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  1. softy

    fuel prices

    If you're only paying $1.60 you've had it good. When I was home last month, it was costing $1.69 for 98 Vortex. It rarely gets below $1.65 around Moruya and Bateman's Bay
  2. softy

    Swim plateau: how to break through

    More Open Water swims, ( if possible ). Less worrying about times in the pool and just look at total distance over time in the ocean / river / dam / creek. You can still do the intervals in OW swims but it is more an approximation by hammering for a minute, or 2 or 3 every 10.
  3. softy

    Ultraman 2018. Right here, right now.

    Getting the distance wrong is a separate issue but....whether it's called Ultraman or UltraDistance is another. I'm sure there are a limited amount of athletes that train and race over that distance and they welcome any event to test their mettle. They may or may not be interested in a World Championship, just getting out and punishing themselves for the fun of it. Good on 'em i say.
  4. softy

    Busso 70.3 swim cancelled

    Exactly. Especially with the swim. I am guessing that many participants use the pool to train and rarely OW swims. The other Ironman, must be laughing at clubhouses around the world - especially at Piha.!
  5. softy

    Busso 70.3 swim cancelled

    I was not there, but unless conditions are catastrophic ( at any event ), I don't think it should be called off. Yes, the RD's have a duty of care, but so do athletes. If you don't think you can complete the race safely, it should be you who pulls the pin - do your own risk assessment. How many F1 races have you seen, not started in bad weather - the drivers have a lot more to lose than a swimmer or cyclist. Ultimately, you race to the conditions or not race at all. I'd be farkin angry if I'd trained hard, sunk a bucket load of dough into the trip, taken time off work and travelled only to get told 1/3 of the race has been canned or the course shortened.
  6. softy

    2018 Goals-what are they ?

    Stayed healthy and injury free so far, but failing on finishing our home on budget. Ahhh well...you only live once.
  7. softy

    Lap pools a waste. IP is smarter than us all

    Vasa will be sponsoring IMWA next year....ready for the swim cancellation.
  8. softy

    Challenge Melbourne results (1:55 bike split)

    There's drafting, and there's race craft. Yes, tools will draft to cheat, but all we can do as athletes is worry about our own square 'metre' and race within the rules. I'd be more worried about being taken down and a result of plonkers crashing into each other because they're on aerobars at 2 metres!
  9. softy

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    Did an OD race with the swim in a pool last year. 6 swimmers in each lane x 8. Seemed to hit traffic every 100m but wouldn't recommend for IM distance.
  10. softy

    Lance Armstrong ban lifted.

    I'm sure it's been mentioned before ....but what about LA's sponsors? Yeah, bag him for being on the juice, but can't see Nike etc. handing back the gazillions of dollars they made on product via the LA wagon.
  11. softy

    Password Managers

    I must be living in a bubble...I didn't know there was such a thing.
  12. softy


    How much of these apologies is genuine, and how much is crafted, damage control spin.
  13. softy

    Heart checks, stress test etc

    My wife told me what to ask for and I did some Googling. I just went into the doctor as asked for all of them. I did the Treadmill Test, not really a stress test, and maxed the HR out at 96 bpm With Blood Pressure it changed in a week. When I first went it was 120/80, then last week it was 110/80. I'm sure it's one of those variables that changes week to week. They did find I have a B12 deficiency so I need to get some pills. It is common in over 50 vegetarians.
  14. softy

    Shimano Shortage!

    Coincidentally, I rode a mates bike yesterday with electronic Ultegra shifting, never done the Di / Ul thing before....I could get used to that. It was pretty damn good.
  15. softy

    Heart checks, stress test etc

    I have just receive results back from a full round of tests including CBC, Creatine, Urine analysis, fasting blood sugar, post prandial blood sugar, serum lipid profile ( cholesterol ) glycolsylated haemoglobin, testosterone PSA and sonography of vital organs. Apparently I'm within the normal range overall. It doesn't say I won't cark it in my sleep tonite, but now at least I have a benchmark for annual testing during future years.