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  1. Not on the Rebel website so I'll pop in store and check.
  2. Must tri harder


    A massive fan of x-socks, particularly their run performance model, and have been wearing them for years. I'm trying to get some new ones and am finding it very hard all of a sudden to get any here in Oz. What's the go? What have I missed? Wiggle have even stopped selling them to us. Does anyone know either where I can get some from OR a good comparable, easy to get, alternative. Cheers, P.
  3. The is the actual bike that Steve McQueen used to jump the fence. George Lucas modelled his tie fighters on this actual bike. When Roy Scheider needed a bigger boat he had this actual bike in mind. The real running gear for KITT was, you guessed it, this actual bike. Guess what happens if you hit 88mph on this actual bike...* 54cm full carbon Cervelo P2. Mixture of Ultegra and SRAM RED components. Oval A901 aero bars. Easton wheels with Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick tires. This bike has been genuinely loved but a new family forces a VERY reluctant sale. It has completed five Ironman triathlons (on separate race wheels), has been mine from new and is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It's yours for $1750 ono. Local test rides welcome and will courier nationally at buyers expense. Cheers, Peter. *Please note none of these claims may actually be true! http://s1312.photobucket.com/user/PWBCSA/library/ Sorry about just having a link to pics but for the life of me I can't work out, despite signing up for a photo bucket account, how to include the bloody things in this post!
  4. As an ex-smoker, 15years and counting, my advice is that you can't MAKE a smoker give up... you can only try and help encourage a smoker to WANT to give up. Then they will.
  5. Desoto 400 mile bike shorts for bike training- AWESOME Desoto 4 pocket tri-shorts for long run training- AWESOME Desoto riviera tri-short for IM- AWESOME Just wish they were a bit easier to get here in OZ. I think we're limited to direct order from the Desoto website or fastgear.
  6. I've been using the triumphs since the 5 and have just changed each time they've bought out a new number with no problem at all. I wear full custom orthotics and use them for IM. Cheers, P.
  7. I agree about just getting out there and running. But make sure you wear x-socks as they are awesome.
  8. 15. You do not talk about Ironman. 16. You DO NOT talk about Ironman.
  9. Hi guys, Some interesting comments here, thanks for your thoughts and one of the reasons I posted on here was to get some 'no-holds-barred' responses. Which I have. We were aware that LMI covers the bank and not us and, as I said earlier, when we approached the bank about surrendering our property they didn't even know what it involved so we couldn't be expected to have any idea other than what we'd initially seen in the movie. We did our own research into the process but if you look into surrendering your property there is very little information relating to the Australian mortgage market currently available. Our issue is that the bank decided to accept our property but categorically did not inform us we'd be liable for any loss. A loss, by the way, which was equal to roughly half of the original purchase price in 2006 and realised a full 5-months later than they said it would happen i.e.- within 3-months of us surrendering the property. We freely admit we've been a bit stupid, and are quite embarrassed it's come to this point, but when your back is against the wall I can 100% guarantee you will consider any and all options that might, may or even could help. Cheers. PS. If you check my posts over the last few years most of them involved questions on how to do an IM, I've limited myself to one triathlon of any distance a year, on a budget!
  10. 22! We approached the bank and asked their advice about the process as we knew nothing about it other than what we'd seen in the movie, we thought it was a bit of a long shot to be honest. Initially they couldn't even tell us if they could or would accept the property in lieu of mortgage but, eventually, decided they would. Unfortunately they neglected to inform us we would be 'liable' for any shortfall... obviously if we'd known this we wouldn't have proceeded.
  11. PRESS RELEASE ########## Hollywood Star Will Ferrell’s Movie Gives Queensland Couple Hope In Mortgage Crisis In late 2011 Peter Braithwaite and Clare Andrews were watching funny man Will Ferrell’s movie- Everything Must Go. The movie documents a man’s financial struggles and he ‘surrenders his property in lieu of mortgage’, effectively handing back his property to the bank. Like many, Peter and Clare were in serious trouble, having overstretched themselves with a negatively geared home and investment property and car debts. The movie showed possibility of a light at the end of the tunnel and they researched surrendering their investment property in lieu of their $300,000 mortgage. The Commonwealth Bank accepted their proposal but neglected to mention one fact… Peter and Clare would apparently be responsible for any financial shortfall. Peter and Clare no longer have their investment property but have been left with a debt equal to almost half the original cost of the property in 2006. $154.866. They are aiming to get 154866 ‘likes’ at facebook.com/154866likes to help the Commonwealth Bank realise their error and dissolve the debt. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics one in seven Australian households is spending more than it earns with monster mortgages and surging power bills. On January 6th 2012 Peter Braithwaite and Clare Andrews walked into their local branch of the Commonwealth Bank (CBA), handed over the keys and voluntarily surrendered their investment property in lieu of the mortgage secured on it. It was back in May 2011 that Peter and Clare first contacted the CBA advising they were having problems paying the mortgage on their investment property citing the recession as the main reason. The CBA were very accommodating and offered hardship assistance in the form of reduced repayments. They kept in touch with the CBA and in December 2011 spoke to them again about the possibility of surrendering their property in lieu of the mortgage, as they were unable to meet even the reduced payments. After numerous communications the CBA accepted Peter and Clare’s investment property in lieu of the mortgage but at no point did they inform them they would be liable for any financial shortfall. The CBA had advised that they would sell the property within three months, after getting two valuations, and if there was a shortfall they would seek to claim it through their insurance. In August 2012, a full eight months after accepting the property, the CBA sold the property at a massive loss. In October 2012, ten months after surrendering their property, Peter and Clare were informed they now owed a third-party, Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Pty Limited (GFMI), $154.866. Between October 2012 and March 2013 Peter and Clare repeatedly disputed the debt with the CBA and GFMI and in March 2013 logged their dispute with Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). In April 2013 the FOS advised that the CBA had passed the debt onto GFMI and that they could not deal with the case. The case had been automatically logged with Credit Ombudsman Service (COSL) who would investigate the dispute with GFMI. On April 27th 2013 Peter and Clare emailed Ian Narev, Chief Executive Office of the CBA, making him aware of the situation and asking that the debt be waived. Five days later they received a reply from the CBA stating they apologised if it wasn’t made clear at the time but Peter and Clare were liable for any balance of debt owing and also advising that the debt was now owned by GMFI so any future dispute ought to be raised with GMFI directly. On the 5th May 2013 Peter and Clare replied to the CBA stating a number of facts. Firstly that at no point before they surrendered the property did the CBA make them aware they would be responsible for any financial shortfall. Secondly the fact that the CBA had passed the debt onto GMFI was irrelevant, as the debt shouldn’t exist in the first place. Thirdly Peter and Clare were in the process of making their situation know to the national media by attempting to gain 154866 ‘likes’ on a Facebook page detailing their dispute with the CBA. Finally they would be seeking legal advice. Peter and Clare have set up their Facebook page at facebook.com/154866likes and are seeking ‘likes’ and stories of other people’s struggles with their banks. ########## 'Like' here
  12. That's what I thought and hoped. P.
  13. Ta. Let's say the external unit is staying where it is and the internal unit is only moving a maximum of 5-metres, external wall, anyone any idea on price before I get someone out? Cheers, P.
  14. Who do you call to move a split system air-conditioning system? A plumber? An electrician? A refrigeration person? An air-conditioning person? Cheers, P.
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