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  1. Yep there was a singlet as well as the towel in 2009. There never was finisher medals for the Half Ironmans until they introduced the 70.3 Australian championships, world championship qualifier in 2006?? Which I think was in Port Mac and there was a medal in 06,07,08. In 2009 the 70.3 Australian championship went to Geelong. Port Mac went back to being a standard half ironman. So I'd say in 2010 there would've been no medals as well at Port Mac. I'm not sure of the year when medals started to be given out at all the Half Ironmans, probably when they rebranded all halves as 70.3s. So no medal 2009 and 2010 R.R.
  2. No medal for the half in 2009, just a small white towel mate.
  3. Davo

    IM Tattoos

    If you want one get one, I wouldn't but that's just me. Some o.k ones here and some shockers as well
  4. I raced the IMOz 20th anniversary race in Forster, can't remember there being any big deal about an anniversary then.
  5. Yer caught the race by accident this morning, it did look awesome in HD, Andrew Voss cracks me up, a good mix of the pros an Age groupers, enough to make me sign up this morning , first ironman since 06!!
  6. Davo

    Cairns thread...

    Live stream here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cairns-airport-ironman-cairns-urban-hotel-group-ironman-70-3-cairns-2012
  7. A hot potato scallop once hit me in the face from a passing car. Aslo had a large bolt thrown at me and a macca's thick shake from memory which both missed, heaps of abuse over the years, poor bastards!!
  8. We had a classic case of a motorist not knowing the road rules on Sunday morning. She was an "L" plater who would only just recently had to study the road rules to get her learners perit. My mate and I had entered a roundabout and were turning right with signals, when a slowish moving car entered the roundabout and ended up in between us, the windows were down and you could hear the mother going off at her daughter, to which she replied, "do I have to give way to bike riders". Do what you can to decrease the risks and assume every car is out there to get you. Stay safe!! Dave
  9. Davo

    Port HIM

    Can't wait to have a crack after a long lay off, also armed with a new TT bike, at least it looks fast. See you there and have a great race!!
  10. Davo

    Bike Accident

    Do it mate!!
  11. The worst one was a I.M Oz medal and also a Sydney Marathon medal which is now due for the tip!!. I pulled them out of my good stuff shoe box and was shocked at how poor the condition was while the couple of others I have are perfect. I do think that when they give the medal to you (the catchers) it has a small plastic bag on it which would probally be to stop the sweat getting all over the metal which would probally cause it to corrode. Anyway Yurtie, I will give the nail varnish a bash, thanks.
  12. I have just noticed a couple of my medals are corroding, mainly on the side of the engraving . Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so how did you get it fixed?? Thanks DG
  13. These sort of rides are a waste of time Aero, what do you really think it will achieve? They just block up roads and make motorists hate us even more.
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