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  1. Yeh I think if that was her landing spot, there may be a few people about.
  2. Now it says 5.7km to go.
  3. I looked about 15mins ago, it said 5.3km to go. Right now it says 5.5km to go. Someone tell her she's going the wrong way!
  4. I believe she had to order a second one as the first didn't fit.
  5. Yep. Not sure if I'm stupid, but I fail to see how this reduces congestion. Can anyone explain it simply to me?
  6. AA7

    Amy Gran Fondo 2019

    I think H did very well.
  7. Endurance athlete Cameron Bellamy just swam from Barbados to St Lucia, 150km. 57 hours.
  8. AA7


    Yes, he made double figures! That'll guarantee his spot for the home summer 😉
  9. Wow https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2490788897819815&id=1882863668612344
  10. Been on for a couple of years now in Brisbane.
  11. That happens already. I remember a few times watching friends in other age groups finish before I even head to swim start. End result, they pretend they're doing something and they get to keep taking in the profits. Only way to reduce congestion is reduce entry numbers. And we all know that won't happen.
  12. Yep, will go off with anyone.
  13. Rolling starts at Noosa this year. Self seed yourself based on your estimated swim time. You'll have no idea where you are placed during the race within your category. Blergh.
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