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  1. softy

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    Watching part of the run footage, and Lange really takes the shortest distance on course. He was hitting the apex of corners like he was a race car driver. A few times on the inside of AGers, who could have easily taken a step out too far and caused a fall.
  2. softy

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    I haven't raced in Australia for years, but can imagine the administrative and Council nightmare in putting on an event. Not to mention finding volunteers as well as entry costs to the average entrant. On the opposite side of the coin....if you happen to be living in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you can race your head off from October to March with events on most weekends. When I first lived in Dubai in 2007, you were lucky to race once a month. Now there are the WTS and Ironman branded events, where you pay more and get less ( you get fark all really ), but then there's the Gulf Multisport events that are out to encourage people to get out there and are well run and affordable. The advantage they have in the Emirates is there is plenty of infrastructure built so courses are basically closed roads so there hassle for approvals and athlete risk is much lower. The latest venue is http://whatson.ae/abudhabi/2018/03/breaking-news-looks-like-abu-dhabi-getting-new-cycling-running-track/#.W8bbLi97H-Z No votes for Australian politicians developing stuff like this for a 'fringe sport'.
  3. softy

    Kona bike and wheels count. Cervelo won

    I would hardly call having a power meter 'all the toys'. If you were going to qualify, then race Kona, I would expect you'd be taking the bike pretty seriously. Having a power meter to train with for the months leading up to race day makes sense, and given prices and choice these days, affordable in the scheme of things.
  4. She would have gone even faster if she'd done something with those horrible, scary eyebrows!
  5. softy

    Sanders starts favourite

    I should have been a betting man. The same way, in the other thread, Peter said he 'just don't like him ( Lange )', I just don't like Sanders. That's where the prediction came from.
  6. softy

    Sanders starts favourite

    Nope...he's not THE bomb...
  7. softy

    Sanders starts favourite

    Sanders is going to bomb. A statement made, not from studying the form guide or my 'expert' triathlon knowledge.
  8. softy

    TV Shows

    Had a bit of a laugh at Fleabag earlier in the week. Killing Eve wasn't too bad either, even with that girl from some medical show in it.
  9. softy

    New Specialized Shiv

    In some respects, these 'superbikes' have reached the same plateau that smart phones have. There is only so much more they can do technically, before everything else becomes a gimmick, and really adds no more value or speed in the real world. My E-118 could go faster if I was a better, stronger more skilled rider and trained like I wanted to be World Champion or if my livelihood depended on it. If I was going to spend over $10k on a new bike, it would be a roady upgrade to one of the Specialized high end disc machines.....yeah, I'm in the older age groups.
  10. German double with Kienle and Lange Ryf and Carfrae but Carfrae and Ryf would be better.
  11. softy

    New Specialized Shiv

    It will probably go to show, triathletes are dumb enough to buy anything.
  12. softy

    Bathurst coverage trumps kona

    Certainly better than any of the F1 "racing"!
  13. softy

    The Photo Thread

    Excellent eating, very 'chunky' flesh and similar to big wrasse. The green bones are a bit weird though. Fight like buggery on the line. Getting back into the water spearing fish is on the top of the list when I'm home. The problem for adults is the bag limits set on crays and ab. Hardly worth putting the wetsuit on in winter for 2 of each, you can get that in 1 breath! No need to pillage the reef but 2 ab and 2 crays doesn't feed my family. 3 crays and 6 ab would do the trick. Enjoy!
  14. softy

    The Photo Thread

    Nice bag of mixed seafood there. I hope you're not in NSW, as I thought Blue Groper have been illegal to spear since I was your lads age.
  15. softy

    Super league season 2 this weekend

    Very watchable. If only the commentators could keep their traps shut for a few moments while the run is happening so you can hear the breathing and footfalls of the athletes. We could really hear how much they are suffering and get a better idea of speed.