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  1. Do you wear your HR monitor?
  2. AA7

    OT saving lives

    That's a big needle.
  3. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I'm pretty sure everyone is in lowest grade on their first race.
  4. Don't we all?? Where's Burgs, he'll know......
  5. Official statement was given to Stef from witsup when she questioned them. She does a weekly wrap up on facebook, she read the statement from TA.
  6. Jamie has had his contract terminated by TA because of a breach of his employment. Not sure what though. I guess that was what Ash Gentle was referring to in social media after her disappointing race in Yokohama on the weekend.
  7. 53000 I think, bit of an improvement on the 19 he got last time.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/182679365154088/posts/2259830304105640/
  9. Unlike his disrespectful statement on the death of Bob Hawke.
  10. Sadly looking like Dutton will be saved.
  11. AA7

    Bike Boxes

    I think Cycling Australia use them for their athletes.
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