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  1. Whether it be man or woman....a question to ask ourselves "would I do porn to become a billionaire?'
  2. The government makes too much money from cigarettes, alcohol and gambling to come down really hard on any of them. I don't drink but would have had 3 or 4 bourbons last year. Even growing up, I would prefer to enjoy my home grown, than drink. Yes, pot is illegal, but at least people don't bash each other after they've had a few. Although now, with all the chemicals that are added, it can't be good for you.
  3. softy

    nick kyriois

    "Hugely talented, highly complex character"... a quote from a commentator that sums it up well.
  4. I haven't raced for a while but even training, I usually drink water or Pocari Sweat, eat bananas, dates, jubes or jelly beans and the occasional Snickers washed down with a small Coke when stopping to refill water bottles on long rides. A casual observation today when in the supermarket, looking at a $1 PowerBar Protein Snack Bar - Caramel Nut Brownie ( with other natural flavor ) .... the ingredient list looks absolutely toxic! It could not be good for you if you were a full time or very serious athlete. 5 lines of all sorts of syrups, caseinates, fractionated and isolated 'stuff'. I'm no doctor, but surely your long term health must be affected eating foods that are so highly processed. Sort of negates the whole healthy lifestyle thing.
  5. That's it....especially considering the population of India. A lot of guys I was riding with or met in India last year, were heading to Sri Lanka because it's their most local race. They even have their first 70.3 in Goa later this year I believe.
  6. Will medicinal marijuana work? At least you'd be a little distracted while you ran 😀
  7. Not this race, but did an Olympic distance in Taitung. Road surface was better than Australia but the killer is the wind. On an out and back course, one direction is going to be tough.
  8. We are all different....if he can do '5 x 1km with 90sec rest starting in 3:05s and ending under 2:55s. Average around 3:00.' to become (Olympic Triathlon Champion, 2 time World Half Ironman Champion, 2 time World Ironman Champion), it works for him. Keep doing it.
  9. softy

    Creating Value

    Greenedge / Mitchelton Scott have the right idea with their old backstage pass vids. Obviously they have cash to do it, but something of that model, but shorter. It could be a training day or race day but it makes what really happens accessible. Added to the Strava and Insta stuff.
  10. -30 C outside, so 12k on the treadmill. If you lived in Iowa full time, having a well appointed gym in your house would be a must.
  11. If you are in transit in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can get DS Trainer and Noosa Tri for around $80. I usually buy 2 pairs.
  12. -22 degrees outside this morning so any outdoor activity is on hold. Treadmill and trainer will be the only chance.
  13. softy


    I agree with GE. First time I've seen the ad and I didn't get offended. As a matter of fact, I had to read the comments here to see what points were being made. Maybe I'm just dumb or don't give a toss.Who actually takes notice or dissects the contents of ads anyway? Obviously a lot of people.
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