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  1. Merv

    Training and Smoke

    What's peoples thoughts on squads operating in poor/ very poor air quality ? Some owners adopt the ' I just put them on ' approach, and leave it up to the athletes to decide if they attend or not. Is there some duty of care there ?
  2. Took a hit for the team yesterday (colonoscopy), on the couch watching tv feeling violated.
  3. Im fairly hopeless without my mate, she handles all the navigation whilst my job is to deal with any toad, snakes and spiders.
  4. Merv

    Training and Smoke

    Dehli is the pits for air quality. Im interested in the Tokyo Marathon in a couple of years and the pollution is a concern.
  5. I really rate ellipticals and treadmills.
  6. Merv

    All things NRL

    Mitchell wont be getting things served to him on a platter anymore like at the roosters. Other coaches may not tolerate him going missing during games either.
  7. All over the elevons, never see them that price
  8. Merv

    All things NFL

    Im still liking the saints at 9-2 there. What an athlete Lamar Jackson is after the demolition of the Rams
  9. Merv


    Warnie starting to give me the shits this early in the season.
  10. Try my luck in the Kepler ballot
  11. Merv


    Yep, he'll look like a champion this summer.
  12. Have a course loaded into the 935 for navigation on a trail, is it relatively easy following the bread crumb trail ?
  13. Jerry Springer is now a judge for those who didn't already know.
  14. Pretty challenging finding a position to be satisfied with as you age, particularly so if you were at a competitive level. A constant battle between mind and body.
  15. The sandbox was functioning quite well, now its littered with soapbox Days of our Lives content.
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