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  1. AA7

    Up and coming athletes...

    Until he got doored while cycling last week ending up with dislocated shoulder.
  2. AA7

    Bike Bag Recommendations

    Spartan is the cheaper copy of Scicon soft bag. I had no trouble....until last trip where zipper broke. But don't need to remove or even turn handlebars. Wheels are only thing to come off.
  3. AA7

    Winterfish 2018

    In huge swells and wind. Looking back, i cant believe we all just blindly trusted the crew saying 'jump now', and we all just jumped into deep blue ocean. And we did actually see a real shark further below. Scary shit. It was a very surreal experience. Jump in, head down and kick like crazy following a huge fish. It was bloody hard work. I couldnt really stroke as i had a gopro in one hand. Then once you got too tired, you swim back to the rest of the group and guide and wait for the boat to come back and pick you up. The swells made it cery hard to see anyone else and you had to get your timing right to get back up on the backboard of the boat. But id do it all again.
  4. AA7

    Winterfish 2018

    Did a 800m swim in freezing water in Joffre Gorge in Karijini NP in WA. Amazing.
  5. AA7

    Osteitis Pubis

    I remember the Brisbane Lions had a high incidence of these a few years ago which was attributed to hard ground at The Gabba.
  6. AA7

    Ultraman 2018. Right here, right now.

    Brad Dalrymple is going to be up at the real pointy end also.
  7. AA7

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Government jobs rock.
  8. AA7

    Magnetic Island Triathlon

    Ooh nice.
  9. AA7

    Busso 70.3 swim cancelled

    It's on the opposite side of the island
  10. AA7

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    No prizes for guessing who has already asked about 10 questions in the Aussie team facebook group
  11. AA7

    Busso 70.3 swim cancelled

    I would've been seriously tempted to stay in bed.
  12. AA7

    Busso Half.. and the women’s winner is?

    Why cant the bikes ride over the timing mats?
  13. AA7

    Busso Half.. and the women’s winner is?

    Well i guess every other pro athlete managed to do the full course.
  14. AA7

    Busso 70.3 swim cancelled

    Top 3 female pros all DQed. Went 100m short on lap 1. Liz Blatchford becomes winner.
  15. AA7

    Winterfish 2018