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  1. softy


    Over the past few years I'd usually have a few days where I'd have a major head spin and hot flush when I got up in the morning. It would be usually for a day or 2. Then mid last year, I had the same thing for a month. Went to the doc and was told it was Vertigo. Was given some pills to take for a week and it seemed to have worked. Did all the usual Google and Youtube research after that. Not pleasant, so I'll see what happens this year.
  2. softy

    New Gel Flavours

    Butter!!! That was luxury...we used Fairy margarine.😣. I also wondered why the neighbors cat wanted to lick my face.
  3. softy

    New Gel Flavours

    My wife still pays out on me because I ate Pecks Paste and drank Dutch Jug as a child. She calls it abuse.
  4. softy

    Sagan goes Alloy

    He could ride a bike made of chocolate and cheese and still win.
  5. softy

    2018 numbers - Swing ya d1ck time

    Swim 4.3 km - yes. 4.3 k's Bike 14,250 km Run 1,540 km Plenty of places to ride and run in India, but swimming is tough. 1 x OD race, 1 x Half Marathon, 1 x Cycle race
  6. softy

    Australian Masters Games

    Not referring generally to triathlon. My point was, how can you be considered 'Masters' if you're 30.? I would have thought you would have to be at least 50.
  7. softy

    Australian Masters Games

    Hardly a Masters Games if you only have to be 30 to compete. So a 56 year old, could come up against a 30 year old...?
  8. softy

    What training did you do today...

    Arrived back in Oz yesterday after 8 months in India without a break. Ran 75 mins at home in Broulee down to the windsock at the airport and back to Candlagan Creek. Fark we have it good on the Far South Coast of NSW, and the rest of Australia. Tomorrow, take some time to not look at your Garmin - instead, smell the salt air, look at the blue sky, listen to the kookaburras, cockatoos and rosellas. Then remind yourself how lucky you are.
  9. softy

    Busso 2018

    It soon wears off, I've been living here 18 months and well over the place. You're keen going to political rally. Politicians here are worse than Australia and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, can mean death or disability. On the Tri side, the first IM event is due in Goa next year I believe. Won't be as fast as Busso.
  10. softy

    Busso 2018

    You poor sod!
  11. softy

    Tips on how not to swim like a snake

    Drills have worked for me, especially the singled arm as it helped me roll better. Although it goes against Speedy Steve's input, I've found getting a good roll going for bilateral breathing is generated from the hip. My roll starts with rolling the hips left and right like a pendulum. It really is a case of different strokes, for different folks
  12. softy

    Patronising or encouraging?

    Nah...it's pretty lame. I will always say thanks to the volunteers at aid stations and turn arounds before saying anything to anyone racing on course.
  13. softy

    No medals for teams :-(

    It's not just teams or Kurnell these days. ITU are just as bad. I won my AG in one of their events and all I got was entry into the following years event. I don't want a shitty medal or plastic trophy, they end up in the junk bin the shed anyway. But there were plenty of good quality event cycling jerseys that they were selling - that would have been of some use at least.
  14. softy

    Half Marathon World Record

    I did the Ras Al Khaimah Half many moons ago where there are always plenty of African runners competing. They chase records there because of the temperatures and flat course...but I digress. The winner there did a 58: xx and, at that time was a record. They ( him and pacers ), were heading back as I was running out. What got me with these guys ( and girls ), is how slow they make a sub 3:00 kilometre look! He was obviously doing around a 2:45 as well, but looked like he was out on a jog with friends.
  15. softy

    Kona bike and wheels count. Cervelo won

    With the talk about weight..maybe another useless data field to be added could be what 'diet' athletes are on...HFLC, Vegan, Meat only blah blah blah