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  1. AA7

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    I think they're both a better chance in Kona than Tokyo.
  2. AA7

    Wurf watch

    Dammit, I was pretty sure you would've known.
  3. AA7

    Wurf watch

    Women's race was shortened to 5km run due to the heat
  4. I saw a screenshot from one of the Middle Eastern TV stations (can't remember which country exactly, maybe Saudi Arabia), they had to pixelate Angela Merkel's hair so as not to offend viewers.
  5. AA7

    Wurf watch

    With his cycling background, he was putting socks on and checking for correct sock height.
  6. AA7

    Wurf watch

    Well he did it, 2nd last, about 11mins from 1st place. About 40secs from the front swim pack which surprised me, I thought he be further behind. Ran a 36.15.
  7. AA7

    Ash Gentle - Xiamen 70.3

    Actually, being in December and so far away for most athletes, it will be interesting to see who chooses to race.
  8. AA7

    Ash Gentle - Xiamen 70.3

    So this gets Ash a spot to Taupo 70.3 Worlds next year. I assume she'll take it. Early predictions, can she take Ryf, Charles down??
  9. AA7

    Wurf watch

    9pm tonight Brisbane time. Will be on triathlonlive.tv if you're a subscriber.
  10. First race at the distance and notches up a win in 4.16. 2nd place for Burgs.
  11. AA7

    Wurf watch

    Well I should be in bed, but I might have to stay up a bit later to watch.
  12. AA7

    Noosa Tri 2019

    Would've been a nightmare. But of little significance when lives and homes are at risk.
  13. AA7

    Kids and gyms?

    Make sure the PT knows what he/she is talking about and teaches correct technique.
  14. Ex Lions AFL player ran a very tidy 3hr 14min marathon in New York on the weekend. Good stuff for a big dude.
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