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  1. Been back at Malabar Pool since they re filled it last week.. not too busy either and feels about 17 deg.. A few swimming in and across the bay but had reports of a few sharks from local Fishos.. 5ft Mako hangs there.. so pool is fine for me..
  2. Hey Trannies.. its been a while.. I have had a few Europa's.. one was my first tri bike, a roadie with clip ons. I am pretty sure John Abeni is no longer with us as not seen him outside his shop Europa Cycles at Kenso for years. I know his son Allan might still be there.. John was one cranky man.. I was looking for a photo of my on the Europa (speedos and singlet) racing at Kurnell but could not find one B U T.. found this photo of how not to wear an Aero helmet. with mr Flanman.. Not raced for a few years now as was kinda over it esp after a decent PB and IM in Cairns 2 weeks after my 50th. Still cycling and swimming and a bit of yoga.. Running is over, just long walks in the park. Not related but the Flanman ol bike post.. I had a Learsport, then frame died, got a Azzuri Frame and that Cracked.. then that was replaced with another Azzuri Frame.. the bottom bracket all cracked internally and bike man said thats it and can't be fixed.. Geesus.. 3 fames with the same Ultegra Group set.. I only got 110,000ks out of it.. So after 12 years I got a new Giant TCR.. (yes wash my mouth out but it was the best bang for my buck).. I forgot what. new bike was like and so love it. comfy AF.
  3. Gizmo

    Port - Race Day

    And Coffs Pete also made it just under the cut off. Whoa man
  4. Gizmo

    Port - Race Day

    Yes Paul is one amazing man. Also note Dave Ross DNF.. shame
  5. Back to the classic 2014 Cairns BM - https://vimeo.com/98003899
  6. Gizmo

    Port 2019

    I might have to try to come up and swap places and be on the green area near the pub.. yes thats still in my mind all you guys on the beers..
  7. back in the day I was averaging 12-14hrs per week which worked fine (50yr old)... having done one each year for 6-7 years and trying to be consistent the rest of the year - 6-8hrs PW. Mega work weeks 50hrs, no kids and a great partner who was super supportive and helped a lot with my diet.. (and having naps on the weekend ha). and a good coach and mentor.. Mr AP.. got me to lots of start lines in good shape especially mentally.. yes I was pretty soft for a few years too..
  8. Gizmo

    Trannie photos

    Will TF, Giz, Rooster and John Mac 2008 or 2009.. my Alzheimers really kicking in now
  9. Gizmo

    Trannie photos

    Port Gi, Mr and Mrs Andrew Colins! My uncle Coffs Pete Gi burger gi Dan B and Ratty M and R
  10. Gizmo

    Trannie photos

    Will the Frenchman at Port.. Dianne (Paul Every's better half) my partner Steph, Will TF AP
  11. Gizmo

    Trannie photos

    Gi man..Beer Mile Ratdog/Giz Busso 2010 G Busso 2010 beer Mile Port.. Ratdog, Gi, the guy on the middle won.. that other guy forgot his name.. Giz (with Alzheimers now) Giz, Tim the smart arse, chambo and some other kook c
  12. Gizmo

    Trannie photos

    We sure had fun making these posters.. and going out the night before to hang em Paul Every Ratdog ahem.. Gi
  13. Gizmo

    Trannie photos

    Nice one - ok I will play as well.. just dug these up.. son for the spam o rama. circa 2008 2010 Me, Skel, Lisa Harding and Blew (yes Peter) Port Beer Mile Smitty - L E G E N D ! JRP
  14. ok I will admit - My first IM 13.05 at 43yrs old Did 6 more all under 13hrs PB on my 7th go at 50yrs old - 11.29 Now 54.. not as fit as at 50 but never say never doing another one day... hmmmm.. My motto always was.. race to finish and a good time is a bonus and DNFs are not in my mind EVER.
  15. Good job AP - 3rd nice one --- practice what you preach.
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