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  1. goughy


    Is going on with all the bullshit lately, ****ing having to one up others, put others down, abuse people, make them feel lesser, and the shit that's going on here lately. This is my safe place and it's being ****ed with to much shit fighting and crap.
  2. goughy

    Trannie catch-ups??

    So you can tell them they're dreaming?? Always up for a catch-up CE. Was just a thought I had running through my head today.
  3. Macca new how to sell Macca.
  4. He's on today's imtalk ep.
  5. Just spit balling something I was just thinking about. I know some catch up if they see each other at events. But I was wondering if peeps would be interested in say having a lunch or dinner catch up some time, say in the various major bases of operation (brissie, Sydney etc etc). Just a catch up to shoot the breeze, take the piss out of each other and maybe a few drinks. Just thinking out loud.....
  6. We actually crate trained Bambi, and was sleeping in one till around 18 months, 2 years maybe. She was fine in it but never loved going in, whereas some dogs like having their own place. But it's a great way to teach your dog not to pee inside during the night. She never once relieved herself in her crate, even when a little puppy. And the couple of times she had the runs she would bark to be let outside. But now she has a cushion in our room, and if she happens to need to go out she wanders over and wakes me. But I firmly believe the best way to stop them from begging at your dinner plate is to never ever give them food that's been on your plate. Ever. Not during your meal, and not scraping the leftovers in their bowl afterwards. We keep a tub of treats on the coffee table if we need rewards.
  7. Maybe what Jan needs to do is just do the roll around validation, instead of trying to break records every time he races?
  8. If my dog was to only be an outside dog, I'd have at least two. Ours doesn't beg for food while we're eating, but she's never once been given food from our plates, and doesn't get the scraps off then either. That just encourages them because they see the food they get coming off the plate. She gets her own meal, and we have dog specific treats of we're rewarding her.
  9. I wouldn't have a dog if it was only an outside dog. They're part of the family, not a bicycle or football or something we play with when we go outside. She slept in a crate for a year or so, but now has a bed in our room. Strangely for a border collie, she never hops on our bed.
  10. goughy

    Resting Heart rate.

    While I'm the one who mined this old thread for my own purposes, do you realise you just quoted and asked a question from something that someone posted 15 years ago??
  11. Trump is extra special at lying though! He can deny saying something, be presented with the footage of him saying it, and still declare it didn't happen!
  12. goughy

    Resting Heart rate.

    Damn straight! Medication wise, I'm on nothing that I haven't been on for months now. No painkillers or anything since the procedure. I'd like to say it's because I'm a tough bastard, but it's really because there's been no pain or discomfort from it.
  13. goughy

    Time management

    Yeah, they do get stuck with peak season holidaying. Granted I've seen teachers take time at other periods of the year. They wouldn't be the only ones with holiday restrictions in the world. I knew someone when I was in Brisbane who worked at Mack Trucks. The place shut down for several weeks over Xmas and that pretty much took all her holidays. So that was the only time she got off.
  14. goughy

    Time management

    Say take a week out of each holiday for marking and prep. Xmas they get more time clearly. I've seen both sides with teachers. But it's really the same with many jobs. Some do just enough to get by. Done take a lot of pride and put a lot of effort into what they do. I know I'd certainly not want to be making the kinds of assignments my daughter is handing in. Then multiply it by several classes. And add in having to deal with some of the kids, and parents they get these days!
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