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    I have heard from various different sources that contact of mental health services was up by 33% over the last several months. Which doesn't surprise me at all.
  2. If it's not broke, why fix it? What percentage of bikes out there are using Shimano vs Sram? Is Ultegra di2 cheaper than Force AXS? I've heard that bike shops like etap as it's less cabling to run. But they obviously have the issue with dropping the chain, as my mates now getting it more often and is putting a chain catcher back on. And etap could use an auto trimming function for when people are cross chaining (yeah, I know you shouldn't but plenty do). I wonder if Shimano's next step will to offer it even further down the line to 105?
  3. Yes, I just took my wife's PC from a second generation i7 with 24g ram to a 9th gen i7 with 32g. I already had an SSD in it for OS, but it's blazing compared to what it was. Just waiting for the price to fall out of memory (expected to happen soon) and I'll be adding an nvme m.2 drive as well. She won't know herself.
  4. And I understand how your answer just then wasn't actually answering the question of why you don't understand why people persist in hangin out here. I understand why they do, and I'm satisfied in my understanding of that.
  5. Saw that last night on The Project. Yes, great sportsmanship. But I guess the other side of it is the leader should have known the course!
  6. I actually can't understand why Peter can't understand why?
  7. You brought it up, and then started a whole new thread for it, so I figured you were interested in why.
  8. goughy


    There's a new thread to discuss the active/inactive triathlete query
  9. Very simply, because it's also a community, and friendships form that surpass the necessity of a hobby to sustain it! Do you still know or talk to anyone you went to school with? If so, why? You don't go to school with them anymore!
  10. goughy


    Again, so? And no, I haven't wondered why anyone has left.
  11. I'm still a fan of PC's, depending on what you need it for. For me, I don't need one. I just potter about so a laptop is better for me. My wife does a lot of designing and has Adobe creative suite and a tablet for drawing etc, and has always found the desktop faster, even when she's had i7 laptops. We periodically upgrade hers to keep it going well.
  12. Would depend on how much of the round 31.8mm you have free after the stem. I figure you'd need about 10mm free to fit the mount. Otherwise if you are able to mount the light to a GoPro style fitting, then the required mount for that to work is about $18.
  13. Link to the website https://www.knog.com/product/pwr-trail-1000l/ I have had a strange experience with it though! So when I've used it on full when riding I'm getting about 1hr45min from it, which I think it's ok. But I wanted to test it out more, so I've charged it up a few times and then just turned it on and left it run till dead in my shop at work. I've done that 4 times now and each time it has run just shy of 4hrs!!!! I have no idea why, and I've asked customer support about this who were stumped and passed my query onto tech. Haven't heard back yet. But as I said,
  14. goughy

    Bike Lights

    My review of the Knog PwrTrail light http://forums.transitions.org.au/topic/76429-review-knog-pwrtrail-1000l-light/
  15. Image order is Ayups, Ayups with lights split, PwrT full, PwrT centre lights only
  16. So I've been running Ayups for about 10 years now, but was thinking I'd like something a little brighter, and there seems to be a lot available now days. I fluked upon this light and liked the way the mount attaches to the side of the light allowing you to mount it directly under or over your stem. So thought I'd give it a go. There are a number of lights in Knog's Pwr series, and many are modular, so parts can be interchanged with each other. It's also a power bank so can charge your phone or devices, and there are products like a camping lantern and Bluetooth speaker which the batter
  17. Been watching Raised By Wolves. For the SciFi fans, but it's pretty "out there Jerry!" But it's grown on us. Ridley Scott had a hand in it.
  18. I don't necessarily like the look of many specialised road bikes, but that looks pretty classically simple (at least in the frame). Really just missing a horizontal top tube. I'm guessing that's not Taylor Hawkins draped on it.
  19. goughy

    Chain lube

    OK, mining this thread. I've always used wet lube as that what the bike shops told me, but damn my chain is always a mess. I know I don't clean and lube it enough. Should I be switching to a dry lube, or one of these new fangled ceramic/graphite things??
  20. My mate dropped his chain on a downshift of the chainring on Sunday..... so as him to the list who've had this.
  21. goughy


    Neither. Just that you're post made it sound like this was news to you, whereas it's quite a regular occurrence. Doesn't mean it right or excusable, just not new.
  22. goughy


    Seriously, I'm wondering if you've ever seen what politicians do and get away with, or caught doing? It's almost a silly question you're asking, cause pollies do this stuff all the time! At worst, they may eventually loose their job, but mostly just seem to have to pay some money back, with a slap on the wrist.
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