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  1. I've taken the work-from-home opportunity to move up to our family holiday unit at Bribie Island (1hr north of Brisbane). We're just across the road from the beach. Swimming every day in the ocean. Definitely noticed the water cooling down now, but still haven't had the wettie on.

  2. 17 hours ago, Prince said:

    Any heated pools open in Brisbane. Private pools. 
    not keen on going to enogera dam 

    What side of town are you on?

    All the Ipswich City council pools are open and the Moreton Bay Council pools are opening from Saturday. Pretty sure you have to ring to book a time and swims are 45mins.

  3. 53 minutes ago, Ex-Hasbeen said:

    Shouldn't be under normal circumstances, no. They are not operating under normal circumstances this year.

    A part of the agreement with the Government that allowed the Warriors to fly in was that the league would abide by the biosecurity measures that the NRL laid out. One of those was that all players would get a flu shot. Maybe the NRL should have gone through this before giving it to the government as a part of their controls.

    Qld's Chief Health Officer was being interviewed on radio yesterday as they news came through that the NRL would allow some of them to play without getting the flu shot. It was news to her and her strong stance was that it was part of the agreement they made with the NRL and they would need to come back to her to further discuss if they will still allow games to be played in Qld.

  4. 6 hours ago, Cottoneyes said:

    Sunshine coast, somewhere around Pomona would be my choice.  Got alot of friends have retired / moved there and it has a great community feel about it.  GC just feels more and more like people are building on top of each other, my last trip to Bryon (outside of school holidays) was my last - just seemed to be in a traffic jam constantly once you got in your car

    Another option to throw out is Bargara on the coast East of Bundaberg.  You have an airport within 20 minutes, seems to be a great community very active, plenty of groups out riding when I was up there, very active surf club of various ages, active tri club and you don't get quite the population you do with your other two options.  Only downside is you don't get hills extremely close by, so look at it as a chance to warm up before hitting the hills, not that far to get to tris at Hervey Bay and Noosa either

    Not Pomona, need to be near the beach.

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  5. 14 hours ago, Ex-Hasbeen said:

    I'm hoping to get into a small dam at Clear mountain in the next couple weeks. Only about 200m long, and will be cold, but it looks clean. Wish me luck.


    I went to Daisy Hill quarry. Pleasantly surprised, water was very clean and great temperature. It's about 2-2.5km in from carpark and with heaps of different trails, I can make it a run/swim session.

  6. 6 hours ago, Ex-Hasbeen said:

    I'd love them to go down that path at our dam, only we get anything up to 200 people swimming in the small enclosure on hot days. Maybe once it cools down & the general public aren't interested we might be able to.

    I found a different open water spot to swim, not near you though. And I have to do a few more turns as it's a bit smaller than Enoggera.

  7. 2 hours ago, Peter said:

    I’m not a Greenberg fan but taking photos of a guy in his own house is totally bullshit and the paper and the photographer should have their arses sued for invasion of privacy.  


    Yeh that's disgusting. And I never understand why they think readers would be slightly interested in such a photo. 

  8. 53 minutes ago, chris said:

    Just saw some poor sole getting arrested in Bondi for going for a swim, seriously what the fark, he swims there every day of his life

    I think they're opening some of the beaches up from tomorrow for exercising.

  9. On 28/03/2020 at 1:10 PM, CarpeDiem said:

    Have just finished moving stuff around in the garage and sorting out my pain cave. Added some resistance bands now that the gym and PT is a no go.




    That treadmill is in a bad spot, need space behind it.

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  10. 17 hours ago, Parkside said:

    Hey isn’t a tranny stuck on an Antarctic cruise boat off South America. That would be the only cruise I see myself going on.

    given the no of cases from cruise boats. I’m confused when these cruises commenced and what the travel advisories where when cruises were boarded. Unless you got on one on Jan 19 what did they expect to happen?

    Yep. Cant remember her trannie name though. Got on the cruise on March 13th.

  11. For a laugh....

    My partner put a world map on the wall and say throw a dart and wherever it lands, we're going there for a 2 week holiday when all this is over. Looks like we're spending 2 weeks behind the fridge.

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