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  1. Sharks vs Broncos

    Encouraging end to what has been an otherwise poor season.
  2. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    PJ should compare notes with Jared Hayne.
  3. Gallbladder

    Am wondering what recovery period to expect following key hole surgery ? And what can you do with regards training. Sometimes surgeons don't give great instructions...
  4. Ensuite vs Extra room ?

    Gonna be tempting to spend that 20k ive saved in the interim......
  5. Ensuite vs Extra room ?

    In regards to tradesmen quotes, what is a reasonable response from them on a commencement date. The new year answer isnt good enough. Does a month satisfy you ?
  6. Facebook, I dont like it!

    A guy i work with has thousands of FB friends and is one of the most narcisistic / deceptive people i know.
  7. Your best concert memorabilia........

    I named a budgie Hercules in honor of midnight oil
  8. The good news thread

    Learnt a significant lesson about the power of a genuine friendship. For various reasons my bedridden mother has been seperated from her best friend of 50 years for a period of 9 months. Having reunited them today the effects were immediate and quite moving. In such a fickle society, some things don't change.
  9. USA shootings and gun laws

    Wanker nation. Good day to take a sickie .
  10. Vale Hugh Hefner

    91 isn't a bad innings. Keith Richards is 75 this year, wonder if he'll overtake him ?
  11. AFL 2017

    Didn't think the game rose to any dizzy heights as a spectacle, that's how many GF's are.
  12. Dayboro hill

    There was a magpie just past the last dairy farm on the right before the climb begins. That is unless it experienced a unfortunate head wound....
  13. Sharks vs Broncos

    Cowboys have a reasonable chance, as the storm haven't exactly been in top form. If storm get away to a early lead it could be game over. The longer the cowboys remain in the contest, their chances vastly improve.
  14. Sharks vs Broncos

    Storm have been very ordinary for the last 2 games and still managed to win
  15. How healthy is Triathlon

    Everyone went to the drive in once ...