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  1. Andrew #1

    Tim Don

    Made a comeback to triathlon last night at 70.3 Costa Rica. Won it in 3:49, including a 1:17 run split. He has stated that his goal is Kona 2018, but with only 15-16 weeks to go, what is a realistic path for him to qualify? Or will the race organisers be sensible for a change and give him a pro start given the circumstances? That would be a First I know, but WTC have always reserved a discretionary right to gift pro entries (but to my knowledge have never exercised it before).
  2. Andrew #1

    IM France

    Lance is so awesome he finished 7 years ago!
  3. Andrew #1

    IM France

    Cam Wurf seems to have a real problem with backing up his uber bike with sustaining the 4min/km pace for the whole marathon that is his strategy to run 2:50. It takes a long time to build the running strength to hold on in the back half of a an Ironman marathon. Atheletes who mange to do that shortly after taking up Ironman usually have a decade long (or more) history of long distance running. Witness Craig Alexander. His long day was 30km in the morning, backing up with another 12km in the afternoon. He did that for a decade before switching to Ironman. Cameron’s approach is to treat most of his Ironman races as ‘catered’ training days and he does about 8-9 such races a year. The problem seems to be that regardless of whether he is doing a ‘training day’ ironman or a targeted race he is stuck at around the 3 hour mark for the marathon. Each one he starts off at 4min/km but at some stage the wheels fall off and he crawls home in just over 3 hours. He needs a new strategy. Perhaps do way less Ironman races each year. Say 4. For two of them, treat them as training days BUT don’t go au bloc on the bike. Sit up in the second pack of pros and aim to run through the field staying strong for the whole marathon. Get his body used to that feeling at being below or at 4minute pace the whole way. the other thing is that, certain freaks aside, running a fast Ironman marathon is not a linear process. Van Lierde ran well the whole way last night for a 2:44 marathon split. He started off at 3:49 pace, but this slowly slipped to bang on 4 minutes for the last 5km. Cameron wants a 2:50 split I think he needs to go out in 3:55 pace for the first half and learn to hang touch at no worse than 4:05 for the second half. Taking it super easy on the bike for the next couple of Ironman races until he achieves that 2:50 split should be his goal. i think he has IM Sweden and Wales on his calendar before Kona. Sweden especially would be an excellent race to try that strategy.
  4. Andrew #1

    HIM, B race. Taper?

    Well done. Hope you can get that calf under control soon. Cheers A
  5. Andrew #1

    IM France

    Can’t get the feed to work. Is this an IPad vs Adobe conflict issue?
  6. Andrew #1

    Gwen running okay. New 5k PB.

    US Olympic marathon trials are NOT a month out from the olympics, unlike track and field. The upcoming marathon trials will be held on 29 February in Atlanta - the better part of 6 months before the games. ... https://www.runnersworld.com/news/a19889354/atlanta-hosting-2020-olympic-marathon-trials/
  7. Andrew #1

    Winterfish 2018

    Should be 7 weeks (of seven days each) plus a day, ie. 7 x 7 + 1 = 50 days So if the challenge started on a Monday, it would then finish on a Monday (7 weeks plus 1 day) ....
  8. Andrew #1

    Winterfish 2018

    Erm. OK. Actually the 25th ...
  9. Andrew #1

    Winterfish 2018

    What did I miss? What happened?
  10. Andrew #1

    Winterfish 2018

    Today is the last day of the challenge. Better hurry up, 😂
  11. Andrew #1

    Winterfish 2018

    No swimming for me since Cairns. A combo of injuries (tennis elbow, bursitis of the shoulder) and illness (heavy cold two weeks out from Cairns) left me with slightly less than 30km clocked up by last Sunday. Given the elbow is still a niggle for which I am now receiving Physio treatment I stopped swimming. Alas. Congratuations to everyone who acheived their goals. Till next year!!
  12. Andrew #1

    HIM, B race. Taper?

    Monkie is right of course. I lost my last two weeks of training and taper before IM Cairns 70.3 to illness and a series of niggling injuries and I rolled around ok on the day.
  13. Andrew #1

    HIM, B race. Taper?

    Do a Longish ride on the trainer, can stop or drop the watts at any stage. Swim. see how you are in the morning. If ok, 20 minute run and see how you pull up on Monday. If ok, maybe a 75 minute run on Monday evening. ...
  14. Andrew #1

    2018 Goals-what are they ?

    No x 8 goals. Reassessment time. So ... take two: Sub 25 Parkrun over winter Sub 1:15hr sprint tri - probably aim for October Hills Tri sub 2:35hr Olympic tri - little husky in November sub 6hr Western Sydney 70.3.
  15. Andrew #1

    Cairns 2018