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  1. Chookman

    Crowie confirmed as greatest ever (by ironman.com)

    But I thought Dr Mitch was the greatest ever! 😎
  2. Chookman

    Mitch Anderson 12hr bike ride

  3. Chookman

    Mitch Anderson 12hr bike ride

    Haha, almost soundd like you believe that! 😋
  4. Chookman

    Ten Questions with Roxii

  5. Chookman

    Beginner-Intermediate Ocean Ski

    I’ve been away from the sport for a few years so I don’t know what’s current these days. You’d really want something in the slightly shorter wider range like an epic v8 or similar. There are lots of used ski’s on geartrade. as for hiring one: contact the Fenn and Epic agents in Sydney and I’m sure they could help you out.
  6. Chookman

    Bike Cleaning/Maintenance

    Simplest way is to get a 1 litre bottle Morgan blue chain cleaer and a 1 litre bottle of muc off nano cleaner concentrate (makes 4 litres). Spray the chain and give it a scrub if needed and spray the rest oc yhe bike with muc off. Leave for 3 mins, rinse and dry with s cloth if you can be stuffed. Easy peasy
  7. Chookman

    complete newb - needs advice

    Agree! Also a must have if you ride platform/flat pedals. Drops, jumps, descending, bunnyhops and other fun stuff is easier and safer with the seat out of the way.
  8. Chookman

    Coast to Coast

    If you can get in with a club that does some ocean paddling I reckon that would help heaps. A few days doing a course will just help you come to grips with reading the water, and knowing where to point your boat wighout being slammed. From my understanding the rapids in c to c aren’t too savage but for liability reasons you need to provide proof that you have basic competency in moving water. Best of luck with your journey!
  9. Chookman

    Coast to Coast

    I planned to do it around 2006 but it became too much of s logistical challenge trying to organise support etc so I put thr plan on hold. A year later I started having hip problems which put an end to any future plans of LD racing. Would have loved to have done it but alas my body had other plans. I got 4th at the Mars challenge in 05 so at least I got to do that one. One of the most memorable parts of the experience was spending 5 days doing a whitewater course in Vail Colorado.
  10. Chookman

    Coast to Coast

    It used to a requirement that you gain certification for competency in grade 1-2 whitewater. If this is still the case you would need to spend time with an instructor at a venue such as penrrith ww centre. Either way, it would be foolidh to take on C to C with zero whitewater experience.
  11. Chookman

    complete newb - needs advice

    There’s always risk but if you know tour limits and progress at your rate (not someone else’s) you keep risk to a minimum. Whenever you want to try something different read up about it and then practice it slowly. About 18 months ago i realised my technical skills sucked big time when i rode with a mate on a not super technical xc circuit. I went away with my tail netween my legs and decided I’d switch to flats and ride the tightest most technical trails my bike could handle. For anyone struggling and would liket better than average skills i’d recommend the following: more aggresive tyres at low pressures. wider bars and shorter stem flat pedals dropper post pad up ride tight slow technical trails learn to track stand. Helps climbing and decending technical stuff more than you could ever imagine.
  12. Chookman

    complete newb - needs advice

    A better spec’d bike will give you suspension that is more subtle and adjustable and it will be a nicer all round ride but you can still do just about anything on a talon that you could on a higher spec xc bike given a few mods. Run an agressive treaded tyre up front ... as wide as you van fit. Run a less aggressive tyre on the rear the same width or margially narrower. Drop your pressures to as low as you can go without pinch flatting. Eg for an 80 kg rider try 22- 24 up front and 26-30 rear. Back off the rebound do it isn’t bouncing you off when you’re on rough terrain. Oh and don’t corner like a roadie. On flat corners Lean your bike and not your body. Leep your centre of gravity low.
  13. Chookman

    complete newb - needs advice

    And use platform (flat) pedals. It will make you a better rider!
  14. Chookman

    complete newb - needs advice

    Yeh, something like a Talon would do the job. Not sure what fork they have but i sssume it has some rebound adjust. It will never be like a higher end fork so Just dial it down a bit so it’s not like a pogo stick. The tyres will most likely be crap so upgrade them to something better. With decent tyred at lowish pressures combined with good technique, you can do a lot on a low end HT!
  15. Chookman

    So I paid for a lesson

    Learning to track stand is one of the best skills you can have on a mountain bike. Well worth the hours it takes to perfect!