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  1. First world problems. So tough.
  2. That’s the republicvnt message. But its not cutting through. Outside your echo chamber. I’ve pointed out the reasons for that above.
  3. Iron Jimbo has to have ‘the last word’. It’s tiresome and doesn't add to the debate. Mate: I avoid the echo chambers of MSNBC and the Washpost as much as I avoid FoxNews and Breitbart. I take nearly all my news these days by going to quality and non partisan psephology sites like PollBludger, Ken Bonham’s blog, RCP, 538 and then linking through to data rich analysis and articles that they post links to. I have personally also done county by county, and precinct by precinct analayse of the voting returns in the 7 key states for the past 3 presidential elections and the 2018 mid terms.
  4. I’m reminded of why I no longer contribute to the politics thread. The attitudes of the demographics that Republicans are targeting with their ‘BLM. Boo’ campaign haven’t changed. Quantive polling has established that. Qualitative surveys and focus group research has underlined that finding as well. The middle class folk in the Burbs blame outsiders. Not just BLM hotheads, but especially the militias for stoking the violence and most significantly Trump for inciting them. our resident Trumpy fans would have a point - and a potent one at that - if the white nationalists, ‘patrio
  5. Get a grip mate. I was careful to avoid getting into the whole debate as to who caused various outbursts of urban violence that America has been witnessing over the past months: who did what to whom first, is not the point I made. In fact my post started by crediting you with an important point: many middle class urbanites- registered independents and moderate democrats alike are apalled by the more extreme actions of the radical left fringe who have attached themselves to BLM and other protests. The point you seem to take umbrage with is this, and I quote myself: ”The
  6. Google is your friend. Just try to broaden your horizons past Breitbart.
  7. Trump’s vote amongst blacks isn’t significant. It’s like describing unicorns. However, you do hit on an important point. There are a lot of middle class independent registered voters and middle class democrats who turned out and voted for Hillary in very large numbers in the burbs of the big cities that ARE worried about the apparent radicalisation of elements of BLM. They are not tempted to vote Trump, but they may well be tempted to ‘sit this one out’. At least that’s how the Trumpisn wing of the Republican Party are trying to manipulate these voter’s sentiments. The bad news for Trump is, t
  8. The polls that really matter are the ones that show Trump still polling (whether it be regarding his approval ratings or voting intentions) in the mid to low 40% range. He’s done that for the last 5 years and he can bank on 28% of that translating into actual votes. That, coupled with the electoral college bias and the febrile nature of non Republican’s voting habits makes him a very formidable opponent. Biden could literally poll 10 points ahead on election eve, win the national vote On Election Day by 5%, yet still lose the electoral college and hence the presidency.
  9. You didn’t do logic do you? Look up patent law. A quick google search should suffice. The key issue is demonstrating an ‘inventive step’. Latimer could and his step was a game changer. He invented the light bulb that mattered in history. The proper historical parallel is with the role Tim Berners-Lee played with the internet: he invented the World Wide Web (but not web-nets themselves). Another parallel is with the iPhone and iPad. Steve Jobs developed and brought each to market, but Jony Ives invented each device.
  10. The most recent Nevada poll I could find was published on 12 September - two days before this comment a day before Trump’s rally. It has Biden ahead By 4 points - 46-42. Trump’s people like to rally. I’m not sure that is a true indication of a state wide vote. However, In my view he will also have very little problem getting out the same 28% of the enrolled voters he got last time: ‘the base’ is super reliable and they vote. Many of these folk live in the urban fringes, small towns and rural areas of the seven states that are most likely to decide the election. That’s gives him a formidab
  11. The Nobel peace prize was irrelevant and embarrassing as soon as it was created. Same as the Nobel Prize for Literature and Economics. The only creditable Nobel prises are the scientific ones.
  12. I’m late to this little debate. As noted by others above the bloke Biden was referring to was Lewis Latimer. I note that the fact checking website Snopes rated Biden’s claim as ‘mostly false’: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/biden-black-man-invented-lightbulb/ However, if you actually read Snopes’ facts it seems pretty clear to me that Biden’;s claim is actually ‘mostly true’. One should never underestimate the role of Thomas Edison developing technical innovations, he is a true giant of the 19th and early 20th centuries. But (and there is a big but here) his role - at le
  13. Andrew #1

    Le Tour 2020

    Yep. This. Also another reason that I was surprised that no one went for the road bike-clip on combination on Saturday night.
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