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  1. Hotshot for cramps. Anyone used it?

    I have heard it suggested that hotshots, cramp stop or <insert product> may 'work' because taking them involves slowing down - or stopping - which is likely one of the better ways to do deal with cramps anyway!! Did someone say placebo????
  2. Geelong 70.3 race day. Women's finish

    Maybe she was a bit wobbly...but that looked like a good push in the back to knock her over from the angle of the video!!!
  3. Items for Gym

    Get equipment so you can do some basic moves - push (dips / shoulder press), pull (pull-ups / bent-over row), lift (cleans), squat, dead lift, step-ups. These are the fundamentals, and other exercises are essentially variations of these. Medicine ball is helpful. Investing in strength work and equipment is one of the best things you'll do for your long-term health and fitness, and longevity in the sport.
  4. Gwen running okay. New 5k PB.

    Good video, and a very good run. The folks at Letsrun.com were seriously impressed, which is saying something. I'm on the Jorgensen "train"...although I don't think she will win Tokyo marathon gold (in fact, tough work just getting on the US team), it's great to see a triathlete step into a single sport while still at the top of their game. And new mum's have a history of running well in the year or two after birth.
  5. Gwen running okay. New 5k PB.

    Not many Australians run indoors, so that is not really a fair comparison.
  6. Artial Fibrillation: anyone? Mental side?

    Geezus, Steno. That's not a good post to re-introduce yourself!! No specific advice from me, although perhaps through your medical network contacts, see if they can point you to some (other) patients who are/have been in a similar situation. There's a few people out there with a history of heart issues, and continuing on afterwards. If that doesn't help, then drop by training one night and I'll give you a cup on concrete...that should help a bit!!
  7. Don't overthink it. Slow is not necessarily easy, and easy is not necessarily slow. So forgot about pace. Think about effort. Easy effort is easy effort. Where you can hear the birds sing, take in the surrounds and chat to someone. Don't think about cadence (although it will be slower at an easy effort than when running at a higher effort). Think about being light on your feet...like you're running through a field of daisies, or over pebbly ground in bare feet. The key point is, easy effort is a 'feel' thing, not a number. If you find it hard to ignore your watch, then cover it up. The numbers will differ day to day, but the feel of being easy will be much the same...although some days just feel like a struggle. I'm an advocate your using a GPS watch, running power meter, HR, etc, because they all give you information that is part of the puzzle...even if the puzzle changes day to day. The key is learning when and how to use them. Use them as a tool, but don't be a tool using them. Finally, when it's time to go easy, which is 80-90% of the time (in running), then go easy. But when it's time to go hard, go hard.
  8. beep Test - What level can you do?

    The beep test is as much a test of agility and change of direction as it is about fitness and your ability as a runner. Not very specific for straight-line sports...
  9. road id - really should wear it

    Good idea to wear it running, too...or any other pursuit that takes you out-and-about.
  10. Do yourself a favour. Cameron wurf

    Wurf, not Wuff. Yes, great interview.
  11. ageing- from serious stick insect to mammil

    Re-frame the challenge from being as fast/best as you can to slowing-the-slowdown as best as you can, and maintaining your strength and fitness as best as you can. There is no need to "give in" as you get older, but to accept reality and with it, not against it.
  12. Kane Cornes 2.35 Marathon

    Check Kane Cornes out on Strava...he is the real deal and was doing a heap of running pre-Melb.
  13. Run technique/ dynamics, any videos?

    Geezus, talk about analysis paralysis!!! IMO...I think Mo Farah is going to struggle in marathons relative to his track form simply on the basis of his form...too 'boundy'.
  14. Run technique/ dynamics, any videos?

    There is a lot of crap on the net about running technique, most of which adds unnecessary complexity and focus on the wrong things. If you want to see perfect running form, watch a 3+ yo child run (up until the age where they begin to slouch and sit around too much). Here is what you need to know: * Stand / walk / run with good posture. Do this whenever you are on your feet. Don't slouch, slump or otherwise. Stand tall and run tall. How you stand is how you land. This is especially important as you get tired - many people buckle. * Aim for quick, light feet. There is no magical cadence - it is all relative. Walk and run with a light foot step. Also important when you get tired...keep you cadence up, with light feet. * Imagine being pulled equally by a string tied to your belt buckle, and another to your chest, each pulling you gently upwards and forwards at about 45 degrees. That is, run up-and-over the ground, not across it. You want to feel like you are rolling over the ground. * As you run, imagine you are holding a $100 note between your glutes which you don't want to lose!! This encourages you to engage and involve your glutes to both stabilise your hips and extend your legs, ie, drive your hips. All the other measurements are peripheral, and just to give feedback. Focus on the basic fundamentals above. FYI - I wrote the Athletics Australia coach education module on running technique that is used in the Advanced Recreational Running coaching courses.
  15. Measured statistically, I am sure the numbers of people whose life has been extended due to exercise is far greater than those whose life has been shortened. And the health benefits far outweigh the risks. This is the message Dr (Prof?) Andre Le Gerche passes consistently. Unfortunately a high-profile - and rare - incident like Dean Mercer gives (more) fuel to the naysayers...and the media love reporting that!!