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  1. CEM

    Adam Hansen looking to do Ironman now.

    Richie Porte was a very good junior triathlete back in the day...
  2. CEM

    70.3 Switzerland - Bergs

    Also notable is that Ryf was only 11 mins behind Josh...a smoking performance!!
  3. Most people who run marathon PBs run first and second half within 60-90sec. More than that suggests you either started too hard or too easy. My PB was 75:36 / 76:34
  4. Not Gwen Jorgensen, but closer to home...Joel Tobin-White has turned to running recently and is going really well. He posted some 5000m times in 13:40-50min range, and yesterday won the SMH Half Marathon in 65:21min, beating Liam Adams. Also, Peter Kerr came 2nd in the Great Ocean Rd marathon (44.5km), passing the marathon point in about 2:27hr...on not a fast course or conditions.
  5. CEM

    Osteitis Pubis

    Check out your adductors...I've heard of several cases of OP where the cause was traced back to very tight adductors...with quite uncomfortable treatment (needles & massage) loosen them up.
  6. CEM

    IM Texas on now

    Can't understand why Ironman don't ratify course distances like other sports do when a "world record / best" is claimed...makes a farce of it all.
  7. On a slight tangent...Tyler Butterfield ran 2:26 in the marathon this morning. Not bad!!
  8. It's not just the fastest times getting slower, the depth of times has dropped significantly since the 80's and 90's, that is, the number of people running sub-2:20/2:30/2:40hr. Look back at the results from Gold Coast marathon from that era. The reasons are multi-factorial, but in the last year or two I think there is slight resurgence of people running sub-2:20, and inspiring others to strive for the other. And just a rising tide lifts all boats, there is greater chance of this further inspiring someone to break through to sub-2:10. I think the likelihood of this happening in the next few years is greater than over the last 5-10 years. Re, women...as Aidan said, they are on a good trajectory at the moment. Celia Sullohern will be the next star in that field, although I thought the same of Milly Clark in 2015 but she has fizzled a bit recently.
  9. CEM

    Heart checks, stress test etc

    I asked this exact question to Andre Le Gerche at the finish of the Melb half marathon back in 2015, and his response that what I'd just done in the race was in excess of what he'd do in a test!! He went on to say that he could make $$$ cashing in on fear amongst certain people, but he leaves that for others to do!! That said, my sports doc suggested I get an echo test done...along with blood tests...to see if there are any latent issues that might be detected.
  10. CEM

    Hoka one one (teach me)

    Clifton, v3 I think it was.
  11. CEM

    Hoka one one (teach me)

    I bought a pair and tried to like them, but just couldn't find them comfortable. If you have a dodgy calf, or especially achilles, the rocker might not be the best thing for you, and be aware that the heel lift is quite low (~4mm?).
  12. CEM


    My main suggestion when running a World Marathon Major is to enjoy it. Don't aim for a PB, especially not in Boston (or NY). Aim to run it comfortably so you can recall it later with good memories that you remember from the whole race. Leave your race face at home. Don't fret about details of training now with only 6 weeks to go...you're likely to do more harm than good to your fitness, and risk injury. Just go soak it up.
  13. CEM

    IMNZ 2018

    Ruley is onto it. Put yourself into a place where you can be a factor when the race really counts...at the finish line. As they say, ride for show. Run for dough. Worked for Lange at Kona x 2.
  14. CEM

    IMNZ 2018

    I recall you saying something like that after your first IM...
  15. CEM

    Hotshot for cramps. Anyone used it?

    I have heard it suggested that hotshots, cramp stop or <insert product> may 'work' because taking them involves slowing down - or stopping - which is likely one of the better ways to do deal with cramps anyway!! Did someone say placebo????