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  1. MAFS

    Having seen enough articles, ads, and what I've caught when my wife watches it on 9now, I hate my first name now! It's tainted...
  2. Uber-Autonomous Fatality

    That's what I'm thinking, maybe stepped out in front of it.... a situation where no one could have done anything.
  3. USA shootings and gun laws

    What I'm wondering though, is if (an impossible if) what I believe should happen was in fact possible, would iJ support that? You see, I know my solution is an impossibility over there, I'm not stupid. But I feel stupid if I accept any less. IJ's idea of a solution may not seem like any solution to many of us, but the fact is that only the most meagre of changes will happen, if at all. So his idea of a solution (say just actually enforcing the pathetic level of current law regarding guns, and say forcing proper hinge gun security (safes etc)) may not seem like any solution to us, but it may be the most realistic eventually. And so sitting anything is better than nothing, even if anything is just to actually make the current ones work. He may live in a world of reality, but I prefer my fantasy land. With regards to me admitting I had nothing, I think I would have implied that neither of us did ;). Cept I have a fantastic solution, that will just never happen.... remember, fantasy land. Now to go watch a movie about spies and probably lotsa guns.
  4. Uber-Autonomous Fatality

    And do we yet know how exactly the pedestrian was on the road? Did they suddenly step out onto road illegally? Were they legally using a crossing? It could have been a situation where there was no way possible to avoid the accident. Or it could have been an error.
  5. I will drop before I stop working.
  6. Easter

    I didn't click, but this is a great idea!
  7. Journalism and Media is shit

    Yes, news.com.au has really gone to shit, even more so since the advertising went ballistic the last few months. I did media production, communications and some journalism at uni. In some ways I'm glad I never finished cause I know if have started out as a cameraman for a station, probably sticking my camera in the face of people who really don't want it there. One of my major and most successful pieces of assessment was a presentation on sensationalism in the media, and that was 30 years ago. It is so much worse now!
  8. DC Rainmaker in Perth

    Doesn't bode well for regular drivers having a clue though when 5 odd cops together aren't sure!
  9. MAFS

    And that is exactly why they picked him...
  10. MAFS

    Batchelor in paradise starts Sunday! Every time I see an ad for MAFS, or see them tell their family what they're doing and they get all up in arms, I scream at the tv, "they're not actually getting married!"
  11. High School Reunions

    Took me to the end of gr10 to realise that if you don't care about the bullies, or hit them back, they tend to leave you alone. I moved for 11 and 12 and didn't have an issue. You don't wanna know what my yr12 mag wrote about me!
  12. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    So we're surprised that TA has some issues with this??
  13. USA shootings and gun laws

    I'm 83% sure he did!
  14. High School Reunions

    Moshb, that sounds a bit like me once I hit uni. I was hanging out with the skegs, the swampies, the druggo's, the nerds, the normal average peeps, the girls (uni girls were so much cooler than high school girls), the mature aged students. Meant pretty much every Thursday to Sunday nights I had a group to hang out with. Hence why I now have a trade instead of a degree