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  1. Cycling Shorts Recommendations

    I'm with Willie on this one. Tri shorts on the TT bike and bibs on the roady. On the aerobars, the pad in bibs tend to gather and rub on me.
  2. What training did you do today?

    No smog at the moment. That will come as it gets cooler and more people burn stuff to stay warm. Like riding in all cities, I'm more worried about breathing in the pollutants you can't see.
  3. What training did you do today?

    Third ride since May and still trying to find reasonable routes in Delhi. A mixed bag so far but you can't daydream or you'll be cleaned up by an auto, bus or cow. https://www.strava.com/activities/1187485719
  4. Hydration setup

    I spent $80 and tried the between the bars bottle with 'straw'. Persisted for a few weeks and ended up replacing it with a standard bottle. For me, drinking while in the aero position caused burps discomfort. As old older bloke, it seems better to sit up and drink rather than hold position on the bars. I'd usually stretch at the same time.
  5. NBN Options

    So does all the technology and tech talk on this last page mean, that even with the best conditions and connections, Australia will still have slower internet speeds than the majority of our Asian neighbours when this NBN thing is complete??
  6. The Expat Thread.

    Bump.... and I'm naming names... Well it's been 10 weeks since we first started looking for additional finance should we need it. Have been with NAB for 35 years and paid off 3 mortgages with them - and they said bugger off. The ANZ have been reviewing for almost 10 weeks and constantly asking for more documents almost every week. But still no decision, either way. What makes it worse is I saw a story saying the ANZ were considering spearing people if the didn't sell their monthly mortgage quotas! Am I becoming, sour, bitter and twisted or, is it just the way it is these days?
  7. Max HR Run vs Bike

    I'll leave any technical / coaching arguments regrading HR relevance to the experts. But, I've not used HR or Max HR for any sessions for years. As Willie says, lots of things can affect your HR and any given day. I've been living in hot, tropical and desert locations for almost 10 years and I've found it not uncommon for HR to increase at least 10 bpm during the Summer. I've found once you know what a run at 4:00 per k and 5:00 per k, and a ride at 190W or 250W feels like, it's much better to run with pace and ride with power and RPE.
  8. The good news thread

    The good news is...the Far South Coast of NSW is a great place to be this time of year. Had to go home to renew my visa so had a week between there and Canberra. Some nice fun runs in Queanbeyan and Broulee in lovely 15-17 degree temps. What was even better was seeing 8 of my 11 grandchildren. Like the '50 years time' thread says, things and times are changing. A walk or run thru the bush with stops to hear the bellbirds, lorikeets and gaggle of other species and smell the bush, should not be taken for granted. Certainly takes me back to when I was a kid.
  9. In 50 years time .....

    In 50 years time, I won't care.
  10. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    I've not raced since 2015/6 season in the UAE but still 'train'. It has become more of a habit to stay fit than to be race ready. In Thailand, before coming here, I was riding 350k a week ( 3 short and 1 long ride ) and running 30k a week ( usually 3x10k). Now in India and bike less for 3 months so far, and it's shifted to run 50-70k's a week ( 1 long and 3-4 short ) plus 3 swims a week ( around 6k total ). The last 3 months has been 90% easy to very easy and focusing on form with the occasional fast session, due to the heat and humidity. I'll probably ramp it up in a month or 2 when it cools down.
  11. Is it political point scoring or are they all scared shitless of the costs of additional benefits ( see Peter's post above from the government website ) that will have to be paid and stresses put on the system - whether entitled or not.
  12. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    8000 rupees ( $156 ) for 3 month unlimited entry at the Pacific Sports Complex here in Delhi. $9.70 if you opt for the pay per swim. Ok....it's not to the standards of Australian pools, but after 2 weeks, no ear infections or other apparent health issues.
  13. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Mmmmmmine too. They are on here at the moment. Roadside cart loads by the hundreds of kilos at around 80 rupees a kilo ($1.40). Heavenly on there own or topped with a spoon or 3 of yoghurt.
  14. Running Shorts

    Silly question but.....I've always run wearing tri shorts. Are running shorts similar to try shorts without a chamois? What stops chafing and feeling uncomfortable once your undies are soaked?
  15. Alvey

    Yeah, you're right Ex...more reliable was not the right term. They are hard to kill and probably why you only ever bought one. I do still remember when I'd put a new spool of line on, usually 12lb back in the day, and head out for an evening cast. All too easy for a loop to come off and wrap around the top of the reel in the dark, only to find when you cast, you cast no where or the sinker and bait disappeared into the darkness.