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  1. No dnf for this lady

    I'll forgive her
  2. No dnf for this lady

    She is there for an experience though, rather than a pay packet. She bought the premium package!
  3. Aero Helmet

    On another thread it's indicated that you're not serious if you don't get up to train at 3am (only semi tongue in cheek)
  4. Run technique/ dynamics, any videos?

    That's exactly what happened to me over the years after starting running.
  5. Kona heat is back

    I can't believe you missed the opportunity to say "living in a tee-pee, drinking my own pee-pee". There's always time for rhyme!
  6. No dnf for this lady

    I nearly finished up looking like that after our last family game of monopoly! But it wasn't half as fun.
  7. Aero Helmet

    Buy one of the 'ugly' bolle helmets I use which comes with 2 clip in covers for the vents. Then you only need the one helmet.
  8. Respecting the Race

    For me personally, at the back end of every race, not dnf'ing when things have gone wrong has taught me a lot more about myself than when I've had a good day. But I ain't racing for a pay day. If I was it could be a completely different story! But I'll never know truly what I would do 'cause I'll never be in that situation.
  9. The Mental Health thread

    The box is a cask of wine? Or port? Kudos for noticing, and asking. Cause it would be a strange situation, and could be a bit confronting to approach. How often have you seen him now, and what sort of time is it?
  10. Triathlete vs Dog

    Yes, all over my town new signs have gone up indicating that this park is not an off leash Park and council will be paying them. Cyclists will never win in Australia. Don't ride on the roads, don't ride on the paths.
  11. Triathlete vs Dog

    Had to comment myself, just to clear up for pretty much every commenter that it's not an off leash Parkland, like they all seem to assume. The pdf information brochure says dogs should be restrained on a leash at all times.
  12. Respecting the Race

    Quite frankly, I wonder how much witnessing what happened to out of him? I couldn't imagine seeing something like that and it not take a huge emotional toll it if you, and that then some physical toll on you. Reading what he wrote, I reckon if it happened in the middle of no where he would have certainly stopped. I doubt there was anything he could do. You see accidents in cycling races, Motorsport etc etc and others keep on going. But myself, I have no doubt that accident had a profound effect on his day, whether he knew it or not.
  13. Run technique/ dynamics, any videos?

    Will stopping a turtle head poking out suffice?
  14. How long have you got left to live - touch wood

    Well that was really useful! Based on that I plan to still be working when I keel over!
  15. Respecting the Race

    I think you're only 83% correct there Roxii!