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  1. goughy

    Up and coming athletes...

    Yeah, that was a good interview. Matt Hauser in ITU stuff, put in a great showing at the games for a young'un.
  2. goughy

    Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    If..... easy as really. Just have to decide what you really want, then decide if you want to spend 500 or closer to 1k. Before my daughter started high school we got her a 15" i7 laptop with 1gig HDD, 8g ram etc. When he school went byod it was too big and the battery didn't last long enough so we bought her an 11" for about $600 that she just loves. So you'll find something easy, just what features you/she wants and exactly how much you really wanna spend is all you have to decide. And pretty much every brand will have something.
  3. goughy

    Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    I don't really know much about Chromebooks Xcom, do they require an internet connection to pretty much do anything? As in, all the apps are basically online. While I mentioned the 2-in-1's Kieran, as Cranky did, you can buy a basic laptop version of them. I (and my kids) like the 2-in-1's as you get a touch screen, and you can flip the screen right over and use it like a windows tablet. http://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/scc/sc/dell-tablets/inspiron-2-in-1?~ck=mn Also, while we like Dell's in our house, about every company will make these things. This is just an example.
  4. goughy

    USA Shootings #2

    I always loved ya, even when you were wrong
  5. goughy

    Hello Fresh.....

    And thinking..... that's what hurts the most! I guess woolies does the same thing as Coles......
  6. goughy

    Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Yeah, one of the little 2-in-1 things would be the go. Similar (but not restricted to) to the feel Inspiron 11" and 13" 2-in-1's. Very light, small. Ssd's and quick boot times, plus battery lasts like 6+ hours. My daughter has the 11" as she doesn't need anything special for school, my son the 13" with i5 as he will want to do some IT subjects. A 13" like his will be my next laptop if I can somehow kill my wife's is one I'm using. Plenty make ones like this (Lenovo Yoga's etc). And they cover most budgets.
  7. goughy

    Hello Fresh.....

    Anyone have any experience with this thing? My sister's family is using it and they love it. Meals are the bane of my existence, and I don't really enjoy cooking, and basically just make the same stuff over and over and over. While dearer than just sorting it out myself, taking the pressure and stress off me and having say at least 3 decent and different meals a week sounds kinda good atm.
  8. goughy

    Treadmills - what's out there

    What about the ones from Rebel etc? We bought one years ago as my wife wanted to do a little walking but our neighbourhood is too hilly. So naturally, it's hardly been used. Cost about 1500 new on sale, 3hp motor (continuous), 15° incline and 22k/hr. Wouldn't something like that be fine for the average user? My daughter gets in moods where she'll use it, and I did a little bit but really I'd prefer to run in the rain than on a treadmill (of course I never ran in the rain). But unless you're Mr/Mrs super duper they'd be fine for many?
  9. goughy

    Has anyone here lived in New York?

    Trump rules. Australia's rocks! Just saying... I have no actual advice. I've never spent a 24hr period in another state and only left the country to go on a cruise I didn't pay for. I know shit. But NY is one of the few places in the US I'd love to see.
  10. goughy

    Royal Wedding

    Carrie Bickmore commented on The Project during the week, that she wants the swimsuit with Harry's face on it, it'd be the first time she had hair down there in a while! Waleed nearly choked on his tie...
  11. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    It might be true, but it is friggin hilarious for a Lib supporter to use that as a negative against a leader atm.... glass houses and all
  12. goughy

    The Mental Health thread

    So, just for a bit of discussion......thought I'd start it here but can be cut to it's own thread if anyone likes.... With my daughter anxious to see the next season of 13 Reasons Why, I've been thinking about it and the way society deals with the subject of suicide. Firstly, I haven't watched it. I understand the furore around it from many, feeling like it's glorifying suicide or at the least giving people ideas. But I wonder if part of the problem is how the media attempts to dull down the subject. In news reports the word is rarely used, instead often saying that a death wasn't suspicious, and then concluding the story with the contact details for lifeline etc. How exactly are we supposed to help those when the subject is kinda taboo? Yes, there have been numerous high profile deaths of late which have helped bring it more into mainstream discussions, but still I feel like it's too much of a dirty word, and when it feels like that how are we (as a society) spose to allow people to accept that it's ok to feel that way and that there are other options out there. Rather than have them feel "dirty" even though there are other options out there? I hope I'm voicing that right. And so I wonder if the furore about a show like 13 Reasons isn't really about the subject itself, but because they don't shy away from the topic, as it seems much of the media is about?