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  1. Andrew #1

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    What penalty?
  2. Andrew #1

    Congratulations to the Prince

    Murdering and torturing folk can be corporatised of course.
  3. Andrew #1

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    My experience suggests that they come out in a steady flow from about 3 until half an hour before dusk.
  4. Andrew #1

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    If Alistair wins gold in Tokyo I reckon Kona would be a massive incentive for him. Would solidify his claim to be the GOAT. Even if he just one it once. that would have to be tempting.
  5. Andrew #1

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    Only got to worry about the boaties coming out of the water and onto their uber trailers being towed by huge SUVs out of those areas. Otherwise I reckon that 4pm Saturday races at each of those venues would be excellent. Maybe run over the ‘club distance’ (1/30/8km).
  6. Andrew #1

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    O.M.G. “the power files tell the story”. ... The power files only tell the story of that specific metric. That’s it. One has to look at all of the surrounding circumstances to get the full story. I must say, on race day I thought that Cam was not having a great day out on the bike - I fully expected a 10+ minute lead on the Lange pack & viewed in isolation that power files tend to back that up. However I think the key metric on Cam’s day out are the kilometre splits for his run - check out his Strava file: other than when he was climbing Palani (twice) and running out of the energy lab his was averaging about 4:25min per km the whole day. If he had truly buried himself on the bike the discrepancy between his pace for the first 10km and his last 10km would have been absolutely massive.
  7. Andrew #1

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    Working with josh and Starky was the reason that Cam’s watts were under 300 for the middle third. If he just went 280, 280 and 280 as perhaps you have suggested, then likely he’d have dreitz sitting on his arse all the way with Captain Lange tucked in behind. Cam may have run a 3.02 then, but that would have only been good for about 15th ...
  8. Andrew #1

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    Macca was running around town in 2012 talking up how much Crowie died in the last 6miles once he got out of the energy lab. In addition to stopping twice with cramps his run pace did slip to close to 7 minute miles. Still ran well eneough for a 2.44 marathon but he went deep into the well that year: that race and the unexpected head to head duel with Cam Brown at IM Melbourne 5 months later probably ended his Ironman career at the highest level.
  9. Andrew #1

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    BB your “suicide mission” description of Watt’s bike strategy is a real lol. If he had only eyes for the bike record and was prepared to put in a 4hrs+ run split afterwards he’d had biked 3:56 on Saturday. ...
  10. Andrew #1

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    Either second or third behind Leito. He actually took the race away from the other runners in the bike with his Macca like surge at the 120km mark.
  11. Andrew #1

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    He was actually in the main swim bunch. So your analysis fails at the first hurdle. Read his blog - 25 km to rid himself of the main bunch, catch and dispatch the lead bunch and form a trio with Starky and Josh and get a gap. Extra Watts are required so as to not pick up a blocking penalty and also discourage folk from going with him. 330 watts for the first 80 minutes on the bike is something he practiced.
  12. Andrew #1

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    Forgot to add in my analysis of the 2013 race - while Freddie Van Lierde is a noted runner he actually won that race by going with uber bikers McKenzie and Kienle - taking the race away from the peleton-runners and then doing enough on tired legs to hold Seb and Luke off in the run. 2013 was remarkable for the fact that the male winners run split (2:52?) was slower than Rinny’s winning run split in the women’s race (2:50 and change). Even the year before - 2012 - PJ set up his win on the back of a powerful bike & his marathon - a 2:48 - was his slowest in 3 years, but enough to keep runner Andreas Realert at bay. Conclusion: the bikers still have a shot at winning.
  13. Andrew #1

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    First 60km spent catching and then gapping lead group. Second 60km was likely around his target power. For much of the 60 km (once he was back on th QueenK) he backed off slightly when he realised he wasn’t getting the gaps on the peleton given Dreitz’s uber domestique efforts and the lack of trade winds. While Frodo is a great well rounded triathlete (best ever?) there is no point jumping the shark and saying that he’s probably a better rider than Wurf: Wurf is still good to go as an uber Grand Tour Domestique and likely top 20 finisher in the World’s ITT title race: He’s in a completely different league than Frodo and the others on the bike. You haven’t been paying attention to what cam has been doing all year if you think he’s guilty of poor pacing on the bike: 7 ironman races - seven course records with a remarkable consistency of power output in each one of them. He has actually improved on the bike by keying into pacing and setting himself up for a long run on tired legs - which has also paid off - last year he was running about 3:10 down to 3:02 depending on the course and a 3:17 in Kona. He is over 10 minutes faster acroiss comparable races this year: excluding with 3:15 on rough guts at Challenge Venice, his run split has ranged from 2:52 to 3:06 in Kona. Cam may never win Kona - hes not likely to ever be a sub 2:45 marathoner. That doesn’t mean he is not deploying the right strategy to maximise his chances. Further, its not just Stadler who has won Kona on the back of a powerful bike and consistent, yet 2:50+ marathon run split: Faris, Kienle and even Macca (although Macca did back up his powerful bike surge with a 2:43 marathon) have deployed that strategy to win over the peleton bikers/uber runners. I make that 5 wins for the bikers versus 10 wins for the runners in the past 15 years: not bad odds & ones that should give the likes of Cam, Kienle and Sanders a good deal of hope. That said with the emergence of the uber domestique alla Dreitz-Lange WTC really needs to go to a 20 metre rule for the pros - Challenge has proven that this is a practical measure.
  14. Andrew #1

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    These days - Save for one WTC race a year I pretty much do all of my multi-sport racing wherever Emo holds races or with the Hills Tri crew out at the Riff. That’s enough racing within 2-3 hours of home for me to do a race once every 4 weeks year round without trying. If I wanted I could easily scrounge a multi sport race evert second week. Add in Parkrun, ocean swims in summer, various running festivals and I’d say there has never been a wider choice. However, due mainly to traffic and urban development more generally SYDNEY has lost a lot of venues over the years. Narrabeen, inner city triathlons at Pier One, Bankstown, Leichhardt, Royal National Park. Many more - all gone as triathlon venues.
  15. Andrew #1

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    In the crowded Victorian race calendar I understand that it clashes with the great 226 Triathlon in Ballarat.