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  1. Merv

    iFoz - care to explain?

    Has there ever been a club outfit that places a bigger target on one's back ?
  2. Merv

    What pace do you run at?

    Reckon it is a very under valued stat, what time you can knock out consecutive 400's with short revovery in between them.
  3. Merv

    The Politics Thread

    So with the next QLD state election in 2020. Am curious to see what Anastasia comes up with at the end of the year regarding Euthanasia.
  4. Merv

    Improved race times

    Listening to Adele helps me get in touch with my thoughts and feelings.
  5. Merv

    Kangaroos vs Cars

    Been in a bunch taken out by a roo.
  6. sadly we have more in common with the shit of society then we'd like. using the roads is one of them
  7. Merv


    Got a message from a independant planner today, quickly distancing themself from any financial institution what so ever. Their licencee is Capstone.
  8. Merv


    Force brokers out or the planners ?
  9. Merv


    any news on how the report affects financial planners ?
  10. Merv

    What garmin watch face is this? Please help!

    thought it was possibly called half time
  11. Merv

    Let’s talk lights

    if I were doing night racing more regularly I'd be ponying up the dollars for the top range Petzyl. A guy ran past me the other night on a downhill technical section wearing one , makes such a difference.
  12. Merv

    Going Vegan

    There is a line in the sand you cross when consuming a vegan sausage.
  13. Merv


    Going to be a rugged ashes tour. The sri lankans were threatening to bowl us out before the ball stopped swinging.
  14. What do you call a school of platapus ? platspusses, platapies.
  15. Merv

    Running Headlight.

    Thanks. Got a petzyl eventually.