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  1. AA7

    New Kickr Stuff

    In a laundry with dryer on
  2. AA7

    Froomey banned from tour

    Yeh, I dont really agree with that take on it. Falls can happen anywhere, that's racing.
  3. AA7

    Froomey banned from tour

    Clearly not a good team, he shouldn't have been in that position in the peloton. That's what someone on twitter said, so I'm going with that.
  4. AA7

    Electric bikes

    I'll ask the guy at my work who has a home-made electric 'bike'. He goes at 60kmh.
  5. AA7

    Ironman World Champs 2018

    Too hard to pick 2019 winners 😉
  6. AA7

    Winterfish 2018

    Winter is nearly half over, we'll start to warm up from here. (Not really though, August is usually the coldest month).
  7. AA7

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Definitely agree she is trying to attract members of the opposite gender to her insta, but I doubt many of these will see her as a coach.
  8. AA7

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Why not? I mean why aren't you doing the race, not why dont you have a husband? I think I know the answer to that.
  9. AA7

    New Kickr Stuff

    Tell Lionel Sanders that
  10. AA7

    What training did you do today?

    Bit chilly this morning I'd think
  11. AA7

    Ironman Frankfurt - LIVE NOW

    2.39 marathon for Jan, course record for Daniela. Very impressive by both the champs.
  12. AA7

    Drafting at IM Austria

    Always wondered how they earn a living? Does he work?
  13. AA7

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Especially if it rains
  14. AA7

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    I might use a mobike (to get to the start). And yes, I dont like the look of the bike course.
  15. AA7

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Course maps are up. Swimming from north to south, they've changed the bike course, lots of turns, run a but different too.