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  1. Asking for a friend who lives at Sandgate. Any recommendations folks ?
  2. after years of ridicule on users of this product, I finally succumbed and wore a pair today. The catalyst was a nagging calf injury. The verdict is they were better than first thought, and not a placebo.
  3. Merv


    what a debacle. A waste of tax payers money.
  4. NYPD experiencing similar budgeting restraints.
  5. Merv


    pretty disappointing to have the ADF pulled from QLD borders. Their role has been pivotal throughout this period. Apart from numbers, they provide infrastructure which the states don't have.
  6. Merv

    Le Tour 2020

    tipping Ewan tonight.
  7. Merv

    Le Tour 2020

    Great effort by Porte, surprised it even got a mention on the free to air Sunday sports coverage.
  8. Merv

    Le Tour 2020

    Wonder how many of the top 10 are going to be swapping bikes for the climb like porte
  9. Merv

    All things NRL

    yeah sharks will be cannon fodder
  10. Merv

    Le Tour 2020

    Fingers crossed Porte can TT his arse off and reach the podium
  11. Merv

    All things NRL

    Kevvie is a nice enough guy, got a feeling it might be Green.
  12. Merv

    Le Tour 2020

    Even a reserved guy like porte didn't hesitate having a few words to few after he caught the main bunch up again
  13. Merv

    All things NRL

    Watching the dogs with a lead is like watching a front rower who has taken a intercept and doesn't know what to do next🤣
  14. Merv

    Le Tour 2020

    awesome porte back on
  15. Merv

    All things NRL

    nice work doggies. Conspiracy theory is Bennett deliberately threw that game to position the Broncos for the wooden spoon😅
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