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  1. goughy


    Jeeze, I haven't watched golf for a while. Last time I saw Sergio he had hair!
  2. I think his only regret was being found guilty. Doubt he cared he was guilty, just that everyone else found out. I reckon he wouldn't have done a single thing differently, except maybe the admitting it part.
  3. He's approaching the colour of a peach.
  4. He could have just kept quiet, and lived out his life quietly with his millions.
  5. Finally back out on the bike with my old regular group today. Holy shit, I suck. One of our regular climbs I was nearly 3 minutes of my pr. Thing is, my pr is only 4:46..... Lotsa work to do!
  6. @Fitness Buddy I finally got out to ride and wore this jacket today! It may be my best cycling purchase ever. Normally in 3 layers, but long sleeve jersey and this had me treading the perfect line between warm and cold. It's a rippa!
  7. He's on his 4th. Obama had 3 over two terms, Bush had 4.
  8. goughy


    Was chatting to a mate yesterday who works for a company that makes waffle pods for the house building industry, along other things. Had been pretty busy with them, but everything pretty much stopped dead at the end of last week.
  9. BB, I wasn't replying to you in any way! I can't fathom what you are going through there. And I wasn't making light of this in any way. My reply was specific to ij, and that one comment of his, with a couple of comments so he knows I'm not having a serious dig at him. I do apologise that I upset/frustrated you. It wasn't my intention. Sorry mate.
  10. I'll have a gander at MSY and computer alliance. After parts, not a whole pc. Cause I do things by halves.
  11. But you can't put them aside, 'cause they're part of the US. It's like saying Australia has had 0 positive tests for covid 19 and no deaths, as long as you just look at the township of Banana, and forget the rest of the country. Just having some fun IJ. Everything's a shitshow around the world and we're all trying to do what we think is best. Those Belgians, they're nuts..... Only thing worse are the Dutch! (my inlaws are Dutch)
  12. Looks like our main pc has finally given up the ghost. Upgrading time. I usually buy from Umart. Anyone else worth looking at?
  13. News breakfast is just on in the morning when I'm doing stuff, getting ready etc. Lunch at 12, like I'm gonna watch dr Phil (remember I work from home). Then nightly News on 10 and the project while getting dinner ready etc. The only thing I put effort into watching is the project. But not like there much else on offer to have on that's better! Not into game shows.
  14. I doubt it. He's only been taking it for a few weeks; the mindless ranting has been ongoing for a long time.
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