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    Ironman Cairns is going to be amazing (men)

    Has he ever done a full IM before? I would guess that is why he isn't listed as fav.
  2. goughy

    Why? Jacobs. Instagram

    I'm offended at your offence
  3. That wasn't me. Fresh install done, and on the current update with no issues. Cept I can't remember what I had do to get my trackpad fully working! The latest official driver for it is from 2009! And I can't do the two finger scrolling thing, and have it scroll the thing it's currently over, I have to tap in it first. Can't for the life of me remember how I got around it, or what driver I installed to get it working. I think it was a different Dell one but I can't ****ing remember! And it's killing me
  4. Ok, maybe someone can tell me. Had a major windows update last night and now things seem stuffed. It opens giving me 3 options; roll back windows, start with an alternate windows, and start with an alternate windows (yes, same option twice). If I select start with alternate windows (either) it goes through the rest of an install setup then when it opens it says something about not being able to find 😄 something something system32. My desktop is gone, clicking on the little window bottom left does nothing and no sound or internet. So I then reboot and select rollback and it eventually tells me I can't roll back. I also can't get it to boot from my recovery USB. I might try and make a bootable installation USB if I can find a spare USB somewhere. Does it sound like it's all FUBAR, and I need to try a clean install?
  5. goughy

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    Jealous. I haven't ridden or swum in a month, and only easy walks with the dog and my wife still thinks I need to slow down and ease up.
  6. And to add even more, our homegroup has disappeared from every other computer and none of them can access each other! Can't even find the homegroup settings. Friggin nightmare stuff
  7. goughy


    Shit happens (just ask Forrest)
  8. Yeah, buggers me. Mine's just the dinky muck about laptop. My wife's desktop is the important one that backs up to an external HDD as well as an off site backup place. I'm a believer in cleaning your system up once in a while so I'll just wipe the ****er. Just glad they explained how to use the dos thing with notepad to get to your files and transfer them off to an external drive. I think I had everything backed up, but just discovered is forgotten to transfer the two seasons of Monkey Magic to the media PC, so would have lost them.
  9. goughy


    I think he feels bad that the first pair he sent got damaged by the couriers (didn't even get to me, they sent them back to him), then couldn't get my colour for the replacements.
  10. goughy

    Meanwhile at Docklands on the Bike Path

    Well.... We ride on their roads!
  11. Found Microsoft's solution to the problem in their community. Either wait till they work out what happened, or use the media creation tool to make a bootable windows 10 USB and install, losing everything in the process! They did at least supply a work around so I can get any stuff off my HDD that I still want. Most should be backed up, but just in case......
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    Another shout out to Willie! My shoes arrived today, along with about 350 million Huma gels!!!!! Can someone drop in to his shop for me and give him a kick in the arse?? Unnecessary mate, I already more than appreciate you helping and looking after me!
  13. Hmmmm, that looks like what I'm getting to! ****ing nice of them. It's an 8 year old laptop, and I'm dying for it to completely kark it so I can get something like what my kids have, but not yet! ****ers.
  14. goughy

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    He can bleed you dry!
  15. goughy


    Basically this would have been around the time she started to get sick, but obviously it was years before her actual diagnosis of what was really wrong. So I'll try and remember how things went, it was more than a decade ago now, and I can't remember what I had for breakfast! It was the docs suspected diagnosis for how she was feeling etc, so she went through the testing, colonoscopy, gastroscopy etc which showed the suspected damage or whatever. So she went on the gluten free diet for 3 months and I think had more testing which showed some recovery, so there you have it, you're coeliac. Then after another 12 months I think she was tested again as her general issues were still there. If I remember things were much better from the tests, so they wanted her to try going back on gluten for a while (I think it was like 3 months again) and test again and this test showed no change, so, basically they were wrong with the diagnosis.
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    Funny enough, with the Vegans thread popping up today, I saw an ABC article on Facebook about Vegan Leather! We have a name for that in my industry, it's called Vinyl!
  17. goughy


    Sorry Kieran, I maybe should have said gluten intolerance, rather than full blown coeliac disease. When my wife was on it it was a pain, and yes, expensive. But we'd have friends coming out of the woodwork who would say "so do we", but would always sneak little bits and say it's ok, cause that little bit doesn't bother us. So I just always just figured them as being varying degrees of intolerance, rather than actual coeliacs.
  18. goughy


    I remember the one year my wife spent eating gluten free after being diagnosed with coeliacs. It was miserable, and after a year they worked out they were wrong. I reckon cross contamination is the bigger issue, in particular when very sensitive to it. I think some would get away with a bit of it fine.
  19. goughy

    Which current triathlon has the fastest descent?

    I was thinking that hill would have to be one of them. The year I did it one of my mates hit 100 down that hill and it was raining. Yes I saw his Garmin, and that year he went 3hrs! He had no fear on the bike and absolutely no bike skills either. I don't know how he survived the bottom of that hill.
  20. goughy

    Perth. Racing, training, etc?

    Damn straight! Ahhhh, you picked maybe the only place in the state to feel comfortable. At least, that's been my experience up there too.
  21. goughy

    Perth. Racing, training, etc?

    He's serious too! Just put more time into bike/run