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    Suunto Vs Garmin

    I was talking to Emo about the watches and he suggested I ask the question on transitions. No, I am not spammer, I like the look of the watch and the ads read well and did not want to fall into the trap of getting sucked in by the advertising and thought that is what this forum was about.
  2. onesock

    Suunto Vs Garmin

    thanks for your time and thoughts
  3. onesock

    Suunto Vs Garmin

    I am thinking of getting a Suunto Ambit2 with HRM as opposed to a Garmin Forerunner 910. Any thoughts?
  4. onesock

    Gel wrappers

    I have just been handed a bag full of gel wrappers. This supporter of the event felt so strongly about seeing these wrappers left on the side of the road that he stopped and picked them up on his way home (He rides to and from work). This collection was from one side of the road between the Industrial estate back to service station, along Woollamia Rd. As he said to me "why give opponents of the event something to complain about". What did you do with your gel wrappers?
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