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  1. goughy

    Cardinal Pell

    That's pretty much what The Project said at the start of last night's episode! So last trial ended in a hung jury. Now there's two separate trials. So was the jury unable to come to a decision because the combination of multiple victims in the case made it difficult to find guilt on all of them? So break the case into two trials, with the most likely to prove guilt in the first trial?
  2. goughy

    TV Shows

    Interesting, didn't expect something like that. With their stuff disappearing from Netflix locally, I wouldn't have thought it was because of a rival deal. But maybe that's why. Doubt I'll jump on there though.
  3. goughy

    Cardinal Pell

    So has he been found guilty? The Project is saying there is a huge story that's trending internationally but a gag order is holding off the reporting of it. We're finding comments online that's he's been found guilty of the sexual abuse of two choir boys.
  4. goughy

    Trump is the President

    So what does it actually mean if Trump shuts the govt down over his wall? Assuming the Dems don't surrender to his threats (they may I guess).
  5. goughy

    Custom tri suit recommendations

    My old club has used sub4. They seemed to like them. My daughter has the kit and it seems nice.
  6. goughy

    Cushioned Shoe Study

    Not really AP. By trannies standard you're still well on topic!
  7. goughy


    Isn't a bad top order par for the course for Aussie cricket, for a while now anyway.
  8. goughy

    Sad news from Noosa Tri

    And we need to remember, insurance companies don't go out of their way to find a way to pay, they go out of their way to find a way to not pay! They hope on people just giving up the fight. Not saying any of this is right or wrong - just the way it is.
  9. goughy

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    80.8, Heaviest I've been in a decade. Enjoy the money.
  10. goughy

    Trump is the President

    Trump bagged Obama for going through 3 chief of Staff in 3 years; not to be out done he's done the same in 2. This has to be up there with him bagging Obama for how much golf he played during his presidency!
  11. goughy

    Cushioned Shoe Study

    What it all seems to say to me is, regardless of what sort of shoe you wear, for what ever reason, you can't compensated for technique. You need some level of it regardless. Cushioned shoes may make things easier on your joints, but you can't be lazy.
  12. goughy

    Kona pro points being scrapped...

    And Weiss's spot rolled because he'd already qualified after winning a previous IM.
  13. goughy

    Kona pro points being scrapped...

    After listening to IMTalk, I went and had a look at trirating to see what's going on so far. They were saying on IMTalk that at IM Mar del Plata which I think was the South American Championship, there were 2 qual places for men and women, plus two floating qual spots. In the end the 2 floaters went to the mens field so 4 quals for men and 2 for women. 2 of the top male finishers had already qualified so the 4 mens quals rolled down to 6th place! Stefan Schumacher who got 11th in IM 70.3 Edinburgh got a spot in his first full IM race. So far 22 men and 17 women have already qualified for next years Kona, and it's only just December! (some of those considered qualified still have yet to validate) Qualified Women: Rinny (V), Ryf (NV), Linsey Corbin, Camilla Pedersen, Daniela Saemmler, Laura Philipp, Sue Huse, Lucy Charles (NV), Anne Haug (NV), Jennifer Spieldenner, Mareen Hufe, Heather Jackson, Svenja Thoes, Barbara Riveros, Caroline Steffen, Susie Cheetham, Sarah Crowley Qualified Men: Kienle (NV), Frodo (NV), Lange (NV), Matt Trautman, Andi Boecherer, Cody Beals, Jesper Svensson, Daniel Fontana, Bart Aernouts (NV), David McNamee (NV), Chris Leiferman, Daniil Sapunov, Clemente Alonso McKernan, Eneko Llanos, TJ Tollakson, Michael Weiss, Terenzo Bozzone, Cameron Wurf, Mario De Elias, Matt Hanson, Lukas Kraemer, Stefan Schumacher The (V) meant they've only had to validate for their spot, the (NV) means they only have to validate which they are yet to do. They were saying that those that only have to validate are not included in the total number of pros, so I guess that would mean if there's 35 women at Kona, it's actually 39 with 4 only having to validate. So that means for the women there have been 13 slots already taken and 17 for the men.
  14. goughy

    The Politics Thread

    Totally agree! It's an embarrassment to watch.