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    A dude (or dud) has been charged with false reporting....
  2. goughy

    Kona Accomodation.

    The guy with no interest in going to Kona, has accom in Kona!
  3. goughy

    It's goodnight from me..............

    My wife loves youfoodz!
  4. goughy

    Financial planners

    It's called the pension. If not, I kept the box the fridge came in.
  5. goughy

    Transitions - What do you want?

    If I can, she sure as can!
  6. goughy

    Whats the deal with AP

    Perception vs reality......... always hurts
  7. goughy


    Custom Bike fit on the sunny coast posted on his FB page this arvo, with a pic of a customer on their ventum. Had a retul fit a few weeks ago, got his size sorted, bought his ventum, and is off to Kona.
  8. goughy

    Whats the deal with AP

    Top right corner of your browser, there's a little X button. Click that and you can't read any of the offending posts
  9. goughy

    Cutting corners during a race

    Where do we stand on the old saying, once a cheater always a cheater?
  10. goughy

    Cutting corners during a race

    Still alive 9 years later! What a great read. I didn't cut any corners at all; I read every post!
  11. goughy

    Whats the deal with AP

    Simple answer is, it's an internet forum, not everyone is gonna agree with everyone else all the time! More to the point, AP is a big boy, he can take it and he'll eat it for breakfast and poop it out during his 3am long run (and he won't even stop). There's a lot of "in group" stuff that can go on with members that have been here a long time, the newer you are the harder it can be to pick up.
  12. goughy

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    2 to 3 days after Thursday, eh aa7????
  13. goughy

    Hervey Bay 100

    Geographically not close???
  14. goughy

    Transitions - What do you want?

    Who'd have thunk it!! Not RS, that's for sure! Who I miss desperately, where is RS these days?
  15. goughy

    Transitions - What do you want?

    That will always be one of the biggest issue with discussion forums TUV, and I don't know if there's any solution to it? Other than the "you go your way, I'll go mine, and never the twain will meet!" But it can be damn hard, near impossible to ignore them. I had my own issues on the Forum I started, that I ended up leaving and deleting my own account rather than banning a serial pest because I thought getting rid of them would stir more shit than if I just walked away. So I know where you're coming from.
  16. goughy

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Seriously, Transitions grew out of a group called OzFatters????? Was that like one of those old rec.sport chat groups or something? How do you get from Fat to Tri?
  17. He has a discussion forum....... It's called parliament!
  18. Any old schmo can own a forum!!!!!!
  19. goughy

    Kona qualifiers 10+hours

    ......or just the norm for some of us!
  20. I know My mate's such a Ridley whore!
  21. Being a member though, I think Willie is a little bit different than just or normal advertiser's, or even a normal recommendation.
  22. I'm a cheapskate, so technically not much. Willie will get my shoes. I did my first Gundy cause I read of it here. My mate, who's never been on here, never lurked or looked on here, and rolls his eyes every time I say "was reading on trannies"; has a set of 80mm deCadence wheels and a 50mm deCadence front (for those windy days) because of me and this place though. And I'll be asking Willie a Ridley related question for him in the very near future too. I did try infinit because of here though, and my mate also still uses it.
  23. goughy

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    An interview on imtalk with the Rolf prima dude, he said even his lightweight wife can handle a disk in any conditions, just had to adjust the front. I'm sure he said disk and 50 front was great.
  24. goughy

    Where to place your bottles? Some aero data.

    Actually warm water absorbs into your body faster than cool, so you'd have hydrated quicker!
  25. goughy

    Where to place your bottles? Some aero data.

    Yes, I do something similar rbr. But I forget to drink still. And if you remove the downtube bottle, what are you going to do with your spares??