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  1. So...sort of following on from the Blood Pressure part of a recent thread, of those men over 55, who has done all the checks and tests that blokes our age are supposed to do? What did they tell you and what can you do about it? Do we take our health as seriously as most women do? I don't think so. I have an appointment booked for when I get back home next month, but today, went for what I thought was the full monty of blood tests and ultrasound ( sonography ) of my abdominal organs. Obviously still waiting for blood results but the other stuff came back clear. Now it's done, at least I have a benchmark to compare future test against. Probably the biggest concern is prostate and cancers but, having said that, if you've got it, you've got it. What about the other elephant in the room with the male downstairs department and being able to keep that blood flowing to the right places. Has all that time in the saddle had any affect? Thoughts and musings??
  2. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    I don't know what you're referring to but, isn't the point of hot coffee ( or tea ) to be hot? If not, order iced coffee. I hate getting coffee that is luke warm and can be finished in 2 minutes! As for the cancellations of races due to duty of care and due diligence, it's a sign of the soft and litigious times we now live in. Yes, athlete safety is important, but we should also have some input before things are canned. We already sign a waiver before competing to say it's all our fault and accept the outcomes, so why not add a few more lines. I'm sure someone will develop and App and you can race from the comfort of your lounge.
  3. The Expat Thread.

    As expats know, it's all relative. Having been back in India for the last 12 months, you really know why so many of them are living in the Gulf - and don't want to come back!
  4. Private health, who are worth a gander?

    As I've said before, like all insurances, the test is really when you need to claim. Unfortunately, ( or fortunately ) I didn't have to so it is untested and a 'waste' of money. Same as if your house burns down. You hate paying the premiums, but why risk crying like a biatch on A Current Affair because you just lost everything but weren't covered.
  5. Private health, who are worth a gander?

    I dumped mine about 2 years ago, after paying around $250 a month I think, for ages for my wife and I. Knowing it was a waste of money, it was made easier for me to opt out after I was told that, because I have no Medicare coverage, I cannot have private health care in Australia anyway. I had Cigna Global coverage for a year, now I changed to another mob as Cigna hiked their premium, and give me squat in return - even being an existing customer. Covered in most places except North America and picked up dental and optometrist for and extra $500 per year. Paid USD$1025 for 6 months rather than doing monthly payments and saved on transfer fees too.
  6. PJ out for 2018

    Get ready....here comes the start of the B@w and Peter tag team assault...
  7. PJ out for 2018

    Yes to all the above. They might even find that the 'real job' gives them more satisfaction at the time and helps remotivate them. Fark....who knows, they might even stick at the real job, be happier and race Age Group just for the giggles.
  8. PJ out for 2018

    Just a quick reminder to many who live here.....there is life, other than triathlon.
  9. Light headed

    I didn't think of the age thing...so at my young age of 55, I think I'll consider it good.
  10. Light headed

    Mentioned in this thread...blood pressure is 'good', blood pressure is 'perfect', blood pressure is 'fine' What is good, perfect, fine blood pressure? The last 2 BP tests I've had were 120/80 and then this week 130/80 ( and the Dr said BP was good ). As I was wondering what the numbers meant ( other than the technical side ), I asked Dr Google - he /she told me that 130/80 was Stage 1 Hypertension. I should stop drinking, smoking, do more exercise and eat right!
  11. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    I remember diving in the Australian Spearfishing Champs at The Stragglers Reef in 1981...plenty of spooky times being pulled by the current between Rotto and the mainland while surrounded by schools of pelagic and bait fish. At least we had spear guns to make us feel safer. After all, it's the one you don't see, that going to get you.
  12. What exercise did you do today

    31k bike commute to site, 31k back.
  13. Growing Olives

    We had half a dozen trees in our property in Bodalla that were 7 or 8 years old. The fruit was just stating to be a decent size - the size you'd expect them to be for eating. In the years before that, they were small and bullet like. Can't tell you what the end result was as we sold the place. But my wife ( horticulturalist ) did say that from then on ( 8 years old ) we would have been able to start picking. There were even a few places that you could take the crop to and they would press for you.
  14. Number of Kona slots per race

    You must be channeling your inner AP..
  15. Height & weight

    178 and 66 to 67kg. Usually around 65.5 to 66kg race weight. Height stays the same.