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  1. Why doesn't the govt just go the pill testing, but stack the facility with govt stooges that will tell every single person that comes in to have their pills tested that theirs are full of plaster dust and rat poison etc and they will kill you so you better dump them?
  2. How many here have had to receive Newstart/unemployment benefits before?
  3. goughy


    Aren't you bed ridden?
  4. Honestly, we'd rather just wear the costs rather than push the issue and maybe get someone off side! It's been too much of a push to get in there to risk anything. A bit like the testing at the USQ clinic, they probably wouldn't have charged us if we really wanted to make an issue of it. But thousands of dollars of testing and reports for a few hundred bucks, you just stuck it up. So far we're pretty stoked. Longing way to go still, but more forward steps than backwards now.
  5. goughy


    Credit where credits due I say IJ
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    Thanks Roxii! I tried to Like your response....... 😉
  7. Well, has been an interesting couple of weeks at our place! A few weeks ago we got a call from the youth mental health practice in town, who'd originally told us their books were closed a recommended someone 200k away. They had a cancellation and could fit my son in! So we jumped at that. The appointment went incredibly well, with her seeing my son alone first; he's never seen anyone without my wife there so we didn't know how that would go. 45mins later we joined in, which was really interesting. One of the things she said was he was incredibly expressive and forthright, open and eloquent. She said he shouldn't have been able to be like that! Mostly she would expect grunts and groans from boys at this stage. She's actually thinking of sending him to a speech pathologist because of this; they help diagnose more than just problems with speech itself. She also prescribed a medication for him, and that has been a revelation to us! The effects were pretty quick. He's had a few things happen that normally send in a stressed response, and while he still wasn't happy about them, he didn't have a had reaction. Two of them usually trigger a "I'm feeling sick" the night before with him in the morning trying to avoid school. Like every time, but both times this last week he just unhappily accepted it and got ready like normal. This is a big big change already. A gaming incident which also would have him going of like a rocket still upset him, but the reaction was much more settled and he got over it in short order. The best thing though, is so far the new don't seem to be having any negative effects on him. Some people worry that putting their kids on meds will return them into emotionless drones, or they'll withdraw into a shell or something. But we're seeing the opposite. And he won't shut up! He's become more like me and our daughter, what have we created! My poor wife's ears must be ringing! He's also been doing a lot of testing at the USQ Psychology Clinic, so she is waiting to see those results too. He's done a lot of tests, so I think they're throwing everything at him. Rob and I are also doing an 8 week course at lifeline to help us help him when issues pop up. 2 weeks in, and we're learning that we actually seen to handle things pretty much in the manner the course is hiding us too, but you do what have to. The psychiatrist he's seeing now is THE specialist child psychiatrist in town! She's also the same one who assessed the reports at the public hospital and assessed he should stay in the private system rather than be seen at cyhms, which is a bit of a hit to the wallet. She also mentioned in the appointment that her books were actually closed to new patients (which we knew), but that our gp's husband is a director of "something or other" (I think at the base hospital), and or gp had been pressuring her husband, who was then pestering get that she take needed to see our son! So, like many things in life, it's who you know!
  8. goughy


    Does everyone else constantly run out of "Likes" they can give out on the forum each day? Parky's a bit short because I've reached my limit. Is there some way to change the amount of Likes we can give in any one day, or should I just get even grumpier? Been meaning to ask about this for a while, but just never got around to it.
  9. Yeah, she doesn't really want one of us tagging along. One guy is willing to have a chat to her, but Airbnb is hobbling every attempt to pass on email addresses and phone numbers. I understand why.
  10. Like like like. Can't add anything.
  11. A man in the Netherlands had a group of 10 locked up under his house for like 10 years. It was discovered after a 25yr old man escaped, went to a pub and ordered 5 beers! I love the Dutch! Except for the guy who had them locked up!
  12. From what I've read, running after knee and hip replacements can be much more pain free than what the person experienced before, maybe feeling normal for the first time for some. But it's the belief that you wear them out faster, hence needing another, or several more replacements, later on. Clearly roxii was at a point that it had to be done. My knee, the surgeon wants to hold it is as long as I can, hence I've had to stop running now (and he said I couldn't run of we did it now anyway, so no difference). He also knew a knee replacement would seriously affect my work for a period and I can't afford to be off work. The not holding them back may be a choice they were willing to make. They may also be willing to get another, then another, or can afford to do so.
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