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  1. Do they really? Depending on which tax bracket you fall in, and assuming people are paid fortnightly ( I'm paid monthly ), what sort of extra money are we talking about? $10, $20?? A cup of coffee and one of those hipster avocado sandwiches. Agree in noticing more tax coming out.
  2. Pretty busy during Christmas, and the water can still be below 20 C some years. Plenty of beach and rock action between the break wall and Kianga. You could even try a fly at the beach/rocks on the south side of Kianga point ( off the front of the shops ). Plenty of small bombies and sand that offers good terrain for bream, tailor, salmon and whiting. As for bass.... my old place was on the Tuross River directly opposite the old Bodalla Cheese factory and I walked down and caught Bass and Estuary Perch. I know of guys who have got fish around Bumbo as well but the water starts to get too salty that far towards the lakes. Heading north, if you turn left at Bodalla Police Station onto Eurobodalla Road, it follows the Tuross River west. Around 12k west, the bridge crosses the river and and heads out towards Tinpot. My brother grows Blueberries out that way and catches Bass on soft plastics, but you don't have to go that far. https://www.google.com/maps/@-36.0990631,150.0042637,14z If you turn onto Comerang Forest Road ( about 2k off the highway ), and either paddled or walked the banks and fished the bends and overhangs, I'd say you'd get fish. If you don't, it's a bloody nice way to spend the day.
  3. In all seriousness, do most people ( I won't use average, as I'm not sure there is such a thing ), believe that their lives and/or lifestyle would change, no matter who won? I don't really follow politics and don't voice an opinion as a non resident, I just have to accept what happens when I'm home and go with it.
  4. We all need to continue living the life to which we have become accustomed to in 'retirement' 😁
  5. For a couple with 4 children and 11 grandchildren, so far.
  6. Mostly...but got a few squid of the rocks against the island and 2 small flatties on the sand. I swam with a few local legends at Christmas from outside Offshore surf shop, up to Candlagan Creek point and back. Hey...stop bringing this stuff up. You're making me homesick!
  7. That's good to know. Aim high and get what I need to live a good life. I did say 2 to 3m at the start, and I'm no finance buff. So again, good to know I'm in the ball park. The other thing is the difference in having to work, and wanting to work. If you have enough set aside to allow you to work part time to top things up and because you enjoy it, why not.
  8. My numbers are based on what I know my wife pays to keep the house going ( things I have no idea about ). The costs of rates, insurances, power, fuel, food, phone etc. I think the last numbers were around $1800 per month. Add to this the cost of being comfortable - travel, stuff for grandchildren, racing, actually living a nice life after working your arse off. I am also assuming I won't receive any pension, so the numbers may be high. But I still reckon you need to be getting at least $5k per month in.
  9. What does that mean? For any kind of decent retirement , I reckon you need to own your house and have between 2 and 3 million in investments and super to generate an income of $60-80k per year. If you reckon you can do it cheaper than that, good luck. Tell me if you're in that position with your better job and harder work.
  10. In this respect, you can see why more people are chosing to 'retire' out of Australia. Even some are still getting pension and living abroad. Cost of living is much lower and places like Thailand have very good medical resources. Retirement is becoming more of a myth. I'm 56 and will return home in my early 60's. By then I'd have worked as an expat for 30 years, with reasonable assets and some savings. However, it won't allow me not to work again. I can see myself packing shelves at Woolies to keep petrol in the car and food in the fridge in between surfs and dropping a line in the river.
  11. Religion is based on fear. It's up to individuals as to whether they believe in all that jibber jabber.
  12. Is climate change really a policy that would swing a voter to one party or another?
  13. The same with lifts... the call button only needs to be pushed once.
  14. Is it cheaper to put your cup of water for a cuppa tea ( especially if you're by yourself ) into the microwave for 2 minutes?
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    Maybe the other guy should use them as shoe protectors.
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