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  1. Good topic!! Part of me is frustrated by this age slow down, but another part of me sees it as a challenge to see how well I can maintain my performance, using myself as an experiment of n=1. Having said that, I do seek out and read as much as I can about training into the Masters years, and apply it as I can. For reference, I just run these days, turn 50 in Sept with a goal of running sub-2:40 in Berlin marathon (I ran 75:15 in a half last Sept). Some key things I've learned so far: "Miles makes champions" still applies, however my capacity for volume is reduced. Strength is part of training - heavy and for functional movement - is not an "add on", but with the trick being how to incorporate it into training in a complementary way rather than detracting from key sessions. How I feel for key sessions is somewhat of a lottery, rather than being predictable based on prior training. Sometimes you just have to make the best in training with what you've got. The same elements of training are important. Don't focus on HIIT sessions at the expense of tempo / threshold and/or long sessions, etc, and vice-versa. Never strive for 5th gear in training - save that for race day. Keep training controlled...exerting too much / far takes too long to recover from. The "killer session" is just that - smaller, bite size amounts of training sessions is sufficient (this is something I struggle with!!). Consistency is (still) important - the more you train, the more you can train. I'm up to 400+ consecutive days of running at avg 16km+ per day. There is a fine line between going slightly too fast on easy days and then becoming too stressful to allow recovery. Getting older is no excuse for letting body composition go. The default "middle age spread" is avoidable, and not desirable simply from a health perspective. Ditto for poor posture from sitting. Suffice to say, sleep is gold and the best recovery you can do. There's probably some other things I've missed...
  2. CEM


    Good to see you round here again. I rarely post and haven't even been to a triathlon since the last IM Melbourne (RIP). But I still enjoy following the elite races and results. Good to hear your confidence in the TA folks leading the sport. I hear what you're saying re, slow-down. I'm 50 this year and since 45 my performance (I only run these days) has fallen off a cliff, but on the flip side can still be competitive in my age group. Kinda looking forward to 50 to enter a new age group!! On that topic...what are you doing / have you done to maintain your performance as you've got older? What have you changed and/or kept the same? BTW...it's nearly 10 years since the L2 coaching course we did at Runaway Bay...
  3. As someone noted, if you're not having injury problems then I would not worry too much about the cross-over aspect. However you mention some ITB problems, which is of more concern and raises a red flag to me on the basis that you're likely lacking some hip stability, horizontally moreso than rotationally. Most people /runners can benefit from learning how to hold their torso (incl. hips) in a stable position...which is parts of skill, habit and conditioning. This is what I would be looking at if I were you.
  4. I'd say largely because the standard has improved so much that it's very hard to get away from the pack the way that Walton used to do, albeit much of his success with that style/tactics of racing was in non-drafting races.
  5. Great runner - Parkrun 'world record' holder (13:5x)!! He was lucky the field let his bike group catch up ~ 60s he was behind after the swim.
  6. CEM

    Creating Value

    You might cringe...but I think that (specifically) posting training on Strava so that (we) punters can see that you're grinding day-in, day-out, creates a real connection rather than just turning up on race for an 'exhibition', and not a sugar-coated version on Insta / socials. I'm a big fan of Kristian Blummenfelt because he posts on Strava, with accompanying description, banter, comments. If people can see you good and bad days, ups and downs, they might connect with and relate to you more. Share the journey as it happens.
  7. Soon you'll be asking about running shoes, too...
  8. CEM

    Calf Strain

    Remember that keen athletes usually return to running about 3-5 days too soon. So if you think you're ready to run, then wait another 3-5 days!!
  9. BTW...follow Kristian B (and his countrymen) on Strava is interesting (https://www.strava.com/athletes/4333333). In the race he and his posse variously recorded distances of 89.17 and 89.29km for the bike, and 22.28k, 20.97k and 21.23km for the run. These guys are jets.
  10. Until Ironman actually certify courses...like every other legitimate sport in the world that has 'world records'...then it's always going to be a joke. You wouldn't see swimmers claim a record in a 49m pool, or runners on a 396m track, etc... But the truism holds...don't let facts stand in the way of a good PR story!!
  11. I've only done NYC, and it fully lives up to all the hype about it, especially if you make a trip of it with friends. You can run the Kepler track in your time, when you want.
  12. What would the likely feature upgrades include apart from music and pay...anything else?
  13. I run only and have a Garmin 235, which works well. Rebel have the 935 on special at $399, which has some useful extra features. Is it worth upgrading? https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/garmin-forerunner-935-gps-heart-rate-watch-black-532877.html
  14. He is too fragile and injury prone, and IM specific training will break him. His run technique is not suited to long course, and especially not IM. He should stick with ITU to win Tokyo before he loses his run speed. Gomez is past his ITU best days and wouldn't be a factor in ITU. He's between a rock and hard place at present with ITU and IM. He's got more chance at IM.
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