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  1. Dob in a doper. This can't end well.

    So after Mooloolaba OD if I report everyone who finishes in front of me in my AG, they get tested and go positive putting me on the podium by default, do you think I would still get the pair of socks?
  2. Mooloolaba wave starts

    2nd last wave😅😅 Could be worse at least. I don't really care except I get a bit bored waiting around to start. Don't eat all the watermelon😀.
  3. swim skin

    Good buying. Where did you pick that one up?
  4. Coast to Coast

    Thanks guys. Something in Australia sounds sensible to start with.
  5. WTB Mazda 3 roof racks

    Model is 2010.
  6. WTB Mazda 3 roof racks

    Hi all I'm about to buy some roof racks and thought I would check if anyone had some lying around. Long shot I know.
  7. Coast to Coast

    Tell me about it. That's why the 2020 timeline. My experience is purely restricted to prancing around triathlon courses.
  8. Coast to Coast

    Same. I still don't think it's possible for me but it doesn't stop me thinking that maybe it might be.
  9. Coast to Coast

    Thanks Lawman. Sending good luck vibes to your wife. Based in Qld unfortunately. We were thinking of doing a recon mission to NZ before to train on the river the paddle is on. Get certified at the same time. Hopefully.😲
  10. Coast to Coast

    A friend has gone and put this crazy idea in my head of doing the Coast to Coast in 2020. The bike sections are the only bits that don't scare me. The rest looks insane. Triathlon is getting a bit old for me to the point that I don't feel nervous before, or that excited after a race anymore and really need a new challenge. I've never really done any trail running and paddled a little, up to 10k, a few years ago when I had a running injury. So I would be going in green. Has anybody here done this race or been involved in it? I welcome any experience or advice.
  11. HOTW

    Nah mate. I offered for AP to coach me for free once but he declined. Saying that I have spoken to AP twice in my life and I came away with something to reflect on that helped my racing.
  12. HOTW

    Mate, you had a great race. Always have admiration for guys who put in the hard yards making these races happen and still have the energy to race themselves. Hopefully next year my wife and I can both come back and do the race.
  13. DOMS

    Yep I figured that aswell. I do remember the two lap run course though mostly out in the sun. That was a tough run.
  14. HOTW

    Gets a bit old after a while doesn't it.
  15. DOMS

    I thought my muscles were in shape and I'm still buggered. I have a limp that changes one side to the other every time I stand up to walk. I'm putting it down to the majority of the run being on cement. In a bid to soften the race up and keeping most of the run in the shade they have made it hurt more in the days after.