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  1. Some Noosa Tri History 4 ya

    First few times I raced was a two lap run
  2. Some Noosa Tri History 4 ya

    No, the entry was 20 cents back then
  3. iPhone X

    Has anyone bought an iPhone X yet? I have been reading some reviews and there is not a lot of negative points yet from people who like Apple phones. If they are available, and when I sort out my salary sacrifice account I might buy one
  4. Noosa Tri 2017

    Forgot my bucket one race so had to race with sandy feet
  5. Bike Bug wow

    I discovered a punctured race wheel yesterday morning. Called a few local bike shops and could not locate a tubular, let alone one I wanted. So put another wheel on and ordered a tubular and glue from Bike Bug at 1310 yesterday and it arrived this morning. Very happy with price, range and delivery.
  6. Noosa Tri 2017

    Any backpacks Ron?
  7. Awesome aquathlon

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/226915377363558/ is the FB group
  8. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    How did his EJ survive?
  9. Awesome aquathlon

    Copied from a Facebook group of a north Brisbane squad. Wish I was fit enough to give it a go For those of you who are thinking about having a break from the bike for a couple of weeks at the end of the season you might like to start getting ready for the inaugural Coyote Swim/Run Urban Race. Initial details below. Will probably run the race late in December. Coyote Swim/Run Adventure Race 1. Start Chermside Pool 4.45am– run to Valley Pool 8.8km 2. Valley Pool (1km Swim) 3. run to Somerville House Pool (4.5kms) 4. swim 1km 5. Run to Centenary Pool (4.3kms) 6. swim 1km 7. Run to Newmarket pool (4.7kms) 8. Swim 1km 9. Run to Albany Creek Pool (10.4kms) 10. Swim 1km 11. Run to Chermside Pool (9.1kms) 12. Swim 1km Total – Swim – 6km; Run 41.8kms.
  10. No dnf for this lady

    Hope she was upgraded to first class
  11. Tubular tyres

    Watch the Zipp video's on glueing and never trust anyone else to glue your singles on
  12. Dean Mercer

    First time on here since I heard this news and my theory is Dean might have been taking NSAIDs to combat the pain is older people experience with training and racing. Would love to see his post results https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/fda-strengthens-warning-that-nsaids-increase-heart-attack-and-stroke-risk-201507138138
  13. Do you live in Porepunkah IP? We have been staying in Bright for a week and saw a sign on a fence driving back to our place after dropping of ski gear at the hire place saying Trouts Mowing
  14. Oakley making helmets now.

    They have been making ski helmets for a while so just like POC are entering the cycling market