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  1. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    I wonder if Cam risks leaving himself a little underdone on the bike. 21km swimming and 104km running seems to be on the money, but 360km on the bike seems a little light on for a pro in what must be his peak over distance training block. I wonder whether he’s done another ‘sneaky’ 3-5 hours of quality on the kickr on top of those 360 road kilometres. That would make sense.
  2. Yep. Fair point, and that footage showed distinct improvement in form, as did a previous video of Lionel on the treadmill a few weeks ago. Still a long way of the silky smooth form of Tim Don running hard on a tread mill, but better. However, the bike footage I saw from the earlier clip still had Lionel all over the seat and with a hitch to his right side on the upstroke.
  3. If finishing second at Ironman MTB was Lionel’s A goal, then you’d all be right. If pushing 500 watts for 20 minutes on Zwift was Lionel’s B goal, then how good would that be? If Lionel was a 9-5 tax accountant and still managed to compete successfully as an age grouper or fringe pro with his busted arse cycling and running techniques then I’d be the first to say: chapeau Lionel! since none of those apply to Lionel, one has to question his approach and terrible inefficiencies when racing guys that have the same or similar aerobic ability but bring silky smooth technique to the equation. Lionel is not going to out Zwift Jan, Patrick, Cam, Alistair, and all the others. With those inefficiencies he will always end up carrying a piano on his back from the energy lap and one or more of the others will always run him down. He’s in this not as a marketing exercise, but to win Kona. To race and beat the best at their best. On the evidence of what he has done since Kona in 2017, simply isn’t going to happen without a fundamental and enduring change (change Lionel can do, but he lurches from one extreme to the other).
  4. That’s some world class turd polishing right there. The only portion of the run that Lionel looked strong and held form was running through transition. For the rest he looked like someone had taken baseball bats to his quads and had left a knife in one of his kidneys.
  5. That’s the best way to enjoy cairns. I might even come back and do it again next year
  6. So, a quick google search indicates that A Brownlee is listed to start a 70.3 race in Ireland the week before the ITU WS GF, and 2 weeks before the 70.3 WC in Nice. However I note that GB only has 3 athletes listed to start the ITU WS GF, but if AB did start that would make it 3 races in 3 weekends. Seems unlikely. https://triathlon.org/events/start_list/2019_itu_world_triathlon_grand_final_lausanne/337811
  7. So, who qualified for automatic selection (any nation)? is J Brownlee’s 5th for Tram GB enough? On a related note, has A Brownlee definitely given up on the Olympics next year, or is he a possibility of racing the WS Grand Final next month ahead of 70.3 WC and then Kona?
  8. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Notice the difference in total 2019 km on their respective strava files? Approx 11,000 for Cam, versus 23,000 for Richie. Or ~400 per week for Wurf versus ~800km for Porte I assume each have also have done around 3-5 hours per week on the indoor trainer as well, but Richie hasn’t run the 3,000km Cam has or swam the 500km in the pool this either.
  9. https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/kidnapped-triathlete-escapes-captor-by-complimenting-his-orchids-20190731-p52ccm.html even more reasons for doing all bike training indoors.
  10. Yep. From Sydney Park to the Victorian Border: Dragon country. Dracaris!
  11. The sharks need culling. They only exist to prevent the mighty Dragons winning Premierships. They are splitters. Nobody likes a splitter.
  12. Michael Rasmussen says that’s A-OK
  13. Saint Mack of Horton would like to sell you a bridge. Interested?
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