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  1. The Last Jedi

    Wash your mouth out!
  2. What gets on my quince....

    You sure you don't live in Toowoomba TC????
  3. So froome is a drug cheat

    Hadn't it been said before, that the only reason any of these guys get caught us because they stuffed up, not because they were actually doping. Maybe after years of managing it will, he made a little mistake.
  4. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Private can do whatever they want. But SS's should not have any sort of Boyd requirement in primary! I'm sure the cost will be a struggle for some families.
  5. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Some do, and used to. The Dell's and Lenovo Yogo's, the screen just flips over to the back of the laptop. The hinges in both seem pretty solid to me. Look, I know $550 seems a lot for something for someone as young as your daughter! Both of ours only got laptops when they entered high school, and shared a desktop till then. Don't know about your daughter, but my kids are at state schools and had no requirements for byod in primary, only high.
  6. What training did you do today?

    What's training??
  7. What gets on my quince....

    And the worst scenario of this is when this happens at a green arrowed right turn, and the car in front has to have completed the turn and be heading up the street before they move! We've only got a handful of seconds to get through till the turn light goes red and I'm 7 cars back - move your friggin' arses!
  8. The Last Jedi

    Life long fan too, I'll get there at some stage!
  9. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    I'm gonna say it! Just buy the Lenovo yoga one that Tyno linked, the second one. Those other ones may as well be sold at Toyworld as they're not much more than that. Jasmine is entering grade 11 next year and will be using nearly the same sort of system as that Yoga (cept hers is a Dell). The flip over screen will be fine. She was carrying a 15" laptop in grade 9 and it was killing her.
  10. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Just tell her which one to buy Xcom!
  11. So froome is a drug cheat

    Maybe he took it like a suppository? Puff puff.....
  12. The Movie Quote Game

    Winner winner chicken dinner! So, what's your line?
  13. The Movie Quote Game

    Wrong! edit: kinda....
  14. The Movie Quote Game

    Ok, I don't know how this will play out here, because really it's gonna rely on some trust and some faith in your fellow trannies! But here goes anyway. I start by writing a line from a movie, and the first person to guess correctly gets to come up with the next quote, and so on and so forth. It may be an epic fail, but wtf, I'm bored! Here goes.... "And old Satan Claus, Jimmy, he's out there"