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  1. This is what I would suggest also. I think they would be happy to help out.
  2. Seems to be a bit of 'whataboutism' happening here.
  3. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Do you know why you get your own check in line though? Entry fee is the same yeh?
  4. AA7

    Triathlon gear for hire

    Strict condition of no peeing in the wetsuit.
  5. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Yeh, we were speculating before we knew what might've been in there. A thermos with engraving, a hard stone trophy thing, or some style of plaque. My friend got his and showed me, wow.
  6. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    We got a medal for Mooloolaba Tri, but it is also National Champs for OD, which in the past has meant a second medal from TA stating that.
  7. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    I think I might send in some feedback to TA. I know they're not awash with money, but the feeling amongst everyone at presos was that the prizes were very very underwhelming.
  8. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Nope. Just the water bottle and swim cap. And there's generally always been a sponsor prize from Mooloolaba Tri, but nothing this year.
  9. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    TA excelled themselves with the prizes for the National Champs winners yesterday. A water bottle and swim cap. I know we don't do this for the prizes or extrinsic rewards, but I think that is pretty lame. And not even a championship medal like we have in the past. I don't expect a car or anything extravagant but come on. Even the towel or visor with nice embroidery a few years ago was nice. Fair comment?
  10. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Did it take long?
  11. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Great weather. Crank is getting drug tested.
  12. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    No they never get weighed.
  13. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    I was thinking so they can get back to the buffet quickly to make sure they make weight. Seriously though, why should they get priority?
  14. AA7

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Anyone know why the 'bigger' athletes have their own check-in line?
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