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  1. CEM

    Calf Strain

    Remember that keen athletes usually return to running about 3-5 days too soon. So if you think you're ready to run, then wait another 3-5 days!!
  2. BTW...follow Kristian B (and his countrymen) on Strava is interesting (https://www.strava.com/athletes/4333333). In the race he and his posse variously recorded distances of 89.17 and 89.29km for the bike, and 22.28k, 20.97k and 21.23km for the run. These guys are jets.
  3. Until Ironman actually certify courses...like every other legitimate sport in the world that has 'world records'...then it's always going to be a joke. You wouldn't see swimmers claim a record in a 49m pool, or runners on a 396m track, etc... But the truism holds...don't let facts stand in the way of a good PR story!!
  4. CEM

    NYC Marathon or Kepler Challenge

    I've only done NYC, and it fully lives up to all the hype about it, especially if you make a trip of it with friends. You can run the Kepler track in your time, when you want.
  5. CEM

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    What would the likely feature upgrades include apart from music and pay...anything else?
  6. I run only and have a Garmin 235, which works well. Rebel have the 935 on special at $399, which has some useful extra features. Is it worth upgrading? https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/garmin-forerunner-935-gps-heart-rate-watch-black-532877.html
  7. CEM

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    He is too fragile and injury prone, and IM specific training will break him. His run technique is not suited to long course, and especially not IM. He should stick with ITU to win Tokyo before he loses his run speed. Gomez is past his ITU best days and wouldn't be a factor in ITU. He's between a rock and hard place at present with ITU and IM. He's got more chance at IM.
  8. CEM

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    Sanders had his best race in training. On race day he cramped up with analysis paralysis.
  9. CEM

    Gonna would have should have

    Two things I find nauseating on Facebook that triathletes are the champions of: FIGJAM posts Throw Back Thursday {or any day of week} Triathletes, more than other sports my FB friends participate in, excel in both these regards.
  10. CEM

    Adam Hansen looking to do Ironman now.

    Richie Porte was a very good junior triathlete back in the day...
  11. CEM

    70.3 Switzerland - Bergs

    Also notable is that Ryf was only 11 mins behind Josh...a smoking performance!!
  12. Most people who run marathon PBs run first and second half within 60-90sec. More than that suggests you either started too hard or too easy. My PB was 75:36 / 76:34
  13. Not Gwen Jorgensen, but closer to home...Joel Tobin-White has turned to running recently and is going really well. He posted some 5000m times in 13:40-50min range, and yesterday won the SMH Half Marathon in 65:21min, beating Liam Adams. Also, Peter Kerr came 2nd in the Great Ocean Rd marathon (44.5km), passing the marathon point in about 2:27hr...on not a fast course or conditions.
  14. CEM

    Osteitis Pubis

    Check out your adductors...I've heard of several cases of OP where the cause was traced back to very tight adductors...with quite uncomfortable treatment (needles & massage) loosen them up.