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  1. I've read every comment, and have seen the point of view of all of them so far. But this I find insulting, and smacks of a person who has absolutely zero idea what is like to be in the low family income brackets! You make it sound like I am trying to steal money from my daughter, rather than her contribute to the household! Maybe losing $500/month wouldn't register to you. But it very much does to us! And as far as taking her hard earned money, if she wasn't going to receive the youth allowance we wouldn't even consider it. But she will and a little bit of that to help the family out is not a lot to ask. I would love to be able to pay for her education, text books, her uni fees, bloody everything. But I can't. Not every person in this world is going to get by with a great income. It's as simple as that. And we do the best we can with what we've got. Nearly every person we know is well off, earning well above the average. None of them have ever made me feel lesser because of it though, so great job! I'll just **** of now.
  2. Yes, absolutely good point! They wouldn't want to accidentally end up south of, say, Tweed Heads and get stuck with all that riff Raff!
  3. I don't think the popular vote is horseshit (I mean, someone does get more individual votes than the other, and they are directly voting for an individual unlike here), but in the end it's worth less than horseshit!
  4. While a can't stand Trump (didn't like him before either though), I've said before that basically the two worst options were up for president! I said the only person Hilary could beat was Trump, and the only one Trump could beat was Hilary. What are you spose to do with those two options; I guess not vote? Hilary won the popular vote, Trump one the vote that actually counted. I think he will absolutely be impeached, but I do not think he will be removed from office and I still believe he will sit another term. My wife gets angry with when when I say that, cause I can't possibly know that! And I don't, but I believe it.
  5. Really, the issue some people had with him going on holiday was the party and his office being evasive about it. It makes it seem like there's something to hide. While there would always be people unhappy with him leaving during these times, it was exasperated by that.
  6. Fair enough. I'd only heard Albanese not wanting to comment on it. Maybe because he wants to go on holiday too. Aren't the Gillard comments referencing time she took off after her father passed?
  7. Which cheap shots were those? About him being away? I don't believe they've commented on that. Cheap shots are the political way!
  8. I think he'll regret comments he's made in the past about people going out to dinner or spending time with their mother to grieve. Do they really not remember that things can come back to bite them?
  9. My wife says go WordPress with Woo Commerce. She said you can make WordPress fully secure with an SSL certificate. And there's really good plugins to prevent hacking. And it's really easy, especially for someone with some experience in this stuff. She has used a different one before, can't remember if it was Joomla or not, but she said it was no where near as user friendly and she can't remember if or how well it did ecommerce.
  10. When my wife is awake and thinking straight, I could ask her for some tips? She's had sites before, selling digital scrapbooking stuff etc, not physical stuff. But some of the basics of the sites might be the same.
  11. I want ours to stay, because I'm not sure she fully grasps how tough it will be living away from home while going to uni. Especially since uni is only 5k away. I saw plenty of kids struggling with that when I was at uni, and most would have given their right arm to be able to live at home while studying. But she's fiercely independent, and generally when we try and explain something to her her response is "but you don't understand"....
  12. Yeah, we should be all over it. The main clash is with family tax benefit A and the youth allowance; we can't be receiving FTB A for Jas if she's receiving the youth allowance, but they've already told us that they're about to cut us of from her portion of FTB A because she's now finished school. That's partly what's promted this question, as it's a fair bit of money: it's $254/FN we lose. For her to receive the YA while living at home she needs one of us to be receiving at least $1 of one of various different payments, which my wife does receive. I was never charged board while living at home, but while we weren't rolling in cash at that time my family was doing ok. My wife was charged board while she was living at home, but she was getting ausstudy while in high school even. I would love to not consider it; when my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I moved to brissie my sister came and lived with us for over a year while at uni and we asked nothing for rent and rarely asked her to contribute to the food. But we won't be asking our daughter to dip into her working money; she'll receive $299/FN in YA and can earn over $400/FN before it starts reducing. Taking over all her costs will cost her about $200/month (and we just paid her car rego this month). As far as uni expenses, she'll have $6500 in scholarship funds each year so far, and we have another 5 uni offered ones we've applied for or will be, and are looking at what non uni offered ones (Aust govt scholarship programs etc) she can try for. She can receive up to $8000 a year in scholarships before they are considered income for tax and YA purposes. I appreciate the replies so far. Certainly quite a range of responses and experiences from people. We fully expect within about a year she will move out with her boyfriend (I hope she doesn't, purely from a financial standpoint, we like him). He's taking a gap year but will be at uni too after a year.
  13. There are chores, but the reality is I do most things once I'm pissed off enough.
  14. Sadly I agree with the right leaning members of our fraternity. Not because I want to. Just because I think that's what will happen.
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