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  1. Merv


    QLD may struggle for awhile until we establish a new spine. Morgan, munster, ponga.
  2. Merv

    Royal Baby

    Reckon behind closed doors the Queen has said 'Right you two you've had your fun, now this how its going to unfold, I want another great grandchild dbefore i kick the bucket'.
  3. Merv

    Royal Baby

    Anyone care to take a stab when Harry and Meg will reproduce ? I'll go december 2019
  4. Merv

    Training solo

    Mike Shelley trains alone apparently
  5. i concede it is sligtly ambiguous
  6. Is there ever a situation where this doesn't apply ?
  7. Merv

    I Believe

    I know a staff member who introduces herself as grandmother of 8 to everybody. It's almost like a defence mechanism.
  8. Merv

    I don't understand.......

    The behaviour of many young girls away from their parents isnt exactly innocent.
  9. Merv

    TV Shows

    Don't normally watch cop shows but the ABC's Mystery Road is entertaining even if far fetched.
  10. Merv

    Hornet vs Crawford

    I hope Horn beats the living shit out of him, american phuckwits
  11. Merv

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Shannon Noll endorses it
  12. Merv

    Hornet vs Crawford

  13. Merv

    Hornet vs Crawford

    he does have a knock out punch. Crawford is a class boxer and his best opponent so far. He has had 10 months out of the ring and has had to gain weight to fight Horn.
  14. Merv

    State of Origin

    only Freddie Fittler could phuck this up
  15. Merv

    Hornet vs Crawford

    The view out of thr Horn camp is they"ll pretty much have to knock him out, therefore taking it out of the judges hands.