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    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    I've never been fit enough.
  2. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    We just need to eat more onions.
  3. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    Lost our mojo but gained a scomo!
  4. goughy

    There are some sick people out there:

    I don't ride the centenary motorway bike path without front and back lights flashing, I'll be damned if I'd ride on a road without flashing lights.
  5. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    I must be the wisest ****er on the planet! Cause I know shit...
  6. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    ScoMo reverses yesterday's decision on the food bank funding. Is anyone actually running the govt, or are we doing that ourselves?
  7. goughy

    There are some sick people out there:

    So here's my take. Do the right thing, we're ****ed. Do the wrong thing, we're ****ed. Take the safest but less courteous option, we're ****ed. Take the less safe but courteous option, we're ****ed. There are always going to be people who hate us and there is zero (absolutely zero) we can do about them. Charge us rego, stick a big number plate on our bikes will mean zero to them! The fact we're arguing with ourselves speaks volumes!
  8. Ok, silly'ish asking here. It's should ask my lawyer (a mate of mine who said to send info to him in the morning and I will be) or the cops (I rang a detective mate who said they get these sorts of things all the time and can do nothing and should ignore him). Anyway, short story: bought robot vacuum on eBay, didn't work properly (also wasn't in stated condition but we ignored that). Filmed it not working properly, eventually it wouldn't work at all. Seller said we just didn't know how to use it and that they had a 60min vid of it working (never showed us). In the end a suitable solution was not offered so my wife started a dispute without eBay. As soon as she did that he stopped all contact. In the end eBay found in our favour and that he was to refund us and if he wanted it back had to also part the shipping. He still ignored that, so after 5 days what refunded us we don't need to send it back. A couple of days after the refund he stated contact again and began threatening. Obviously we contacted what about this, ask his contact has been within the eBay messaging system so they can see all this. They assured Robyn that once the dispute prices was started (which we were in our right to do) all decisions were up to them alone and they will stand behind us and also review their contact with us. He started claiming he will contact our police Dept, and the courts to have her charged with fraud. He will also contact ask the online communities my wife is associated with altering them to her behaviour and will also release her private info (phone number etc etc) online. Worst of all, he threatened to contact her husband (me) to let me know if her behaviour. He's just contacted us again, threatening to have his solicitor begin proceedings in the morning, that he's tracked is both and know who we are and where we work and will go at is hard, continuing to insert himself into our lives. One of the last messages (he's just sent I think three in the last hour) does mention returning it at his cost. My wife started tracking him after his first message yesterday, found an ABN attached to him and then several businesses and po boxes. At least 3 of those businesses are "short term loan" businesses. Now, she's as stubborn as a mule and doesn't want to send it as she thinks he'll just claim we broke it and start up shit anyway. We do think he's trying to scare the shit out of us. His latest messages basically claim it will be a misery for us. My main concern is that he is involved in a "grubby" type of business and that he is as stubborn as my wife is. So far we have been ignoring his messages. He's giving her till the morning to get back in touch, and I doubt my mate will have looked at anything by then. Sorry to be a pain, but WTF should she/we be doing?
  9. goughy

    Live aid acts. 1.9 billion watched

    Actually, watched the queen specials on 9now last night. 74 was pretty early days, and they were pretty out there for then. Probably barely charting here then. A crowd full of Billy Thorpe fans might not take to early Queen, or the sky hooks who were also early into the glam realm.
  10. goughy

    Long course bike setups (storage)

    Might have to get on that then!
  11. goughy


    Hate those bastards. The kids rang me this morning while they were walking to the bus to see if I could pick them up as they couldn't get past the group that have made a property down our corner their home, and have some chicks atm
  12. goughy


    Are the one dayers being played in Australia? I just heard the news mention Hobart!
  13. goughy

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    79.4...... not that surprising when the weekend has included two nights of pizza and sizzlers lunch.
  14. goughy

    Live aid acts. 1.9 billion watched

    I finally saw them at festival Hall in brissie, would have been around the time of the Welcome to Wherever You Are album? I left underwhelmed and disappointed. My wife had seen them in Holland during the Kick/X tour and she would say it was like night and day the difference. But at least I did get to see them.
  15. goughy

    Live aid acts. 1.9 billion watched

    With the best male Rock voice ever. Damn he could sing.
  16. goughy

    Long course bike setups (storage)

    Bosco, you have mentioned anything about a bottle on your frame downtube? Could this be a solution. Bottles either bta and downtube and spares storage behind the seat. A mate of mine bought an aero drink bottle then cut it open to use it for spares (electrical tape to keep it closed) and put that on his downtube. There was a thread about aero data from one of the bike manufacturers and I think it showed that an aero bottle on the down tube had negligible impact. I'm honestly a bit surprised that no one has made a generic aero spares system for on the downtube!
  17. goughy

    How do Pro's afford it

    I would not be surprised if Macca was the wealthiest of all the triathletes. That dude knew how to sell himself!
  18. I just read about this upcoming Fox Sports streaming app Kayo. Like the Netflix of sports they say. Has the 2019 ITU and super league tri listed, as well as a heap of cycling. I'd never heard of it till tonight. https://www.finder.com.au/sports-on-kayo https://kayosports.com.au
  19. goughy

    How do Pro's afford it

    Are you talking 10, or 5 mill? So far the only ones I can find anything online about are Chrissie Wellington with 4mill, and the Brownlee brothers with a combined 3.5mill pound.
  20. goughy

    How do Pro's afford it

    Some of those names (if not all) that Pete mentioned; it's like comparing the top 50 in the world in golf to someone trying to get by on the qld troppo tour! And the money those at the top end are making/have made is chicken feed compared to many at the top of other sports. Can we think of any triathlete past or present, who has reached the pinnacle, that say has a net worth of 10mill??? How about 5mill?
  21. goughy

    Upcoming Fox Sports streaming app

    The idea of it is for the sports fans who don't want all the other stuff that comes with a pay subscription. Sports only for 25 up to 35 a month.
  22. goughy

    The Mental Health thread

    And the reality is, so do we. The one thing I always used to say to myself was "it could be worse, we could be fighting or way out of Somalia, or starving in Ethiopia, so grow up, it's all ok!" Now, that's actually all true. But I've learnt, through reading and from my sessions, that that is actually one of the worst most self defeating things you can actually say. Everyone is different, everyone has their own struggles, and everyone handles them in their own way. Wealth, power, possessions, status, all mean nothing. You are who you are, and you work with what you've got!
  23. goughy

    Upcoming Fox Sports streaming app

    The subscription comes at a cost. $25/month for standard, $35 for premium membership. Suppose to be giving people an option of they want sport but not all the other crap that comes with pay tv.
  24. goughy

    Bike bib for ya bits

    Maybe the problem is you just have "More"???
  25. goughy

    Jonathan Cantwell

    Oh man. Must be incredibly painful for her! And for him, having been through it with family members before. There really can be a hereditary element to mental health, alonh with it often being a physical chemical problem that's being passed along.