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  1. I am going to be in Mackey for Son's basketball carnival for the whole of next week (28th March to 2nd April) Can anyone suggest who I should meet up with for local rides.. Thank you in advance
  2. 1805078

    Hervey Bay 100

    Can I please have some advise on accommodation for race day weekend: I am after the following: Close to restaurants Close to race start Somewhere nice and clean I have found a few places....but would prefer locals or others that have stayed there before for the same event to give me there picks Thanks
  3. Is there much flex when riding up hill?? I too had a soft ride and loved the ride but not the weight (>10kgs)
  4. Are they US sizes OR UK sizes????
  5. Thank you for your help. Might give it a miss
  6. It is a pity as there is a really nice Trek Speed Concept 9.9 frame for sale and I want to get it. USPS quoted me $1034 to send it
  7. Looking at purchasing a bike off Ebay from the USA....Annandale NJ (Hunterdon County) to be exact Anyone posted from the USA to Australia before???? I have one quote that was outrageous..... Anyone know of a cheap postage service. I am no hurry to receive it. Thanks in advance
  8. What is the frame size of this Trinity sl Advanced you speak of located in Brisbane??
  9. Anyone out there has a Argon 18 112 in extra small hanging around. I am just after the frame, fork and seat post please. I am located in Brisbane. Looking for 2010 and onwards please. Would look at full bike if that is all that is available Thank you
  10. Anyone ideas of decent close accommodation for ironman NZ. Currently looking but seems to be rather full already. After something close to lake and nice Thanks
  11. I really want to buy a 2nd hand Giant TCR advanced ISP frame within a couple of years old. I would prefer frame and fork only. Size small only. good condition please. Anyone got one they want to sell. I am located in Brisbane Thanks
  12. I am after a Frame and fork only - Size small / X small After something post 2010 Thanks heaps
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