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  1. Im ok with consenting adults beating the shit out of each other in a controlled environment. Better than on the streets.
  2. Tim Tszyu is the real deal, be careful Horn
  3. Folks Please share what are you doing for this ?
  4. Merv


    Know of one incident involving 3 executors where one of the executors is a resident in the estate and wont give it up. Has gone as far as trying not to have the Will administered and hiding the details of the law firm involved.
  5. For the best part, i try to ignore the courier mail. The latest ' should Pauline Hansen give herself a uppercut' poll, did make me laugh.
  6. Merv


    One of the things with trauma councelling is that the event can triggar actions that have been dormant for quite some time in the individual, possibly childhood even. Ive had it, and it can be quite effective if done properly.
  7. Merv


    Escapes me why the media have to put images out there of scorched animals. Some things just dont have to be shown.
  8. Merv


    Best batsman in the world at the crease cant complain about that.
  9. RS started this thread, is he dead ? wouldn't have minded inflicting pain on him several times, nothing terminal though
  10. Good old Big W. Worked part time there all through uni. Was one of the most motivated white goods salesmen around, as we got a commission on top of a wage.
  11. These young adults are very fortunate to have you guys. I left home at 17 and paid for everything myself, including uni.
  12. Merv

    Xmas spirit ?

    Probably underestimated her ambition, as she keeps it well disguised. Others would have jumped at it.
  13. Merv

    Xmas spirit ?

    Thinking most women would want to spend xmas day with their young kids, i offered to work it for a colleague. The offer was denied cause it gave her the opportunity to work as a supervisor. Money didn't influence her decision. Strange ?
  14. Possibly over achieved if anything. Never been overly gifted, just hard working.
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