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  1. BTW...I saw a couple of months ago that NZ athlete Hayden Wilde ran 13:51 for 5000m track race...
  2. Is a 4 month delay - Oct to Feb - really going to make any difference to a) whether people can travel internationally, and b) whether it is actually safe to hold a mass participation event??
  3. These ITU guys train a LOT (check his Strava) and have some wheels on their feet...an 8:11min track 3000m. Video here.
  4. They are good at synchronised drills...but can they run??
  5. Swap Wed and Thur would be much better. Only a day between your two session workouts is too short.
  6. You are missing the key points that the article highlights. Foot landing is a result body / torso position. If you maintain a good posture, run tall, and have a quick, light cadence then your foot landing will find its own position, which the last point says...don't focus on your feet. This article articulates all the things I teach in running technique sessions.
  7. I'm not 50 yet (next month!!) but running is my primary / main sport these days. Despite an 18+ month running streak, I am humble enough to realise that each run might be my last of my 'between injuries' streak!! As mentioned, I have found that strength training in recent times has been crucial to consistency, together with consistency itself. Consistency begets consistency. The hardest part has been striking an 'optimal' balance between running and strength work, so I can get some worthwhile training done in each, which comes down to periodisation and relative prioritisation of running and strength training. Sometimes the strength work is little more than going through the motions just to maintain movement patterns. I will most probably think back to this thread in times ahead when my body, and most likely lower legs, are not holding up to allow me to run...
  8. Been using it for several years, primarily for coaching. I like it. Great app. Doesn't have the metrics and other features of TP, but excellent for doing programs and reviewing sessions. Much cheaper than TP.
  9. CEM

    Speedy Week at parkrun

    You should show your colours in a Parkrun somewhere. Training the house down. See how your form is.
  10. Hot / cold / whatever feels best. I think the best use of your time is putting your feet up and relaxing. Focus on the first 99% fundamentals before worrying about the 1%'ers.
  11. CEM

    The 1% stuff

    Most/many people who worry about the 1%'ers would be better off spending their time and energy doing the other 99% a bit better. This includes sleep.
  12. It kind of depends on what worn out means - shoes physically falling apart or the midsole losing life. I rarely 'break' a shoe, apart from a bit of wear on the sole (even after 800-1000km on mainly concrete / bitumen). However, the midsole loses integrity and structure gradually but is really only noticeable when you directly compare it a new shoe of the same model. In recent times I wore 2 pairs of Pegasus 34 to 1000km each, and could have gone further, and just this week retired a pair of 35s at 800km. They were physically ok, but there was a subtle but noticeable loss of support through the midsole. Now they are perfect for just wearing around or donating to shoe collection service. (FYI I am 63-4kg).
  13. Just a bit more lighting on the boulie would be great - there's barely any street lights (< 10, I reckon) along the 6.6km of it...
  14. Good topic!! Part of me is frustrated by this age slow down, but another part of me sees it as a challenge to see how well I can maintain my performance, using myself as an experiment of n=1. Having said that, I do seek out and read as much as I can about training into the Masters years, and apply it as I can. For reference, I just run these days, turn 50 in Sept with a goal of running sub-2:40 in Berlin marathon (I ran 75:15 in a half last Sept). Some key things I've learned so far: "Miles makes champions" still applies, however my capacity for volume is reduced. Strength is part of training - heavy and for functional movement - is not an "add on", but with the trick being how to incorporate it into training in a complementary way rather than detracting from key sessions. How I feel for key sessions is somewhat of a lottery, rather than being predictable based on prior training. Sometimes you just have to make the best in training with what you've got. The same elements of training are important. Don't focus on HIIT sessions at the expense of tempo / threshold and/or long sessions, etc, and vice-versa. Never strive for 5th gear in training - save that for race day. Keep training controlled...exerting too much / far takes too long to recover from. The "killer session" is just that - smaller, bite size amounts of training sessions is sufficient (this is something I struggle with!!). Consistency is (still) important - the more you train, the more you can train. I'm up to 400+ consecutive days of running at avg 16km+ per day. There is a fine line between going slightly too fast on easy days and then becoming too stressful to allow recovery. Getting older is no excuse for letting body composition go. The default "middle age spread" is avoidable, and not desirable simply from a health perspective. Ditto for poor posture from sitting. Suffice to say, sleep is gold and the best recovery you can do. There's probably some other things I've missed...
  15. CEM


    Good to see you round here again. I rarely post and haven't even been to a triathlon since the last IM Melbourne (RIP). But I still enjoy following the elite races and results. Good to hear your confidence in the TA folks leading the sport. I hear what you're saying re, slow-down. I'm 50 this year and since 45 my performance (I only run these days) has fallen off a cliff, but on the flip side can still be competitive in my age group. Kinda looking forward to 50 to enter a new age group!! On that topic...what are you doing / have you done to maintain your performance as you've got older? What have you changed and/or kept the same? BTW...it's nearly 10 years since the L2 coaching course we did at Runaway Bay...
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