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  1. Merv

    Job Seeking Advice

    A cousin of mine dropped law and opened a coffee shop. Happiest she'd been in years. Got divorced went back to law and is miserable again. A pattern forming here
  2. Merv


    warnie reckons it will be handscomb out for the extra bowler stoinis
  3. Merv


    short turnaround for next test. heavy workload for our bowlers who are already tired. Finch has to go
  4. Merv


    Really shouldnt be getting this close, with how bad our top order is.
  5. Merv

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    Doesnt really matter how many you have or havent done, you;re only as good as your last race
  6. Merv

    Cycling. Forget cars. Animals.

    Have been in a bunch bought down by a roo. Would happily put a bullet in one.
  7. Merv


    desperately need smith
  8. Merv

    Benefits of knowing your swim time

    I have a look. Do many people know what is a fast or slow time for them or is it purely survival ?
  9. Merv


    Wish fox got punter instead of warnie, he is giving me the shits already.
  10. Merv

    Coaches are amusing

    Kumbaya my lord
  11. Merv

    Wierd and Wacky Tourist attractions’

    Dont mind a hedgehog slice and glass of milk.
  12. Merv

    Busso 2018

    Don't worry about bushfires. Plenty of heat coming out of Broncos HQ this afternoon.....
  13. Merv

    Busso 2018

    Sorry mate. Just going off the live blog.
  14. Merv

    Busso 2018

    Thought Wurf might have a bigger gap by now still under 2min at halfway bike
  15. I only ever run early morning when I'm in Townsville, have never had any problems. The pool temperature is terrible, how people train in it I dont know.