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  1. Merv

    Strange denizens of the office

    Have a smart arse work colleague who also has a healthy dose of OCD. Quite regularly doors mysteriously get open after they were closed, and light switches are suddenly turned on again.
  2. Merv

    Commonwealth games chat.

    seen some females almost trade blows over a chair
  3. Merv

    Commonwealth games chat.

  4. Merv

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Ive spent the last 2wks working at the sheraton mirage, the vollies there were great, couldn't do enough to help out. Sickens me they have to byo at their BBQ event.
  5. Merv

    Commonwealth games chat.

    watch Beattie phuck up the NRL....
  6. Merv

    Commonwealth games chat.

    I was at the 35k mark and Shelly looked the strongest of all the top 5
  7. Merv

    Hair Loss

    Loved the comb over. One of my high school manual arts teachers had like a pony tail on the side of his head and would twirl it around his head.
  8. Merv

    Hair Loss

    another observation, one thing all the guys in my office who have lost their hair have in common, is that they are all under 5ft 6. Not wanting to put shit on short people
  9. Merv

    Hair Loss

    Most guys in my office are near bald before 45 years old. They compensate by growing beards.
  10. Merv

    Hair Loss

    Am I imagining things, or are males losing their hair much younger than normal ?
  11. Merv

    Work place politics and millennials

    I suspect my millenial boss doesnt like me. I call her sharon instead of shannon. When she approached me at a social function she was dressed like a air hostess , so i aske her to give me some cashews.
  12. Merv

    Mental Health Excuse

    Work avoidance lends itself to all sorts of alleged conditions. Some of it legit, some not.