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  1. Just now, SomeTri said:

    so I don't have long to make up my mind eh?

    Currently fence sitting.  I had total FOMO last year when I didn't go, but think it may be all too much to deal with next year...

    Go on, it'd be nice to meet a new trannie :)

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  2. 1 hour ago, Andrew #1 said:

    So there you go. Both AB and Gomez are targeting an Olympic-Kona double tilt next year, as I speculated on the other AB thread. Taupo could be the after dinner mint #triplecrown.  

    I think they're both a better chance in Kona than Tokyo.

  3. 1 hour ago, Tyno said:

    He finished 15 minutes slower than the winner of the Women's race!

    How embarrassment. :whistling:


    DFL out of the water.

    Appears to have been 2nd pack ride, which was 3 minutes slower than pack 1.

    Decent run time for an old long course bloke who isn't known for his run speed.


    Gotta find at least a minute, probably 2 in the swim, then he easily gains the 3 minutes difference from a Pack 1 ride.

    Then all he has to do is knock 6 minutes off his run time and he'll be a decent 2nd tier ITU athlete :)


    Women's race was shortened to 5km run due to the heat

  4. 1 hour ago, MissJess said:

    What they can wear. There are modesty rules about head to wrist to ankle. Saw a couple of ladies from that part of the world at Worlds in Lausanne. 

    I saw a screenshot from one of the Middle Eastern TV stations (can't remember which country exactly, maybe Saudi Arabia), they had to pixelate Angela Merkel's hair so as not to offend viewers. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Ex-Hasbeen said:

    Lucky the Noosa triathlon wasn't scheduled for a week later. Many roads around Tewantin are closed due to the bushfires, and from what I can gather the course would be closed as it leaves Noosaville. Diversion may have been possible to bypass the danger areas, but I imagine it would have to have been cancelled as emergency services wouldn't have wanted everybody out on the roads anyway.

    Smoke would also have been a nightmare.

    Thoughts are there for those affected. I have a friend spent the night in a shelter up there last night after being evacuated.



    Would've been a nightmare. But of little significance when lives and homes are at risk.

  6. Just noticed this, does that mean cant be used in Australia? Or just that it is designed to be used in Australia, but can be used in the places listed with adaptor?

    Please Note: Includes plugs/power adaptors to suit UK, Europe, Japan, Canada and USA power outlets.

  7. 11 hours ago, SomeTri said:

    There has been quite a mess up with the timing system. Appears to have messed around with the podium positions...

    A huge mess in my age group. Podium placings have now changed three times. Apparently some chips didnt register when crossing the starting mat so athletes were just given the gun time for their wave. I think we'd be naive to think this only happened in this specific age group. 

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