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  1. Which is more than the Australian RRP right? I always thought we payed more for ASICS than other countries but looks to not be the case. Anyway, I will continue to buy my shoes on the days Rebel have their 20% off sales
  2. That is the same price as sport stores in London.
  3. Spending a few days in London and remembering the good old days when I could buy Kayano’s from Wiggle for about $150, about $100 cheaper than home. So a quick look and was disappointed.
  4. At the airport now about to head to Finland and around Europe for 4 weeks. I have our barcodes packed and hoping to run a few
  5. We ordered on the 26 Nov and received them last week
  6. James

    Power meter pedals

    I pre-ordered the original Vectors so have been using them a while and have had very little problems. From what I have read, the people having problems have not installed or maintained them correctly and have not followed Garmin's instructions. No real difference to what I see at work as an emergency department nurse, people who do not listen and follow directions will always have something to complain about
  7. I think my first tri was Gladstone in 91 maybe
  8. I love receiving a "good work" or "keep it up" and I love dishing it out with a little pat on the bum as running by
  9. James

    Sad news from Noosa Tri

    Something happened on the bike
  10. James

    Sad news from Noosa Tri

    Something happened on the bike
  11. James

    Noosa Tri 2018

    How many in the Legends wave Ron as I could not get in as it was full? You would think they would have more than one wave if the first one filled up.
  12. James

    Noosa Tri 2018

    A friend asked me about 12 yesterday why I did not start as I was listed as a DNS, and now today I am also I DNF with me dropping out after the first run sector. I emailed my Garmin file today so hopefully it will be fixed
  13. Cam is a great guy and here is his response from FB this morning The last 36hrs have been tough as my character has been completely ripped apart due to the factually incorrect allegations that Callum Millward has used to slander me in a way designed for maximum damage on social media, all while I was in transit from USA to Australia. I have been involved with Triathlon for 29yrs now, did my first race in 1989, with not a single incident like this, not one single altercation and I thank my true friends for the messages of support. I have received dozens on dozens of private messages threatening to “bash me” “I’m going to come and find you” etc with a couple even threatening worse then this along with messages that my athletes are taking drugs and me being a peadophile. All quite distressing for my family and friends. In October 2017 Callum contacted me and asked to be coached. I didn’t think it would be a good match, so I politely said no, but Callum wouldn’t take no for an answer and continued to bombard me with calls, emails and messages then even emailed in to be coached by Brett Sutton as well. Eventually someone that works with me emailed him in a more direct manner and told him to look for other options and that stopped the harassment or so I thought, because then he went on to harass about 10 of our mutual friends that would contact me all multiple times that he still wanted to be coached by me and could I reconsider taking him on etc. I didn’t make a big song and dance about this, just continued to let his friends know, it won’t be a good fit and that the answer is still no. The reason I did not take him on in the first place is two of my male athletes at the time did not get along with Callum after unprovoked “dramas” and this added up with numerous other stories I had been told of his poor attitude one being from his former swim coach at Noosa, the other that he had a fight with Terrenzo Bozzone in a pool once, and this was all unacceptable behaviour that I just didn’t want to risk bringing into my small training environment. About 5 weeks ago Callum’s name came up again, as someone alerted me that he had tried to call out one of my athletes on Twitter in a clear attempt to embarrass her on a public forum, again completely unprovoked and with no clear motive to do so other then to cause drama and perhaps some sick and twisted way of self promotion. I calmed everyone down and said you will get sweet revenge in Kona as you run by him, this I was certain would happen and a way to keep my athletes focussed on there job and not caught up in the fake petty world of social media. At approx 32km mark of Kona, I was on Queen K following my athlete, I saw Callum up ahead, I rode past him, and said “did you think you were tuff bullying and trying to embarrass one of my female athletes on Twitter” He replied “yes because she’s a loser and a drop kick and so are you” I said “well looks like you are the loser now as she’s about to run by you along with half the women’s field” He then replied with an attack on my 12yr old daughter that still has completely shellshocked me that he even knows her name let alone the very private and personal circumstances that surrounded his comment. I saw red, rode up next to him and said “if you ever speak of my daughter again I will drag you into the lava rocks over there and belt you” during the delivery of this as I tried to hop off the bike I stumbled and embarrassingly fell off the bike. I looked around and saw my athlete coming along with Rinny and Siri so I got back on the bike and rode off to refocus on the race and not one word was spoken after this. The whole incident lasted less then 60sec. To allege I followed him, bullied him & then ran at him with my bike or even touched him is 100% completely and utterly false. To then fabricate these false events and put them on social media with the clear and main objective to incite hundreds of people against me, some of whom I’ve been friends with for 20years is really a form of evil that I haven’t come across before. His false version of events are opportunistic to settle some anger he harbours over being declined to be coached by me over a year ago now. He has tried to ruin my career and have extreme negative impact on others that are closely associated with me and may well have succeeded. I regret verbally threatening him, but it was direct spur of the moment rage that came from him attacking my daughter and our very personal circumstances. Others have begged me for my side of the story so here it is. I personally wished to leave it be, as I stand little to gain now by getting my side of the story out against an angry falsely influenced mob, but I owe it to my friends and colleagues to set the record straight, as it’s them that I am most upset for in this debacle.
  14. Garmin won the PM comp, is this shocking too many people?
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