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  1. Crowd numbers were up noticeably at my local dawn service.
  2. Upon leaving the nundahdrome you will cross 3 small bridges before hitting the intersection wher you go left.
  3. Merv

    All things NRL

    No worries. Didn't look good on the telly..
  4. Merv

    All things NRL

    SOS Parky. Any info on the Fifita Hammy ?
  5. how good is that ? no more wetlands or nudgee beach rd
  6. Had never done a race before that had a no cup policy til recently. Kinda cool rocking up at a aid station with one of those collapsaple cups and serving yourself.
  7. Cootha is ok for a bit of one leg drill i guess
  8. they panic. are dumb/dont care. and prepared to take their chances
  9. Forster was fun. The course used to give you a good look where AP was.
  10. The majority of younger people i work with have worse attitudes than the oldies. In a more social setting like sport they are a bit different.
  11. actually I can handle some reality tv. the jim bobs on alaskan bush people cut me up
  12. Rodger Hodgson said he camped on the studio floor for 8 mths getting it right. The financial backers pushed hard for a sexier waitress on the cover, the band members said ' Libby stays '.
  13. surely there were mirrors available for Charlene to have a good hard look at herself before releasing that shit
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