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  1. Road bike for daughter??

    OK, just a quick question re pedals. I'm not gonna get her clip-ins, but should I just go flat commuter pedals or something with a toe strap?
  2. Incidences of someone driving a vehicle into people have increased over the last few years. It clearly requires little technical background or planning, and only one person who needs little contact with others, and only the beliefs of those they follow. It must be difficult to defend against as there can be little trail leading to someone planning this - no arms or supplies purchases. Just ownership of, or the hire of a vehicle. I dare say I think these types of attacks are going to increase significantly in the future as radicalised individuals see they don't need to be part of a network. My sympathies for those in Barcelona and Charlottesville.
  3. BHG6 Road bike

    Sounds like a trowel and pitch fork!
  4. TV Shows

    Defenders out tomorrow night, and I think S4 of the last ship is Sunday.
  5. TV Shows

    Don't watch GOT. Wifey isn't into fantasy stuff like this. Though she's been watching Vikings so I think I can get her to give it another go.
  6. The Politics Thread

    So, now it's the two top NP pollies who are proven dual citizens and shouldn't have been in Parliament. I hope Tony Burke was serious when he said the Labor party had all this sorted before they allow someone to run for them. Cause this has just been egg on the face embarrassing for MT after having a go at the greens.
  7. TV Shows

    Well, get some towels and clean it up!
  8. Technically, right now, I would guess that as long as the couple met the physical characteristics of one being male and the other female, then there should be no issues, regardless of how they personally identify. If a ssm vote gets up, then it wouldn't matter what a couple's biological identity is.....
  9. I hope I haven't offended any of you either! I wasn't trying to be nasty to any of you. I just thought your discussion shows how full on the debate is going to get; how the basic issue of ssm is going to morph into a discussion of racism, bigotry, and then even beastiality and paedophilia. Even if a free parliamentary vote had just been allowed, this debate would have occurred but it's gonna be more furious and going to get even more so prior to the ending date for submitting our surveys.
  10. And I think we are showing exactly why this plebiscite etc was unnecessary and how the national discussion was always going to head. Regardless of what each member's (of trannies) view is (on many matters), we very often are able to have a debate on it. And yet here we are having a heated argument about ssm which in itself isn't about ssm any more. Heck, I think even those having the argument are all supporters of ssm (I stopped reading the discussion once it morphed), yet and argument ensued (I have no issues with an argument of course). This is what the LGBT community feared with how the discussion would end up. We are showing a perfect example. It took me a while to start seeing them, but I'm starting to see more and more comments (not here) saying if we allow ssm it's only a minor step away from accepting paedophilia and beastiality (and basically lumping LGBT into that basket). Yeah, I really have no idea what the LGBT community was worried about with this national discussion!
  11. The Politics Thread

    Who's playing swapsies now?
  12. Yeah, I saw that this morning, but couldn't be bothered with posting it, it was so inane
  13. The Politics Thread

    Yes, I think the others just did what they felt was the right thing to do. Of them both, the girl probably could have gotten away with staying. But maybe they put our constitution (or whatever it is) above their own aspirations. I fully expect any Lab or LNP members that get caught to fight it out.
  14. Photography philosophy

    Yeah, that was a ripper that one!
  15. The Politics Thread

    And that's the problem ex. They're probably will, but what if they don't? Either way, save the money (which they seem to think we're sort of) and the time and be done with it.