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  1. goughy

    Alan Jones

    Sadly, I think he has the right to; same with Bolt. I only hope people are smart enough to realise what these people are like. Sadly, I live in a place where plenty of people support the idea of Pauline Hanson as prime Minister.
  2. goughy

    Alan Jones

    Soooo, we all think Alan Jones is a douche, right?
  3. You had more hair then too!
  4. goughy

    Mooloolaba 2020

    When did they add a sprint to Mooloolaba?
  5. Building a rocker base for a wing chair a customer is having me do up for his sister who's about to have her first child. Never done one of these before. It seems to be square at least...
  6. Adding a ball to walking...... Walking netball, sounds like The perfect way to run a good walk..... oh, hang on! Is that golf? I love golf.
  7. Don't say that! I ended up in surgery after filling in for my daughter's mixed indoor netball team, one game! And I now do yoga up to 4 times a week!
  8. goughy

    Cardinal Pell

    I kinda thought I was an arse actually...
  9. How old is it, and where did you purchase it from?
  10. goughy

    Cardinal Pell

    Andrew bolt is appalled at the dismissal of his appeal.
  11. goughy

    Alan Jones

    Wonder what Jones will have to say about Pell today?
  12. goughy

    Cardinal Pell

    Never been so happy to be wrong in my life!
  13. And just had a follow-up call from cyms, and it sounds like things may not go the way we hoped, I guess, not really knowing how it all worked. But horribly understaffed at the moment and in a heavy crisis period and it could be a few weeks before they can sit down and discuss his case. And even then it may more likely be suggested that he stay being dealt with in the private sector. But don't expect to hear back from him for several weeks at least, see our gp who will receive the report of yesterday's admittance, use youth beyond blue, and just call them if we think an acute crisis is actually occurring. Leaves me feeling a bit deflated I guess.
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