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  1. AA7

    Chop Garmin file

    I'm interested to know why it matters. Which is why I asked.
  2. AA7

    National Titles Prizes

    No idea, one the female TA staff at presentations. I obviously don't do this sport for prizes or medals, never have and never will. Makes me wonder why I have an issue with it..... It just seems that they haven't really put much thought into it. Dunno, hard to put into words.
  3. AA7

    Chop Garmin file

    And it matters why?
  4. AA7

    Ironman Mt Tremblant

    Lionel gets his Kona spot. He was run down by Cody Beals but he's already qualified.
  5. AA7

    National Titles Prizes

    The 'prize' was instead of a medal. And yeh, these titles are a bit meaningless, but it would be nice to see a bit more thought go into the awards. I'm pretty sure triathletes are right for water bottles and swim caps. Were they your idea Mick?
  6. AA7

    Wurf watch

    That was very funny.
  7. AA7

    National Titles Prizes

    Thank you. I much preferred my prize for winning my AG in the tri, $300 😀
  8. AA7

    National Titles Prizes

    Townsville Tri this weekend, where they also had the national duathlon champs. You'll never guess the prizes they gave....yep, water bottle and swim cap. Seems strange to award a swim cap for a duathlon 🤦
  9. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Obviously all sorted now. But not Pinkenba. There is a transponder for CQ races. And parking could be an issue as these races are a bit busier than a local club race.
  10. AA7

    Tokyo Test Event

    So it hasnt gone so well. Too hot on Thursday, so shortened the run. Ecoli in the water today so the paratriathlon has changed to a duathlon.
  11. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Sounds like you might need time for a nervous number 2 as well. I think give yourself more time than you think, maybe an hour. People were warming up near their cars at Elimbah. Good luck.
  12. Has Jake got some serious varicose vein action going on down the front of his leg?
  13. You seen some of the amazing bikes old, fat blokes ride? No one is thinking they ride fast because of their bike.
  14. Decision was made before the race.
  15. New bike. Or take it to a bike shop mechanic and ask them.
  16. AA7

    Sunshine Coast 70.3 2019

    I'm a right hander, prefer to put my stuff on the left.
  17. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Try harder next time, didn't even need stitches.
  18. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Green whistle was needed.
  19. Hopefully nothing in Milo.
  20. This sums it up well https://www.asada.gov.au/news/athlete-warning-higenamine-supplements
  21. AA7

    Ironman Frankfurt

    You're surprised that she's fit?
  22. They tested a sealed container and her container. Both contained the banned substance and it was not listed in the ingredients. The only way to be totally sure is to take nothing.
  23. I've known Margo for many years. She is an awesome athlete and nothing but talent and hard work has gotten her the results. This is a sad chain of events.
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