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  1. Wouldn't have helped me. My knees were cactus before I started running.
  2. If it's worth saying once....
  3. He's been a smart cookie! He tossed in the grenade and then run and ducked for cover!
  4. Seriously everybody, let's calm the farm a bit! I can completely disagree with IJ and others (sorry IJ, not picking you for any specific reason or Target) and still luv the dude! If we all agreed with everyone and everything all the time, trannies would be a forum with one sole thread titled "Kona is the be all and end all of triathlon", containing 2000 posts that each day "+1". Remember one thing! Will live in a ****in fantastic country, maybe the best on earth, and regardless of what we think of whichever party, neither of them will completely **** everything up (even if we think they will). Now if One Nation, or the Greens could take power under their own right; then we'd be in trouble (and I kinda like the greens).
  5. But unions are the big bad that will **** Australia!
  6. My daughter used to work at our local Kmart. She said when she worked normal workday shifts during the holidays the were heaps of "old" people working. And yes, plenty of 60+ seem to be on during the day. I bet the old dude assisting people at the self service registers thought he'd be doing that in his 60's.
  7. Thanks xcom, nicely put. I will agree that there is a segment with little or no interest in working, but limping every welfare recipient into that basket is exactly the same as Per Dutton saying that the asylum seekers on naru are rapists and murderers, but when it comes to the crunch they actually can't say how many, just that is a number! I know nothing of Newstart, so I can only assume it's like the old days of getting social security unemployment where you had to be actively looking for a job, and they could check on that and deny you payment of you're not. How many here have had to spend any time on either unemployment benefits or Newstart? Or the disabled pension? Or aged pension?
  8. Again, an implication that many people receiving welfare are lazy layabouts. Instead of saying many, why not give us a percentage? Is it 10%, 20%, 30%, 60%?
  9. Just clarifying, do you mean after earning 57k, or do you mean it kicks in after having paid 57k in tax, so only on any earnings above the 180k threshold? Just making sure I've got it right!
  10. Wish I had to pay 86000 in tax.....
  11. I don't see any shirts in that picture! I'd didn't want to quote the picture though, as we've seen it enough already!!
  12. Who actually redacted the thing anyway?
  13. Would 30% be considered much? Maybe replace most with much?
  14. Maybe this idea of Clive's would work for big business. But to be honest, as someone who runs a business (very poorly), I don't think it's great. It's too easy for that money to disappear and next thing you know the business is in financial trouble. We ended up like that when we needed to use GST money we'd kept aside and then weren't able to make it back. Ended up having to make payment plan arrangements with the ATO and we immediately switched ourselves from quarterly to monthly tax remittance. At least then the amount was usually something we could find if we needed to.
  15. So it wasn't brought up by Labor then, or the greens, in 2018?
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