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  1. AA7


    Reports that one of the water bombers has crashed down in the Snowy Mountains area.
  2. AA7


    Got attacked in Adelaide
  3. AA7


    He had a heart attack last night, they put a stent in.
  4. Yes, it apparently makes you very gullible.
  5. AA7


    That'll teach me for only reading the headline.
  6. AA7


    Maybe they don't all agree with the chief
  7. AA7


    Not sure how I feel about this. Of course they're amazing and deserve to be recognised, but it feels a bit....not sure of the word I'm looking for.....tokenistic?
  8. Nah, slowing down in my old age.
  9. I should've been clearer, I ride 20-30km before parkrun, get about 8-10km of running. Long ride Sunday morning.
  10. Switch it. I generally do about 20-30km before parkrun, ride there and ride home, 5km each way. But also usually chuck a few extra km of running after parkrun too.
  11. I think you're misunderstanding the purpose of their Qantas store.
  12. Tweed Enduro is one for long course, they mentioned it on their Facebook page yesterday. Edit....sorry, ignore that. It's for Amsterdam this year. But chances are they'll also have it as a qualifier next year too.
  13. Who's the boss here now anyway?
  14. So now I'm even more confused. Think I'll just stick with what I've been doing, it goes ok.
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