ at the drop of a hat!
  4. Andrew #1

    Bike rack

    Thanks guys. Good suggestions
  5. Andrew #1

    Ironman South Africa

    Anyone want to cut and paste the pro results? Feeling a bit lazy to do it myself, lol
  6. Andrew #1

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Even I remember that! 😂
  7. Andrew #1

    Commonwealth games chat.

    The organisers would not have expected 29 degree heat in mid April by 9 am. Weather has been unusual to say the least. That said, 29degrees - especially with that sea breeze - is hardly oppressive by championship standards. I think that a number of runners were just caught unprepared.
  8. Andrew #1

    Commonwealth games chat.

    29 degrees with a noticeable sea breeze is tougher than usual marathoning conditions but nothing on the big championship marathon of times gone by - LA in 1984 was over 30 degrees with LA smog thrown in. Seoul was over 33 degrees, as was Athens in 2004. The winning times in those marathons were all 2:10 or better. ... I don’t think it was nutrition. You simply run out of gas when you bonk. You might end up walking or shuffling but your head is still in the game. When he first fell over the clock was 2:04 and he was only 300M from the turn leading to the bridge and the 40M mark. He was still running well under 4 minute kilometres. Although the reports said he was 2 minutes up I reckon he was actually closer to 4 minutes and could have shuffled a 2:13 finish. Then the next thing you know this guy was accelerating head first into the barriers within metres of looking great. His brain wasn’t there. Typical heat stroke response.
  9. Andrew #1

    Cairns 70.3 - any good?

    That croc - would that be the creek just before you get to Port Douglas- I’ve always been on the lookout there but have yet to sight the croc.
  10. Well you did do 10 IM races back in the day Roxii.
  11. Andrew #1

    Commonwealth games chat.

    I thought there was a move to include the half marathon into the games - to be held on the first day of competition - thus giving both 10,000M runners and marathoners sufficient time to recover before their respective other events. Thought it was being sold by IAA to the IOC on the basis that it would not mean more athletes, just another ‘prime time’ event.
  12. Andrew #1

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Tyler set a PB and national record - 2:26. Given that Matai ran 2:19 for second - and he’s a 2:09 marathoner, finished 3rd in the 2015 WC and top 10 in Rio, you’d think that 2:26 is worth sub 2:20 in a fast big city marathon like Berlin ...
  13. A beautiful thing
  14. Andrew #1

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Where the frack are the medical staff? Honesty! Have they learnt nothing
  15. Ah. Misread that Ellford story. 16 x 400M butterfly. OK. Props Big Red!