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  1. Yes they do. Because it is unexpected, so people are shocked by it.
  2. Even with getting on the bikes being wet, 13 deg, rain and the wind chill factor?
  3. I'm guessing that the hypothermia risk was the main issue. Pros would still be at risk, higher risk with their low body fat I would imagine.
  4. AA7

    Picking up salt tablets

    Maybe it was EPO in tablet form, or some other drug that gives you an amazing boost of strength and speed instantaneously.
  5. Seems AP isn't the only one
  6. I was trying to think up a joke for the leg, I had nothing, but you nailed it though
  7. There's my buddy Michael. What's the water temp?
  8. I think someone like Cranky might disagree that TA isn't interested in clean sport. Two random age grouper tests in one year.
  9. I don't think any of us can answer that. Ask the insurance company.
  10. Yep, once. Qualified at my first IM. Had never ridden more than probably 120km. No idea about how to train for or do an IM. No idea about KQ, someone at the beach the following morning said I should go to some rolldown thing. So I did.
  11. Wish I could kick like that.
  12. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    That's why I never do the riverloop.
  13. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Yeh, unlike Cranky, I'm not brave enough for a crit race. I just looked on Cycling Qld calendar, did a one month 'race' membership which was about $10 I think and then entered. There are four TTs as part of the series. I might do the next one but the other dates dont suit me.
  14. Climate change is real, I've seen the crocheted temperature blankets to prove it.
  15. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I did the TT up here a few weeks ago. Bumpy roads.
  16. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Nope. Too low and they don't match your knicks.
  17. Nah, apparently 'she's out', after I made a joke about the females needing to do their hair and make up.
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