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  1. See the gash on his leg? One hour of surgery to get it fixed.
  2. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    That's so strange. I had no issue as I said, and my kit has company names all over it.
  3. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Nah, Cupcake isn't registered with CQ. That seems really strange. Not very inclusive of new-comers in my opinion, it's not like you're out to hit the big prizemoney or anything.
  4. AA7

    Challenge Roth 2020

    2021, it's on my radar, you want to come?
  5. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I raced in Cupcake Cartel cycling kit, it has sponsors all over it, no one pulled me up at all.
  6. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I did the first one, and I felt like a kid on her first day at school. But it was pretty simple. Roads were not closed, but I saw very few cars, quiet 'country' roads at Elimbah. Plenty of people on their trainers warming up. Most were in a club kit. A few days before the race, they'll put out a start list with your start time (in 30second intervals). Turn up, sign in, get your jersey number and bike transponder and zip ties to attach to your bike. They do bike checks to see if your bike is compliant or not. Someone will hold you at the start. Go for your life.
  7. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Is your bike compliant?
  8. AA7

    Shark at Manly swim?

    Yeh that video makes it look a bit like a pond in a park, but it is big. Very popular spot in summer.
  9. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Cranky can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think she is out to break any speed records or make cycling TTs her thing. I think she is just trying something new and adding some variety into her training. So while all those things will give her a few seconds, I don't think it bothers her really.
  10. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Cycling Qld has TTs also, for anyone, don't need to be in a club. Check their calendar. Two left this year I think, maybe Aug and Sept.
  11. AA7

    That's gotta hurt

    I think they needed more than a little sweing needle to get this splinter out https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/other-sports/cycling/cyclist-lorenzo-gobbo-intensive-care-18206965?fbclid=IwAR2H8AwTZejXELU7MoWtDXhpUCAKY627btARzKT7ylLhWLzNW6dW3YMb0sM
  12. AA7

    Swimming to work!

    We have a guy that uses a SUP to get to work sometimes. In Brisbane, gets in river at West End, gets out near North Quay ferry then carries it into out building via the tunnel off the bikeway under Expressway. Leaves it in the bike room.
  13. Yes, I think Cam identified her talent.
  14. Lucy is a Brisbane girl, dabbled in triathlon for a little while. Originally she was a very good runner but kept getting injured.
  15. No, I think it would refer to someone pacing them or travelling along beside them for a distance.
  16. AA7

    Ironman Frankfurt

    So she got 4th in Kona last year, so obviously not totally clueless on how to race in the heat and humidity.
  17. My point is that the collective responsibility is not warranted. The actions of those cyclists this morning do not represent most cyclists, but people are blinded by their biases.
  18. I do believe it is moll not mole.
  19. AA7

    Ironman Frankfurt

    She said herself that her brain was not functioning to a level that allowed her to realise that she needed to slow down and get fuel in.
  20. I obviously agree that they did the wrong thing, but why the outrage for this bad behaviour over something that happens every single day causing potentially far worse results?
  21. Saw a blue car go through a red light this morning, this is why I hate blue cars. The actions of a few should not be a reflection of all but unfortunately, society is too silly to distinguish. I know who poses the bigger danger. Cars running red lights are more of an issue than what these riders did this morning.
  22. AA7

    Ironman Frankfurt

    She may not be saying anything if she was brain damaged.
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