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  1. I've heard nothing but great feedback about NeoPro. Their new releases sell out really quick so must be pretty good.
  2. Richard Murray has just thrown down a 7.58min 3km
  3. AA7


    My work is having to make huge changes. With thousands of employees, it would take something like 4hrs for everyone to get up to their floors with the new elevator limits.
  4. Awarding slots based on virtual racing is a croc of shit.
  5. Getting in twice a day at the moment. In the morning before I start work, just do about 600-800m after an early ride or run. Then run across on my lunch break and do about 1km. It's going to really suck going back on site to work.
  6. Just about 500m south of lifesavers. Our place is 2mins walk from the beach.
  7. Bribie is like a pool. Maybe just a bit cooler.
  8. I've taken the work-from-home opportunity to move up to our family holiday unit at Bribie Island (1hr north of Brisbane). We're just across the road from the beach. Swimming every day in the ocean. Definitely noticed the water cooling down now, but still haven't had the wettie on.
  9. What side of town are you on? All the Ipswich City council pools are open and the Moreton Bay Council pools are opening from Saturday. Pretty sure you have to ring to book a time and swims are 45mins.
  10. AA7


    Agree, great organisers.
  11. AA7

    All things NRL

    Qld's Chief Health Officer was being interviewed on radio yesterday as they news came through that the NRL would allow some of them to play without getting the flu shot. It was news to her and her strong stance was that it was part of the agreement they made with the NRL and they would need to come back to her to further discuss if they will still allow games to be played in Qld.
  12. And he's a solid build, doesn't look like a whippet runner
  13. Not Pomona, need to be near the beach.
  14. AA7


    I miss it. I'd be a swimmer even if I didn't do triathlons.
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