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  1. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    You're welcome to think the right is better than the left. We all know they're both jokes. The leadership of the LNP has been like a parody of the "who's on first" sketch, which they copied from Labor. If you think I think Labor will do a better job, I don't. Just a different job. They both suck in the same and differing ways. Which is why we need them both; checks and balances. Worse would be the greens, one nation or Clive. Politics feels more and more about self interest, protecting ones arse, and when ****ing up doing whatever you can to pass the buck. I might be more left leaning in my sensibilities, but when Labor **** up I'll call it. Being a lefty doesn't mean I'm a Labor lover. I believe in what I believe in, regardless of who delivers it I've said many times in the past, we need both parties. Although I don't know if this is changing now days as both seem to be more centralising. But we need the libs to build the funds so Labor can spend them where they're needed. I don't know if that stands anymore though.
  2. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    No mystery that they're related. Don't think there was ever a question? Dutton has history of either forgetting who people are (like old bosses/colleagues) when doing things that help them out, you know, with nannies etc. Do I know who Karen Dutton is, NFI. More than likely a happy coincidence for us lefties. I have no idea what the names of his sisters are.
  3. goughy

    Garmin Fenix open water swim issues.

    If you're treading water, bobbing about, your wrist is probably under the water so it wouldn't be getting a gps signal. Maybe if it's for long enough it really loses its GPS position (like it's searching all over again from scratch. And then because you're swimming and it doesn't know where you are it's not getting that short lock when your wrist is out of the water again? I don't know if you can have Auto pause in open water swimming? Seems odd but I've never just had a pause in the water with mine before. You would think the action of the swimming stroke would get it going again, even without GPS lock.
  4. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    As they said about going Kong phooey, could be
  5. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    Buggers me, but I like making assumptions. It's what most politics discussions are about.
  6. goughy

    Pain on outside of foot

  7. goughy

    LA still a WINNER

    Can't believe he didn't blame the bad batch of blood!
  8. goughy

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    Considering going down, and not giving in, you could say it was one of your best race results!
  9. goughy

    How to improve the run?

    More biking so you're more fresh when you hop off the bike?
  10. goughy

    The next Usain Bolt???

    Yeah, Aero ain't a factor for me! I'm more likely to look fast because of my hair streaming in the wind than me leaving the competition in my dust.
  11. goughy

    Pain on outside of foot

    Yes, this.
  12. goughy

    Pain on outside of foot

    I understood the word "stress". Have you seen your doc to get their recommended treatment. I was about 8 weeks in a moonboot. Was pretty good for locking my right side in place during my golf backswing
  13. goughy

    The next Usain Bolt???

    Nothing wrong with the hair. Makes it look like he's going even faster (that's my reasoning)
  14. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    Did she have one yesterday? The company received a 10mil advance (apparently this is unusual) as they didn't have the infrastructure or whatever to actually start the contract. The Paladin Group in Spain in the 1970's was started by a former SS colonel.
  15. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    Maybe the Paladin Group can send them some of their 423mill from their offices at the shack on kangaroo island? I'm sure Karen Dutton could make that happen? They absolutely need to take care of things at home! It's not one or the other. They need to be doing both. Properly.