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  1. Like that warm old woollen blanket that keeps you warmer than anything else, but kinda smells like your faithful old dog......
  2. I'm really not trying to bring politics into this thread...... but I just can't avoid it! Ok, I'll avoid it. edit to add: found out how to avoid politics! Flat earthers don't need evidence to believe something.
  3. And tyres are getting bigger. Bigger is the new faster. Currently adding inline barrel adjusters to my TT's brake cables so I can run 25's on it. Especially with disc wheels, 28's are becoming normal. But can still run them on rim brakes. Many of the newer rims these days are wider to accommodate them. I'm guessing hydraulic disc brakes are a little bit more fiddly to look after yourself, but I don't have them so don't know.
  4. Anyone using a video doorbell? I'm thinking of getting a Ring gen 2 doorbell that's about $150. The batteries in our current doorbell had leaked, I have two chimera, one in the house and one in my shed. But lately I've been finding deliveries left at the front door, so thought it could be worth it as it has a motion sensor for of someone leaves something without knocking (which they do). Had stuff outside the door for a day or two, as we rarely use the front door. They worth $150 bucks?
  5. OK, so maybe we don't have "perfect" days, but maybe your day that it felt like everything was on track? I can think of only two days I've had were I feel everything went to plan. Well, not to plan as I usually don't have plans. But everything felt great. One was at the goldie corporate tri, where I kept my hr at or above 170 the whole race, and was in the 180's for the whole run; very nearly had the spew across the finish line. But, it's pretty short. The best for me was Mool 2013, My first was 2010 and I did about 2:42. So breaking 2:40 had become my goal. But every Od since then I'd either gone into injured, or just out of injury so was really just completing them. Went into Mool 2013 feeling really good. Training had been good by my standards, meaning 3 swims a fortnight, 2 to 3 rides a week and at least 3 runs. My last injury had been before Noosa, so had a pretty clear break. I had a really really comfortable swim, not really pushing it, just felt very comfortable. Got onto the bike and ground up the climb to the motorway, then once cruising found there was this one guy who I'd pass, then he'd pass me, and so forth. Going past him I said we should work this for the rest of the motorway and we took turns the whole way till the exit, where I finally lost him up the climb. But the work was done. Quick transition and onto the run and just felt really comfortable. Was able to feel like I was pushing it without going too far, and ran the whole way with no walks in the aid stations. 5:28/k isn't fast for some, but it is for me, Ended up crossing in 2:39:40, and was pretty damn overjoyed. About a week later I ended up with sudden onset PF and could barely walk, let alone run, so really lucked out timing wise. What was yours?
  6. goughy

    AYUP GoPro mount

    Just thought I'd post this up for anyone still using Ayups and want a different mounting option. Just found these guys who make a 3d printed gopro mount for ayups. https://fullbeam.com.au/products/race-ware-3d-printed-ayup-gopro-mount Just grabbed one. Might offer a different mounting option for those with tt bikes. I actually just bought a Knob pwr trail for my roadie, plus the knog helmet mount, which should work for this with my ayups. Might be looking at some trail riding in the next year so wouldn't mind the two lights. Otherwise I can use it on my helmet when road riding, so I can get back at all the other guys in my group with helmet lights who blind me when I talk to them.
  7. Right now, is probably make the choice to not do it. I think I'd wait till next year's races and see what happens. I'm not concerned about catching it myself, but I think I'd just let things settle down for a while.
  8. goughy


    Is it actually a plan though? It doesn't seem like he's had any plan a, b, C or z so far.
  9. What I do wonder, with people who do things like this, is what are they getting out of it? Not the first one you do. But someone who's now getting up into the 30's. What is the drive? To have the crossing record? It's she paying out of pocket every time she does it, or is she raising funding? Does she have sponsorship? The cost to do a crossing just be a bit? Not a criticism, just wondering.
  10. goughy


    You sound like everyone is going to listen to the ramblings of a disgraced former politician!
  11. goughy


    Deb will make comments about what the shutdown will do to business and the economy, while not actually criticizing it. Did I see that in Vic, out of 3000 door knocks of positive people, 800 weren't at home?
  12. goughy


    I thought they said on the news (police commissioner I think) that the 5k was for repeat offenders?
  13. Not that I'll be any help with it. Just thought the collective here can help you once they know exactly what you're got, and pics help with that.
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