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  1. AA7

    Peloton Ad

    I think you're getting my point now.
  2. AA7

    Peloton Ad

    Nah, actually just thought it was a bit random and weird. This is a place to put random and weird things so random and weird people can discuss them. It takes a bit to annoy me. Really couldn't care what people say on social media or forums like this.
  3. AA7

    Peloton Ad

    No, it doesn't bother me at all actually. I don't understand the outrage. But now I'm outraged that you didn't get that.
  4. AA7

    Peloton Ad

    No, I'm outraged that I don't understand the outrage.
  5. AA7

    Peloton Ad

    Apparently we're supposed to be outraged about this https://thenewdaily.com.au/life/tech/2019/12/05/peloton-tv-bike-ad/
  6. AA7

    Training and Smoke

    Brisbane has some minor smoke haze, but just damn hot. 37deg today, 39deg predicted tomorrow. A very dry heat which is unlike Brisbane. Give me 30deg and high humidity any day.
  7. AA7

    Awesome Sports doco

    Stupid, tragic error. Forgot to tie a knot at the end of his rope.
  8. AA7

    Israel Folau

    Raelene Castle said $8 million is wildly inaccurate.
  9. The ol' fat burning myth
  10. AA7

    Busso 2019

    Ironman website has finish line stream
  11. Yep, worth a shot.
  12. AA7

    Busso 2019

    Brownlee running 3.37min/km
  13. AA7

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    Tweed Enduro, half distance, March.
  14. Or if you go the blue rather than orange, only $245.
  15. 4% on sale for $279. Cant believe I'm considering buying a shoe for that price.
  16. Same thing really aren't they? Just lots of cheap bargains.
  17. AA7

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    I've heard more than whispers. I've heard yelling.
  18. AA7

    Sports Pursuit

    Yep, great website. Dangerous for the credit card.
  19. AA7

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    Don't think the arrow is actually the location.
  20. Burgs was talking up his floaty pants recently.
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