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  1. AA7


    For a laugh.... My partner put a world map on the wall and say throw a dart and wherever it lands, we're going there for a 2 week holiday when all this is over. Looks like we're spending 2 weeks behind the fridge.
  2. AA7


    Surely the sooner the better though. We're just pulling the bandaid off slowly, let's rip it off fast.
  3. AA7


    Friend of a friend is in a quite senior position in Defence.
  4. AA7


    Hate to be spreading rumours, but April lockdown coming. Army reservists have been called up.
  5. AA7


    Prince Charles has tested positive 😮
  6. AA7


    So who will be the first trannie to get it?
  7. Brisbane City Council libraries are closing from Monday. I think pools will closely follow.
  8. I've done it the last 3yrs, I really like it.
  9. Positive COVID test from an athlete
  10. AA7


    If Australia keeps going at the current rate, we'll be at 10000 in 2wks.
  11. AA7


    This is from Malaysia apparently. But we're heading for something similar very soon.
  12. AA7


    Might be getting close to that, DFAT have advised all Aussies to come home ASAP.
  13. Bought a pair of these a few months back but hadn't worn them. I've been feeling crap the last month or so, parkruns at about 21.30ish have been pretty hard effort for me on a flat course and no real intense running sets done. So thought I'd give these a whirl at Mooloolaba on Sunday as I thought I'd need all the help I could get. Only had a few short runs in them starting last Thursday. Ended up with 43.45 run split which I was pleasantly surprised with and actually felt really good. So they get a tick from me.
  14. I hate it. And I was annoyed that they started the waves early. My wave was listed to start at 8.28, I was at the start area, but just having a bit of a chat to someone from work, with my back to the starting pens. Looked around at approx 8.22 to see my pink caps filing into the water, some already well into the swim leg. Crap. As a FOP racer, I like to start near the front to know where I am in the field. But ended up being right towards the back. I knew who my main competition was, so I had no idea when she started. Ended up 2nd by 45sec. She was faster in the long beach run to T1 by about 45sec. Not saying the result would've been different, but I did find it hard to know what pace to run that at. But anyway, I'm still happy. I've been feeling really flat for about a month or so and was surprised that I felt pretty good.
  15. AA7


    Or if you or someone in your family suddenly falls very ill, or has a bad traffic crash or bicycle accident and need a critical care bed.
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